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  1. Laria

    I. An Introduction

    Hello Jarn! It's lovely to meet you, I'm Laria.
  2. She chuckled at how he arched his brow at her comment, the drama of it amused her, especially seeing as at this point neither of them should be suprized by anything the other had said. “I would also prefer to do something more meaningful, Domina. I could be tending to the horses. I could be making plans or seek information. I could read something useful and interesting." She wondered what he ment when he said "making plans or seeking information, " she was no stranger to scheming, though she wondered exactly what it was that he was aiming to do. He mind immediately started whirring
  3. It was refreshing to know that she was not the only one who found no joy in attending parties like this, it was not often that Marcella came across people who thought like her. She was quite enjoying this conversation, even if all the honestly was unusual. “So you settled to entertain yourself with me. I hope I am not boring you yet, domina. I am aware that I am probably not what you expected. Most people tell me that.” She felt flusted when he accused her of entertaining herself with him while she waited, it was somewhat true but she still genuinely was interested and invested in t
  4. He seemed suprized when she answered so honestly and then questioned his own willingness to being there. She found his suprize rather amusing, and slightly smiled before he answered her question. “Actually I do... No offense to you, of course. But you see all these people… all they want is to gossip and who knows what later. That doesn’t interest me. Yet on the other hand, it would be weird to not come to a party that celebrates my team. So here I am.” She had not expected such an honest answer, though she did appreciate it, she saw no reason for lying as a means to merely spare fee
  5. “Thank you, domina... I’m glad to hear you thought us excellent" Marcella matched his smile with the same level of enthusiasm that he displayed, or rather a lack of genuine enthusiasm. She couldn't exactly blame him, she reasoned that he must have conversations like this one at nearly if not every party he attended; she didn't just want to be just one more on a list of people he had meaningless chats with though, she had always wanted to be remembered by everyone she willing conversed with. "Are you enjoying the party so far, domina?” "I can't say I am, no, though I can't say I
  6. It had been and excellent day to watch the races, though she hardly found the time to go, Marcella thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Circus Maximus to see them. Watching the teams of horses dart past each other was always a thrilling sight, and today had been no exception. She had been rooting for the white team but she wasn't to upset by their defeat, she had only been hoping for their victory because of a recent aquantince who happened to be on said team; still, she couldn't deny that they had truly been crushed by green this race. It was because of how eclectic the races had been that sh
  8. Titus didn't seen it be to upset about being thrown up on, at most he seemed a but discussed and irritated. Spurius watched as he used the hem of on of the girls dress' to clean himself up and listened to his orders, glad that he had finally agreed to leave. “Very well, whoever gets left behind, stays behind, myself included.” Spurius gave a curt nod in response, he honestly didn't know what he would do if something happened to his uncle, he had a complicated relationship with him. “Get her up, she is in shock, you are going to have to keep a firm hold on her, keep her eyes a
  9. "I'm alright" Spurius said as Gaia checked him for injuries, he had a couple scrapes from falling rubble but nothing serious. "How are the streets outside, Spurius?Are there crowds? Are the people in panic? Where is the nearest clearing? I will not leave one disaster only to enter another. Should we do as you say, whoever gets left behind, stays behind.” He noticed how Titus's had lips thinned when he said they had to leave, it was no suprize to him that even now his uncle didn't want to be challenged. “People are panicking, but that's because a god-damn earthquake is happening! W
  10. Spurious had been sitting in a nearby tavern when the earthquake had first started. It began with some light tremors that he ignored but when it became clear that this was going to be more than a light quake he was running out of the tavern and back to the Elysium. When he got there he found the place in chaos, screams and cries could be heard from inside the collapsing building and scantily clad prostitutes were darting out anyway they could. He scanned the people gathered outside, looking for his mother. When he didn't see her, despite his better judgment, he charged into the crumbling broth
  11. Spurius Gaius Lupus 21 | 2 October 53 CE | Plebian | future inheritor of the Elysium| Asexual (bi-romantic) | Wanted | Milo Ventimiglia Personality. On the surface Spurius can appear to be very guarded and prickly, and to an extent he is, but this is a self-defense mechanism he has developed due to his uncle's abuse. He has a huge soft spot for prostitutes, women, and slaves, pretty much all the people his uncle takes advantage of. He and his mother have a very close relationship, as a child he had to watch his mother being mistreated by his uncle, when he gre
  12. "I'm not sure" She matched his smile, it somewhat made sense to her, every job that was about making real tangible objects was "I'm not sure" She matched his smile, it somewhat made sense to her, every craftsman made something they were proud of day after day, even if their customers didn't appreciate the work that went into creating it. There was something appealing about being able to see tangible proof of your work. Then he asked what she would do, she answered saying she would raise a family. "You'd make a good mother." "Thank you" she smiled warmly at him,
  13. "I... think I'd want to do something with my hands... You know... make things? It's... not very impressive." "Making thinks can be impressive, it all depends on what you make" she countered, "What would you make?" "What would you do?" Well, she would be making things herself, just in a very different way that definitely did not need the use of her hands. "I don't know what I'd do career wise, but I do know that I would want to start a family." She blushed slightly when admitting this, there was nothing wrong with her wanting a family but she hardly admitted it to anyone.
  14. That's really interesting, boy am I glad that the video's not banned in America
  15. He paused before answering just as she did, and she almost laughed at the absurdity. She had hesitated not because she didn't know what she wanted but because she didn't want to say the wrong thing, she suspected for Felix it was the opposite. "Maybe?... Yes, I think. It's just... I am not sure what I would do... Sometimes... I feel like I don't really have anything else I would be good at." She sat and thought for a moment before answering, "well, what do you enjoy?" If he couldn't think of something he was good at surely he could think of something he liked to do, a he would most
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