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    Imperial Canons


    Tiberius Claudius Sabucius


    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice. 
    Age & Birth Position. 19/20 (b. 56 CE), youngest son.
    Position: Potential heir, Caesar's nephew
    Parents:  Drusus Claudius Sabucius (Caesar) & Flavia Lucilla Augusta (both deceased)
    Other family
    Personality: Generally quiet and reserved. Doesn't speak up often, and follows orders given by Quintus to a "T". Quintus seems to prefer Tiberius' work ethic over Titus' because Tiberius actually has to work for what he gets -- he doesn't feel entitled to it. Decided to remove "Caesar" from his name and replace it with "Sabucius" of his own accord.
    History: Born in 56CE, he escaped the purge of his family and was sent to his uncle Quintus before being brought back into the public eye. Has returned and is preparing himself for entering the honos curum.
    Ultimate Goal: Adventure. Becoming worthy of the name Caesar.
    Other information: He has a close friendship with his uncle, Octavius Flavius Alexander. Is good friends with his cousin Titus, and the other Imperial children. 
    Who to contact: Gothic, Anna, or Chris.







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