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  • Plebeians


    N'tombi Arria

    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice.
    Age & Birth Position. 30 years, 33CE, Eldest.
    Position: Owns a tavern. Plebeian.
    Parents:Gaius Arria & Atia Colla Gaia (freedwoman,)(both deceased)
    Other family: Siblings: Three much younger siblings. Other familial relations are player's choice.
    Personality: Is both ambitious and a dreamer,
    History: Worked within the Tavern all her life and inherited it after the death of her parents.
    Ultimate Goal: To travel the Roman empire.
    Other information: Playby must be PoC.
    Who to contact: Gothic


    Titus Aspanius Lupus

    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice.
    Age & Birth Position. 47 years, 29CE, eldest son.
    Position: Brothel owner, runs the Elysium.
    Parents: Gaius Lupus & Atia Aspa (deceased)
    Other family: Player's choice.
    Personality: Lecherous, greedy, wants to make a name for himself, known to procure slaves for the most wicked purposes.
    History: Gained the establishment through purchasing it from the previous owner in 62CE. Since then, he has been trying to cater to the more criminal side of Rome.
    Ultimate Goal: To expand his business.
    Other information:
    Who to contact: Gothic.

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