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  • Caecinae-Tusci


    The Caecinae-Tusci

    Quintus Caecina Tuscus

    Suggested Face claim: Kenneth Cranham.
    Age & Birth Position. 57, 18AD
    Position: Proconsul in Britannia.
    Parents: Gaius Caecina Tuscus & Calpurnia Pisa (both deceased)
    Other family: No siblings.
    Husband to Flavia Juliana.
    Previous wife: Furia Camilla (died in childbirth)
    Father of Caecina Tusca, Quintus Caecina Tuscus Minor, Caecina Tusca Minor, and Caecina Laelia.
    Personality: Follows orders and takes pride in completing them; Not overly ambitious; Content with his station. Has a tense relationship with his eldest daughter.
    History:Had an average career and tense relationship with his previous wife due to her issues with children, supported Quintus Caesar during the purges and became one of his most trusted Generals. Later on, he became the Proconsul of Britannia and brought stability to the island after the incompetence of the previous Proconsul.
    Ultimate Goal: To aid in the conquering and settlement of Magna Germania.
    Other information: N/A
    Who to contact: Gothic or Anna.

    Caecina Tusca

    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice. 
    Age & Birth Position. 16 years old, b. 10th April 57CE, firstborn. 
    Position: Senatore.
    Parents: Quintus Caecina Tusca & Furia Camilla (deceased)
    Other family:
    Stepmother: Flavia Juliana
    Half-siblings: Quintus Caecina Tusca Minor, Caecina Tusca Minor, Caecina Laelia
    Personality:  Spoiled, impulsive, has a good relationship with her step-mother and a strained one with her father. 
    Ultimate Goal: To marry a powerful man. 
    Other information: N/A.
    Who to contact: Gothic or Anna.

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