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  • Flavii-Alexandrae



    Info: Caesar's paternal extended family.
    Class: Nobiles - Senatores



    Flavia Cordelia


    Suggested Face claim: Jaime Murray
    Year of Birth & Birth Position: 39AD, eldest
    Position: Matron
    Parents: Titus Flavius Alexander Parthicus & Clodia Cordelia (both deceased)
    Other family:
    Husband: None. Former husband/s: Gaius Ignatius Sorpus (deceased, killed in Clemens' purge) and Titus Furius Camillus (deceased, killed in civil war).
    Children: Ignatia Sorpa (deceased, killed in purges), plus two more children. Furia Camillila (12), Gneaus Furius Camillus (11)
    Personality: Struggles with memories of the past. Is wise, courteous and brave.
    History: Born in 39AD, spent her life in the East and returned to Rome before the purges. Was attacked during the purges. Her husband and eldest daughter burned in the fire caused by Clemens' henchmen. Later married Titus to secure him for the family alliance only for him to die before giving her twins. She remains in Rome to the service of her family.
    Ultimate Goal: Devote herself to the Gods. Wants to see her children happy.
    Other information: Was good friends with Flavia Lucilla Augusta, her cousin.
    Who to contact: Gothic or Anna.

    ((Note: Her children are under the Furii-Camillii family tree.))


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