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    Numerius Julius Mento

     Suggested Face Claim: Player's choice
    Age & Birth Position. b. 30CE, fourth-born
    Position: Proconsul in Macedonia
    Parents: Sextus Julius Mento (d) & Numeria Quinctilla (a)
    Other Family:

    Half-Siblings: Sextus (d), Julia (b. 38; vestal virgin)
    Children: Sextus (b.61), Numerius Minor (b.63), Julia Numeriana (b.65), Lucius (b.66), Gaius (b. 69)
    Personality: Extremely devoted to his career as a senator, and to his family. He is strict and expects the best out of his sons who are the future of the Julii-Mentones. He dotes heavily upon his daughter Julia.
    History: Numerius is the pater familias of the Julii-Mentones, second-oldest of the Julian families and oldest surviving Patrician branch. Was a first-cousin to Lucius Julius Mento (ally to Cyprianus & Clemens), but Numerius allied himself first with Scaurus before the Scauran Settlement and then with Quintus Alexander during the civil war. In the years since, he has enjoyed a fruitful career thanks to his support of Caesar.
    Ultimate Goal: Continuation of his line through marriages of his sons and daughter.
    Other information: Sister Julia essentially runs his household & raises his children. Seeks to be an aid to Caesar or perhaps one of his sons/males in the imperial family.
    Who to contact: Chris.


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