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    Marcus Junius Silanus

    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice. 
    Age & Birth Position.17 years, 56CE, 
    Position: Friend of the imperials; Senatorial Class
    Parents: Decimus Junius Silanus (deceased) & Lucretia Aemilia (deceased)
    Other family: Step-brother, Lucius Junius Silanus.
    Cousin to Gaius Livius Lucretinus Aemilianus Minor, Livius' son. 
    Personality: Decimus Silanus' son; more or less raised by Flavia Juliana, and considers her to be his mother. So even though he's not "family", he's been around the imperial family the past 10 years. Eager to get into battle. Has a crush on one of the imperial/Flavian girls.
    History: Born in 56CE. Fled to Egypt with Lucius and Juliana during the purges. Returned to Rome in , lived on and off with Flavia Juliana before moving in with Lucius Junius Silanus, under their family home. 
    Ultimate Goal: Wants to be the right hand man of the next Caesar.
    Other information: 
    Friends: Good friends with the Imperial sons. 

    Who to contact: Gothic and Chris.

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