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    Gaius Sestius Vaticanus

     Suggested Face claim: Player's choice.
    Age & Birth Position. 62, 11CE, third born.
    Position: Proconsul in Africa Proconsularis
    Parents: Spurius Sestius Vaticanus & Player's choice.
    Other family:
    Wife: Clodia Tertia
    Children: Gneaus Sestius Vaticanus, Sestia Vaticana
    Personality: Borderline alcoholic, prefers staying away from Rome, is incredibly ambitious for his son and pushes him. Like the connection his son has to the Imperial family through marriage.
    History: Player's choice.
    Ultimate Goal: To see his son Gnaeus awarded military ovations (will work to this end)
    Other information: N/A
    Who to contact: Chris.

    Gneaus Sestius Vaticanus

    Suggested Face claim: Shemar Moore
    Age & Birth Position. 40 years, 33CE, eldest
    Position: Legate
    Parents: Gaius Sestius Vaticanus & Clodia Tertia
    Siblings: Sestia Vaticana.
    Other family:
    Married to Rufia Flavia:
    Children: Sestia Lucilla (69CE) and Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor (71CE)
    Personality: Gentle, warm, a welcoming spirit. not into military or politics but forced into them by his father. Self sacrificing and loyal. Longs for an age to where he and Flavia could ideally retreat to the rural areas and live quietly but knows that's a bit impossible with his father and her family ties.
    History: Player's choice.
    Ultimate Goal: Escape his father's ambition.
    Other information: N/A
    Who to contact: Gothic and Chris.

    Sestia Vaticana
    currently unavailable for play
    Located in Carthage


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