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  1. Gothic

    A promised visit

    October 74CE. The travel to Greece had been an interesting journey, and one she was happy to take without her mother's presence. Corinthia had informed her mother that she was traveling to Greece to ensure her future. While a place of culture, she had never felt any personal attachment to the place and instead preferred to spend time in the company of her social equals. One thing she noticed was that she thought that her mother was a little too relieved to see her travel to the provinces. While Corinthia did not wish to admit it. It hurt. The voyage had gone relatively smoothly, and soon she settled in. Sent messages to all the important people and was determined to network with people. Aeneas, her gladiator came with her. The young man she had met at the Imperial Banquet would also be there. Lucius Junius Silanus. She was not going to be like her mother and slowly she was understanding how important marriage would be. The connections were necessary, and no doubt Caesar would wish to control the families. She would leave the asking to her mother. The dimwitted fool had her uses and being harmless was one of them. This was all if everything went according to plan. Otherwise? She would need to seek out another who would be worthwhile. A messenger informed him that he would be arriving. Corinthia reclined on a sofa and twisted grapes before placing them into her mouth while being fanned by servants. Her thoughts continued to race and slow. There were many possibilities for the future.
  2. [ Her dress ] The sun was bright upon Rome. The market prospering. But Sulpicia made her way through the market. Though she was pressed for her destination, to the home of her loves. Once she set her mind to it, she would not stop herself. As a freewoman and knowing her way around the market,she had her knowledge upon having to avoid the hagglers or worse, those thieves who would wander the street searching for coin. After the civil war, things to be peaceful and calm all around. She was relieved. She and Cornelia worried for the safety of not only Quintus but also the children of the house. Sulpicia may not ever be a mother but would care for the children as well as she could. Like an aunt almost. So their safety did weigh heavily upon her mind. But thankfully, no such danger. That of course was in part to Quintus's part and her own cunning. She would never betray her loves with heart or body but she could use her lovely eyes and almost flirtatious smile to get what she could. It worked for the much part. She also wished to avoid any enemies of the house she once served and thus remains loyal to. In this city, you never knew who was an enemy and who was not. But her ear for gossip proved her to survive and keep well. Plus she did enjoy the little bit of gossip among the social classes that she loved to share with Cornelia on major points. It helped to be a freewoman making her way through the shadows. Once upon arriving to her point of walking, she was met at the front door by servants and Sulpicia spoke she was here to see their dominus and domina. Of course she also made sure to send word that she was arriving but perhaps this slave was no aware of such arrival but in other words,she was here and she hoped in her lovely dress and manner she was here on good light and times.
  3. She knew that Corinthia would be utterly furious with her. A part of Gaia felt a childish defiance towards her daughter's agitation and gleefully traveled to the Domus Venus. Oh! How she missed the sheer pleasure associated with the place. Corinthia purposely chose to deny herself this incredible experience, and she had no desire to encourage her any longer. Perhaps it was folly? Either way, her eyes lit up as she entered the Domus Venus and looked around. The sights were incredible. All the workers were utterly beautiful, perfectly formed bodies that looked like marble statues made flesh and smiled. Soon a slave offered her both a compliment and a glance of wine, something she eagerly took. There was one person she desired to see, someone she found herself thinking about when there was a moment of quiet. Titinia, the owner of the establishment and the Madam who had welcomed her so much during the Saturnalia. Her favourite time of year. Gaia did not wish to cause a fuss. She sipped the wine and walked around the establishment. Occasionally she took a peek at a few Senators with some rather interesting kinks. The sounds of the acts and coupled with the music filled her ears. At times, she wished her late husband Manius was by her side to enjoy all of these pleasures with her. The reminiscent thought soon passed when she saw Titinia speaking to one of the workers, she pondered approaching and wondered how best to do it. She polished off the contents of her goblet and handed it a random, confused Senator and walked towards Titinia. "Salve, I hope you remember me?" She asked, and gave a little hiccup to indicate she had drank a little too quickly. @Anna
  4. The day she liked best were the ones where she stayed at the domus working. When running errands, she was often frightened of the many sights and sounds, somehow getting lost, dealing with shop-keepers who thought her an idiot because she was young, dazed and lacking in language skills. Days at her master’s home weren’t the easiest because they were busy. How she felt every hour and day changed. Sometimes she’d be simply fine and other times, she’d be in complete despair, inconsolable. Her emotions changed like the weather at sea, it was unpredictable, especially to her. Despite it all, she worked hard because she was determined to become a free woman. She did extra work where she could. Lucius, a Roman man, had told her to work long and hard and she’d see herself free. Nymphias feared she’d be old and barren by then. But Lucius’ words played on in her mind… just like his face. That played on too. She imagined herself and him. Together. Married. Children. Kissing. All of the things she had no experience in. But she thought about it anyways because her imagination was the only thing the Romans hadn’t completely taken from her. At least, not yet. She’d been busy in the kitchens, running around like a madwoman, when she’d been told she was to see “the master” himself. Nymphias stared dumbly around her, panicking and thinking she was being punished. But she was ushered out and told where to go. While she headed to her destination, she played with her fingers and tried to keep her mind blank. Just in case her master could read her mind. She didn’t want him or anyone to think she was stupid. Taking in a deep breath, she told herself that Erea and Turi would be strong. But the moment she stepped into the room, she wasn’t strong. Her body was rigid and she moved quietly, the soft pit pats of her feet silently echoing. “Domine,” she said in a polite greeting but like a frightened rabbit, her voice barely audible. @Liv
  5. Oriana was used to getting invitations in the mail. Whether that be for a party, for a girl’s night out, or for business, it was never anything that surprised her. She always tried to show up when she could to events, making her presence known. It didn’t happen often that she was surprised by an invitation, but when she got one from Senator Justinus, she was actually surprised. Rarely did dinner with a Senator at his home mean anything to her; her father was the one usually invited and she would tag along. But this was different. His home was quite far too, a half-day’s travel outside of Rome. She’d have to leave early to get there in time. She accepted the invite. A couple of days went by until it was the day of the dinner. She woke up mid-morning, got ready, and packed some things for the road. She planned on bringing Alexius since he was her bodyguard and that’s what she was paying him for. She looked in his room to see him not there. Oriana was running a little late and she couldn’t afford to find him. He had been going out a lot more, though she was so busy it was hard to notice. She took two of her slaves and the carriage driver instead, not bothering to alert Alexius where she was. She rarely went outside of Rome, and it was unusual for her to go on the road by herself. Oriana loved the city, so she never really had a need to meet outside of it. But, this was a special occasion, and seeing parts of the countryside was something she cherished on her ride. She did nothing but look at the environment, and what should have been long hours felt short since all of this was new to her. When the carriage arrived at the Senator’s home, she walked out. The driver sat in the carriage, looking out for the horses. Her two slaves accompanied behind her. She wore a long, navy blue silk tunic and gold jewelry along with it. She needed to look her best, as her father would want nothing else. Oriana’s slave knocked on the door for her. She wondered what this was about. Did her father say something to him she didn’t know about? It was possible. But there was only one way to find out. @Mord
  6. June 74CE. (After In the hot seat.) Eventually, the trio at parted after the meeting at the Flavian Colossuem and Octavius had spent a little more time with Ario. Before they had parted. As promised, Octavius made himself available to seeing Aulus and catching up on all the news from the provinces. No doubt Aulus would wish to see his sister and ensure his family was settled in. An invitation for a midday meal was sent earlier in the week in order to ensure that it did not impede Octavius' busy schedule, and hopefully showed courtesy to Aulus' as well. Messengers passed back and forth in order to work out a date. Sometime, an arrangement would be made for the families of both of them to meet and spend time together. However, this meeting would be for the two men. To catch up for old time's sakes. The home still had signs of Octavius' father and the family members who had resided here for a long time. However, over time, the current generation had begun to leave their mark on the place. The hour of Aulus' arrival was gradually getting closer. Rufus waited nearby and had gradually become part of the household. Octavius continued to work, writing and preparing things for the next day. His scribes behind him were also working, occasionally they would check with their Dominus about whether the work was acceptable or not. "Turio greet my guest when he arrives and bring him to the Atrium," Octavius instructed and the slave obediently walked to fetch the guest. Food and wine had been prepared. He had planned a meeting in the garden rather than the office he regularly worked from when he was at home. Eventually, he would rest and have a break while meeting his old friend from the past, and to be able to fully catch up with what had taken place between them. Eventually, Octavius hoped for their families to be able to meet. @Sharpie
  7. Oriana opened the door to her villa after the party she attended. Her father must have fallen asleep, as most of the villa was dark other than the small bit of sunlight that was left in the sky. She closed the door, wanting to search for Alexius. How would she tell him about the boy she met at the party? Maybe he already knew and it wouldn't be that big of a deal. She was terrified that he might leave to take care of his family. It was something that was possible, and she would understand, but it wasn't something she wanted to happen. It would be wrong of her to not tell him though, and if Lexus came to work in her garden, he would find out eventually. She took a deep breath. It didn't help that she was really falling hard for him either. The more they spent time together, the more things would completely shatter if she were to get married to someone else. Her father was actively looking for a suitor, but she couldn't imagine marrying someone like her last husband. Oriana knew that her relationship with Alexius was like walking on thin ice, yet she couldn't help being with him. He made her happier than anyone had ever made her. She wondered if he felt the same. For all Oriana knew, he might have still been sleeping with others and even seducing them like he was with her. She wasn't the jealous type, normally, but it hurt just thinking about him being with someone else while she was gone. She hated that it hurt because he should be nothing more than her bodyguard with some benefits. To her, he wasn't though. Oriana had a slave fetch her some water, to which she washed her face with. She was prolonging seeing Alexius, which was something she normally didn't do. For once, Oriana was scared of the future. After taking some time to collect herself, she walked to Alexius' room, knocking on the door. She could never tell whether he was in his room or hers, but since they were next to each other, it was easy to hear the knock. "Alexius?" She said, her voice in a nervous tone. "Are you here?" @Atrice
  8. Oriana was an avid party goer, though she wasn’t one to “party.” Getting drunk was only a way to ignore idiots or bores, but she didn’t do it very often. Rather, her nights were filled with meaningless conversations and boring, tradition-based etiquette. She mostly attended to watch and listen. A secret slipped from a drunken whisper, a forbidden romance going off into another room, a Senatore handing off money to another. It was always so interesting what the hidden part of the parties always revealed if you paid enough attention. This particular party was being thrown for an anniversary or something; lavish food and wine were being served, people had their best dress on, and the vibe of the room was very positive and happy. Oriana, standing in her maroon tunic with many pieces of gold jewelry on her, was content with sipping on wine and making conversation with anyone. Most of it was sorry to hear about your father or the weather has just been too hot lately, but she tried to find some pleasure out of it however hard that may be. Out of the many faces she saw, there were a couple she didn’t know. Either they rarely attended parties or they were returned from somewhere. It didn’t matter, as Oriana was bound to know everyone. The more people she knew, the more secrets she kept. She saw one man in particular catch her eye. He seemed to look in place, so he must have been returned from somewhere, either a different city or another country. When he had a break in conversation, she made her way over, making sure she had a full cup of wine in case he was insufferable to talk to. “Hello sir,” she said nodding her head. “My father isn’t here to make introductions, so I may do so myself. My name is Oriana Laecania, my father being Aulus Ordovian Laencanius V." She smiled. “I haven’t recognized you at one of these extravagant parties before and thought I would introduce myself.” @Sharpie
  9. Gothic

    Eyes on me

    There had been many nights on and off with Calvunus. The Domina of the establishment gave him a reminder about the manners he was supposed to have in regards to the workers. The Domus Venus had a reputation to maintain. The best for the very best. Marcus had no desire to have his inners on his outside or be separated from his testicles. General guard duty was always relatively entertaining, as was finding or thinking of a worthwhile courtesan for an unsure client and the most irritating part was having to baby sit. Leticia and Vibia? He was only too happy to spend time with. Phaedo to a lesser degree. Unfortunately there was something about Helios that he could not escape, and everything the blond haired git did managed to irritate him. Marcus paused by Helios' door and peered in at him. He had to admit that Helios was attractive but there was something about the way he spoke, not to mention, the way Calvunus' gaze managed to linger for a little too long for his liking. It was strange, Calvunus and he shared many things. Many lovers they would spend time with or would share tales of apart. Why was it that Helios and Calvunus managed to get under his skin so much? He leaned against the door frame and folded his arms. "You're working tonight. So make sure you are clean and ready for guests." Marcus said. However, there was no need for him to tell Helios what to do. He paused, waited and his gaze remained to linger at Helios more. He tried to think of something to say or add. @Atrice
  10. The thought of even stepping into a brothel was the most unappealing thing Oriana could think of. She couldn't imagine the smells, the lewd dressing, and the sounds she would hear from the different rooms. It almost made her throw up in her mouth. But when she heard a rumor of a slave who collected secrets in the brothel, just as she did, she couldn't help but be curious. She found out his name was Helios, and that she would need to request him to even speak with him. She didn't want to be within 100 yards of the brothel, much less be inside it herself. But if she wanted more power and more secrets to sell, she thought that working with a slave (despite how terrible that sounded), might be an idea she needed to consider. The woman threw on a cloak once the sky was dark. There were no festivities or parties tonight, and she didn't have to worry about anyone asking about her leaving. She brought Alexius along and walked to the part of town she hated the most. It was dirty, poor, and full of criminals. She really didn't have a choice unless to never meet the slave, which wasn't an option to her. She told her bodyguard to wait outside and she went in. The place smelled of cheap perfume and alcohol. Oriana turned around back towards the door and gagged on the smell. She took a deep breath and put on a fake smile. "Hello, is there a prostitute named Helios available? I'd like to...request them," she said, almost unsure of the word she was looking for. Is that what people said when they were buying a prostitute? The word felt slimy to say, but she was able to get it out. Her eyes darted around the place, looking around to see which one was Helios. The last thing she'd be doing is fucking a prostitute, and she wanted to make that clear the moment they entered the room. @Atrice
  11. Justinia had been at the brothel for a couple months. She was finally starting to get adjusted. The girl was quiet when she wasn't working. She was hardly noticed by the other prostitutes, which she was okay with. She was a good listener though and knew who all of them were despite not talking to them. Justinia was an introvert at heart, and spending most of her time with her clients wore her out. It wasn't even the physical intimacy of it. She enjoyed pleasing people, but all of the interaction made her want to be alone during her free time. Her innocent flower act at the brothel had been pretty popular. Men seemed to like a girl who was meek and seemingly undefiled. She was a prostitute after all, which was the opposite, but she was the closest thing to those customers who liked a smaller woman that seemed pure. That didn't mean she wasn't good at what she did--she was great. She was a different interest for her clients though, not like most of the suave talkers in the brothel. She had just cleaned up after a customer. Justinia had realized she ran out of wine. She sighed. Justinia hated asking the errand boys to grab some for her. She went out of her room to look for one. There was none in sight. She pursed her lips, realizing that it was possible one of the prostitutes would have extra wine. Even if was just a little to get her through the rest of her clients for the day. Justinia hated confrontation, but she didn't have a choice. She walked by the rooms, listening to what was going on and if there was a free room. She came upon one with quietness. It was one of the biggest rooms in the brothel Justinia recognized it as Helios' room. He was definitely intimidating, but he seemed nice. Justinia peeked open the curtain. "Hello," she said to the other slave. "Sorry to bother you. Do you have some wine I could borrow? I ran out for the evening and couldn't find an errand boy." She smiled, being friendly as she normally was. Hopefully he had some. @Atrice
  12. Mid May, 74AD Charis frowned at the mass of tangled roots as her fingers delicately tried to prize them loose. Whichever fool her Dominus had employed in the garden before her evidently had no skills in tending to the flowering plants or small collection of herbs that grew here. Whilst Charis herself couldn't claim she had extensive experience in tending to gardens, her natural proficiency with the natural world, and the work she had done on her family's small cooking and medicinal garden had enabled her to at least have a semblance of knowledge that her predecessor clearly lacked. The fool had planted the roses in the shade and their once beautiful petals had curled and withered. She needed to replant them, but it was taking far longer than anticipated. Knelt on the floor, she muttered in her own language under her breath as she tried to prize the roots free. She had been in a better mood since her afternoon of relaxation with Cynane, three days prior. For whatever reason, Rhoda - seemingly the only one who had noticed her absence - hadn't informed the Domine, and she was deeply grateful. She had needed that afternoon, to laugh, drink and be carefree. The headache she had dealt with the next day, however, was less than fun. Batting a bead of sweat away from her forehead - still deeply unused to the heat - she didn't notice the little figure moving to join her until the young Antonia Varia was standing next to her, peering down. "What are you doing?" The voice made her jump, and she sat back on her heels, smiling a little but respectfully dropping her eyes. "I need to replant roses domina, and cut heads off so grow again." She said in accented Latin, which had improved tremendously in the two months she'd been here. She'd met Antonia very briefly that day after her introduction with Tertius - and seen her around more now that she was working in the garden, but had never held a full conversation with the little girl. She had wanted to though, she was a deeply family-orientated woman. She moved to quickly wash off her hands in the small basin she had brought out with her - thinking it inappropriate to have hands covered in dirt whilst speaking to her domine's daughter. "You have to cut their heads off?" Antonia asked and Charis grinned, "It does not hurt them, domina, but yes...cut their heads off." Charis glanced up at the sound of another figure approaching, and grinned broadly seeing Teutus. TAG: @Sharpie
  13. It was high noon on a beautiful spring day in Rome. On days with beautiful weather, Oriana loved going out with other rich nobels who were her “friends.” Her friends weren’t exactly people she liked, but rather people she had to get along with for the sake of having power. She loved to go a popina where she didn’t have to hide her identity. Upper-class popinas was where she always went when she was having lunch with her friends. There was always decent food and more than enough wine. Plus, she could stay away from lower class people, who were in the more run-down part of the bar. She was chatting with two nobels, both of whom were married with children. They couldn’t have been more boring to Oriana, but she acted like everything they said was the most amazing thing she ever heard. At least she was interacting, which was better than staying in her office all day and driving herself crazy. She let her new guard, Alexius, have the afternoon off. She didn’t need someone to protect her with her friends in broad daylight. It was also a great time to people watch. When the noble women weren’t talking, they loved to watch people on the street. Being alone in her villa often left her without much human interaction, so seeing people on the streets was a nice opportunity to see the life of an everyday peasant. She interacted with several peasants, but they were all the sketchy sort that she met with under working circumstances. Her noble friends dared her to get their cups of wine from the lower-class part of the bar. She playfully denied it, but when they pressured her more, she accepted. She was used to lower-class popinas when she met with clients, but they didn’t know that. She pretended to act disgusted as she went into the opposite part of the popina. When she was out of sight of the women, she dropped her act and went up to the bar. The bartender looked stunned as it was rare for an upper-class to go to a lower-class, but she paid no mind to it. She ordered three cups of wine. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something. No, someone. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she turned her head. There he was. The man from three weeks ago. She was able to dig up some dirt on him, but it wasn’t much. The only thing she gathered was that his name was Marcus and he was in some gang. She scowled for a moment, but her face lit up with excitement. It was all an act, but it was pretend. She knew he probably had dirt on her too. ”Hello Marcus, it’s so good to see you,” she said, letting him know she knew his name. ”I’m so glad my charity is helping you with your struggles. I hope my donation from last time was able to buy you a couple meals, I know you were struggling.” Oriana was obviously messing with him. She knew that being a smart-ass pissed him off, and with it being broad daylight with respectable people and guards everywhere, there was nothing he could pull now. Oriana had nothing covered, her hair was natural, and she wasn’t afraid to show who she was. @Gothic
  14. Gothic

    Months change!

    Months change. The months move forward on this date from Jan-March to April-June. You are more than welcome to keep posting in the older threads. Please make sure they are dated to help with the archiving process. Any changes to the plot will be revealed then.
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