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  1. October 75 CE After a successful praying session to the ancient gods of his homeland, Artemon was feeling quite ready to honour another Egyptian custom of old - a nice mug of beer. Even though his deity of choice was Sobek, the crocodile god to whom he had not found a temple yet, he had faith that neither Isis nor Serapis would object too much to being second best. The small tavern a couple of streets away was mostly frequented by countrymen of his and, as far as Artemon was concerned, had pretty decent beer for its price. He hummed an old tune all the way there and headed straight f
  2. Artemon was feeling down for the umpteenth time that week. Things were not looking up at all. As he carried an amphora full of water up the stairs, balancing it easily over his shoulder, he ran the maths in his head once more. Numbers weren't his strong suit, but even a bad student like him knew that unless his luck changed - or Iophon's, for that matter -, keeping a roof over their heads would be no easy feat. His thoughts quickly strayed to the topic of alternate lodging and then to his attractive neighbour Lucilla. She was so pretty and had such nice skin... hard to believe she was a l
  3. 6th of October, 75 AD Given the tragedy brought on by the earthquake only a few months earlier, Titus didn't quite feel right celebrating his birthday with huge festivities or partying from dusk to dawn - besides, this was no milestone year, just the passage of time signalling that he had officially grown older. The previous day - the actual day of - had been spent with family, featuring a relaxed and pleasurable evening with far too much food including Betua's mouthwateringly good placenta cake, and only a tiny hiccough when Valeriana loudly and vehemently expressed how unfair it was tha
  4. Chevi


    Early June, 75CE Azarion was a junior charioteer now. It was only a matter of time before he could join the actual races, driving a quadriga around the tacks of the Circus. He had been training for months, making progress, even building up some muscle (although he was still fairly lean for a charioteer). He was wearing the colors of the Whites, and training his own horses. With all of those things noted, he was definitely sure that he should not be sent on shopping duty. And yet, here he was. Since that first, rolling pin and apple fiasco, Azarion only crossed paths with Sa
  5. Early July, 75CE Marcellus took a step back and sighed. The sun was beating overhead and making him drip with sweat. The whole team and their accompanying servants had turned out to help assess and fix the damage to the stables, and of course Marcellus was helping out. What else did he have to do, anyway? He could be out drinking, of course, but what was the point in that if he had to come back to the stables to sleep in an uncomfortable pallet on the ground? It wasn't worth it, though, for the hundredth time, he reminded himself to pool his money together and live in the insulae nearby.
  6. May, 75 AD After discovering that his money had been stolen under Aglaea's inattentive eye, Secundus had been looking for a way to find the culprit. Secundus happily seized on her mention of a male slave, Rufus, that she had spoken with shortly before she noticed the purse missing. Now, Secundus had elected to investigate the matter personally. Although they were due back in Tibur soon, he could not let this matter rest. No one could steal from the Varus family without some action being taken. It did not take long to arrange the meeting. Rufus served a master who moved in much the same ci
  7. July 75CE It was a rather dreary day in Rome, and the clouds sat heavily in the sky, promising rain later and blocking the sun from shining through. Citizens went on their way, mingling with slaves as they moved from task to task. Deianira had been given a few errands to run - as a part of the Elysium, it wasn't enough that she devoted her every night to serving the men of the city. She had to earn her keep in other ways, such as the errands she was running now. She had already made a few purchases, including an amphora of the cheap wine served to the workers which had been running low.
  8. April, 75 AD - same day as 'First introductions' Livia had begged and pleaded for days and finally her efforts had borne fruit. To think she would have had to grovel in order to be granted permission to visit her only sister, whom she had not seen in months. Yet here she was, blessedly free of Secundus thanks to his asocial ways ('I can't possibly go with you to see your sister, I know she and her husband laugh at me behind my back!'), if only for a few hours. With Aglaea dismissed on charitable grounds of 'go and enjoy yourself', Livia felt oddly uncomfortable, almost as if s
  9. May, 75CE - After The Crush of the Crowd Even after Aglaea's enjoyable conversation with Rufus, it was time to return home and tell Livia what had happened. The slave wasn't really afraid that Livia would be angry, and she was sure that between the two of them, they could smooth it over with Secundus, if he even found out. But Aglaea was still kicking herself. How could she have been so stupid? She'd been in Rome for fourteen years and never been pickpocketed - and now, the one day she doesn't tie her coin purse on tightly enough, someone in the crowd took advantage of her oversight. And
  10. Formiae, late June 75 AD After close to three days on horseback, Titus would have been lying if he said he didn't fancy a nice long walk to stretch his legs, and maybe even a massage. Attis had kept pace surprisingly well and without much complaining, or perhaps he had complained but Titus was riding too far ahead to hear it. His shoddy hearing helped with that, too - blessings in disguise, such were the gods' mysterious ways. The villa in Formiae was very nicely kept, and not a thing seemed to be out of its proper place - testament that the master did not live there full time, as it
  11. Early February, 75 AD It had her taken several weeks to form the idea and find the courage to present it to her husband, who was invariably and very demosntratively displeased that Livia would entertain such thoughts. It had taken a few more weeks to warm him up to the perceived benefits of a social visit: did Secundus not want to know what his brother was up to, if only to protect his own interests? Did he not want to know what that slave son was like, again for his own sake? At last he relented, but made Livia swear she would be back before nightfall, and sent her with one of his truste
  12. Liv


    2nd of July, two days after the earthquake The earthquake had left death and destruction in its wake, but thanks to the Penates' protection, the house and its inhabitants had survived mostly unscathed. The last two days had been spent putting things back into their places, clearing out what had crumbled and surveying the damage. Parts of the roof had caved in, but fortunately nobody had been hurt nor anything of value destroyed under the ruined tiles; it would be wise to have the whole structure replaced anyway, preferably before summer showers made an appearance. Some walls had what
  13. The early summer sun was out, brightening the city’s white columns and terracotta, and with good weather came the endless prospects the outside world had to offer. While Valeria was often content staying at home with her wax tablet and scrolls, she also found herself in need of stimulation and company outside her family. Because the high-end bathhouse was a place of both leisure and a cultural hotspot with the occasional theatre or music performance and a collection of literature housing reading rooms and a library with shelves for scrolls. Despite having the litter brought to the baths where
  14. Late July, 75 AD The problem with boat trips was that they, without exception, were all far too long. The moment Titus stepped aboard a vessel whether big or small, civilian or military, his stomach began to threaten to make its way out of his mouth and quite literally abandon ship and jump overboard. It had not yet succeeded, though it wasn’t for lack of trying. He knew all the tricks in the book and had tried each of them at least once, some to greater success than others. Travel on an empty stomach. Fix your gaze upon a far-off point in the horizon. Close your eyes. Try not to m
  15. Echo

    Secrets Exposed

    June 75AD Same day as Family Values Lord, it was hot. Aglaea felt the sweat trickling down her back, making a damp trail on her scratchy tunica as it fell. In one hand, the slave held a bag with which to hold all of Livia's purchases. In the other, she had a lovely feathered fan, but it wasn't for her. She waved the fan at Livia to keep her cool, as well as to keep the flies away. This area was simply infested with the little devils. But Aglaea endured. The pair were in the marketplace, doing some shopping in order to get out of the house. Livia had a mind to visit her goldsmith
  16. Liv

    Damage control

    Spring 75 AD, the day after 'No sleep' Rather than wake up and smell the roses, Titus forwent the second part of the adagio and instead stood and examined the decapitated buds and the curling petals that littered the ground where they had fallen from a couple of feet away. A few bushes were not only roseless, but had also suffered damaged to some of their young and tender branches. Most of it had been Zia's handiwork, but he wasn't exactly blameless in the matter of the assault on the innocent rosebushes. Were they salvageable? Titus thought so, as the bushes didn't appear too
  17. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest, beating so rapidly it felt like it was about to escape its bone prison. Her mouth was dry as the desert, and no matter how many times she swallowed, it did not help. Every muscle in Clio's body was tense, and as she looked around nervously she silently cursed herself for the thousandth time. How could she have been so careless?! All it had taken was a wrong turn in an alley somewhere many paces back, a couple of winding streets with nearly identical buildings and here she was, completely lost in the heart of the Subura. As soon as she had realised her
  18. Anna


    In the early hours of June 30th, after a week of feeling very weak to light tremors in the surrounding areas of the Eternal City, the land between Rome and the port city of Ostia was hit by a very strong to severe earthquake. With tremors being felt both north and south, especially southwards towards Naples, the Via Appia has sustained heavy damage and as a result travel between Naples and Rome is currently severely restricted. Depending on the state of them, buildings suffered moderate to considerable damage, or more so with older or poorly constructed buildings. Officials exp
  19. Liv

    Squeaky clean

    January, 75 AD A visit to the thermae was the highlight of Safinia's day, one of the small, simple pleasures in life afforded to poor people. After hours of standing on her feet and smelling like horse, food and smoke all at once, intermingled in a travesty of perfume that was the White faction's very own fragrance, nothing was more appealing than washing off the sweat and dirt. The baths of Mercury with their moderate fee and relative proximity to her abode were the natural choice, and as the sun began to dip below the horizon, so did she too disappear through the women's entrance and in
  20. April, 75 AD Over the last two years Livia had become remarkably good at finding opportunities for slipping away and savouring the short moments of freedom she could find. That morning, one such opportunity presented itself, when Secundus had finally gone to bed in the wee hours of the morning after spending most of the night going on drunken tirades. If previous times were anything to go by, he wouldn't rise before noon, which gave Livia a few hours of blessedly alone free time. She sneaked out of her room and almost immediately came across Aglaea, as she expected to be the c
  21. Every time he went out drinking with Longinus, Titus swore to himself it would be the last. And every time, he went back on his word, thinking it couldn't hurt. He'd lost count of how many cups they had had, or what exactly had been in them by the time they stumbled out of the final tavern and made the surprisingly sober joint decision to head to whichever of their domus was nearest, sleep the inebriation off and wake up in cosy sheets with a massive hangover the next day. "...Anyway, this Pustula bloke was just sooo mean," Titus resumed the story he'd been trying to tell Longinus for the
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