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  1. Early March, 77AD Alexius had long since caught his breath after the night they caught Marcus Barbatius. He’d learned that was the name and that they had been right about their assumptions. The man was a barber. And now, he was behind bars and that made Alexius feel a little bit better about many things. For example, he helped catch the guy! And he wanted to tell it to people, but wasn’t quite sure if he could or should. And after he’d had a good sleep, he knew whom he really wanted to tell it to. Calpurnia. Only problem was… how? It really was an issue. That they’d caught the killer had at least distracted his mind a little, but now that it was all over and to be dealt with by other people, his mind had wandered back to a beautiful blonde woman with legs for days and the most contagious laugh. He couldn’t help but smile when she laughed. And even when he thought about it. He’d tried telling himself to get over her, he’d even gone out to find himself another distraction, but even after that, she was still on his mind. He wanted her again, he needed to be with her again. Fuck! So he was off to find the only person he felt he could talk to about this, someone he could even trust. Someone he thought of as a friend by now, someone who also cared too much for someone he was not supposed to care for at all. Lucius loved Ovinia, Alexius was quite sure of that. Even more after he saw them together at the library, how they would act around one another, how Lucius would look at her and how she was all flushed after they had been alone. How did Lucius deal with it? What thoughts did he have? And how on Earth did you live with the fact that you cared for a woman you weren't supposed to have? Sure, Alexius had slept with Patrician women before, and it had never been an issue before, but he’d done more than just sleep around with Calpurnia. It felt like more. It was more. At first he went to the castra where the vigiles had their headquarters, but they told him Lucius wasn’t there. He’d gained some injury (Ovinia cut him, duh!) and was to be found in his family home, which was on the Esquiline. Great, Alexius walked back again. Eventually he managed to track down the household of one Gaius Manius Victorius, Pater Familias to the family Lucius had been adopted into, when he left his Patrician rank behind to become a vigile. Alexius was allowed inside after stating his purpose – here to see his friend Lucius – and a slave led him through the lovely looking house to wherever Lucius was residing at the moment. @Chevi
  2. April, 77 AD It had been a good, long while since that dinner with Wulfric, Teutus, Charis and Tertius of course. A good, long time. Since then, he’d met Varinia again. And it wasn’t like he never heard from Teutus or that they never met, but Varinia had taken upon her the task of bringing messages to Tertius’ household and she was always welcome. It was less and less awkward with her there, even after Charis had been freed and made his wife. Of course he would always wonder, what if he did catch up with her again, properly… but it wouldn’t be right to Charis, he would not treat her like that. Even if he was sometimes unsure whether she actually treated him with respect or if it was all still just pretense. She did visit Teutus and got herself a dinner invitation, with Peregrinus, before she’d said it to Tertius. But he’d never know her mind. He’d never know. But what he would know, at least now, was how his son’s business was coming along. He heard a bit about it now and again, both from Varinia and then when Teutus sometimes did decide to see his father, although he never spent much time in the domus anymore. But now was the time. Tertius had decided he wanted to see the warehouse for himself and see what Teutus was importing and what he would sell. And he decided to do it unannounced, to surprise Teutus with the visit. Hopefully it would be a good surprise. He’d made sure to bring an amphora of his best wine to greet his son with. And then off he was, with a litter of course, all the way to the warehouse near the river. He could smell it before he saw it but decided to not be annoyed by it. At last the litter came to a stop and Tertius stepped out, before the thing was lowered to the ground. The slaves and the guards would wait outside and meanwhile Tertius approached the crude looking beast of a guard by the door to the warehouse. He looked somewhat familiar? But Tertius couldn’t place him in this setting. “Greetings… I am here to see Teutus.” He said with a friendly smile to the guard, who looked him over while gathering his hands on his back, standing more straight as he did, “Of course you are.” The guard said, but didn’t move and seemed to take a few moments finding the next words, “Does he know you’re coming?” He then asked and Tertius arched a brow, “He does not. I meant for this to be a surprise.” Tertius said, still trying to sound friendly, “Do you even know who I am?” He continued and the guard inhaled a breath and nodded, “You’re his father. Tertius. Well, see if you can find him.” The guard finally said and stepped aside. Tertius wasn’t sure he liked the way the man spoke to him or even looked at him. But Tertius walked past him inside to find his son. @Sharpie
  3. Late March, 77AD It had been a while, since he’d been back here last time. He had actually come back a few weeks after Charis had come to see him at the market. And he’d had time to think the whole thing over a few times. He still didn’t quite grasp how such a sweet and kind girl could turn into the opposite over such a short span of time. She’d been so nice and friendly when he met her at his father’s domus. She even said she took his advice for Peregrinus and sleeping habits. But then she came to him at his job at the marketplace and told him to leave Rome and not come back. Few had treated him nicely here in Rome. Most seemed to misunderstand him or simply just not understand him at all. There was nothing for him here. Or, not much. He had tried to not give up too easily. He had told Charis the truth about why he was here, just like he told his father. Why would they not believe him? But he said to his father after that dinner party, that he’d be back and so he kept his promise, at least to begin with. He was stubborn. His mother had sometimes said that he inherited that from his father. He never saw that before… but now that he knew that Wulfstan was not his father, he understood. He had come back to his actual father’s house quite a few times, knocking on the door and walking inside. This was his father’s house. He was not just yet another visitor here, so why should he wait outside? Yet every time he was met by a slave and eventually asked to leave, because the Dominus was not at home. That had happened quite a few times over the next few months. Antonia was apparently never at home either, so he'd never met his half-sister. And if Charis was there with Peregrinus, she stayed out of the way. Eventually he stopped coming. Charis was right. He clearly wasn’t wanted. Not by anyone but his half-brother Teutus it seemed. At least they got along. Time went by… and now springtime was coming and he had always planned he’d return to Germania when next spring came. That time was now. He had finished with the warehouse at the marketplace and had told the landlord of the insula he lived in, that he was leaving very soon. And now, he showed up in front of his father’s house one last time. To tell that he was leaving. He didn’t expect them to be sad that he had to leave. He wasn’t sure what he expected. But it felt right to tell them. So there he was, outside the house, pulling himself together to knock on that door. Why didn’t he just do it? It felt so… final, somehow, to do it. Rome had not always treated him nicely, but still, it wasn't easy to just say goodbye, was it? Once he left, he wasn't sure he'd ever come back, after all. He might not see any of the people he met here, again. Wulfric sighed and leaned against a wall opposite the front door to his father’s domus. (( OPEN THREAD FOR ANYONE ))
  4. Mid April 77AD It was mid April and the weather was warming, trees were blossoming, and most importantly the first green sprouts of wheat from the grain which had been planted earlier in the season had been confirmed in the fields; the grain was fertile and growing and Rome would not starve. Ceres' blessing was on them for another year. In celebration, as was traditional each year, sacrifices of pork, wheat, salt, and incense had been offered to Ceres. Her statue had been draped in garlands of spring flowers and ceremonially paraded from her temple to the Circus Maximus, where she held the seat of honour next to Caesar himself, who sat in the Goddess's presence. There were to be races today, not of the chariots of which Romans were so fond, but of horses, in the more traditional form. Their riders would goad their individual steeds around the track, whilst the spectators looked on. Imperial Area Immediately below where Titus sat with the decorated statue of of Ceres was the space reserved for the rest of the Imperials. Tiberius occupied this area, cool under a cloth canopy, clad purely in white as was traditional; a bright tunica and toga candida. Immediately about him there was space who those whom he had invited; family of course but also the younger generation of the Senatorial class, both male and female, whilst the more senior Senatores and their wives had space reserved to either side of the Imperials, within conversation range should they desire. It was an arrangement intended to demonstrate openness and largesse, whilst also allowing his own generation - stunted somewhat by the chaos of the purges - to meet, mingle and forge their own friendships and alliances. As he watched the stands gradually fill, Tiberius wondered whether he would be able to spot Jason's cousin in the race.
  5. Mid April 77AD It was Cerealia. The year had turned, the days had warmed, the grain fields were sprouting and Ceres had found her daughter Prosperpine and was enjoying having her at home again. Varinia could understand how she felt, now that she'd been enjoying sharing her son's home for the last few months, after years of separation. And enjoying her freedom, of course. She had grown more accustomed to it over those months, and was really starting to enjoy being able to do even just simple things when she wanted, as she wanted. Like making little flatcakes. Flour and water and eggs, honey and dried fruit soaked in wine, all mixed together and fried on a griddle to make little warm, puffy rounds of deliciousness. She'd packed them into a basket lined and covered with cloth to keep them warm, and carried them down to the insula's inner courtyard. The building was home to a range of people, from those who lived in multi-roomed insulae like themselves, to those who lived behind their shop fronts on the ground floor, to those who rented single rooms on the top floor. Every one of her neighbours whom she'd met had been lovely so far, and she was looking forward to meeting more as they celebrated the turning of the year. On top of the basket she carried a spray of wildflowers that she'd collected early that morning from down by the river and these she strewed over one of the tables that had been set in the courtyard, before placing her basket on top of it. She was pretty certain that Alexius would appear once he smelled food, and of course there was her own household. Who else might appear, with a plate or basket if they could afford to share food, or just themselves if they could not? All were welcome in her eyes. This would be fun.
  6. April, 77 AD Another day in the life had begun and began to speed up as the morning progressed. Get up, wash, get dressed, begin cutting vegetables and setting the slaves to work too. Her mother was not well today and would not leave bed. Her father helped a little, but mostly he also tried telling the slaves what to do. Melissa did most of the work and she told herself she was happy to do it. If she didn’t do it, then who would? Just the slaves? No, that would not do. The hours before noon easily passed and then came the warmer part of the day. It was no longer winter and with spring came warm days. Sure, some days were warmer than others, but this was one of the very warm ones. They decided to close the thermopolia for a few hours after noon, because most people would spend that time going to the thermae or relaxing instead. Such was the life, at least in the area where she lived. Melissa thought it a good day to visit the thermae, it had been a few days since last time. So with a towel of her own in a simple bag, she set off towards the nearest thermae. Luckily, there were a few of such in the Esquiline. After taking her time in the bathing areas, she finally got dressed again and went to the surrounding gardens of the thermae to sit down by a fountain. Melissa felt she was not busy and the warmth made her feel a bit lazy. She leaned over to touch the water in the fountain and thought she might taste it, when someone came walking by, startling her so she almost fell into the water. Luckily, she caught herself and looked around to see who was in such a rush. OPEN
  7. Set right after Judge and Jury Pinaria had also been hurt by their attacker, but Ovinia was younger and seemed to take it worse. Maybe he had been worse with her. Pinaria escaped with a cut on her arm, thanks to Spurius, but others might not have been so lucky. And Pinaria was strong. Or she tried to be. She had to be, for her son’s sake. Now, she had to be, for Ovinia’s sake. So she’d gone to her after the younger woman’s outburst, and Ovinia looked at her and Pinaria led her away towards a place where they could sit. Ovinia was stuttering with a weak voice… "He...he hurt me. I-I wanted him to under-understand what it felt like..." Pinaria nodded, “I know. He hurt me too. And I’m sure they will make him understand.” She promised with a firm, yet soft voice, while looking at Ovinia. The other woman seemed pretty shaken after what just happened and Pinaria was good at comforting other people. “But you… have to make sure you don’t fall to his level. You’re better than he is. You’re more than he is. You’re… not a killer.” At least she hoped not. She didn’t think so. @Sara
  8. March 77AD It had been a week since she was last here but Ione felt...nervous. It was odd. In her months since she'd been taken from the slave market and forced into service in the Elysium she'd serviced too many men to count, but none of such quality. Usually they were bakers or legionaries home from service, thermopolia workers or warehouse thugs. Not a man that owned his own home, owned his own slaves and not a man that could have such an impact on her life. It was why she had tried to look more presentable than usual this time. She'd spent an hour in the baths this morning, scrubbing and scraping her skin until it was virtually shining, hairless and smelled like the cheapest oils they sold; rose-hip and lemon. She'd curled her hair although by now, after the walk over, they were more waves than curls that fell to her waist. She'd foregone make-up - she could never do it right and she always ended up looking more like an actress than one of the rich beauties. She had donned a new dress though - loaned from Eris and so too big (fixed with a belt) - in a soft pink colour that complimented her colouring. Never had she put such effort in for a man, not even Wulfric. Her guard knocked as was customary and then stood to the side as Linus greeted her with his now customary warmth, ushering her in and nodding at the guard that he should return in a few hours. The management knew she was seeing Spurius, so there was no arguments and he shuffled away with a final stern look to Ione. For her part she smoothed down the wrinkles in her dress and exhaled, trying to summon a smile through her nerves. She should have spent the week practicing with the other girls instead of paying for a massage lesson. She suddenly doubted that he'd be as receptive to her body as he was to her mouth. Linus placed an arm on her back to urge her forward, just as Spurius appeared. TAG: @Sarah
  9. February, 77AD It was nice to have something else to think about. Something that had nothing to do with crazy and insane killers in Rome. Something that had nothing to do with innocent people being attacked and cut, just because someone liked to do so. Alexius would distract his mind with other things, much more pleasant things. Like the woman he met recently, Calpurnia. She was one of a kind! Alexius was unable to count how many lovers he’d had over the years, but really, he actually did not keep track of them. And many he’d picked up, or they had picked him up, while he was drunk and defeated and needed someone to need him. But Calpurnia was not such a woman. This was different. He met Calpurnia in broad daylight and she was nothing but kind and with plenty of smiles for him. He amused and entertained her, and he had enjoyed doing it. Their conversation had been so… so… fluid, hadn’t it? Like he didn’t need to charm her or kiss her to keep her interest in him, no, she wanted to talk to him and he wanted to talk to her. And she was so lovely. So near his own height, so independent and so stunning in everything that she was and had been… Alexius could barely any flaw. Or, he could find one, just one! Her brother… that was the flaw and that was hardly her fault. It was a big one though, but they had to figure it out anyway. He wanted to, he couldn't help it. It just meant he had to be more careful with her. So he’d found the perfect hospitia for their next meeting. He’d spent many of his savings on the meal and the room and the discretion of the staff… and he had even had to promise them to do a little dirty work for them, just as an insurance. Then he had asked his son to help him write a short message for her... just the name of the place and a date. Nothing more. Before heading to the hospitia, he’d spent some time at a thermae. Then he had put on the nice clothes that Ovinia had ordered for him. A tunic in a soft fabric and in a deep green shade, it went to just beneath his knees. There was also a pair of breeches that went with it, but for Calpurnia’s sake, he tried to look as Roman as possible. So no breeches. Besides, would he really be needing them? What he did need however was the dark cloak he put on, in a faint hope of hiding his shape so people wouldn't see where he went. And now he was here. In a comfortable room with a table and a very comfortable bed – usually very much out of reach for someone like him… and wine and a simple meal had been served on the small table in the room. Alexius waited. Hoping she had not changed her mind. @Chevi
  10. April, 77AD It was sometimes amazing how time would just fly by. And yet, everything was the same. It was like the wind and you never knew where it would take you. For now though, Manius had returned to where it all began, more or less. His father had worked at the slave markets. Manius had done the same, when he was old enough. Right until he was stupid enough to gamble and become way too indebted, so that his wife and son were murdered. He put himself on a pedestal on the slave market instead. Became what he used to command. Eventually, freed again. Life took him from one place to the next and suddenly, he was here again. Nothing had changed really. Life was much the same as always, he thought. And Manius did tend to think too much. For now, he was done with the day’s work with Spurius’ lot of slaves, so he made his way across the market, planning to go home to the simple one-room insula he lived in now. He couldn’t stay in Spurius’ warehouse and be a burden there, that was not fair. There wasn’t much life in his eyes these days. He worked hard, did what he was supposed do when he worked. But there was little left to enjoy besides that. Spring was coming though. He remembered lovely days in the gardens of Sullust with Salacia. But she too was gone. The only joy he had left in his life, gone too. Manius sighed and looked to the sky. It had been dark all day, the weather felt heavy and now, of course, before he got very far from his working place, it began raining. The rain quickly went from a drizzle to a pour. He sighed again. This was his lot in life. Everyone else ran for shelter from the rain. Manius didn’t care. Instead he let the rain soak his hair as he continued walking. It almost felt liberating. Almost. OPEN
  11. Early winter, 77 AD It felt like a lifetime since he last had paid Longinus a visit, but surely it could not have been more than a few weeks - or months. Not much had changed as far as Titus could tell, the decoration still as exotic as always and the slaves just on the verge of slacking off. Well, one thing was markedly different. He watched in morbid interest as the dog scratched its ear with a paw the size of a toddler's head, somehow not ripping it to shreds as it did. The thing was humongous, really. He had done the right thing by passing it on to Longinus; a creature this big would definitely have a voracious (ergo expensive) appetite. The puppy of a few seasons ago was no more, in its place a one-headed Cerberus who was now deeply engrossed in nibbling at its own tail, presumably to scratch an itch. It wasn't even that old - a year or less by now if he recalled correctly. Was it even finished growing? A child could ride it like a horse. Titus had a blissfully brief vision of his youngest wreaking havoc in his domus with such a dog as her mount, and again told himself he had absolutely done the right thing. Whatever damage it caused would probably go unnoticed amidst all of his friend's dubious ornaments. A rustling noise coming from the right caught his attention, and he peeled his eyes from the dog only to find himself with the empire's cheekiest body slave. "Well met, Attis. Tell me, who is in charge of this four-legged giant?" Please let it be you went unsaid, although the expectant smirk on Titus' face betrayed his thoughts rather eloquently. @Sharpie (and @Saraand @Cheviif any of your people want to join in at some point)
  12. Late February, 77AD Things were progressing at the brothel, although a bit slowly. But upstairs, he had workers who were busy mending the roof of the place properly. So the highest floor wasn’t in use at the moment, until that was fixed. Some of the girls had to share their simple rooms. Which honestly wasn’t too bad, because Lucius naturally made some profit from that. With certain girls, you got two for the price of one! And it was quite popular, which Lucius enjoyed. The coins that he gained, of course. Once the workers had finished the roof, they’d continue with the rest of the building and the cells where the girls slept and worked also needed to be fixed, at least some of them. And once he’d made enough new profit, they’d have new pillows and blankets, but such were expensive, so he had to wait. As long as he was making money though, all was well. The kitchen had been cleared out too and that would be working soon too. And the girls had been divided into smaller groups, so it wasn’t all of the girls who were given to patrons who liked to hurt them. Meaning some of them were no longer bruised and that was good too. All in all, he was quite satisfied. But he needed more guards and bouncers and he needed some strong men to do the dirty work, when that had to be done. So he’d let it be known, that he was looking for people. And he kept his eyes open too; after all, sometimes there would be visitors at the brothel, who matched what he was looking for. And he saw just that now, as he was leaving his office and closing the door behind him. Out from one of the rooms down the hallway came a man, who seemed just about perfect. Almost. If he was younger, it might have been even better, but Lucius could not really be picky, he wasn’t young himself, after all. He approached the man with a friendly smile, “Greetings! I hope you got what you came for and enjoyed it too!” @Faustus
  13. On that crisp morning, as Eos drove her chariot across the sky and painted it a pale pink that slowly turned into blue, Artemon had briefly admired his reflection on a still puddle of water as he made his way home after a long night of toil. This contemplation had allowed him to confirm what he had been suspecting for a few days now. His hair was getting too long. The problem with that was that it would soak up sweat like a sponge, leaving him to feel as though he had dunked his head in a mix of clay and oil. It made for very uncomfortable working and for a very unkempt appearance. And that would simply not do! Gallus would never increase his pay with him looking like that. So he had gone home, taken a short nap, eaten some stale bread and collected a few coins from the literal hole in the wall where he kept a figurine of Sobek to guard his hard-earned savings, and with this money Artemon marched out again, keen on finding a barber that wouldn't scalp him. One of the men at the warehouse, Menenius or something equally uninspired his name was, had mentioned one a couple of weeks prior that he claimed to be happy with. 'Not cheap', Menenius had said, 'but when he's done you come out feeling like the emperor!' And that was just what Artemon needed - a mood boost and looking like the shrewd businessman he was deep down. Walking through the busy streets jogged his memory, and the young man found himself standing by the entrance to one Marcus Barbatius' shop. After a quick, nervous look at the contents of his money pouch followed by an equally quick and nervous prayer that it would be enough, Artemon entered the shop, announcing his presence with a greeting. "Salve! I come to this establishment at a friend's recommendation." (Fine, Menenius was just a chatty coworker, but the barber didn't need to know that. Maybe he'd even give him a referral discount!) "As you can see, my hair is in need of being put back in its place." Artemon eyed the other man expectantly, like a puppy wondering if it's going to get a treat. "Could you take care of that now or should I come back later?" @Atrice
  14. January, 77 AD He was not looking to move to the Esquiline, because there were homes on the Quirinial Hill that were closer to the Absidata. And if he was going to have a brothel in that area, he wanted to live close by. Although since he currently lived in a hospitia, he toyed with the idea of opening his own and maybe with some additional services to those who stayed there. That’s if he didn’t choose to buy the Elysium back, which was still something he considered. He hated that it had fallen into disrepair like that, that it looked so bad. His childhood home, ruined for good. He hadn’t returned since that day he encountered Ione though. Rome was a huge city and he had many places to revisit and much gossip to pick up. One old comrade, or whatever you’d call him, had moved ranks too and had friends higher up too. He suggested Lucius should join him at this party he was invited to, said there’d be all sorts of people, high and low. It was in a private home on the Esquiline though, so there he went. Wearing his best clothes, a knee-long tunica and a toga, mostly in dark blue, which suited his eyes and his slightly greying hair well. Once inside, he said his goodbyes to Publius, who brought him here and they might catch up more later. They already had a drink in Publius’ home, but this party looked promising too. He could see what the other meant, that there were all sorts of people here. Lucius made his way to the triclinium, where there was an empty couch and he claimed it instantly. Picking up a bit of food from the table and looking around, until his eyes fell on a beautiful blonde playing the cithara and singing. Her hair was down and although she was finely dressed, he knew a prostitute when he saw one. Perhaps this one was more like a courtesan of sorts, she looked almost regal. But there were other people too. An already half-drunk Senator fell down into one of the other couches and gave Lucius a look, “Salve, haven’t seen you before.” The man simply said and looked to see who had caught Lucius’ attention, “Oh, you know Vibia? She is a joy…” The Senator grinned and waved at her to join him and Lucius tilted his head when she stood and approached them. Interested already. @Sara
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