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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the first AC of the 2020, this round is going to be a quick, short and sweet one. The next AC will be a little more extensive, as this is just more of a roll call. All that is required is post the template below, and nothing else will be needed. You have until the 20th, 11:59pm Eastern time. Player ~ staying/going ~ keeping: <characters or n/a> dropping: <characters or n/a>
  2. Activity Check. Please respond to the following Activity Check. For rules concerning our Activity, please see the following rules and if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me about them. Posts must be done in the allotted time period. 13th - 31st of May. All players are expected to reply with the following form. Canons and wanteds will be made available if a player misses the Activity Check, and then do not reply to the warning message. If you need assistance getting applications finished in time. Please PM me and I will be happy to help get them rolling. Extensions may be granted due to the strange time of year this is. Members who do not respond will be added to the Inactive group after the to be archived list is posted. If a member misses a second one, they will be deleted and will be more than welcome to return although will need to go through the application process again. Copy and paste before posting your form. Repeat the character name and thread as necessary. Edited: Wording, cause derp. OOC Name: Goes here. Character Name: Goes here Link to active thread: Goes here. Safe Accounts OOC Name: SainsCharacter Name: Decimus Rutilius AtellusLink to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5714-you-me-and-the-dead-woman/ OOC Name: Sharpie Character Name: Rufus Link to active thread: Sold, to...? Character Name: Teutus Link to active thread: They don't know anything. Character Name: Paulus Annius Faventinus Link to active thread: A morning's business. Character Name: Volusa Link to active thread: Strength lies in differences OOC Name: Atrice Character Name: Cynane Link to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5632-the-gift-of-protection/ Character Name: Helios Link to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5779-is-anybody-listening/ Character Name: Lexus Naevius Gineverus Link to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5466-the-season-to-be-jolly/ Character Name: Lucius Antonius Alexius Link to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5547-this-used-to-be-my-playground/ Character Name: Tertius Quinctilius Varus Link to active thread: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5768-the-best-prize-is-a-surprise/ OOC Name: Gil Character Name: Phaedo Link to active thread: You'd Not Regret Chafing Your Lips With [My] Reed Character Name: Marcus Calvunus Link to active thread: Shake A Leg Character Name: Titus Flavius Alexander Link to active thread: Lupercalia Begins Character Name: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus Link to active thread: Rainbow Unicorns Character Name: Caia Lupa Link to active thread: They Don't Know Anything OOC Name: AzraelGrimCharacter Name: SorayaLink to active thread: Deliver Us Character Name: Calpurnia PraetextataLink to active thread: Let It Burn OOC Name: JennCharacter Name: Barbara StilichaLink to active thread: Meet your new Stepmother Character Name: Julia ValeriaLink to active thread: Tying up loose ends Character Name: TacitaLink to active thread: A Diamond in the Rough Link to active thread: I hope that we will be friends OOC Name: BrianCharacter Name: Lucius Caecilia MetellusLink to active thread: Talk and politics. Character Name: Appius Cornelius ScipioLink to active thread: Lupercalia Begins! OOC Name: KitCharacter Name: Appius A.L Albinus AriovistusLink to active thread: You'd Not Regret the Chafing OOC Name: CheviCharacter Name: AzarionLink to active thread: Blacksmiths and bartersCharacter Name: Aia/AiusLink to active thread: You, me, and the dead womanCharacter Name: Quintus Flavius TheodorusLink to active thread: At the Ludus Magnus Updated. 11/06/2019
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