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  1. Well, their earlier conversation had gone less than swimmingly, thanks to Charis' presence - not that Teutus blamed her. If he'd known she was there, he wouldn't have turned up there himself, at least not until she'd left to return home. He sighed to himself; he really needed to get a slave so that he didn't have to do all the wandering around Rome himself. Even if he had a slave, though, he'd most likely have to make this trip himself, this was not the sort of conversation or discussion he felt he could trust to a slave, not this early on in proceedings. Anyway, they lived in the same insula, and he wasn't damn lazy enough that he couldn't climb a few stairs from his apartment (several rooms on the first floor, and far too big for just him - but his father had insisted!) to Alexius', two floor above. So it was just a few minutes later that he found himself knocking on Alexius' door, hoping that he wasn't disturbing anything untoward this time. @Atrice
  2. 31st August 75 after Teutus hadn't been able to face staying to see any more after Tertius had picked Charis' baby up and given him a name, and a legitimacy that Teutus would never have. He had wandered Rome for a while before finding himself outside a popina on the Via Lata. He had enough money on him for a drink or several. He wasn't about to drink himself senseless, but he definitely didn't want to stay sober. He could face up to his future later on, but right now he was hurting too badly. "I'll take a jug, thanks," he said to the proprietor, and sighed,shifting up a bit so as to make room for someone else to order as well. @Atrice
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