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  1. Atrice

    Atrice's Plotter

    So it's time for you to read my plotter - here is a little bit of information about all my characters and what plots they might be good for, if you wish to plot with them. They are here listed after rank, with my highest ranked character (Senator) at the top and the lowest (Slave) at the bottom. I'm always open for new ideas too! Just send me a direct message here or poke me on Discord, if you want to play with any of them. Here we go! Tertius Quinctilius Varus Tertius is a senator, back-bencher... and a praetor in his mid 40's. He's a widower with a now 11 year old daughter and has not remarried since his wife died. He's rather bored with life at the moment, so he needs to be cheered up. Tertius likes to have control over anything and mainly his own household - and things easily turn complicated because of this. He recently freed his slave-born son Teutus and his slave Charis has given him a son, who he has recognized as his own. On top of that, his bastard son Wulfric from his brief time near Germania, has come to Rome to complicate things further. He believes he is a good and kind master to his slaves, but sometimes, he isn't. He just wants them to behave well and if they don't, he's very disappointed. Tertius has recently freed Charis and named her his wife, although technically, he can't marry his freed slave. He doesn't seem to care though. Plot Ideas: - Tertius has freed and married his slave. Anyone's welcome to confront him about it, in a good or a bad way - More slaves to be played in the household. Played slaves so far are Charis and Hector, his body slave. - Tertius is very neutral when it comes to politics, but anyone in Rome can be bought... - His siblings and nephew and niece are also up for the taking, should anyone want to play them. Look in the Qunctilii Vari thread. Marcus Junius Silanus Young Marcus has just turned 18 and is more than ready for a life with wealth and influence - if he can pull himself together to go that way. Right now he lives with his step-mother, Flavia Juliana and her husband, Quintus Caecina Tusca, and their family. He is also good friends with the young Imperials at the Imperial Palace in Rome and Marcus is known to enjoy a good party. He likes going out, he likes to do what he wants and he likes wealth and luxury. He has in 77 AD joined the Viginitiviri and thus began his Course of Honor. He deals with prisons and executions as one of the college of twenty. Plot Ideas: - A love interest/flirt would be very welcome. Perhaps a future wife, but he's far from ready for marriage right now - Marcus has many connections via his step-mother and his friends at the palace. Anyone connected to Imperials, he could run into - slaves, senators and their families, praetorians/guards - Marcus' father was Decimus Junius Silanus, so anyone with connections to him in the past could meet with Marcus (his brother is currently not in Rome) - Could probably use a proper father figure - His body slave Silvanus is up as a wanted ad Pinaria Gaia Pinaria is a noble lady of a Senatorial family. She was married until last year, when her husband died in a hunting accident and she has been keeping to herself since then - it is first now that she is entering the social life of Rome again, because her brother has urged her to do that and make friends and find a new husband. She has a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life, but is otherwise mostly a warm and friendly woman. She has a secret relationship with her former body slave, Gaia Lucia. Plot ideas: - A new husband, obviously, or just men that might be interested - Someone to play Gaia Lucia, she is a wanted character - She needs friends or maybe former friends, who knew her before her husband died... but they haven't seen her much since he died - Slaves of Publius Pinarius Natta's household, since that is where she currently lives (he's her brother) Horatia Sosia Sosia is a young, noble lady of a good Senatorial family. She is cousin to Horatia Justinia and Livia Justinia. She arrived in Rome in 76 AD after having spent most of her life in a countryside villa, sheltered from both other young people and especially young men. Her parents are quite strict and she's very inexperienced, but also very eager and curious to learn. She is supposed to get married soon, so she's in the market for a husband. Plot ideas: - Possible future husbands - Charming men who might take advantage of her youth and inexperience - She needs friends in Rome, both male and female - Someone to play her body slave, Helia Lucius Armenius Valerius Lucius is a quite manipulative guy, who can appear charming and friendly to get what he wants. And what he wants is to make profit from anything he's doing - and to feel superior to anyone who thinks he should feel the opposite. He uses people, he enjoys playing mind games with people, he takes advantage of any situation he can and he's not afraid to go far to achieve what he wants... as long as it doesn't endanger his own person or profit.He is 52 years old, married to a woman now in her early thirties. He has three children and grew up in a brothel himself. He left Rome in 62AD and has only just returned, planning to bring his family here too, once he has established himself. So far his family is still in Hispania. Lucius owns the brothel Elysium and plans to give it a better reputation once more. Plot ideas: - Lucius needs bouncers and guards for his brothel, ordinary slaves, henchmen and of course prostitutes to work for him - He is bad news for most people, although they may not suspect it at first - He may be married, but he doesn't care and sleeps around if he wants to - His wife, Leontia Elianilla, is a wanted character Septima Major Septima, sometimes called Thalia by her twin sister Septima Minor, is 16 years old and a bright and bubbly young woman. Her parents both died in the civil war over ten years ago and she has lived with her grandparents and the entire family ever since. Septima enjoys being social; she loves parties and going out and is a romantic at heart, hoping to find the perfect husband sometime in the future. And unlike her twin sister, she's becoming quite curious about boys already. Plot Ideas: - Septima is looking for friends around her own age or maybe a little older - Potential future husbands are welcome - Could easily be manipulated by someone with ill intentions - Septima longs for romance and love. Offer her some, with or without good intentions Marcus Barbatius Marcus is 30 years old and works as a barber in Rome - and he is not poor, because he knows how to do his job well. To anyone coming to him as a patron or really any stranger he has not met before, he is friendly and all smiles. He likes to make friends and likes a good cup of wine as much as anyone. But he easily makes up his mind about people and Marcus has two boxes in his mind... one for people who deserves his respect and his kindness. And one for those lesser than he, people beneith him, who should do nothing else but respect him and do as he says. He has access to sharp objects and he's not afraid to use them. And he knows that you should not go around hurting other people, so he prefers to keep this secret. Perhaps he will continue to escape justice... and perhaps he will end up in jail. It will be interesting to see what happens to this character. Plot Ideas: - Marcus Barbatius has been caught and is currently in jail, hoping for a trial so he won't be executed (but he will) - Past threads with Marcus could still take place. Both with victims to him and other connections too. Lexus Naevius Gineverus If this name seems a little familiar, it's because Lexus is Alexius' son. The two have never met though and Lexus is now 16 years old and recently lost his mother, who was attacked by a gang in the street and lost her life because of the injuries. He now lives in the house of Oriana Laecinia, where his father also lives and Lexus works in the gardens. He's your ordinary curious, but inexperienced, teenager and easily get in trouble. He is also more thoughtful now than he used to be, after he lost his mother. He's also nice and polite though and just wants to make people around him feel good. Lexus tends to be a bit awkward around girls. Plot Ideas: - Although he has now met his father, he is still interested in learning about him from others - Lexus is curious and openminded and talks a lot... some could see that as being nosy and he'll get in trouble - Friends at his own age are welcome - A first love and a proper first kiss (perhaps to be Septima Minor) - Someone to guide him in life (Alexius is many things, but he will not be a good and proper teacher) Lucius Antonius Alexius Alexius was born in Germania, captured by raiding barbarians and sold to Rome as a slave when he was 7. Back then, he was known as Lexus. When he was 15, he became a gladiator and became rather famours. In his mid-twenties, he was freed and made a lanista. Eventually he left Rome to return to Germania, but it wasn't all that he hoped, so he has come back to Rome. He is 40 years old now and lives in a flat with his son Lexus. He works as the head guard at Teutus Quinctilius Varus' warehouse and also takes odd jobs as bodyguard if someone wants that. Plot Ideas: - Old and new lovers are always welcome for Alexius. His list is here: Alexius' Special Tracker - Alexius is currently in love with Calpurnia Praetextata - He likes to get drunk and likes a good brawl... could get in trouble with that - Old and new friends are also welcome - He has a wanted ad for his sister Amalia, whom he's been looking for ever since they were separated as kids. - Alexius actually does long to settle down with someone. Find his one true love? Manius Rutilius Gallus Manius was born and raised in Rome as an ordinary Plebian. When he was young, he worked at the slave market and married and had a child. They were murdered when his son was 2 years old, due to Manius owing debts for gambling. After this incident, he gave himself over to slavery and he's been feeling more or less miserable since. He had three different owners as a slave, the last one being Manius Rutilius Cyprianus, the infamous dictator, who is now dead (by execution). Cyprianus freed Manius, who married fellow former slave and freedwoman Salacia and they lived as happily as possible for 15 years. Salacia however disappeared during the earthquake and is presumed dead. Manius is currently employed by Spurius Antius Claudus at the slave market, where he guards the slaves to be sold. He has a strong sense of what's right and wrong and will act upon this. He enjoys pain and may pick fights just to get beaten up - because he believes he deserves and because he likes it, but he'd never admit that to anyone. Plot Ideas: - Anyone coming into contact with Spurius or is just at the slave market can meet him - Manius holds grudges against anyone who has harmed anyone he cared about in the past - Slaves may have come across him during his many years working at the slave market - A lover or maybe even more, although he is afraid to marry, since he already lost two wives. He believes he's bad luck to wives. - Someone who may hurt him. His son and wife were murdered in the past by the Servian Collegium because he owed them coin. They could get him in trouble again. Wulfric of the Chatti Wulfric was born in Germania, his mother a princess and for many years, he believed his mother's husband was his father. But after said father's death, his mother Frieda revealed the truth... Wulfric's father is actually Tertius Quinctilius Varus and she wanted Wulfric to find him. This is why Wulfric now, at the age of 23, has arrived in Rome, searching for knowledge about his father and his father's people. Wulfric is generally a friendly and outgoing man, he prefers to talk rather than fight (but he can fight) - but he can also be rather stubborn if he believes he's right about something. A trait he may have inherited from his father. He looks quite a lot like Tertius and anyone meeting him and knowing Tertius will pick up the resemblance between the two. Wulfric will eventually find his father, but not too soon. Plot ideas: - Any foreigners, especially of Germania, could come into contact with Wulfric - He won't like the thought of his people being enslaved in Rome, so he may actually try and get some free - Wulfric may also meet someone to love and/or marry in Rome - He does not exactly hate the Romans, but he will most likely be a bit defensive towards them Cynane Cynane has been a slave in Rome for over 10 years now. She's a war captive from Britannia and originally comes from the Brigantes tribe. She spent most of her years in Rome as a gladiatrix, but the last two years she has been a personal bodyguard to the imperial princess, Claudia Caesaris - secretly training the princess and Cynane feels very strongly for her, a strange mix of protectiveness and deep care - perhaps there are even romantic feelings involved. Cynane does not always speak much, because when she does, she speaks her mind. She is a very skilled warrior who takes her job seriously; she does not trust people easily though. She can use anything from friends to enemies and lovers of course. Plot Ideas: - She's bicurious, meaning her lovers so far have been men, but few were by her choice - She has a crush of sorts on her mistress, Claudia Caesaris - Anyone connected to the Imperial family could run into her - Anyone she might have met during the last 10 years she spent in Rome, she must have met a lot of people - She has a longing for freedom and still dislikes most Romans - I have a wanted ad for a Lover for Cynane because she deserves some love and romance in her life Helios Helios is a slave and prostitute working at the Domus Venus, where he's been for over 10 years. He also functions as a spy for his mistress (and other people who will pay for it) and often takes senators and wealthy Romans to his bed, to lure out secrets. He claims he's accepted life as a slave and does not want anything out of life, but secretly of course, he does want that. Lately he has had a desire for freedom and will try and buy himself free. He enjoys working as a spy and will happily buy and sell secrets, also for his own gain. Plot Ideas: - People Helios can meet and talk to to gain secrets and information --- These could be returning patrons/lovers at the brothel, but also people everywhere else in Rome --- Helios so far has secrets/info about Oriana Laecania, Alexius, Nymphias, Charis, Teutus, Hector and Tertius Quinctilius Varus - An actual real friend - His job as a spy could get him into trouble if he found out secrets about someone really important - Fellow slaves/whores/guards at the brothel - He has a secret and unrequited crush on a bouncer in the Domus Venus (Marcus Falco) - He has also managed to seduce Nymphias, sister of Charis and may have feelings for her Caeso Caeso is 25 years old and was born as a slave in Rome and has always lived here. He is a charioteer for the Green racing team and passionate about it. He is known to be good at calculating his next move in the races and in general and he is also the mastermind behind some sabotage against the other teams. He has a strategic and retentive mind and memory and is easily bored. Usually he is in a good or at least content mood, but he can lose his temper if something does not go the way he wants to. He is not really a romantic type, nor is he a womanizing type, as he is turned on and attracted to intelligence rather than looks and appearance. Plot Ideas: - Rivals (or frenemies) among the other racing teams - Someone who will bore him immensely - or the opposite - Someone whom he will get along with, but he finds out they root for the other team - A friend or even a lover who is clever enough to catch his interest - His brother Gaius, 22, will be made into a wanted soon. He is nothing like Caeso though.
  2. Lucius Armenius Valerius 52 | 20th March 24 AD | Equite | Brothel Master | Whatever fits his mood | Original | Gerard Butler Personality. Lucius has never really been known as a kind man. Last time he lived in Rome, everyone knew he was up to no good – now however, it is many years ago and his return to Rome so many years later might do him good. After all, now there’s a lot of people who don’t know him. And they can be fooled into thinking otherwise about him. Lucius can be as charming and seem as kind as any man, he is friendly -especially if there’s a good deal coming up for him… but don’t turn your back on him and don’t threaten him in any way. He will do anything he can to gain what he wants, but he is also always looking out for himself and what is his. That’s why he left Rome, so many years ago. But it is his home and after the Empire gained another new emperor, he thought it was about time to see if he could take back what was once his, in the city of cities. It’s not beyond him to threaten or manipulate people so he’ll get what he wants; this is how it has always been. Lucius does hate it when people tell him what to do and when people tell him there’s something he can’t do. Yet this does not mean he’s aggressive and turns on you from one moment to the next; he’ll plot and he’ll plan and he’ll wait for the right moment to strike where it hurts most. And it won’t always be with violence he hurts you – there’s a time and a place for that, but if he gets the chance to choose, Lucius is more fond of mind-games, manipulation and blackmailing. He claims he does not believe in love and never seems to regret anything. He uses people and does not seem to care about what happens to whoever he is using for anything at the moment. People are merely tools in his life and they’re there for his pleasure, satisfaction and gain. Like his whores, for example. The whores, both female and male, that are bought into his brothels are always ‘tested’ by Lucius first – unless they are exquisite young beauties who also happen to be virgins; then he’ll save their virginity for the highest bidder and sleep with them later. At his age and despite being married, he still does this. Luckily, his wife is now more than used to the way Lucius does things and she doesn't mind. As long as she can keep her place as his wife and partner in crime, she is satisfied. And so is Lucius. Appearance Lucius Armenius has dark brown hair, now with gray stains, these days sometimes long enough to curl. He has put away the habit of shaving often and can often be seen with a stubble or even a short beard - dark with gray stains like his hair. His blue-grey eyes appear friendly, but also constantly calculating and alert. He’s rather tall for a Roman born man and it was once rumored that he is the son of his mother and a slave in the brothel and not his actual father. Whether this rumor is true or false, no one knows. He is strong and works hard to stay fit, especially as he is growing older. Lucius likes luxury and that means he likes clothes that feel nice to his skin and clothes that make him look ‘important’. He has several outfits of different lengths and looks to fit the situations he encounters. Lucius never leaves home without either a guard or a blade… or both. He can fight on his own, but prefers to have other people do the dirty work for him. And so he prefers to have both a guard and a blade near his person. Family Father: Hostus Armenius (deceased) Mother: Numeria Fausta (deceased) Siblings: none official Spouse: Leontia Elianilla (31, born April, 45 AD) Children: Aeneas (14 years old, born February 62 AD, son to Lucius and a prostitute. Aeneas is still a slave) Armenia Valeria (born in the winter, 63 AD in Hispania, 13 years old) Lucius Armenius Valerius Minor (born 66 AD in Hispania, 10 years old) Lucia Valeria (born 68 AD in Hispania, 8 years old) Extended family: Other: History Childhood: youth in the brothel – 24 to 45 AD Lucius was born as the one and only child to his married parents – which with time, he thought was a good thing, because that meant he was the spoiled son and the son they would do everything for. Sure he knew his father had a bastard or two with the whores where he grew up, but there weren’t any ‘real’ siblings. His father owned the brothel, which Lucius did not see was wrong at all – this was where he grew up, after all. The brothel was his palace and Lucius was the prince who could command them to do anything. Naturally growing up in such a place meant that he saw many things children weren’t always meant to see. And as he grew older, he grew curious about those things. When he was 13 years old, he finally had it in him to pull himself together to demand that one of the whores lay down on her back so he could try what he had always seen other men do. The woman became his tutor because he chose her, and he was with her several times. There were moments where he began to think he loved her, and this was where his father decided to take charge. His father knew it could not be love and taught Lucius that in Rome, love was not half as valuable as money anyway. Money mattered. Wealth and status mattered. Love did not. Sure, it was a good thing to pretend you felt something, but deep within, you had to think twice about everything and keep your mind on the agenda. To prove it, he made his son lay with another woman, and Lucius discovered he felt the same, for a moment – as if he loved her. He understood what his father had said. Adulthood: Greece, 1st marriage and Equestrian – 46 to 60 AD The older he grew, the more he understood about the brothel too. Together with his cousin Quintus, he learned about the streets of Rome and the life around him and he learned about how to run the brothel. When he was 22 however, his father sent him to Greece to learn properly how to be charming and get what you want, while he’d of course also learn other useful skills in life. He became very friendly with his Greek tutor, so friendly they slept together. He barely wanted to leave Greece and stayed for a few years, until his father wrote that his mother had passed away and Lucius should come back home to help him with the brothel. Lucius became the official treasurer of the brothel, but the older his father grew, the more Lucius took over the brothel itself. He was 32 when he was betrothed for the first time, to a much younger girl, whom he’d marry once she came of age. 3 years later, in early 60 AD, Lucius married the now 15 year old Claudia Tertulla. In the summer of the same year, Lucius’ father died and Lucius was finally officially the brothel owner, and quite pleased with it. In bed, his wife pleased him well enough and was willing enough to learn, but he wanted an heir and she lost a child more than once. Life went on however, and Lucius helped out a certain Manius Rutilius Cyprianus gain rank and status in Rome. He was rewarded with becoming head of the Syndicate gang and besides the Elysium, he was also given the Domus Venus to manage. A year later, he was also elevated to Equestrian rank in Rome by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus. This is also when he gains the name Valerius. Later life: 2nd marriage and leaving Rome – 61 to 77 AD In 61 AD, a little more than a year after he married Claudia, he divorces her again. In the summer, he marries the 16 year old Leontia Elianilla and is given a domus on the Caelian Hill, where he moves in with his new wife. Life went well, but sadly not for long. Cyprianus was no longer the dictator of Rome and lost a lot of his status and in the end after the civil war, he was murdered. Lucius began fearing for his own life and future in Rome. In early 62 AD, Lucius learned one of his slaves had born him a son, whom Lucius named Aeneas. Aeneas still lives and works as a slave in the brothel, although he is among the higher ranked though and is often found together with the guards. Later the same year, Lucius sold the Elysium to another owner, while the Domus Venus remained in the care of the Syndicate gang. Lucius was slowly preparing to leave Rome as the trouble in the city appears to continue. In early 63 AD, Lucius leaves Rome together with his now pregnant wife - along with a large group of slaves/prostitutes and some trusted men and their families. Late in the year, they settled down in Hispania in the city Taracco, far from Rome. Lucius didn’t sit down to brood, instead he opened a new brothel and made sure life could continue almost as before. In the following years, his business expanded into several brothels and other activities, while Lucius also kept his eye on Rome. His wealth grew and his wife gave gave him no less than three surviving children in total. Now the year is 77 AD and Lucius has left Leontia behind to run the brothels in and near Taracco – she has proven a very good help with that. Meanwhile, Lucius returns to Rome, in the first round to scout the city. It seems safe and peaceful with the new and very young emperor. Lucius is still an Equite of rank and his plan is to either take back the Elysium or maybe open a rival to the Domus Venus. Once he has made sure everything is safe and he has made some good connections, he will send for his wife, children and slavesto join him in Rome. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord @Gothic @Anna
  3. October 75 AD It was her favorite time of the year. Going to shop for new fabrics. As the daughter of a senator, he tasked Safinia with making sure her apperance was up to par. But she knew the true reason for it. Safinia knew that her father would not stop until she was arranged and close to being married off. But his tactics were...less than tact. She had to apologize for the last time that had occurred and she knew it would not be the last time. But going out to the market did seem to get her out of the home in which they stayed. Safinia liked to coordinate the silks she bought with ones that would be perfect for the occasion or season that the city found itself in. Of course she did not make the dresses themselves. No, no. She seemed to trust the ladies that put it together. However. She did have this little trick that she liked to find thread in order to make patterns on her dresses. It makes them feel like they are something that she wears for her. That makes her feel..well, more like her. Not someone her father could parade around. In fact, it was something a little hurtful. But she would make do as she must. But not without remaining true to herself. When dressing with the help of one of her servants, she found a pink dress with golden leaves around the top and bottom of the dress. When asked about it, one of the servants said it was a suggestion from her father. Of course. But she kept herself silent as she dressed, also allowing a matching pink hair adornment (or veil for her hair) to be in the back of her hair. Once obtaining the bag of coins that was gifted to her, she grabbed her small basket and one of her house female slaves were out of the house and began their walk. As they walked Safinia liked to talk to the lady with her about the seasons and suggestions from her observations. She always had the greatest helps for the silks she would purchase and she hoped today would be no different either. As they entered the market, the familiar shouts of the merchants were coming through. From fruits to figs to the usual gold, the marketplace was alive as ever. It was a pleasant sound to her ears. Sometimes she bought a little bit of fruit for her to eat upon her return back. But as she passed by the section with the fabrics, she stopped in midstep as she looked through each of them with wondering eyes as she reached out to touch the fabric but as she looked she felt like some eyes were upon her, but she was so transfixed she couldn't even bear to notice it for right now. It was in fact her simple getaway.
  4. Safinia let the slaves fuss over her as well as her mother. It was only for a dinner with the family. No need to fuss over her. Or she had believed. Well the good thing for tonight was that she was wearing a new dress that was light green with simple in its designs with white sleeves to match it. Safinia did like the material and it was much better than the utter chaos and tragedy that was pink. A good color to be certain. But it was just simply not her color. She was willing to try and apologize to her father for her behavior. While she did believe in her behavior,she also believed in making peace for it was too drastic. It was something she had to do. As she made her way to wear the dining was, she spoke to herself practicing to what she was to say to her father. It was a simple one but it would be for the peace. She wasn’t about to change her ways unless she thought it would save her life. But maybe this way her father won’t parade her in a square like a livestock looking for a farmer. No it was the other way around. But regardless. She had to. Plus her mother would constantly lecture her. As the young lady made her way into the dining area,she saw her father was waiting for her with....Praetor Tertius. This was indeed a shock. But not surprising as seeing as he was not the only of the senate to visit. Her father put down his goblet and walked over to her. “Ahh there you come come.” He ushered his daughter over and introduced her. Safinia was only a little bit confused as she looked to her father who cleared his throat. She bowed her head,speaking of the honor. Her father then excused himself out of the room leaving only the slaves in prescence. “It is a honor to receive you in our home..” She spoke. “But if I may pry to ask,why now? No disrespect to you good sir but you’re not one of the senate to visit my father. Again,no insult meant” @Atrice
  5. Atrice

    Marcus Barbatius

    MARCUS BARBATIUS 29 | 1st April 45 AD | Plebian | Barber | Bisexual | Original | Jonathan Rhys Meyers Personality. It is hard to describe a man like Marcus Barbatius. It might be easier to just meet him and make up your own idea about him, rather than having him described. You might describe him as twisted though, if you really knew him. He is a psychopath and a sadist, after all. He has an unnatural fascination with blood and he does not feel guilty about it. He knows of course it's not normal to be the way he is, but he does not try to control his desires or urges. Few know him so well though, besides his personal slaves. Marcus will have different personalities according to whom he interacts with. With wealthy people, patrons, senators and other useful people, he can be the friendliest person you have ever met. He will be charming and all smiles and more than happy to do your biding, so he can earn his coin. With people who are beneath him, people who offend him and annoy him for some reaosn… everything is different. He knows that he has the upper hand with slaves and especially his own for example; knows that is his choice whether they live or die. And if they behave well, they’ll be fine and live. However, the tiniest mistake or flaw will annoy Marcus, who is constantly seeking reasons to hurt others, because he knows it ought to be justified, at least. So he looks for the reasons and believes he is in his right to hurt someone, when he does. Marcus is not a weak man and he is the one who has access to any blade in the house. he is however also a bit of a coward and can't actually fight well. So he seeks to only attack and hurt people he believe he is superior to. If a fight begins, he'd rather flee than stay to fight. It's never easy to be his slave and he can be hard to please - and he does not care what you feel. He wants to be hard to please, so he can justify his actions. Marcus has no wife and has no plans on having one. He has never been in love and people he call friends are very rare, since few people would understand him and he's aware of this. He knows he probably ought to marry, but he does not have this strong desire to have an heir, like many Romans seem to have. And he's not even sure he's able to love anyone. Marcus likes to be free to do whatever he pleases in his home and rightfully thinks a wife would restrain him. Appearance Maybe it is his mother’s foreign origin, but Marcus is sometimes tall among Romans; standing 5’8” tall. He has striking blue eyes that can appear almost piercing, as if he is always onto you or always considering or scheming something. And who knows if he is? He has an athletic build and short, brown hair. He prefers dark or green colors with his clothes, although his most cherished clothing is a blue tunica, because blue has always been a color of status where he came from. Around his neck, in a leather string, hangs an iron key. Family Father: Marcus Barbatius Major (deceased) Mother: Gaia Aulietia (deceased) Siblings: Gaius Barbatius (deceased) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Marcus Barbatius Magnus – mother’s husband (deceased) Other: History 45 AD – Marcus is born to a father, who used to be a simple and ordinary soldier in the Roman army. His mother was born and grew up in Gaul. When his father had served his years, he settled down with Gaia and had two sons. Marcus was the first. Marcus is from a young age an introvert and prefers to be left on his own. Something is very different about this boy. 47 AD – Gaius, Marcus’ younger brother, is born. Gaius is more outgoing and gentle than Marcus. As Marcus grows, it's obvious he is not normal. He has a tendency to lie, to want to hurt others, he is manipulative and he is a narcissist. 55 AD – Marcus’ father dies and his mother is open about being in a relationship with his father’s freed slave, Magnus. Magnus is a war captive turned into a slave, who worked as Marcus’ fathers body slave. When Marcus’ father died, Magnus was freed. Marcus’ mother marries Magnus and Magnus settles down as a barber. He trains both Marcus and Gaius to become barbers too, although he does not adopt the children to be his own sons. With Marcus being the more reserved type, Magnus gets along with Gaius much better. 57 AD – Marcus thinks his brother Gaius, who is more gentle than he, is spoiled by their adoptive father and a dislike towards Gaius begins growing in Marcus. When they’re alone, Marcus tends to bully and try to hurt his brother. Nothing else changes though and no one does anything about Marcus' behavior. 62 AD – Major uproar in Rome, which they hear about in the small town in Gaul. Marcus is now working alongside Magnus as a barber and hears a lot about Rome – and they are all glad they don’t live there. Gaius is still just an assistant to the barbers and Marcus makes sure his brother knows this. 63 AD – Marcus gets upset with Gaius over something minor – using it as an excuse - and cuts his arm deeply with one of the razors. Gaius loses at lot of blood while Marcus does nothing. Gaia, their mother, helps Gaius and Magnus is of course upset over this and wants Marcus gone. Gaia, Marcus’ mother, does not want him to leave, despite what he did. Marcus is still her son. But after the incident, the household feels different. Gaius recovers, but is afraid of Marcus and Marcus enjoys the power he has over his brother and the family. 64 AD – Magnus is tired of Marcus and his weird behavior and wants to kick him out. There is a fight in the household and Marcus ends up killing his mother’s husband. 19 years old, he is now the eldest in the household and threatens Gaia and Gaius, to makes sure they will keep the secret about the murder. They cut up the body and burn it. No one blames him for the murder and by anyone else; the death is treated as an accident. Gaius however has a hard time forgiving his older brother. Marcus enjoys his rank in the household and uses threats and violence to both his mother and brother to keep them submissive to him. 66 AD – After two years of mental and physical abuse (beatings and cuts with blades) from Marcus, Gaius will no longer stand for it. He leaves the house to go and tell the vigiles of the city about his brother, but makes the mistake of sharing the idea with his mother. Marcus forces her to tell where Gaius went and then follows Gaius and kills him, burying the body in the nearby woods. Gaia of course knows what happened and confronts Marcus with it, wanting him to stop with his violent behavior or she will tell. Enough is enough, she says. That doesn’t help. She ends up dead too and Marcus also hides her body before gathering all his belongings and in the dark night, he leaves the town behind him for good. 68 AD – Marcus arrives in Rome and settles down as a barber, pleased to start a new life in a place where no one knows him. He purchases a few cheap slaves from the market to become his assistants and now again has someone to abuse. Outwardly, towards free citizens of Rome, Marcus appears friendly and open and soon becomes a successful barber. Marcus takes in more and wealthier clients, pampering them with razors, strigils, lotions and oils and massages by his slaves. 69 AD – One of his slaves has gotten into trouble too many times with Marcus and before Marcus can punish him, the slave somehow gets his hands on a blade and slits his own throat. Marcus is very upset over this and now keeps his blades locked in a chest – and keeps the key around his neck. He vows to never have another slave take his or her own life in his house. Then of course Marcus just buys a new slave and continues as if nothing happened. 74 AD – Marcus does not know how many slaves he has owned and how many he has murdered, because they weren't submissive enough or because he wanted to kill them, before they could take their own lives. He has several of them now and is still a successful barber. He is far from poor now and has a fine home in Rome. Senators come to him to be pampered and he takes good care of them. A few people may sense that something is off about Marcus and wonder why he purchases so many slaves and what happens to some of them. And maybe one or two people have died because they knew too much and Marcus didn’t want them to tell… meaning that so far, no one really knows. 77 AD - Marcus Barbatius is still alive and well in Rome and continues his double life, where he is just an ordinary barber of Rome in the daytime, but in the evenings and nights, he will often leave his home to 'produce blood' as he often calls it. Make people bleed. Sometimes kill. In February 77AD however, it went a little too far. Marcus killed a Senator of Rome and there are now more people out looking for him than ever before. He tries to continue his life as always, to not raise suspicion, but his urge to cut and make people bleed is still there. And now there may also be an urge to stop those looking for him. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
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    The Roman Burger

    Roman Burgers! Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of Atrice's blog! I was inspired by the chat on Discord, where someone linked to an article on the ancient Roman burger... and I can tell you all to make it at home, because it tastes quite good. I have made the Roman burger at home a few times (it's our Lupercalia food, it seems). The burgers are called Isicia Omentata. I use Apicius' recipe - Apicius was a Roman gourmet who wrote down a number of recipes from his era and the recipes and cookbook has been preserved until today. You can find a recipe - along with many other interesting ancient Roman recipes right here: Antique Roman Dishes. A friend of mine is also rather fond of the melon salad just below the burger recipe. I prefer to use minced pork, but you can use any kind of meat you want, since the recipe does not mention which kind. I'm sure it would be good with beef too. I prefer to eat them in a bun, but you can do however you like, because we don't know if they ate them like we eat burgers today (in a bun) or if it was a side dish or just on their own. You could also bake the Pompeii bread (look it up on Google) and serve with the burgers. Bon Appetit!
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    CYNANE 31 | November 44 AD | Slave | Imperial Bodyguard | Bicurious | Wanted | Katheryn Winnick Personality. Cynane protects her young mistress, with her life if she has to... in the beginning, this was of course because she'd been ordered to do so. Cynane does not want to return to the arena as a gladiator though, she enjoys life in the imperial palace and does her best to do her job well. She does not want to kill for sport and become a whore again - so she has her reasons for doing her job well. She does not always talk much, because when she talks, she has a tendency to speak her mind and she is not good at being submissive and inferior... she was never raised to be such a person, after all. She does however appear very formal and strict and she knows a thing or two about discipline - however if you push her far enough, she isn't always able to control her temper. She may be a slave, but she is still also a proud warrior and a proud woman in general. Cynane does of course hope she may one day be freed, but also knows this is not something to strive for. She is a war-captive and she's very much aware of this. She has come to care a little for her orphaned mistress, but this is not something she talks about either. She is, after all, supposed to act like a slave and not like a friend. Cynane does not trust people easily though - it went well before she became a slave, but after that, many events has made her harder than she was before. Rough experiences with men after she became a slave has also made her dislike or mistrust most men and she still dislikes most other Romans except for Claudia. She has never had a steady lover for the same reason - she has a hard shell by now and it's hard to break through it. Appearance Cynane is tall compared to most Roman women, standing almost 170 cm tall. She has long, blonde hair, which is often braided and kept in a hairstyle on top of her head - so that it is not in the way of her work. Her eyes are blue and she has full, light red lips and a slender and trained body, ready to fight whenever possible. Cynane often spends her free time training, so that she is always ready for battle - this is how she was brought up, after all. She dislikes wearing dresses, but prefers breeches, a long tunica and a leather vest to protect her body with. She will also wear armor if she is escorting her mistress away from the imperial home. She likes the color blue and wears it when able - where she comes from, blue is a rare color and it holds a lot of meaning to her. Family Father: Owen (deceased) Mother: Briannah (deceased) Siblings: Meredith (sister, 27), Briannon (sister, 29), Herne (brother, 35) - all unknown whereabouts Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Ysulda of the Brigantes/Flavia Isolda (cousin, not played) Other: -- Owner: Claudia Caesaris History Born and raised in Britannia, Cynane – back then known as Cinnia - lived a free life from childhood and until she was 18 years old. During most of her life, she knew there had been war between the British tribes and Rome, which was trying to invade and would eventually succeed. Cinnia’s family was related to the king of her tribe, the Brigantes, and the king made sure his entire family were constantly ready for the Romans. This meant that every child who reached puberty was given training as a warrior – this included the young women and thus also Cinnia. She knew this all her life, of course, and she was more than ready to fight when finally given the chance. Her cousin was Ysulda, who'd eventually attempt becoming queen of their tribe and would also eventually end up in Rome, like Cinnia. None of them knew this when they were young though. Cinnia met Eppitacos when Ysulda and he became betrothed and they got along well. But sadly, Ysulda was set up to become his wife already, so Cinnia forgot about the crush again. Cinnia proved to be a strong and skilled warrior and when her tribe joined battles against the Romans in 62 AD, Cinnia was in the British army. She was optimistic, believing in the strong blood of Britannia to come out on the winning side – but her party was defeated by the Romans and Cinnia was among those taken captive. Her father died in the battle and she does not know whether any of her siblings survived. She later heard that her party was the only losing party in that particular battle and still today holds a grudge towards Eppitacos, since none of the others came to their aid. If they had done so, she might not have become a slave. Since Cinnia was a female and skilled warrior, it was quickly decided she would become a gladiatrix in Rome. She hated being in chains and under Roman rule – she had grown up free and was used to making her own decisions. None of that mattered though. In 63 AD, she was finally brought to a ludus in Rome, renamed Cynane and deemed breakable. Breakable?! Cynane would prove them wrong, she had been raised to be a strong woman and she still was, despite her current state of life. Her lanista and doctore tried hard to break her though, but eventually it was a matter of either killing her by breaking her or sending her into the arena, hoping she'd die there. And at least in the arena, they got something out of her death, so she was sent to the sands – they expected her to die. Of course she didn’t. She fought and she lived and received great glory in the arena. The crowd loved her and her skills and Cynane began to understand she could live this life. At least it was more than being chained constantly. There was one downside to it though – after the fighting, wealthy Romans would want to bed her, and while she was strong in the arena, she was expected to submit to their pleasures. This was how she lost her virginity – and her first time wasn’t all that pleasant. Yet Cynane was not ready to die. And apparently it would work out in the long run, to stay alive. Her life changed again in 72 AD, when a male member of the imperial family noticed her skills - and she was deemed useful for more than the arena and pleasure for coin. Cynane was removed from the ludus by Octavius Flavius Alexander and soon after gifted to his niece, the young imperial lady Claudia Caesaris, to become her personal bodyguard. She has been with Claudia over three years now and has so far proven to be loyal. She is pleased to no longer be a gladiator and enjoys the life of a guard and slave at the court - which she considers more luxurious than when she lived at the ludus with the gladiators. She has even developed protective feelings for the orphaned princess, maybe even other feelings too. There's a good chance, that Claudia is still the only Roman she cares about. She has not forgotten she’s a slave and has not stopped yearning for freedom – she never will – but life could be worse. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
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