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  1. Atrice

    Atrice's Plotter

    So it's time for you to read my plotter - here is a little bit of information about all my characters and what plots they might be good for, if you wish to plot with them. I'm always open for new ideas too! Just send me a direct message here or poke me on Discord, if you want to play with any of them. Here we go! Tertius Quinctilius Varus Tertius is a senator, back-bencher... and a praetor in his early 40's. He's a widower with a 9 year old daughter and has not remarried since his wife died. He's rather bored with life at the moment, so he needs to be cheered up. Tertius likes to have control over anything and mainly his own household. He believes he is a good and kind master to his slaves, but sometimes, he isn't. He just wants them to behave well and if they don't, he's very disappointed. Plot Ideas: - Finding a new wife, although he is not very busy about it - A steady lover outside the household, male or female - More slaves to be played in the household. Played slaves so far are Charis and Hector, his body slave. - Tertius is very neutral when it comes to politics, but anyone in Rome can be bought... - His siblings and nephew and niece are also up for the taking, should anyone want to play them. Look in the Qunctilii Vari thread. Pinaria Gaia Pinaria is a noble lady of a Senatorial family. She was married until last year, when her husband died in a hunting accident and she has been keeping to herself since then - it is first now that she is entering the social life of Rome again, because her brother has urged her to do that and make friends and find a new husband. She has a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life, but is otherwise mostly a warm and friendly woman. She has a secret relationship with her former body slave, Gaia Lucia. Plot ideas: - A new husband, obviously, or just men that might be interested - Someone to play Gaia Lucia, she is a wanted character - She needs friends or maybe former friends, who knew her before her husband died... but they haven't seen her much since he died - Slaves of Publius Pinarius Natta's household, since that is where she currently lives (he's her brother) Marcus Junius Silanus Young Marcus has just turned 17 and is more than ready for a life with wealth and influence - if he can pull himself together to go that way. Right now he lives with his step-mother, Flavia Juliana and her husband, Quintus Caecina Tusca, and their family. He is also good friends with the young Imperials at the Imperial Palace in Rome and Marcus is known to enjoy a good party. He likes going out, he likes to do what he wants and he likes wealth and luxury. When he turns 18, he wants to join the Viginitiviri and begin his Course of Honor. But for now, he's nothing but a 17 year old who tries his hardest to enjoy life. Plot Ideas: - A love interest/flirt would be very welcome. Perhaps a future wife, but he's far from ready for marriage right now - Marcus has many connections via his step-mother and his friends at the palace. Anyone connected to Imperials, he could run into - slaves, senators and their families, praetorians/guards - Marcus' father was Decimus Junius Silanus, so anyone with connections to him in the past could meet with Marcus (his brother is currently not in Rome) - Could probably use a proper father figure - His body slave Silvanus is up as a wanted ad Septima Major Septima, sometimes called Thalia by her twin sister Septima Minor, is 15 years old and a bright and bubbly young woman. Her parents both died in the civil war over ten years ago and she has lived with her grandparents and the entire family ever since. Septima enjoys being social; she loves parties and going out and is a romantic at heart, hoping to find the perfect husband sometime in the future. And unlike her twin sister, she's becoming quite curious about boys already. Plot Ideas: - Septima is looking for friends around her own age or maybe a little older - Potential future husbands are welcome - Could easily be manipulated by someone with ill intentions Marcus Barbatius Marcus is 29 years old and works as a barber in Rome - and he is not poor, because he knows how to do his job well. To anyone coming to him as a patron or really any stranger he has not met before, he is friendly and all smiles. He likes to make friends and likes a good cup of wine as much as anyone. But he easily makes up his mind about people and Marcus has two boxes in his mind... one for people who deserves his respect and his kindness. And one for those lesser than he, people beneith him, who should do nothing else but respect him and do as he says. He has access to sharp objects and he's not afraid to use them. And he knows that you should not go around hurting other people, so he prefers to keep this secret. Perhaps he will continue to escape justice... and perhaps he will end up in jail. It will be interesting to see what happens to this character. Plot Ideas: - His services could be purchased, if someone else needs a quite close shave.... - Potential wife offers, although it is not certain he will actually marry - Some people will sense something is off about him and if he finds out, he won't like it - He can use friends and allies, clients and maybe a lover? - Marcus is also looking for some Slaves to his household Lexus Naevius Gineverus If this name seems a little familiar, it's because Lexus is Alexius' son. The two have never met though and Lexus is now 15 years old and recently lost his mother, who was attacked by a gang in the street and lost her life because of the injuries. He now lives in the house of Oriana Laecinia, where his father also lives and Lexus works in the gardens. He's your ordinary curious, but inexperienced, teenager and easily get in trouble. He is also more thoughtful now than he used to be, after he lost his mother. He's also nice and polite though and just wants to make people around him feel good. Lexus tends to be a bit awkward around girls. Plot Ideas: - Although he has now met his father, he is still interested in learning about him from others - Lexus is curious and openminded and talks a lot... some could see that as being nosy and he'll get in trouble - Friends at his own age are welcome - A first love and a proper first kiss - Someone to guide him in life (Alexius is many things, but he will not be a good and proper teacher) Lucius Antonius Alexius Alexius was born in Germania, captured by raiding barbarians and sold to Rome as a slave when he was 7. Back then, he was known as Lexus. When he was 15, he became a gladiator and became rather famours. In his mid-twenties, he was freed and made a lanista. Eventually he left Rome to return to Germania, but it wasn't all that he hoped, so he has come back to Rome. He is 36 now and currently works for a wealthy mistress, Oriana Laecinia, as her personal bodyguard. At the same time, he also has a secret affair with her... of course. Plot Ideas: - Old and new lovers are always welcome for Alexius - He likes to get drunk and likes a good brawl... could get in trouble with that - Old and new friends are also welcome - He has a wanted ad for his sister Amalia, whom he's been looking for ever since they were separated as kids. Cynane Cynane has been a slave in Rome for about 10 years now. She's a war captive from Britannia and originally comes from the Brigantes tribe. She spent most of her years in Rome as a gladiatrix, but the last two years she has been a personal bodyguard to the imperial princess, Claudia Caesaris - secretly training the princess and Cynane feels very strongly for her, almost motherly. Cynane does not speak much, because when she does, she speaks her mind. She is a very skilled warrior who takes her job seriously; she does not trust people easily though. She can use anything from friends to enemies and lovers of course. Plot Ideas: - I'd like for her to meet someone who can break through her hard shell and teach her how to love. She's bicurious, meaning her lovers so far have been men, but few were by her choice. She could fall in love with either a male or a female, high or low born. - Anyone connected to the Imperial family could run into her - Anyone she might have met during the last 10 years she spent in Rome, she must have met a lot of people Helios Helios is a slave and prostitute working at the Domus Venus, where he's been for over 10 years. He also functions as a spy for his mistress (and other people who will pay for it) and often takes senators and wealthy Romans to his bed, to lure out secrets. He claims he's accepted life as a slave and does not want anything out of life, but secretly of course, he does want that. Lately he has had a desire for freedom and will try and buy himself free. He enjoys working as a spy and will happily buy and sell secrets, also for his own gain. Plot Ideas: - People Helios can meet and talk to to gain secrets and information --- These could be returning patrons/lovers at the brothel, but also people everywhere else in Rome --- Helios so far has secrets/info about Oriana Laecania, Alexius, Nymphias, Charis, Teutus, Hector and Tertius Quinctilius Varus - An actual real friend - His job as a spy could get him into trouble if he found out secrets about someone really important - Fellow slaves/whores/guards at the brothel - He has a secret and unrequited crush on a bouncer in the Domus Venus (Marcus Falco)
  2. Atrice

    Marcus Barbatius

    MARCUS BARBATIUS 29 | 1st April 45 AD | Plebian | Barber | Bisexual | Original | Jonathan Rhys Meyers Personality. It is hard to describe a man like Marcus Barbatius. It might be easier to just meet him and make up your own idea about him, rather than having him described. You might describe him as twisted though, if you really knew him. But few do, because they tend to move on. Marcus will, after all, have different personalities according to whom he interacts with. With wealthy people, patrons, senators and other useful people, he can be the friendliest person you have ever met. He will be charming and all smiles and more than happy to do your biding. With people who are beneath him however… everything is different. He knows that he has the upper hand with his slaves for example; knows that is his choice whether they live or die. And if they behave well, they’ll be fine and live. However, Marcus is not a weak man and he is the one who has access to any blade in the house. And the tiniest mistake by slaves will annoy Marcus and he will make sure they know better than to make mistakes; although it will never be easy to please Marcus and he doesn’t care. Perhaps he kind of wants to be hard to please, because he kind of likes what it can lead to? He has a strange fascination with the sight of blood and hurting others. Not that it arouses him. It just fascinates him. Marcus has no wife and has no plans on having one. He knows he probably ought to, but he does not have this strong desire to have an heir, like many Romans seem to have. Marcus likes to be free to do whatever he pleases in his home and rightfully thinks a wife would restrain him. Appearance Maybe it is his mother’s foreign origin, but Marcus is sometimes tall among Romans; standing 5’8” tall. He has striking blue eyes that can appear almost piercing, as if he is always onto you or always considering or scheming something. And who knows if he is? He has an athletic build and short, brown hair. He prefers dark or green colors with his clothes, although his most cherished clothing is a blue tunica, because blue has always been a color of status where he came from. Around his neck, in a leather string, hangs an iron key. Family Father: Marcus Barbatius Major (deceased) Mother: Gaia Aulietia (deceased) Siblings: Gaius Barbatius (deceased) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Marcus Barbatius Magnus – mother’s husband (deceased) Other: History 45 AD – Marcus is born to a father, who used to be a simple and ordinary soldier in the Roman army. His mother was born and grew up in Gaul. When his father had served his years, he settled down with Gaia and had two sons. Marcus was the first. Marcus is from a young age an introvert and prefers to be left on his own. Something is different about this boy... 47 AD – Gaius, Marcus’ younger brother, is born. Gaius is more outgoing and gentle than Marcus. 55 AD – Marcus’ father dies and his mother is open about being in a relationship with his father’s freed slave, Magnus. Magnus is a war captive turned into a slave, who worked as Marcus’ fathers body slave. When Marcus’ father died, Magnus was freed. Marcus’ mother marries Magnus and Magnus settles down as a barber. He trains both Marcus and Gaius to become barbers too, although he does not adopt the children to be his own sons. With Marcus being the more reserved type, Magnus gets along with Gaius much better. 57 AD – Marcus thinks his brother Gaius, who is more gentle than he, is spoiled by their adoptive father and a dislike towards Gaius begins growing in Marcus. When they’re alone, Marcus tends to bully his brother. Nothing else changes though. 62 AD – Major uproar in Rome, which they hear about in the small town in Gaul. Marcus is now working alongside Magnus as a barber and hears a lot about Rome – and they are all glad they don’t live there. Gaius is still just an assistant to the barbers and Marcus makes sure his brother knows this. 63 AD – Marcus gets upset with Gaius over something minor – using it as an excuse - and cuts his arm deeply with one of the razors. Gaius loses at lot of blood while Marcus does nothing. Gaia, their mother, helps Gaius and Magnus is of course upset over this and wants Marcus gone. Gaia, Marcus’ mother, does not want him to leave, despite what he did. Marcus is still her son. But after the incident, the household feels different. Gaius recovers, but is afraid of Marcus and Marcus kind of enjoys that. 64 AD – Magnus is tired of Marcus and wants to kick him out. There is a fight in the household and Marcus ends up killing his mother’s husband. 19 years old, he is now the eldest in the household and makes sure that Gaia and Gaius will cover for him. No one blames him for the murder and by anyone else; the death is treated as an accident. Gaius however has a hard time forgiving his older brother. Marcus enjoys his rank in the household and uses threats to both his mother and brother to keep them submissive to him. 66 AD – After two years of mental and physical abuse (beatings and cuts with blades) from Marcus, Gaius will no longer stand for it. He leaves the house to go and tell about his brother, but makes the mistake of sharing the idea with his mother. Marcus forces her to tell where Gaius went and then follows Gaius and kills him, burying the body in the nearby woods. Gaia of course knows what happened and confronts Marcus with it, wanting him to stop with his violent behavior or she will tell. That doesn’t help. She ends up dead too and Marcus also hides her body before gathering all his belongings and he leaves the town behind him for good. 68 AD – Marcus arrives in Rome and settles down as a barber, pleased to start a new life in a place where no one knows him. He purchases a few cheap slaves from the market to become his assistants and now again has someone to abuse. Outwardly, towards free citizens of Rome, Marcus appears friendly and open and soon becomes a successful barber. Marcus takes in more and wealthier clients, pampering them with razors, strigils, lotions and oils and massages by his slaves. 69 AD – One of his slaves has gotten into trouble too many times with Marcus and before Marcus can punish him, the slave somehow gets his hands on a blade and slits his own throat. Marcus is very upset over this and now keeps his blades locked in a chest – and keeps the key around his neck. He vows to never have another slave take his or her own life in his house. Then of course Marcus just buys a new slave and continues as if nothing happened. 74 AD – Marcus does not know how many slaves he has owned and how many he has murdered, because they weren't submissive enough or because he wanted to kill them, before they could take their own lives. He has several of them now and is still a successful barber. He is far from poor now and has a fine home in Rome. Senators come to him to be pampered and he takes good care of them. A few people may sense that something is off about Marcus and wonder why he purchases so many slaves and what happens to some of them. And maybe one or two people have died because they knew too much and Marcus didn’t want them to tell… meaning that so far, no one really knows. Whether it can continue like this, time will tell… Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
  3. I hope this will reach all the people I have open threads with. I apologize but work and life leave me without muse at the moment. This has been going on all summer and now we're heading into Fall. So I wanted to let everyone know (again) I'm alive and well but stressed and kind of blah. So whatever my characters are up to with yours, I give you my permission to move along and do whatever works best for your character(s) plot wise. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Looking perhaps as drawn and fatigued as he felt, Titus entered the baths with no smile and a heavy heart. Working hard to forget his pain, he was beginning to wear himself out. But he wouldn't have admitted it. A "desk job" in Rome could hardly be as taxing on a man as life in the frontiers, with the constant threat of hostilities and the lack of creature comforts. This was Rome, a city of marvels, such as these opulent public thermae! Even though he felt more exhausted than ever he could recall, under the most arduous of assignments, he refused to allow himself to see the toll Caesennia's death was taking on him, both emotionally and physically. He wore a month's worth of beard that was a sign of mourning, and he had a thought to have it removed. It was yet just another reminder of the grief he kept bottled inside, and it was itchy now that the weather grew warmer. A good soak and a massage seemed to be in order, a way to cleanse himself of mental distress as well as what little actual dirt and perspiration might now adorn his body since he had bathed the day before, in his own home. Every such banal activity served as a reminder of the domestic bliss that had been, and which now seemed to have been rent, leaving a large, gaping hole in the fabric of his daily existence. It was better, easier, to do as much as he could away from his home, despite knowing that really, he should be there for more hours of the day than he was. Attia at least needed him, needed to be comforted by him. The twin boys were only infants and knew only their nursemaid's comforts. But, for now, he would bathe here, and as he entered and moved to the vestibule where he could pay the small fee and expect to be taken in hand by one of the slaves. @Atrice
  5. Atrice

    The Roman Burger

    Roman Burgers! Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of Atrice's blog! I was inspired by the chat on Discord, where someone linked to an article on the ancient Roman burger... and I can tell you all to make it at home, because it tastes quite good. I have made the Roman burger at home a few times (it's our Lupercalia food, it seems). The burgers are called Isicia Omentata. I use Apicius' recipe - Apicius was a Roman gourmet who wrote down a number of recipes from his era and the recipes and cookbook has been preserved until today. You can find a recipe - along with many other interesting ancient Roman recipes right here: Antique Roman Dishes. A friend of mine is also rather fond of the melon salad just below the burger recipe. I prefer to use minced pork, but you can use any kind of meat you want, since the recipe does not mention which kind. I'm sure it would be good with beef too. I prefer to eat them in a bun, but you can do however you like, because we don't know if they ate them like we eat burgers today (in a bun) or if it was a side dish or just on their own. You could also bake the Pompeii bread (look it up on Google) and serve with the burgers. Bon Appetit!
  6. Wrist chained and the sole of his right foot decorated with white chalk Duras was stood upon a podium wearing nothing more than a simple white loin cloth. With the blazing sun shining down upon his tanned and weathered skin from a hard life at sea, he was put on display to gain the attention of any potential buyers. From his neck hung a placard with all the pertinent information that a potential buyer might wish to know before venturing forth with a purchase. His blue eyes with tiny flecks of green studied his surroundings carefully noting everything from the landscape to the people that occupied it. Several had approached while he'd stood there seemingly broken to the life of a slave. He was merely accepting of the situation rather than broken. Only a fool would rebel or someone with a death wish. He was neither. Since they'd docked on the shores and traveled into the main city of Rome he'd caused no trouble for the slaver, though that couldn't be said for his time at sea directly following his capture. The only reason that they'd been able to take him was because of the lucky strike due to a slippery deck and took a sword into his side. Thankfully it had nearly healed completely leaving a scar to remind him of his failure as a captain. What bothered him more than anything was that he let his men down. Over half of them had been slain and the rest captured and bound in chains as they set a course for Rome where they were to be sold. Two of his men had been butchered right before his eyes and he hadn't been able to do a thing. He was suddenly brought out of his thoughts when he felt a small dainty hand trace over his firm abs and down. Tipping his head down into the beautiful face of a woman. He noted everything about her as she was the very first thing that he'd seen worth a damn to draw his attention. Quirk of a dark brow as her hand stilled just beneath his navel and then fell away. Young.. much to young to own one such as him yet old enough to be married with a child or two at her age. She seemed rather intrigued with him putting questions to the slaver while he said not a word. He just watched her with eyes of an eagle more bold than most dared. Even had he been free of chains he wouldn't have harmed her. He had no quarrel with her or her ilk. The slaver however he swore that he would one day get his revenge for he was the reason that he lost his freedom, his men and his ship. Duras wasn't a man to cross yet he could be patient and bide his time until he earned his freedom. Perhaps a Domina would give him a easier life though he'd never backed down from a challenge. He wouldn't have been worth his salt as a pirate if he had. Despite the young woman's interest she soon lost interest and set her sights on a much younger male slave up for auction one that was honestly more fit for her. It wasn't any of his business anyway but he continued to watch her and the way that she interacted with the male that was thin and small with a feminine flare. Sadly he found himself watching her retreating back and he was once more brought back into his own damn thoughts and the misfortune of being put up for sale, just one among a new herd of cattle.
  7. Atrice


    CYNANE 29| November 44 AD | Slave | Imperial Bodyguard | Bicurious | Wanted | Katheryn Winnick Personality. Cynane protects her young mistress, with her life if she has to... in the beginning, this was of course because she'd been ordered to do so. Cynane does not want to return to the arena as a gladiator though, she enjoys life in the imperial palace and does her best to do her job well. She does not want to kill for sport and become a whore again - so she has her reasons for doing her job well. She does not always talk much, because when she talks, she has a tendency to speak her mind and she is not good at being submissive and inferior... she was never raised to be such a person, after all. She does however appear very formal and strict and she knows a thing or two about discipline - however if you push her far enough, she isn't always able to control her temper. She may be a slave, but she is still also a proud warrior and a proud woman in general. Cynane does of course hope she may one day be freed, but also knows this is not something to strive for. She is a war-captive and she's very much aware of this. She has come to care a little for her orphaned mistress, but this is not something she talks about either. She is, after all, supposed to act like a slave and not like a friend. Cynane does not trust people easily - it went well before she became a slave, but after that, many events has made her harder than she was before. She has never had a steady lover for the same reason. Appearance Cynane is tall compared to most Roman women, standing almost 170 cm tall. She has long, blonde hair, which is often braided and kept in a hairstyle on top of her head - so that it is not in the way of her work. Her eyes are blue and she has full, light red lips and a slender and trained body, ready to fight whenever possible. Cynane often spends her free time training, so that she is always ready for battle - this is how she was brought up, after all. She dislikes wearing dresses, but prefers breeches, a long tunica and a leather vest to protect her body with. She will also wear armor if she is escorting her mistress away from the imperial home. She likes the color blue and wears it when able - where she comes from, blue is a rare color and it holds a lot of meaning to her. Family Father: Owen (deceased) Mother: Briannah (deceased) Siblings: Meredith (sister, 25), Briannon (sister, 27), Herne (brother, 33) - all unknown whereabouts Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Ysulda of the Brigantes/Flavia Isolda (cousin, not played) Other: -- Owner: Claudia Caesaris History Born and raised in Britannia, Cynane – back then known as Cinnia - lived a free life from childhood and until she was 18 years old. During most of her life, she knew there had been war between the British tribes and Rome, which was trying to invade and would eventually succeed. Cinnia’s family was related to the king of her tribe, the Brigantes, and the king made sure his entire family were constantly ready for the Romans. This meant that every child who reached puberty was given training as a warrior – this included the young women and thus also Cinnia. She knew this all her life, of course, and she was more than ready to fight when finally given the chance. Her cousin was Ysulda, who'd eventually attempt becoming queen of their tribe and would also eventually end up in Rome, like Cinnia. None of them knew this when they were young though. Cinnia proved to be a strong and skilled warrior and when her tribe joined battles against the Romans in 62 AD, Cinnia was in the British army. She was optimistic, believing in the strong blood of Britannia to come out on the winning side – but her party was defeated by the Romans and Cinnia was among those taken captive. Her father died in the battle and she does not know whether any of her siblings survived. She later heard that her party was the only losing party in that particular battle and still today holds a grudge towards Eppitacos, since none of the others came to their aid. If they had done so, she might not have become a slave. Since Cinnia was a female and skilled warrior, it was quickly decided she would become a gladiatrix in Rome. She hated being in chains and under Roman rule – she had grown up free and was used to making her own decisions. None of that mattered though. In 63 AD, she was finally brought to a ludus in Rome, renamed Cynane and deemed breakable. Breakable?! Cynane would prove them wrong, she had been raised to be a strong woman and she still was, despite her current state of life. Her lanista and doctore tried hard to break her though, but eventually it was a matter of either killing her by breaking her or sending her into the arena, hoping she'd die there. And at least in the arena, they got something out of her death, so she was sent to the sands – they expected her to die. Of course she didn’t. She fought and she lived and received great glory in the arena. The crowd loved her and her skills and Cynane began to understand she could live this life. At least it was more than being chained constantly. There was one downside to it though – after the fighting, wealthy Romans would want to bed her, and while she was strong in the arena, she was expected to submit to their pleasures. This was how she lost her virginity – and her first time wasn’t all that pleasant. Yet Cynane was not ready to die. And apparently it would work out in the long run, to stay alive. Her life changed again in 72 AD, when a male member of the imperial family noticed her skills - and she was deemed useful for more than the arena and pleasure for coin. Cynane was removed from the ludus by Octavius Flavius Alexander and soon after gifted to his niece, the young imperial lady Claudia Caesaris, to become her personal bodyguard. She has been with Claudia two years now and has so far proven to be loyal. She is pleased to no longer be a gladiator and enjoys the life of a guard and slave at the court - which she considers more luxurious than when she lived at the ludus with the gladiators. She has even developed protective feelings for the orphaned princess. Not that she has forgotten she’s a slave – she never will – but life could be worse. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
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