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Found 2 results

  1. May 75AD Circus Maximus Aulus had changed seats after his conversation with Gaius Fabius Maximus had come to an end, and found himself sitting next to a woman he recognised as belonging to gens Cornelia - one of the Scipinones branch, he thought. More importantly, though, she was the wife of Quintus Sulpicius Rufus, whose brother had ended up joining him on his flight from Italy a decade earlier. "Good morning," he said to her, being polite. He had moved to sit by her; it would be unforgivably rude to ignore her, especially as she was related to friends of his. "I see you seem to have been lucky in your betting so far - pity about the Reds' shipwreck earlier." It had been rather a spectacular crash, with the Blues' driver pulling ahead and cutting in on him, forcing him into the spina which rand down the middle of the Circus, forming the centre of the oval race-track. He had bet on the Whites, who had come in second after the triumphant Blues, a team he did not think anyone had really expected to win that race, the driver being a new man and therefore an unknown quantity. @Anna
  2. Gothic

    Whips & Spurs

    March 73CECorinthia was finally alone. There were many times where she tried to avoid company of others, unwilling to accept their questioning stares or their wicked gossiping tongues. It was not her fault that her mother was nothing but a fool. She had no interest in allowing anyone, especially her mother, to have any greater role in her destiny. Corinthia would seek out her own husband and would 'convince' her mother into finding the correct candidate. Her palla was draped around her head, shoulders and around her arms. The fabric and jewels were a sign of the family wealth. Something that many would be willing to gain. Although would they want her? There were gathered youths there already. Already she was on the older end of the marriage spectrum. She was not a Vestal. While she did not wish for the companionship of any man. Why would her mother deprive her the joys of having children of her own someday? She frowned a little, tried to quiet her raging nerves and sat at one of the seats. Lightly fanning herself with two slaves in tow. There was enough room for a couple of people to join her if they wished to do so. But would they? "Wine, Culpa," She said quietly, tried to hide the fact she was nervous about the occasion. Soon a goblet was placed in her hand and she sipped the liquid. The crowd roared with enthusiasm as the races began to start. Corinthia found the races to be more exciting than the games. One could always predict the death that would occur at the games, and it lacked a certain excitement. There were many who were thrilled by the chaos and death. Some whom opposed it on principal. Yet for her? She was indifferent to their suffering. From her seat, she watched as the chariots circled around and smiled in enjoyment. Behind her, the two slaves exchanged glances towards each other in hopes that the event would leave her in a better mood than she had been in previously.
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