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  1. The missive was written on a simple, cheap wax tablet, with many of the letters showing a distinct Greek-alphabet influence. There are some misspellings and the language is kept simple. To my freind Nymphias from Clio, greetings. I write to you because I have news! Now I live in the litle Aventine with new domina and family. She is young and very kind, and loves books. She lets me read books to, but I cannot write Latin well yet. I must read more. Her family is big but everybody is kind to. Its very different from the old family and ludus. I hope we can meet soon so I can tel
  2. Her heart pounded painfully in her chest, beating so rapidly it felt like it was about to escape its bone prison. Her mouth was dry as the desert, and no matter how many times she swallowed, it did not help. Every muscle in Clio's body was tense, and as she looked around nervously she silently cursed herself for the thousandth time. How could she have been so careless?! All it had taken was a wrong turn in an alley somewhere many paces back, a couple of winding streets with nearly identical buildings and here she was, completely lost in the heart of the Subura. As soon as she had realised her
  3. January, 75 AD Oriana was so lovely. He could not get enough of her when they were together, but when they were not, he was not sure what to think or feel. He knew she sometimes saw actual suitors and he knew that despite what she told him, she probably did want to rise in ranks here in Rome. She enjoyed her luxuries and she was clever and independent. And she didn't want her man sleeping around, like he had a tendency to, at least before he met her. Alexius tried to stay true. He tried hard. Did he fail or not? Well that was something he did not talk about. Something else
  4. October, 74 AD. Clio fidgeted in her seat, casting nervous looks about her surroundings. In the early afternoon, the popina was far from at its busiest, but even from the relative safety of her corner table and stool, she didn't feel very comfortable being at this place alone. In front of her was a crude ceramic cup half-full with posca; at least while unaccompanied, she preferred to stay as sober as possible. Had the other slave received and understood her message? What if he could not - or did not want to - come, and Clio sat there all by herself for hours like a fool? It had been
  5. (Jan 75 AD) Attis was not entirely sure how he had got the afternoon to himself, and nor did he care - what mattered was that he had got the afternoon to himself. What mattered more was that he'd also been given two sestertii to spend and told to go and have fun. He had wandered around for a bit and found himself in a popina off the Via Lata, which served posca (totally crap but marginally better than lora) and food (greasy but not bad, on the whole). The only free seats were at a large table to one side and he'd debated eating his food at the counter before deciding that he spent f
  6. The shrine of Cybele by the Circus Maximus offered a much more intimate experience than the main temple on the Palatine. At this time of day, it was practically empty, and even slaves like Clio were welcome to go in and pay their respects to the Magna Mater, as the Romans called the mother goddess. As usual, inside the shrine stood an empty throne, flanked by figures of lions and the goddess's consort, Attis. Clio joined her hands in prayer before the throne and murmured a short hymn in her native Greek. "Metera moi panton te theon..." She was done after a few minutes, and exchanged a nod
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