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  1. May, 76 CE The sound of a footfall, shod in a boot of leather, crunching the rimed dead grass underneath, as the winter wind tugged at his cloak. His breath, frost filled clouds coming from nostrils, and lips slightly parted. Gathering ice crystals on the beard about cold-dried lips. In his hand, a long spear, as with stealth he approached the den. One tender plume of vapor standing proof of the sleeping bear therein. His weapon raised on high. Eager but still cautious signals, man to man, with steady hands and keen eyes, as they encircled the lair. A final sign, and the hunters mo
  2. Spring, 67 CE , Cumidava, Dacia Sometimes… he wondered. He wondered if his cousin did these things simply to annoy him and make his life more difficult. Of course, she didn’t. He knew that. But he also knew that she would fully realize how her headstrong and impetuous decisions so often wreaked havoc on his own affairs, and that Zia wouldn’t give a toss that they did. That was so her. An idea came into her head and it must be done, immediately. Tarbus wondered if age would ever soften her sharp edges, or bring wisdom to sit more easily with impulse. He seriously doubted that i
  3. April, 76 CE “Tst, tst…” Tarbus gave the headstall a shake with his good hand, to get the stallion’s attention. He spoke gruffly to him in Dacian. “Stop being an asshole. You’re not going to get to fuck her so just keep your dick to yourself!” He gave the stallion’s flank a flick with the tip of the lead, making the animal side-step skittishly, its partially released member swinging pendulously as its hooves beat a little tattoo on the stone flags of the yard. On the far side of the stable area, a mare in heat pranced, aware in her own way that she was garnering interest an
  4. Sept 75AD Barely controllable anger filled him. An affair. His wife... dared to have an affair on him. He exhaled sharply with his hand tightly gripping around the parchment that confirmed the dreaded news. His suspicions had been accurate, and he chose to believe her over what his instincts were telling him. Revenge. All he could think of was revenge. The pair of them shared a daughter together. No sons.... no-one to continue the family business that depended on a strong man to continue both businesses. Titus opened the scrunched up piece of parchment, opened it and read it a secon
  5. 61 AD - my love, my life He cradled her clumsily but gently in his arms, taking care to support her head, unable to take his eyes off of her as he held her close to his chest. By what miracle of the gods had two ordinary people created such an extraordinary being? Twenty perfect little fingers and toes altogether. A tuft of brown hair, feather-soft and almost fur-like, a tiny little mouth that had been clamouring for food not long before but seemed now content to open and close occasionally with muted mewls. Her small soft hazel eyes blinking lazily up at him before closing ag
  6. 10th June, 75AD TW: miscarriage Longinus sat in silence on the beach, down the cliffside path from his villa just outside of Formiae. It was deserted, even at this time of year by virtue of the setting sun which cast long shadows over the sand and reflected off the water. The villa itself was no more populated with a skeleton staff of people he had forgot he even employed; a girl to cook in the kitchen and a few odd-job slaves that crept around him with thinly veiled annoyance in their eyes that their dominus was suddenly intruding on the peace and serenity of having run of a patrici
  7. 62AD A day's walk from Rome, towards Baiae Horatia glanced upwards through the canopy of trees at the rain that petered down in drips and drops. It was the fine sort of rain that soaked one through and chilled the bones but was largely imperceivable until one's teeth started to chatter and goosebumps spread over your skin. She glanced sideways to Decius, who was dutifully trying to stoke the measly fire and break up the bread that they had managed to bring with them for dinner. The man was in his mid-thirties and had been, before all of this mess, a general house slave. Horatia had
  8. Late March 75CE. It had been a difficult journey to escape the slavers. In the process, she had been separated from both Uncle Ario and Ursus. She felt Ario's strong arm push her out into the darkness to permit her to escape. Yet.. she could have sworn that he called her daughter as she ran into the night. Behind her, she heard shouts in their foreign language and kept going until she reached the coastline. Panting... her limbs and chest hurting from the pressure it had placed on her before she fell on the sand with a loud thud. --- Turia awoke the next morning to the sound of
  9. Late February, 75AD Charis choked and felt bile rise in her throat as the woman withdrew her hands from her bare stomach. "Y-you're sure?" The woman, significantly older than her - wizened, almost, glanced down with that faux-sympathy she must hand out to all the young women and girls who graced her establishment; "I'm sure. You've not had your bleed for how many months now?" Charis swallowed, "Not since before Saturnalia, a...while before." But that was not uncommon, surely? With the stress? Her courses hadn't been regular after the miscarriage either, but that, according to the woman in
  10. What it says on the tin! The next event that is upcoming for us. Do you want Gladiatorial games or Chariot races? Handy notes! Members will be able to make Quick application characters to take part. You'll be able to say whether you are okay with injury, maim (lost hand, or eye, etc) or death. If you decide you want to keep this character. Please convert the application into the full one. Members will have a choice to go by a dice roll or by RPing it out. There will be areas for the nobles to hang out, gossip and maybe something spicy will happen.
  11. Gothic

    A new life.

    The training at the slave school could be quite harsh. Yet it meant that the students would go into households with skills and training that made them more valuable. A valued slave was treated better than an unfavoured one. There were several slaves who were going to be chosen. Classmates. Turia stood with her eyes downcast and listened closely to any signs that there would be an important changes. In her mind, all of the commands, hints and tricks were going through her mind. This could be the beginning of a bright future. Favour meant a small wage, the change of freedom, and only the Gods kn
  12. Gothic

    The Final Days

    Three weeks before she passed away. TW: Severe illness. Sept 61CE. She never experienced so much physical pain. Her bones ached, her stomach hurt and nor did she crave any food, and yet, she was determined to survive. Her surviving children were the most important thing in her life. There were many vultures in Rome who wished to take advantage of them for their own gain. She would not permit that to happen. Marcus and Antonia, she prayed the pair of them would be okay and loved them dearly. In death, she would plan in order to protect her children and ensure her enemies
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