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  1. Tarbus


    TARBUS. 27 | 21 September 48 CE | Slave | Stable hand | Bisexual | Wanted | Marlon Teixeira Personality. Tarbus is a staid man. He’s been through a lot and like most men born into a world of both politics and warfare, he’s very good at hiding emotion. In fact, it might well be that at this point in his life he actually has trouble feeling emotions. He’s tough as nails, durable and enduring, dogged and diligent. He takes life very seriously and it shows, in the lines of his face and the beetling set of his eyebrows. His intelligence runs more to quiet, almost s
  2. Lucius Sempronius Atratinus 41 | 12 December 34AD | Senatore | Senator | Heterosexual | Original | Matthew Goode Personality. Lucius is a Roman Patrician through and through. His families name and fame are critical to his sense of self and he would do almost anything to bring it back to the lofty heights their family enjoyed during the Republic. Personally Lucius is stern and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He rules his family with an iron fist which includes the management of his children and staff. Whilst not intentionally cruel, he has absolutely no qualms
  3. Davus


    DAVUS 24 | July 51 | Slave | House slave | Straight | Original | Max Minghella Personality. Davus is generally a quiet, reserved type of person. This is partly due to his upbringing and station in life and partly from natural reserve. He is thoughtful, intelligent and observant, traits that might otherwise get him in trouble - and did so on more than one occasion in his younger days, until he learned to rein himself in and just be what the Romans wanted him to be, a useful tool and of no more intelligence than that. He is very aware of the insecurity that come
  4. Sosia Sabellia 27 | August 1st 58AD | 'Equite' (really a slave) | Professional Pretender | Bisexual | Original | Gugu Mbatha-Raw Personality. Out of her depth, sums up Sosia at present. She has lived a life in the background; quietly and diligently working away and never in the spotlight. Now she's in Rome and a respectable married woman, she's having to adapt and figure out her new role and keep up the pretence. Because of her history, she is naturally reserved but is trying her best to be the outgoing equite that she now 'is'. She has an easy laugh, and an e
  5. Iophon


    IOPHON 22 | 10th December 52 CE | Peregrini | Periegetes (Tour Guide)and Fabulator (Storyteller) | Bisexual | Original | Robert Sheehan <> Personality. Iophon is friendly, easygoing, and talkative. He is eager to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, and charming enough that it doesn't feel pushy. He is honestly curious about people, and stories, and the world around him. In fact, he loves stories wholeheartedly, and sees them as a tradition and art form, rather than an easy way to make some coin. With that said, however, Iophon loves an easy way t
  6. SECUNDUS QUINCTILIUS VARUS. 47 | 6 March 28 AD | Paterfamilias | Senator | Straight | Canon | Carlos Bernard <> Personality. In public, Secundus seems to be friendly, but also well-mannered; a bit vain, perhaps, but ultimately somewhat charming, if stuffy. Outsiders are often surprised by the combination of senatorial poise and youthful exuberance, but not put off by it. It's only Secundus' family that sees just how unstable and temperamental he can be. He is a reclusive man. He lies easily, presenting one face to the public, and a less flattering one to
  7. MANIUS RUTILIUS GALLUS 39 | Springtime, 36 AD | Freedman | In the market for jobs| Bisexual | Original | Francois Arnaud Personality. When you first meet Manius, he will seem like a possibly gloomy man. Maybe a bit too cautious and a man of few words too. Many events in his life has shaped him into the man he is today; troubled, thoughtful and hard-working. He likes to work and does what he has to do – he carries out work, carries out the orders given to him and that’s really what he cares about doing. He may seem like a workaholic to some, but it is far mor
  8. Didia Nonia 25 | 1st May 50AD | Plebeian | Stallholder | Bisexual | Original | Ana de Armas Personality Didia is a 'good girl' as her father likes to describe her. She is dedicated to her family and endeavours to help them in any way she can, which as of late means more time spent at the markets and on her rounds with her brother. She is a hopeless optimist and has a generally sunny disposition - qualities which help sales but are actually genuine. She spends the majority of her time with other plebeian's and slaves given her profession and so is down to earth
  9. LIVIA JUSTINA 27 | 4th March 48CE | Senatore | Matron | Heterosexual | Original | Noémie Schmidt Personality If the Livia of twenty years ago and the current Livia were to meet, they would hardly believe they were the same person. Unfortunate life events have forced Livia to adapt and reinvent herself, and each time the end result has differed markedly from the starting point. To those who only know her superficially, she is a quiet and withdrawn thing whose favourite pastime appears to be sewing, leaving some to wonder if she is trying to live up to the deifi
  10. Horatia Justina 32 | 29 October 42CE | Senatore | Matron | Heterosexual | Wanted | Lotte Verbeek Personality. Horatia has grown up understanding what is expected of her. As a wife and a mother she is dutiful and respectful, never knowingly stepping over the boundaries of her gender or role, in public or with those she does not know. In a world of beautiful, talented, vivacious women Horatia considers herself somewhat of a wallflower by comparison, although plays the part of a socialite when she needs to, as all good Roman matrons must. She doesn't possess the
  11. LUCIA SAFINIA 17 | 28th February 57 | Plebeian | Cook’s assistant | Heterosexual | Original | Kaya Scodelario Personality. Safinia has never experienced fiery passion or all-consuming hatred. She has never screamed her heart out in grief, had her belly hurt from laughing too much or cried at the misfortune of a close one. The emotions that guide human behavior come to her only in muted, diffuse forms, like shades of grey in a world of colour. She does not know if she was born faulty like that or if it was a consequence of the fire, as her recollections of chil
  12. Basir 'The Bloody' 27 | 10 June 47AD | Slave - Sagittarius | Gladiator | Pansexual | Original | Bahram Radan Personality & History Basir's parents were taken in one of the in conflicts with Parthia. However, in truth, much of the family origin stories are unknown and likely fabricated due to his gladiatorial persona. He often plays the 'villain' in the gladiatorial conflicts, relishes in the role of the enemy of Rome and enjoys the role he plays. In the arena, he puts on a good show for the audience and plays every inch of the villain. Outside the arena, Basir is a relativel
  13. Titus Imperios Acuelo Gurges. 65-70? | 13 Feb year | Senatore/Patrician | Senator | Heterosexual | Canon | Personality & History Titus was an ambitious man who frequently was torn towards personal ambition, his love of the Res Publica, and the desire to protect his family. He had many lovers during his time, some of them will be mentioned although mostly their faces at lost to time. In 16CE he was married for the first time to Horatia Pulvia and spent a considerable amount of time with her. He mourned her passing in 30CE and made an oath to never remarry. Titu
  14. Vibia


    'Vibia' (Aemilia R. L. Mellusa). 24 | March 50CE | Freedwoman | Occasional Prostitute and Musician | Bisexual | Wanted | Alicia Agneson Personality. Vain, cold and stubborn to a fault, Vibia is not a woman easy to get to know. Her years in slavery and now in prostitution have hardened her through and through and she struggles to be personable unless in the company of clients. That doesn't mean, however, that she's unemotional. When frustrated or angry, the slaves in Domus Venus can feel her wrath, as can any furniture in her vicinity which is often left
  15. Clio


    CLIO. 24 | Mid-June 50 CE | Slave | Body slave | Bisexual | Wanted | Freida Pinto Personality. Soft-spoken and pleasant, as is becoming of her status as a body slave. She weighs her words and chooses her posture carefully, spontaneity long abandoned in favour of good slave behavior. Clio does not smile that much anymore, barring when in the presence of her domina – she must always appear content when with Annia Comna. Previous circumstances have made her guarded and pessimistic, which is often mistaken for haughtiness, but it suits Clio just as well, for she d
  16. Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus. 38 | 17 March 36AD | Equite | Imperial Client for Ludus Dacicus & Gang Leader of the Lupii of Roma gang | Bisexual | Canon | Eric Bana <600x300> Personality. Titus is a man who delves in both the legal and illegal living. The face he chooses to wear during each time depends on the situation required. He is a man who has spilled blood and still retains his angry outbursts that have robbed him of his parental figures. Occasionally he will still have his outbursts. Once a young man with the burden of the leadersh
  17. SERVIUS CALPURNIUS EPPITACUS 33 | 14 JUN 41 CE | Freedman | Apprentice Blacksmith | Hetero | Original | Henry Cavill Personality Eppitacus is a man who has survived serious falls twice now in his life; not falls in the physical sense, but in status, profile, importance, notoriety, importance, wealth... all of the above. From warrior-king of the Britons where he led his people in their fight against Roman invasion, to a gladiator with so much success and acclaim in the arena that he arguably lived a more lavish life in Rome as a slave than any king of Britannia ever h
  18. Lucius Caecilius Metellus 48 | 7th Nov 25AD | Senatore | Senator | Bisexual | Canon | Tom Ellis <600x300> Personality. Lucius is a cunning man with a desire for survival. He keeps his private life firmly in the private sphere with few, if any, confidantes who he would confess the secrets of his mind to. From birth, he saw himself as the protector of his family, and aimed to keep them safe. He smiles rarely, instead spares this for those who he is most close to and those people are few in number. Politically, he does not speak of his ideals nor does he re
  19. TERTIUS QUINCTILIUS VARUS 44| 15 November 30 AD | Senator| Praetor | Bisexual | Original | Craig Parker Personality. What Tertius wants is to honor his family and family name. He has done this in many ways… he has been a loyal brother to his siblings and a good son to his father, when the old man was still alive. He has done his best to delicately climb the Course of Honor and he believes he has done well in all the things he has done. Only in one area has he failed so far; and that was when his brother returned to Rome, alive and apparently not speaking about
  20. LEXUS NAEVIUS GINEVERUS 15| September 59 AD | Plebian | Gardener for Oriana Laecania | Unsure | Original | Landon Liboiron Personality. Lexus Minor is young and so far somewhat inexperienced in all the pleasures life has to offer. He feels he has something to live up to though, because his mother has told him about his father and since their return to Rome, he has been asking around and found out the tales were probably true - his father was a player, loving both men and women and plenty of them in his bed. And he had a bad temper, which was why he was such a
  21. Helios


    HELIOS. 28| 47 AD | Slave | Prostitute | Bisexual | Original | Brad Pitt Personality. Helios has lived most of his life as a slave and barely remembers free life – but at the moment, he lives a rather free life as a slave, actually, or so he thinks. He’s quite confident and believes that although he is a slave, he can rise higher in the hierarchy among his own. After all, he gets pleasure (and sometimes pain), he gets to leave the domus unattended and he always returns. Why shouldn’t he? It’s his home. Helios is known to be a good and obedient slave, but withi
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