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  1. ARTEMON. 22 | 10th December 52 CE | Peregrini | Odd jobbs | Bisexual | Original | Rami Malek Personality. Artemon is a friendly young man with a fatal flaw: gullibility. Always eager to believe that his luck is about to turn round, he falls for the flimsiest plans with boundless enthusiasm and learns absolutely nothing from his failures. He is, however, resilient, as he picks himself up time and again while managing to keep his faith in humanity. His greatest dream is to strike it rich, and to this end he frequently embarks on a number of get-rich-quick scheme
  2. AULUS AVILUS GALERIUS 36 | 21 Junius 39 | Senatorial | Spymaster | Hetero | Original | Conleth Hill Personality Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, gentle man. His babyface invites you in, makes you feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Most are, to be honest. Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected, but less so would be those he works with and for. He does do his best work for them, regardless of his feelings, but if it came down to himself or them, then he would certainly choose himself. He is absolutely one that se
  3. Riv

    Antonia Vitellia

    ANTONIA VITELLIA 40 | 15 January 35 | Equite| Business-Woman| Bisexual| Original | Angelina Jolie <600x300> Personality Before all other things, Antonia’s goal in life is to protect Rome and safeguards its interests as well as her own. She is a woman who, despite her gender, has managed to scrape together a place for herself in Rome with her own two hands. Whether through the spilling of blood or poison, the way she used her body for promises she never intended to fulfill, or her marriages, Antonia managed to carve a place for herself in Roman society th
  4. LAODICE DYNAMIS COTY 18 | Junius 57 CE | Princess| Royalty | Heterosexual | Original | Chloe Grace Moretz Personality. One word that best describes Laodice is mercurial. She is a young lady of many moods. She might take after her mother in appearance but in attitudes she is definitely her father’s daughter, outgoing and very outspoken too. The latter is something that is seldom appreciated in a male dominated world. A reluctant student, her tutors struggled to teach her the basics of reading and writing and th
  5. SORAYA. Twenty-Five | 28 March 49CE | Slave | Domestic Slave | Heterosexual | Wanted | Kathryn Prescott Personality. The young woman tends to come off as very quiet and soft spoken when she is around others, rarely speaking unless someone has addressed her first and being painfully polite, almost to a fault in many cases. This mask of submission hides a mind that is surprisingly observant of others and unmistakably quick to learn, adapting to whatever situation she has currently been placed in. Born out of a necessity to survive, Soraya is actually extremely
  6. Ambrosius 17 | Autumn 57 CE | Slave | Gladiator | Heteroflexible | Wanted | Gavin Drea ---------------------------------------------------------- Personality ---------------------------------------------------------- As a contemplative and introspective individual, Ambrosius is often “away with the fairies”, as his mother would regularly explain of his taciturn demeanour. He has exhibited a tendency towards obsessive compulsive behaviour from a young age, which has intensified as he has grown older. The deaths and losses of his family members has cemented
  7. Manius Carisia Magnus 35 | 23 July 39 CE | Equite | Dominus Factionis Caeruleum | Heterosexual | Canon | Charlton Heston Personality ---------------------------------------------------------- From servile origins to the social minefield of the middle-class, Manius feels far more akin to the slaves and freedmen from which he derives, rather than those who profess to be his social equal or worse still, his 'betters'. As a victim of the resultant infamy that many of Rome's scorned professions incur, Manius finds moving within the lower echelons of society f
  8. CALPURNIA PRAETEXTATA. Thirty-eight | 13 November 36CE | Senatore | Vestal | Heterosexual | Original | Diane Kruger Personality. Calpurnia is a woman that, at first glance, appears completely confident and collected in her actions, even if nothing could be farther from the truth. She often appears to command respect from those around her, whether she is speaking with a slave or someone of noble birth. While she can seem stoic and even indifferent at times, the young woman tends to be very careful about expressing herself and to whom. Even most of the younger Vestals
  9. Lucius Furius Pontius Thracius Minor. 31 | 1/3/43 AD. | Senatore | Senator/Praetor | Bisexual | Original | James Norton Personality. Ever since Lucius made his major decision to fully embrace Christianity as part of his conversion process, which was still regarded as a Jewish sect, the personality and traits of his also completed a radical transformation. Affectionately known as the 'Red Redeemer' by the secret Christian minority, Lucius has thus taken his newly found faith seriously to the core and being an ardent follower and supporter of Christ's teachings
  10. TITUS LUCRETIUS GARRULUS. 26| 12 September 49CE | Senatorial | Military Tribune | Heterosexual | Original | Cody Saintgnue Personality. Garrulus is practical and grounded, diligent since he was a child in pursuing his goals. When he makes his mind up to do something, he commits fully, with an almost stubborn obsession. He has never been moved by duty or religion as by material power and wealth, and his disdain for the abstract means he can be very conservative and unimaginative. When he chooses a path to follow, he tends to choose the most direct and simple r
  11. Spurius Gaius Lupus 21 | 2 October 53 CE | Plebian | future inheritor of the Elysium| Asexual (bi-romantic) | Wanted | Milo Ventimiglia Personality. On the surface Spurius can appear to be very guarded and prickly, and to an extent he is, but this is a self-defense mechanism he has developed due to his uncle's abuse. He has a huge soft spot for prostitutes, women, and slaves, pretty much all the people his uncle takes advantage of. He and his mother have a very close relationship, as a child he had to watch his mother being mistreated by his uncle, when he gre
  12. MARCUS CALVUNUS 37 | 10 January 36 CE | Plebian | Thug | Bisexual | Wanted | Oded Fehr <> Personality. If ever a man walked with a swagger, it is Calvunus. He is a cocky bastard, filled with self-confidence and charm. He’s quite the lady’s man, and women typically put up with a lot from him, because when he isn’t being an ass, he can be quite sweet to them (as long as he gets what he wants). His motivation for just about anything he undertakes is self-advancement. He has ambitions as big as his…ego. And though well equipped to be the thuggish criminal th
  13. PHAEDO 18 | 12 June 55 CE | Slave | Prostitute | Bisexual | Original | Patricio Manzotti <> Personality. Pheado’s intellect is undoubtedly keener as a product of his enslavement than it would have been had he remained growing up surrounded by simple, illiterate and hard working fishermen and farmers. His Greek mentor opened his mind to learning at a young age. Pheado continued to expand his depth and breadth of knowledge on his own, in all matters that he was able to gain access to through reading. He is curious and has both good retention and analytical
  14. ANTONIA A.L MAIA 33 | 19th March, 41AD | Freedwoman | Tavern Co-owner/Cook/Hostess | Bisexual | Original| Alexius Bledel Personality. Maia likes to see the best in life with its brightness and colours but sometimes life has turn sour on her. The death of her old owner and best friend/lover, Antonia has lead Maia to periods of melancholy at times and a lack of proper husband with his womanising ways has not helped. While she will always care for Lucius she knows that in heart of hearts she does not love him or him her. The only real love in Maia life is the
  15. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Safinia Laelia comes from the daughter of an senatore within the senate for a father and for her mother, a daughter of a former senator herself. However, no one could predict how their daughter would be. From an young age, Safinia was shown to be a quiet and almost demire lady and one that her father could hope to find a suitor for. However, as Safinia grew, she grew to have a mind of her own and with that came from the highest mind. (Well, not that hi
  16. Guest


    Aelia 32 | 7 August 43CE | Plebian | Actress/Musician | Bisexual | Original | Katherine Jenkins Personality. There are two Aelias. You meet first the Aelia that the world sees. This is what 99.9% of people will only ever see. They will see the gorgeous, outgoing, arty, flirtatious and scandalous actress and musician; the poster girl of the White Faction; the Roman Nightingale with a voice like honey; the sensual symbol of luxury and lust. A figure people will cheer in the auditorium but speak of in the lowest terms elsewhere. A figure from the edges of society
  17. FAUSTUS CORNELIUS DOLABELLA JULIANUS MARCELINNUS 50 | 6 July 25CE | Senatore | Senatore | Heterosexual | Original | Alec Guinness Personality. Fautus is a through and through Roman patrician. He rejoices in being able to trace his lineage back into the early Empire and had a great number of famous names on his family tree. He is exceedingly pompous, pretentious and elitist. He believes that he, and his family, deserve all that they have simply by virtue of birth and that they must surely possess all the necessary virtues for success through good and selectiv
  18. Guest


    MAROVIUS 30 | 2 December 45CE | Marcomanni | Warrior | Hetero | Original | Clive Standen Personality. Marovius is like a coin - he has two sides. The one most people see is the fierce, driven and often cruel one. The face of the leader. The face of the driven warrior. This is the face he prefers to show to the world. However, there is a quite different side to his personality as well. He is capable of great acts of generosity. He is utterly loyal to his friends and servants. He has a deep love of "his" people - i.e. those who are loyal to him. He is a great le
  19. Atrice

    Pinaria Gaia

    PINARIA GAIA 27 | March 10th, 48 AD | Patrician | Noble lady | Bisexual | Canon | Rebecca Ferguson Personality. As so many others, Pinaria Gaia is a woman with many virtues – and vices, of course. Before becoming a mother, she could be quite proud and she probably still is, to a point. But after becoming a mother, she has perhaps become even more of a motherly type, very caring and kind. Mostly to her son of course, for whom she would do anything it takes, as long as he is happy and safe. She wants him to have a proper father who can influence him in a good d
  20. Florus


    FLORUS 19 | 22 Augustus 55 | Slave | Gardener | Gay | Wanted | Burak Çelik Personality. Florus is a temperamental man with a lot of opinions, but he keeps everything to himself for his own sake. He is angry about his condition, angry that this is his life, angry at the injustice of it all. He learned the hard way that voicing his opinions about how awful the Romans were only earned him beatings and lashings. It didn't take long for him to adapt. He still thinks it, but he doesn't say it. Because he would rather hold his tongue than put himself in danger, he is
  21. Laria

    Marcella Laelia

    Marcella Laelia. 30 | 20 August 45CE | Equities | Matron | Heterosexual | Wanted | Michelle Ryan | Personality. People often notice something off about Marcella, she is charming and quiet like any matron should be but there's something off putting that people notice when encountering her. She never truly accepted her place as a woman, she plays the game and never appears to overstep her bounds but underneath she is full of ambition. From a young age she had been taught that men and women had different roles to play and that she as a woman would get married an
  22. MARCUS JUNIUS SILANUS 17 | 25TH March, 58 AD | Senator | Noble | Heterosexual| Canon | Rudy Pankow Personality. Marcus had a rough beginning to his life and the first few years, he was moved around a lot. Luckily he does not remember much of this; back then he just clung to his step-mother, Flavia Juliana, who took such good care of him. After the first years of his life, he was finally able to settle down together with his step-mother and adopted siblings. Marcus easily adapts, so he quickly became used to the life of a wealthy Senator's son, who was well-kn
  23. Zia


    Zia 26 | November 11th 49CE | Slave | General attendant/seamstress | Heterosexual | Wanted | Aurora Ruffino Personality. Tough, prideful and ingenious are all words that come to mind when considering Zia. Her marriage was a partnership and whilst Diegis had brains himself, he was not above differing to his wife's opinion. A keen strategist and lover of games, Zia is continually thinking about her next move and what would bring her the most gain. Whilst not without warmth, her life thus far has moulded her into a woman where strategy and glory come first, and
  24. Aetius Flavius Batiatus. 29 | 35CE MAY | Senatore | Legatus | Orientation | Original | Ditch Davey <> Personality. Aetius is a patriot who is proud of his roman origins and traditions of his family who idolizes the empire and truly loves his people and country and every time, he tries to be the best citizen he can be as he is willing to die for something greater than himself as he thinks Rome is the greatest power in the worlds that brings order wherever it goes and it will remain there even after he's dead. Unlike many young Romans, he doesn't try to ge
  25. Marcus Aelius Lentulus 37 | 08-01-35 | Equite | Tribunus Cohors Praetoriam | Hetero| Wanted | Clive Owen Personality. Growing up with his grandfather’s dreams of advancement and his father’s insistence on honourable military service, Marcus has always felt the weight of duty and has in turn become something of a serious-minded man. Had he any patience for philosophy perhaps he would have named himself a stoic. His temper does detract from that distinction, however difficult it is to lure forward. Unless his brother provokes him, then it is almost guaran
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