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  1. The palace at night was peaceful, and the prince was one to sleep past dawn. Not raising until Apollo's rays peaked through the gossamer drapes that fluttered in the gentle breeze. That night, however, Titus was awake. Fretting in his bed as he felt some sort of unnerving feeling settled into the pit of his stomach. Almost as if he knew the gods were angry for some reason. His body slave tried to get him to cast the thought away. That is just his mind playing tricks on him. Still, it needled at him. Until he finally began to doze off thanks to mere exhaustion. That was when the earth began to quake, rattling the buildings of the city, including the palace. Titus bolted up right as the room around him shook, he could see his men slowly coming to, shouts around the palace could be heard. "We need to get to the gardens." He told them as he stood, grabbing his tunic and sandals. Pulling them on as he moved quickly out of his room. Slaves were running around trying to save what they could from being destroyed as they too headed towards where they would be safe at. Another tremor hit, this time stronger , forcing him to make haste before he stopped and realizing he didn't recognize any of the slaves as his younger brother's. "Get to the gardens, I need to go find Drusus!" He said, pushing his servants and his tutor towards the way to safety before making his way towards the rooms he knew housed his brother. --- 30 6 75 | sorry fort he anticlimactic starting post lol | open to those living in the palace. | no posting order, short posts are
  2. 30th of June - The Earthquake It was an early morning… actually, it was barely morning. Everyone in the entire household were asleep, not even the kitchen slaves or those taking care of the heating system were awake yet. Silence roamed the corridors and the chambers and Tertius was also asleep in his room together with Hector, always by his side now – at least when they were in here. In the last week, there had been light tremors to the ground. It had been shaking a few times, or perhaps more rattling, it wasn’t anything big and not something he hadn’t experienced before. To most people in Rome, these things weren’t entirely uncommon. Tertius had of course made sure to sacrifice to the right gods and to his ancestors too, asked them for help, just in case something should happen. And nothing had happened and all seemed to be fine. Until now… He woke up with a start, as the bed was shaking much. In fact, everything was shaking! It had been a warm night and he hadn’t cared to put on any clothes after sharing some pleasure with Hector, but now… “Hector!” He literally shook his body slave’s arm, “Earthquake!” He exclaimed while he heard vases or jars of wine fall off tables and shatter and there was dust in the air from the walls or the roof. Tertius jumped out of the bed. His tunica still lay on the floor and he quickly pulled it over his head while thinking that this was more than just a light tremor! No one in the house would sleep through this, surely! Tertius ran out of the room, “EVERYONE out into the peristyle!” He yelled. If one of the doorways gave in or the roof, people could die! Hopefully Hector was right behind him, also waking people up, while Tertius ran to Antonia’s room to get her up. And where in the name of Hades was Charis… oh, the child! Gods! Why were they angry? @Sharpie @Sara @Joaquin
  3. About a week prior to the end of June, Julia had been at her residence outside of Rome. At first the tremors were light, but her son had ordered her back to their Domus in Rome. She felt that it would have been safer to remain outside of the city, but her son did not trust the home she resided in. Julia, after making sure that the slaves of the household would take care of themselves if the tremors got worse, returned to Rome. In the early morning hours of June 30, Julia was startled awake by a strong jolt. “What was that?” It took another shake or two before she registered what it was. The light tremors had become an earthquake. Julia woke the young slave girl that was resting in the corner of her room. “Go wake the other slaves.” She threw a shawl around her shoulders and followed the young girl out of the room, running the other direction. “Wake up- there is an earthquake” It did not take long for the entire household to be woken up. A survey of the damage the following morning involved some cracking in the foundation, a few broken pots that got knocked over and a few injuries from people stumbling around in the dark. She had received word from the slaves at the farm outside Rome that most things seemed to be intact although they had to round up all the animals as they scattered when the quakes began. All in all, her 'circle' of people were lucky that injuries were minor and damage didn't seem to be severe. The next day Julia, along with her son went to the market- he needed to discuss some of the repairs that were needed and she wanted to replace some of the pots that had been broken in the tremors. “I shouldn’t be too long Sextus. I will head your direction when I am finished.” He nodded and the two of them split up. Her son sent of their male slaves with her as an escort although she didn’t really need it.
  4. 30.6.75 | open It was early morn, one of the few hours of the day that the Venus was closed to customers. Allowing its inhabitants to rest and clean up after their long evening of debauchery. Titinia was hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before the sun was high in the sky, alerting everyone it was time to rise and ready the brothel for the evening to come. For her to spend a few hours being a mother to her young children. But that didn't seem to be fated for her that night. Her life was never simple; being a mother of five, a gang leader's wife and a brothel madam. She had children to raise, a husband to keep after and clients to please. Because heaven forbid they go to the stink hole that called themselves a brothel down the way. So instead of sleeping, she was in her office. Looking over the books one last time to make sure all was in order before finally being ready to go to bed, it was too late for her to venture home. Falco was sleeping and her husband had too many enemies for her go alone. That's when the tremors started. The world shaking beneath their very feet and she watched as her candle began to vibrate towards the end of the desk. She snatched it up before it reached it and she stood from her desk, keeping calm as she made her way into the hallways. She wasn't the only one alerted, groggy whores and sleepy house slaves a like were stumbling from their pallets. "Get down stairs. Into the open area, go on with all of you!" She's barked at them as she joined the crowd of moving bodies. There were some screams to be heard as plaster fell from the ceiling behind her, naked or barely clothed figures screaming in terror as they moved to get downstairs. Where the fuck where her bouncers? And Gods, please tell her that none of her clients were there, spending nights with their favorites. That would be a disaster she wasn't ready to face. Ever.
  5. 30 6 75 | @Gothic The year had not been kind to Cornelia in the recent months. The death of her cousin, chiseling off yet another member of her generation of the Cornelii, had been taken more harshly than she had expected it to. She hadn't been close to her Scipii cousins, not in the way she was with her aunt's children, but still it gutted her. So she had begun her plans to migrate south during the summer, to go their seaside villa down in Naples and bring some people from the eternal city with her. Plans that were set for mid July, her beloved doves in agreement with her that it was needed. However it seemed the gods had other ideas for her. The trembles had been felt by all in the week ahead. It was nothing unusual, often time the gods rumbled and grumbled for their mortal entertainment to remember that something more powerful existed. Yet what she woke up to just now wasn't the trembling she had felt in the days leading up to this dark morning. She woke up to shattering, and smacking, Harmonia's sweet sweet voice pulling her out of her sleep. "Whats going on...?" She asked groogily as she came to. "Earthquake, my love." She heard Harmonia's reply to her and that shot her awake. "We have to get out of the building." She said as she shoved her covers off, grabbing her coverup as she ran from the bedroom, knowing her lover would be behind her. Down the hall, she could see Carina leading the children out of the rooms, followed by a gaggle of slaves that were kept with the children, but she couldn't see her husband or their Venus. "Cornelia, please." Harmonia's begging pulled her away from her frantic search and she followed her down to the courtyard where everyone was gathering for safety. She scooped her youngest child up as Annthea came barreling into her legs, asking her where pater was at, "I don't know baby, I'm sure he'll be here in a moment."
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