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  1. The first deep rumblings did not waken Marcus. They did, however, awaken the horses in the stables, and they, in turn, woke Marcus (and, hopefully, the stable staff). And then the earth moved. "Ahura Mazda!" Marcus swore, and rolled out of his bed. His immediate thought was for his son and daughter, his second was for his staff and horses. He threw on a tunic and left his room, turning to his children's room. Their nurse was looking out of the door, wide-eyed. "Earthquake. Get the children out into the courtyard, and stay there!" She nodded and withdrew, leaving Marcus to head to the other side of the house, that overlooked the stables of the White faction. There were several people already down there, milling about in apparent confusion. He looked back to see the nurse holding his children's hands in a firm grip. "Papa!" "Go with Esther, I will be with you soon - I have to make sure the horses are safe, too." He headed into the confusion of the stableyard and began to assert order. "Stay in the middle of the courtyard! "Varica, Bassus, Menelaus, Theseus, Azarion - start bringing the horses out. Don't spook them any more than they are already. Everyone else, you will need to hold them, and if you cannot be calm, at least be quiet!" @Beauty @Chevi @Echo @Liv @Jane (Thread title from Horace Odes book III - post equitam sedet alta Cura)
  2. June 30th - The Earthquake! It started early in the morning, when the sun had just started to peek over the horizon. Curled around her injured arm, Annis slept fitfully, her dreams filled with murky images of Britannia. The island in her dream began to tremor, shaking with great magnitude. Suddenly, she awoke to the sound of someone screaming, “Earthquake!” They had all felt the tremors the past few weeks, but Annis hadn’t been too concerned about it. Until today, that was. Alexius was here; after another enjoyable night, the pair had fallen asleep. Annis clumsily got out of the bed and shook him awake. “Get up, Alexius, earthquake! We need to get out!” The young woman then rushed outside, knocking on doors as she went to warn others of the danger. The gods were angry today. Tag: anyone at the Ludus Magnus! @Chevi @Atrice
  3. 30th of June - The Earthquake It was an early morning… actually, it was barely morning. Everyone in the entire household were asleep, not even the kitchen slaves or those taking care of the heating system were awake yet. Silence roamed the corridors and the chambers and Tertius was also asleep in his room together with Hector, always by his side now – at least when they were in here. In the last week, there had been light tremors to the ground. It had been shaking a few times, or perhaps more rattling, it wasn’t anything big and not something he hadn’t experienced before. To most people in Rome, these things weren’t entirely uncommon. Tertius had of course made sure to sacrifice to the right gods and to his ancestors too, asked them for help, just in case something should happen. And nothing had happened and all seemed to be fine. Until now… He woke up with a start, as the bed was shaking much. In fact, everything was shaking! It had been a warm night and he hadn’t cared to put on any clothes after sharing some pleasure with Hector, but now… “Hector!” He literally shook his body slave’s arm, “Earthquake!” He exclaimed while he heard vases or jars of wine fall off tables and shatter and there was dust in the air from the walls or the roof. Tertius jumped out of the bed. His tunica still lay on the floor and he quickly pulled it over his head while thinking that this was more than just a light tremor! No one in the house would sleep through this, surely! Tertius ran out of the room, “EVERYONE out into the peristyle!” He yelled. If one of the doorways gave in or the roof, people could die! Hopefully Hector was right behind him, also waking people up, while Tertius ran to Antonia’s room to get her up. And where in the name of Hades was Charis… oh, the child! Gods! Why were they angry? @Sharpie @Sara @Joaquin
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