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  1. SERVIUS GABINIUS SALAX "It's obviously a corruption of Sagax" @Gothic or @Anna 29 | 9th June 47CE | Equite | Love Elegist | Pansexual | Original | James Callis Personality Gabinius is a simple man. He says what he wants, and very occasionally, he actually gets it. Most of the time he spends either making his presence known around town or sitting in his study, perfecting the perfect tone and volume of voice with which to recite his poetry through the doors of his latest target's villa. In truth, he is not a bad poet - for all his objectionability, there might genuinely be a spark of genius inside him, if you peer closely enough and from the right angle. The real problem, however, is his total lack of experience in the subject he is writing about in his love elegy. This is an issue he is determined to rectify. Appearance It is not immediately apparent to the far-off observer why the light bounces off Gabinius' hair in much the same way it bounces off olive oil spilled from a cargo ship into the sea, until said observer comes within a range of twenty feet, at which distance the pungent aroma of the carefully chosen blend of scented lotions he uses to achieve such an effect assaults the nostrils. Despite not quite being the Adonis he thinks himself to be, Gabinius is... tolerably attractive, enough so that his charm, with which he drips more obviously that he does with rose water, produces a noticeable effect. Unfortunately, this effect is a tad overblown, which in the past had alienated potential lovers almost as much as his personality. Gabinius speaks with an affected suavete at all times (on ne sait jamais!), and when he does, his eyebrows furrow with such startling earnestness that he seems quite convincing. There's no hidden agenda with Gabinius, and even perfect strangers can usually read him as well as the huge letters adorning the pediment of the Temple to Jupiter. This, strangely, is his most attractive quality. What woman wouldn't enjoy the feeling of having him wrapped round her little finger? Family Father: Publius Gabinius Salax Mother: Deceased Siblings: None Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: None Other: History Most of Gabinius' childhood was... well, boring. When you're young, the only son of one of the only non-peasant families in the miserable middle of darkest Mantua, and raring to go and live your life, there's only so much fun you can get out of harassing peasants. It was tempting to take up a political career just to get away from the wretched place, but it was hard to believe the combination of his humble origins and his natural lack of intelligence would exactly endear him to the ruling class. Gabinius didn't want to spend his days listening to stuffy old men drone at each other for hours on end, anyway. All there was for it was to wait for his old dad to pop his clogs - though the stupid old codger didn't seem to want to get round to that any time soon - so he could get his inheritance and slip free of the familial yoke. Until then, he spent his time trying to get it on with the local farm girls, not that many of them were an attractive prospect. Despite, or perhaps because of, Gabinius' tendency to send envoys running back and forth to them with his latest elegy about their ox-eyedness or their general shapeliness, he never had any success with any of them, apart from one slave-boy, whom he dubbed Adonis, from his father's household who probably knew he'd be whipped if he didn't comply. Last year, at the age of 28, Gabinius finally drank in the beautiful sight of the flames eating up the funeral pyre and turned his gaze instead to the bright lights of Athens. Here, he spend a year making a general nuisance of himself and participating in all the wildest rituals on offer, sampling the mind-bending delights of no less than twenty different sets of mysteries. Somehow or other, he managed to convince himself he'd learnt the secret of life, the gods and creation. What it was, he wasn't quite sure, but he felt sure he knew it, and it did lend him a seductive air of mystery, he supposed. That was never a bad thing. After ingesting his fill of strange concoctions in the cellars of temples, Gabinius headed for what had always been his real destination, ready to take on life: Rome. Here, the women, or young men, if he felt so inclined, might have refined enough tastes to realise that actually he, Gabinius, was a pretty decent poet, and that, despite his lack of any experience whatsoever in affairs of the heart apart from being repeatedly and soul-crushingly repulsed, he would make a pretty good lover, probably. His mother had always told him he was a handsome boy, and besides he had a LOT of passion to give. Yes, he'd take Rome by storm. locutus-sum | GMT | locutus-sum#9606
  2. David

    Mania's Brothers

    Mania Victoria and her two brothers have a complicated relationship, to say the least. The dynamics between them are narrated mostly by the ongoing squabbles between Mania and her older brother Primus, while the youngest of the three, Cassius, is used mostly as a pawn and scapegoat by them. Primus and Mania are ambitious go-getters who will halt at nothing to achieve their goals, while Cassius usually keeps to himself and actually prefers to stand in their shadow, as that way, they at the very least don't try to undermine him in his own pursuits. The older siblings mostly compete for attention and praise by their father (which, by default, usually goes to Primus, as he is the firstborn and thus heir) while Cassius is closer with his mother, preferring to be passively involved with the family business, if at all. Primus Manius Victorius suggested faceclaim: Thor Bulow Primus is, as the heir to the family business, the favourite of his father, Gaius. He is essentially given complete freedom as long as he follows his father's orders and doesn't neglect his duties. Involved in the family business since a young age, he is his father's right-hand man and helps him make important decisions. As such, Primus also exerts a certain level of influence over his two siblings and his mother. In the social world, he is known as somewhat of a womanizer, an "eternal bachelor," willing to spend a night with any halfway decent-looking lady who'll throw herself at him, but reluctant to marry. This reluctace to marry stems mainly from his fears of the family business being taken away from him at the hand of his wife's family once he takes over, these fears, in turn, stemming from Mania's ambitions to usurp him. While he is very much aware of Mania's jealousy and her wishes to replace him as heiress, he sees her as no serious threat - merely as a somewhat choleric woman who prefers to daydream rather than accept her place in society, and he knows just what buttons to push to get Mania to lose her temper - what's more, he delights in it. In regars to his younger brother, Primus really doesn't have much to say; the differences in age and status within the family have prevented them from establishing any sort of meaningful connection ever since their childhood days. Cassius Manius Victorius suggested faceclaim: Charlie Di Stefano Cassius is perhaps the least well-known of all members of the household. Having spent his entire life thus far in the shadows of his heir-to-be brother and socialite sister, he has had no chance to prove and make a name for himself. However, he is rather content with the situation, too. Having seen what the limelight can do to people by experiencing the transformation of his siblings from loving, understanding people to snakes lusting for power and influence, he would rather not hold any power or influence himself, as he would rather not become like them. Nonetheless, his siblings still exert a considerable amount of influence over him - at times even more so than his parents, as Cassius fears his siblings more. Cassius has no ambitions in commerce, politics of anything of the sort, and has instead found his calling in the arts. He is particularly fond of gem-engraving and is thus at least somewhat active as part of the family business, as the gems he engraves are sometimes used in the jewellery produced. He is very close with his mother, who is just as much a sentimental and caring individual as he is, which has earned him the nickname "our little Orpheus" by both his siblings. He has accompanied his mother to many a theatre performance and has thus become an avid lover of the theatre and wishes to try his hand at acting. His Patrician status has, however, barred him from following such pursuits. Another aspect of himself Cassius hasn't been able to explore due to his social standing is his bisexuality; he has been inclined towards both men and women lately, but hasn't acted on his feelings towards men for fear of embarrassment and bringing shame upon his family. If you have any questions or would like to take on one of them, please, don't hesitate to contact me through Discord!
  3. Gothic

    Gaius' family

    Hey hey! I'm looking for people to take on members of Gaius' family. The characters in question are for this chap! Petronia Aquila Age: 36 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible playby: Gina Torres. Personality: Bossy, intelligent, protective, skilled with counting money. History: Married Decimus and had her children. Later, took on running both the household and the family business. Children: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus & Uriana Petriona. Other: Currently pregnant. Decimus Urius Frontus (Petronia's husband) Age: Player's choice. 30s and up. Nationality: Player's choice. Possible playby: Player's choice. Personality: Dedicated, hard working, quiet. History: Mostly player's choice. Children: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus & Uriana Petriona. Other: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus (Taken by Gil) (adopted son/grandson) Age: 15 Nationality: Romano-African on his mother's side. Possible Playby: Personality: Friendly, unfocused, happy go lucky. History: Adopted by his grandfather to run the family business/be his heir. Other: Must be PoC. Uriana Petronia Age: 10 Nationality: Romano-African on her mother's side. Possible Playby: Amanda Stenburg Personality: Bubbly, annoying and nosey. History: Relatively open. Other: Must be PoC. Petronia Aquila Minor Age: 34 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Angela Bassett Personality: Respectably married. Lots the arts and is a patron of many artists. History: Player's choice. Other: Family and children is up to the player. Petronia Scribonilla Age: 33 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Kylie Bunbury Personality: Has middle child syndrome. Wants to impress people. History: Mostly player's choice. Likely to be married. Other: Petronia Aquiliana (Taken by Lindis) Age: 27 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Gugu Mbatha-raw Personality: History: Other: Septima Major Age: 15 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Vanessa Morgan Personality: Bubbly, bright, flirty and good natured. History: Player's choice. Parents were killed and came to live with her family. Other: Twins with her sister. She has blue eyes. Septima Minor Age: 15 Nationality: Roman-African. Possible Playby: Vanessa Morgan Personality: Friendly, calm, loves cats. History: Player's choice. Parents were killed and came to live with her family. Other: Twins with her sister. She has green yes.
  4. Gothic

    Turia's Owners

    Many things are relatively open for people to make up. Turia has a considerable amount of freedom and favour within the household so she is permitted to wander/get time off. I would prefer it for that to continue although it would be a fun and angsty plot if something happened and she lost her Dominus/Domina's favour. The Dominus Name: Open. Age: 30s-40s. Equite Personality traits: Aggressive when alcohol is involved. Wants a son. Ambitious. The Domina Name: Open. Age: 30s-40s. Equite Personality traits: Vain, entitled, has Turia as a lover (and likely has others from among the family slaves) and has Turia as the current favourite. The pair of them likely have daughters already although the number is up to you. A lot of other details and information is open to you. Feel free to message me if you are interested in either of them. For references on how they have been mentioned. Please check out Turia's application here, and the following RP threads where they have been mentioned previously.
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