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  1. N'TOMBI ARRIA. 30 | 24.01.44 | plebian | bar owner | pansexual | canon | isabella peschard Personality. N'Tombi is what every tavern owner needs to be: blunt, loyal, and protective. The woman is extremely honest when it comes to speaking with people and never has anything to hide. She is also very loyal, especially to regulars, and will often befriend men and women who talk her up. She is also protective. After assuming a motherly role when her parents passed away, she has always been protective of her younger siblings and her bar. She loves to drink, make money, and provid
  2. Priscilla Belena 57 | 7 july 16ce | plebian| matchmaker/fortune teller | asexual | original | julie christie Personality. Priscilla is that strange old lady you know from down the street. She's a recluse, a bit weird, and will talk in strange prophicies. But she's a kind woman and wouldn't harm a fly. She's also brutally honest with her customers and won't lie to them. She's been around for a long time with many life experiences on her belt. Priscilla has helped a lot of people, but she has also hurt some with what she believes is the truth. She always answers people
  3. TITUS CALPURNIUS PRAETEXTATUS 13 | 7th october, 61CE | Scion of a senatorial family | Child | In discernment | Wanted - Sharpie| FC: Thomas Brodie-Sangster in The Last Legion (no idea what he'll grow into but this is more than wholesome enough) Personality. Titus is very inquisitive and intelligent -- which, given that he's a child, you'd think would lead to problems. As an oldest son, though, and especially the oldest son of a Senator, he's internalized an understanding of his place in the familia and sort-of-kind-of in the broader gens, as far as he ca
  4. Deianira


    Deianira 21 | February, 54CE | Slave | Elysium Worker | Bisexual | Original | Adelaide Kane Personality. Deia is a damaged person. She has been shunted around for most of her life due to the unfortunate circumstances of her birth, and this gave her a deep-seated sense of insecurity. She struggles to feel safe anywhere, even inside her own mind. For her own self-preservation, she has developed an acute observant strain, noticing even the tiniest details of any place or conversation she is in. Though she is insecure and therefore timid about advocating for herse
  5. GAIUS JULIUS GRATIANUS 55| 3 March 20CE | Equite | Imperial Administration | Hetero | Original | Derek Jacobi Personality. If you had to pick a word to pick a word to describe Gratian (the name he styles himself) these days it would be jaded. He was worked in the Imperial administration since his early manhood and has seen it all. All manner of good and bad. Corruption and vice. As a young man he was merry and open but, over the years, has lost some of that spark. Worn down by the cares of running his office and the stresses of working for various, changing
  6. Echo


    ANNIS 23 | 15 July, 52 | Slave | Gladiatrix | Heterosexual | Original | Gaia Weiss Personality. Annis is a clever mind. She isn't one to brag or boast about her skills, but rather to let her skills speak for themselves. In a crowd of people, she is more likely to stand on the fringes and listen and observe, rather than to engage in conversation, but she isn't unapproachable. She has simply learned that letting people talk makes it easier to learn about them. She is ambitious and driven, dedicated to her training as she always has been, and eager to gain patron
  7. Chevi


    THESSALA 23 | May 15th, 51CE | Slave | Gladiatrix | Bisexual | Original | Eva Green <> Personality. Thessala puts on the personality of a fierce, almost feral barbarian warrior, but on the inside, she is a performer through and through. She basks in attention, she likes to be noticed, seen, appreciated. She enjoys pleasing a crowd, and hyping up spectators for the games. Even though she was sold to the Ludus as a slave, and her life is in the hands of her owners, she fully embraces the thrill of the fight, and takes enjoyment in every match, combining th
  8. Chevi


    FELIX 30 | October 23, 44CE | Slave | Body slave | Bisexual | Wanted | Channing Tatum <> Personality. Felix is quiet and observant, which often makes people think he is not clever, but that is far from the truth. While he has always been an introverted person, not many things miss his attention, and even though he was raised without much of an education, Felix has a good deal of common sense. When he does voice opinions on something, he usually does it in a short and sharp fashion, occasionally with a hint of sarcasm if he can allow himself the liberty (
  9. Aia


    AIUS / AIA 27 | 20 March, 47 CE | Peregrinus | Interprex | Bisexual | Original | Rose Leslie Personality Aius is generally friendly and naturally curious, but life has taught her she has to be very careful about whom she trusts. She is quick on her feet and tends to think her way out of situations, which is to her advantage since she rarely has the upper hand in a physical confrontation. When cornered, she tends to lash out (verbally, emotionally, or physically, depending on the situation). She enjoys the small blessings in life (especially good food), and has
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