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  1. Sydney

    Priscilla Belena

    Priscilla Belena 57 | 7 july 16ce | plebian| matchmaker/fortune teller | asexual | original | julie christie Personality. Priscilla is that strange old lady you know from down the street. She's a recluse, a bit weird, and will talk in strange prophicies. But she's a kind woman and wouldn't harm a fly. She's also brutally honest with her customers and won't lie to them. She's been around for a long time with many life experiences on her belt. Priscilla has helped a lot of people, but she has also hurt some with what she believes is the truth. She always answers people's questions, even if it's something they don't want to hear. Appearance At 4'8", Priscilla stands out because of her shortness. She has striking blue eyes, though she is blind in one eye. Her long hair is mostly grey at this point in her life, though she keeps her hair in a long braid mostly. Her skin is tan, though she is definitely showing her age. She has many wrinkles and long nails, which are often seen during her fortune telling and matchmaking. Family Father: Aulus Laurus Marius Mother: Priscilla Maria Siblings: Laurus (55, deceased), Aulus (53), Lauria (50) Spouse: Marcus Darius Belenius (deceased) Children: None Extended family: None Other: None History There is not much to tell about Priscilla. Born of two Plebian parents, she was raised in Rome just as any other child would. She was a little strange, often being on the outside and not making lots of friends. Her mother grew ill when Priscilla was 12, making the girl step up to be the matriarch of the home for her three little siblings. She wasn't really close with her brothers or sister; she wasn't really close with anyone. Two years later, her mother passed away when Priscilla was 14. Her father fell into a depression, so she and Laurus stepped up to take care of the little ones. They made a good team. At 18, Priscilla married the first man who would give her a chance--Marcus Darius Belenius, a shop owner twenty-five years her senior. Priscilla never really had any sexual drive, as she mostly married him for support and money. Laurus was in charge of the home while she lived above Marcus' trinket shop. It was mostly junk, but they made a living from it. She wasn't sexually driven, but the two of them tried for children many times. After ten years of trying, the couple gave up. She was deemed infertile. Marcus didn't divorce her because he felt pity for the woman. He also was getting older, and while she was 28, he was 53. She never really saw her siblings, but Laurus ended up getting the same illness as their mother and passing when he was 26. Eight years later, when Priscilla was 36, Marcus also passed away from old age. It was up to Priscilla to take care of the shop. She never cared for the shop, so instead, she turned it into a matchmaking/fortune telling stand. Some thought it was rebeling against the gods, but Priscilla never thought of it like that. She wanted to help people, even with the gods' blessings. Over the years, Priscilla started going blind in one eye. From her stand, she made just enough money to keep herself living, but not enough to see a medicus on a regular basis. She went blind in her right eye, to which people believed it was a specific sight that was given to her from the gods so she could tell fortunes. Now, her stand has been there for years. Everybody's accustomed to Priscilla, the strange lady who will answer your questions for a small price. Some people even believe that her word is truth. Sydney | Central | PM/Discord
  2. TITUS CALPURNIUS PRAETEXTATUS 13 | 7th october, 61CE | Scion of a senatorial family | Child | In discernment | Wanted - Sharpie| FC: Thomas Brodie-Sangster in The Last Legion (no idea what he'll grow into but this is more than wholesome enough) Personality. Titus is very inquisitive and intelligent -- which, given that he's a child, you'd think would lead to problems. As an oldest son, though, and especially the oldest son of a Senator, he's internalized an understanding of his place in the familia and sort-of-kind-of in the broader gens, as far as he can keep straight at the age of 13. He does have a charmingly old-fashioned, slightly naive outlook on mores -- the sort of thing that would come from spending much of early memory in one's grandfather's house, and be strengthened by the abiding sense of uncertainty generated by moving with as much relative frequency as Titus' family has. Being surrounded by stories of ancestors' accomplishments, heroic military conquests, and the glory of the state was a constant against the backdrop of a slightly tumultuous early life; it therefore hasn't occurred to him and likely won't until much later in life that the social order isn't exactly great for everyone. Or maybe it has, maybe he's overheard Tiberius' house slaves talking, or picked up something in the street -- one never does predict all the uncannily adult conclusions children can come to. Regardless, he squares a semi-denied awareness of the danger of the world around him (if not yet the scope of injustice that can happen in it) with his early childhood dreams by hoping to be the Big Man and do the Big Thing One Day, like most prepubescent aristocratic Roman boys do. Obviously Nothing Intriguey And Bad Will Happen To Him, even though it's happened to others before. His friends won't ever hurt him because he makes friends carefully. He stayed out of the way as much as he could and let the adults do adult things without snooping when he shouldn't (... mostly), so he's not a bad kid. He's a good kid. Good people make good senators, right? For the people? The other people. Yeah. The path is laid out for him and he just has to follow it -- and if he's honest and forthright and makes his offerings on schedule well then great, he's going to be a great leader and do great things and his family will be super proud of him and then he'll find a wife and build a home and live in that home forever and ever and never move. Right? Titus did put on a brave face during the family relocation he was old enough to remember, and superficially seems to have dealt well with his father's spotty presence in his life, but this kind of thing tends to affect children strongly, and his mother's general worry about his father and the family's social position has given him a worried kind of insecure attachment to the concept of Aulus specifically and home in general. He's very protective of his things and his relatives (particularly his little sister), and although of course he's being socialized to impassive stoicism in the face of all that worry, sometimes it manifests in face-affecting ways. This wouldn't be so bad if he'd let himself be a child and learn at his own pace, but of course, like most bright oldest sons, he's convinced that he's basically a grown-up already even though he still has a bulla and isn't technically culpable for pinching sweetcakes from the kitchens yet. As Basically A Grown-Up he needs, of course, to maintain social face. His father went to war like three years after this age! He's not letting himself look bad by comparison! That concern about face bleeds over into how he makes friends already -- he's too sweet and guileless to actually think in prejudiced terms or be deliberately mean yet, but he knows on some level which kids he's not supposed to hang out with because they're Bad Kids, and separately which kids would make bad (i.e. negative-face-generating) playmates, and on top of that he's pretty selective about who gets to get close. He already separates "rando I met" from "potentially useful acquaintance", "useful acquaintance" from "amusing acquaintance","useful associate" from "dangerous associate" and so on like an adult , filtering information he shares with each accordingly -- surely Papa would be proud. Wouldn't he? The poor thing just wants to find a permanent place to fit in and please everyone -- the trouble is that this also struggles within him with the awareness that he's supposed to sometimes make choices that hurt people to help more people, and that sometimes the best thing to do for someone you love is the thing that Doesn't please them. He probably doesn't really have a solid handle on what makes him "him" yet -- he likes studying, especially rhetoric and mathematics, but he's very hard on himself and has had his intellect emphasized all his life as his best quality, partially because he was somewhat sickly while he adjusted to Raetia. As a result, he has an unfortunate tendency to play it safe and give up on things outside that sphere if he thinks he could embarrass himself doing them, and conversely can be a bit excessively confident in his intellectual skills. He prides himself, rightfully but maybe a smidge destructively, on not being a snitch. He's also got a sore spot -- insinuating that he can't do something related to the occupation he sees himself in in the future is a quick way to upset him profoundly and maybe get punched, if you're within the narrow but well populated list of social standings he considers punchable. That's accompanied by a bit of an inflated sense of honour and patristic concern; Titus likes to assert himself as leader of whatever group he plays in, oblivious to the fact that not everyone welcomes his leadership or his little nose poking into everything. Appearance Titus is still a minor and accordingly dresses appropriately: knee-length tunic, cloak if it's cold, both made to last. He tries not to get dirty and seems a bit averse to dirt in general, but inevitably there are still mishaps. He tries to be dignified when he's out in public wearing the freeborn child's toga praetexta, at least, and he's got eating in it on formal occasions down. Mostly. He hasn't hit puberty yet, so he's small and compact, with proportionately long limbs that presage a very awkward and very lanky adolescence. He has a furtive kind of glance and fidgets under stress, but smiles easily and generally appears to be very earnest and honest. His hair is a sort of ash- or strawberry-blond, depending on the lighting, and his eyes are a bright hazel, almond-shaped. He's maybe about three foot ten and clearly still growing into both his limbs and his ears. Family Father: Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus Mother: Horatia Justina Siblings: Calpurnia Horatia Spouse: - Children: - Extended family: Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus, Aurelia Faustina [paternal grandparents] Calpurnia Praetextata [doting paternal aunt] Other: N/A History 61CE - Birth. 62CE - Senatorial purges. Titus' father flees Rome under cover of darkness, leaving him and his mother temporarily now to try not to be forced to leave them rather more ... permanently later. 63CE - Aulus does things that Titus has no means to comprehend yet in Germania and later Britain; meanwhile, the small Calpurnia is born. Titus is thrilled, as much as a one-and-some-to-two-year-old can be; there's oddly not much of the typical jealousy over attention. 70CE - Aulus reappears from the military campaign void, then assumes governorship of and takes the family to Raetia. Titus is nine-ish. Nine-ish is old enough to be a little shaken, and to realize that one's sister might be shaken more, on the supposition that girls and baby kids are more fragile than whole grown nine-year-old boys. 74CE -The family returns to Rome. Titus has a little bit of trouble adjusting, having picked up social norms that could be considered somewhat dated and rustic while living in Raetia, but the promise of finally seeing the place he was born and will come to join the ruling class of is enough to make it easier. He's a quick learner and has all the tutoring he could possibly need... but who knows what sort of influences he might encounter here? Mim | EST | modernist baba yaga#0721 [Discord]
  3. Chevi


    THESSALA 23 | May 15th, 51CE | Slave | Gladiatrix | Bisexual | Original | Eva Green <> Personality. Thessala puts on the personality of a fierce, almost feral barbarian warrior, but on the inside, she is a performer through and through. She basks in attention, she likes to be noticed, seen, appreciated. She enjoys pleasing a crowd, and hyping up spectators for the games. Even though she was sold to the Ludus as a slave, and her life is in the hands of her owners, she fully embraces the thrill of the fight, and takes enjoyment in every match, combining the cruelty of swordplay with the erotic excitement that is expected of gladiatrices. Since she brings in a lot of attention (and money), she is allowed certain freedoms, even as a slave, that she takes full advantage of: she enjoys good food, good parties (that she gets invited to as a curiosity), and seducing both men and women. For all the show and the flamboyance, however, Thessala is not a shallow person, neither is she cruel. She kills if she has to, because it is part of the games, but to her, it is performance rather than savagery. She is capable of forming true friendship with the few people she deems truly worthy, and once she has befriended someone, she can be fiercely loyal and selfless with them. She is easy to entertain, and capable of taking a joke as much as she is ready to give one. If one finds a way through her facade to the private person, she can be genuinely caring. Appearance Thessala is not muscular, but tall and wiry, due to constant exercise. She has black hair that she intentionally wears long (down to her waist), and blue eyes that she likes to highlight with kohl. She is fair-skinned like most Thracians, and while she left her homeland too young to be tattooed in their old tradition, she has some new tattoos, done in blue ink, that she's had made since she moved into the Ludus. They form geometric patterns and concentric circles around her arms and legs. She also sports quite a few scars from her fights, due to the fact that she does not use a shield, and rarely wears more armor than necessary. She has a signature, proud smirk and a loud, somewhat raspy voice to go with it, which she makes good use of when she punctuates her fights with shrill cries to intimidate her opponents. Her movements are fluid and graceful (the fact that she is ambidextrous adding to her balance), and she is flexible enough to add some acrobatic elements to her performances. In the arena she prefers practical clothes and leather armor that allow her a lot of movement; outside the arena she enjoys the finer things like colorful dresses and scandalously short tunics that show off her tattoos. She generally carries herself with dignity and a touch of flamboyance. She is easy to pick out in a crowd. Family Father: Stallos Mother: Leiva Siblings: Several Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: None Other: Owned by the Ludus Magnus History 51CE - A little girl is born into a dirt poor Thracian family. She has several older siblings, and on the edge of starvation no one really believes the baby will live to see her first year. They name her Saba. Saba defies the odds, surviving her first years, although she is just as malnourished as the rest of her older (and, eventually, younger) siblings. She is nonetheless a fierce, lively child, a bit too wild for her struggling parents to handle. 56CE - The family, in crippling debt and with no funds left to survive, decides to sell one of the smaller (therefore less useful) children into slavery. Saba is deemed least likely to grow up into a decent woman, but she fetches a good price for being fairly pretty and young enough to be teachable. The family struggles with the decision, but the girl is excited to see places beyond the dirt of their farm. She is purchased by a slave merchant who takes her to Delos, and sells her to another merchant who is procuring household slaves for a wealthy Roman family. 57-70CE - Saba is a household slave in a villa just outside of Rome. She is taught Latin, household chores, and her domina has plans of having her trained as a cosmetic slave. Saba, however, is still more than a little wild - louder, bolder, more curious than a slave is expected to be. The first time one of the stable boys tries to grope her, she bites him in the face. This causes a bit of a scandal in the household, but things take an unexpected turn shortly after: when Saba is 16 years old, robbers creep into the house at night, and she fights them off with weapons improvised from the kitchens. Her domina, grateful for her help and loyalty, decides to let her behavior slide, and Saba becomes a body slave and unofficial bodyguard to the lady. 70CE - The old domina passes away, and her son inherits her slaves. Falling on hard times, he decides to rent Saba out to the Ludus, where she can turn her skills into a profession. The girl takes to fighting like a fish to water, and soon becomes a favorite among (male) spectators. She takes on the name Thessala, as a reference to the fearsome witches of Thessaly. Since she is ambidextrous, she usually fights with two swords, adding flashy stunts to her fighting style. She enjoys the attention, and brings in decent money. 71CE - Thessala's owner's financials keep sinking, and eventually they are forced to sell the girl permanently to the Ludus Magnus (driving a hard bargain for a high price, given that she is becoming a crowd favorite). Thessala does not mind at all. She enjoys the attention, she enjoys the thrill and the appreciation, and enjoys being seen for the first time in her life. She hones her fighting skills, but spends even more time honing her skills in pleasing a crowd. Given her popularity, she gains a certain amount of freedom among the Ludus slaves, and hypes up interest in Rome with her surprise appearances outside the arena (and her alleged romantic conquests). 74CE - Present time. Thessala is still a gladiatrix, one of the most notorious at the Ludus Magnus. He is setting money aside, hoping to eventually be given her freedom, but she is in no hurry to put her weapons down anytime soon. Chevi | CENTRAL EUROPE | Discord
  4. Chevi


    FELIX 30 | October 23, 44CE | Slave | Body slave | Bisexual | Wanted | Channing Tatum <> Personality. Felix is quiet and observant, which often makes people think he is not clever, but that is far from the truth. While he has always been an introverted person, not many things miss his attention, and even though he was raised without much of an education, Felix has a good deal of common sense. When he does voice opinions on something, he usually does it in a short and sharp fashion, occasionally with a hint of sarcasm if he can allow himself the liberty (which only really happens around Aulus). He is fiercely loyal to his master, stubborn about completing tasks that he was given, and proud of his role as a shadow and constant companion to Aulus. He admires his master, but also is starting to believe that if he ever won his freedom, he would be able to strike out on his own and make a good life for himself. He is discreet, and has a clear sense of right and wrong when it comes to following orders from Aulus - who occasionally even allows him to argue against questionable decisions. This, however, rarely happens. Felix has a great deal of trust in his master. He is a kind and gentle person at heart, but his loyalty can sometimes override his instincts when Aulus' life or reputation is on the line. He is curious about the world and especially Rome, and soaks up information even when he appears to be doing nothing but what a slave is expected to do. Appearance The first thing most people notice about Felix is his build. He is tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and strong limbs, which often gets him mistaken for a bodyguard, or occasionally a gladiator or soldier. While he is none of those things, he carries himself with quiet strength, and if needed, he uses his height to tower over people in need of some intimidation. He wears his dark blonde hair cut short and he is usually clean shaven, which makes him look somewhat younger than he is. He is deemed handsome by both men and women who care to take a better look, instead of passing over him because he is a slave, a shadow of his master. He has green eyes, and usually an observing look on his face, but occasionally, when he allows himself to voice his opinions, he can do so with a small smirk, or even a quiet laugh. People who don't know him see him as stoic or even dim, but if someone watches him long enough they will notice the tension in his posture, ready to act on a moment's notice, and the curiosity in his eyes. Family Father: Castor, slave Mother: Philomena, slave Siblings: none Spouse: none Children: probably none Extended family: none Other: Body slave to Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus History 44CE: Felix is born in the household of Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus as verna, a house-born slave. His Greek mother, Philomena, works in the household's kitchen, his father, Castor is a stable hand from the northern part of Latium. He was also born a slave, but he claims some Etruscan ancestry. 50CE: Felix is put to work around the household as soon as he is old enough to carry out simple tasks. He is not deemed particularly clever, so no one bothers to have him taught reading and writing. He speaks Latin, but he also picks up some Greek from his mother. He is a quiet and observant child. 58CE: Growing up, people's idea of Felix as someone well-built but not particularly bright becomes the general consensus in the household. He is given tasks that require manual labor, and with his adolescent years he grows into his physical strength. He is not deemed useful enough to become a body slave to one of the members of the family. The lack of approval stings, but it allows Felix to be alone with his thoughts. He observes the household and the people in it, and keeps his comments to himself. He is curious about many things - the world, the legions, politics - but he is in no position to satisfy his curiosity. 62CE: Felix is eighteen years old, and his world suddenly turns upside down. His master's son Aulus, who recently returned from his military service to Rome, is forced to flee the city due to the purges of the senators early in the year. Aulus decides not to take one of his body slaves on the journey, since they are too recognizable, so he selects Felix in a hurry from among the less conspicuous slaves of the household - mostly for his strength and quiet nature. Felix suddenly finds himself in the middle of a life or death adventure. Aulus and Felix make an unlikely pair of traveling companions, but the young slave proves his loyalty to his master, and also shows a surprising deal of common sense along the way. After a narrow escape, he accompanies Aulus to Cappadocia, where they join up with Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus. By the time they arrive back to Rome in August, Felix is a loyal companion of Aulus, and stays by his side as a body slave permanently. He is still quiet and observant, but now he has someone who actually recognizes the sharp mind behind the stoic exterior. 63-74CE: Felix accompanies his master to the Rhine frontier, then to Britannia, then to Raetia. He picks up some useful skills on the way, some out of curiosity, and some out of necessity - he learns to read and write, to handle a dagger in defense of his master, and some words in various languages. Mostly, he watches over the affairs of Aulus, completing all tasks he is given discreetly and loyally. His admiration for his master grows as he watches his career advance, and his loyalty deepens into something that is beyond mere survival, or even attraction. Over the course of their flight from Rome, Aulus and Felix shared some intimate moments, which reoccur sporadically in these years, although Felix never initiates them or flatters himself by thinking his master feels any special attraction towards him. 74CE: Aulus returns to Rome and so does Felix. Felix sees the City in the whole new light: instead of a household slave, now he is a personal companion to one of the most ambitious people in Rome. The City is suddenly full of possibilities. Chevi | Eastern European | Discord
  5. Chevi


    AIUS / AIA 27 | 20 March, 47 CE | Peregrinus | Interprex | Bisexual | Original | Rose Leslie Personality Aius is generally friendly and naturally curious, but life has taught her she has to be very careful about whom she trusts. She is quick on her feet and tends to think her way out of situations, which is to her advantage since she rarely has the upper hand in a physical confrontation. When cornered, she tends to lash out (verbally, emotionally, or physically, depending on the situation). She enjoys the small blessings in life (especially good food), and has a permanent distaste for cold weather. She tends to put on an act of bravery that borders on audacity to keep up appearances as a young man. She dreams of earning her citizenship and seeing more of the empire (especially the city of Rome). She picks up on languages quickly and has a knack for conversation with all kinds of people. She rarely ever flirts (knowing it might have dangerous consequences), but makes friends whenever she can. She has never been raised or taught to think, behave, or live like a woman, so now that she is starting a new chapter in her life, she finds a Roman woman's life more than a bit challenging. She is equal parts excited, curious, frustrated, and terrified. (A note on the name: Aius has been using the masculine, Latinized name since she was 6 years old. Arriving to the imperial household in Rome, she will have to learn to use the feminine version again, but it is not a smooth process just yet.) Appearance When looked at as a young man, Aius definitely looks short and scrawny for her age and her military past (she is 5'3" tall). Her bright red, wavy hair is kept cropped short to add to the masculine image. She has grey-blue eyes and some freckles. Years of harsh living in Britannia, combined with the constant binding of her chest from a young age left her looking thin rather than curvy (which plays to her advantage in hiding her sex). She usually wears simple tunics, woolen cloaks or capes, and even pants in cold weather; she tends to dress in layers to add some bulk to her appearance. She smirks rather than laughs, but has a kind smile when she lets her guard down. As a young woman, Aia is not exactly attractive. She moves somewhat awkwardly in women's clothes, and finds jewelry and makeup baffling. Her hair has not grown out yet, which makes her an awkward sight. She has a lot to learn before she can be called anything even remotely elegant. Family Father: Eburo (deceased) Mother: Aia (deceased) Siblings: none Spouse: none Children: none Extended family: none Other: none History 47 CE - Aius is born, under the name Aia, to cives peregrini parents in Gaul. She's a girl. 53 CE - Aia loses her mother to fever. Her father, who is a merchant and therefore travels all the time, decides to raise her as a boy (for safety), and take her with him on his journeys. He hopes to make her heir to his business since he does not intend to marry or have children again. 57 CE - Roman legions invade Britannia. Aia (now called Aios, Latinized as Aius) and her father accompany them as suppliers for the army. Aius begins to pick up local languages over the course of their travels. She shows a talent in learning them. 61 CE - Aius loses her father in an attack on the legion's supplies in the harsh months of winter. Left completely alone, she volunteers as an interprex for the legion (and lies about her age). Since she speaks not only Latin and some of the dialects of Gaul, but also some of the local Briton languages by now, her help is sorely needed for negotiations and scouting, so no one looks too close at who (or what) she is. She makes herself useful. 63 CE - Aius works as an interprex for the legions in Britannia (Interprex Britannorum / Gallorum). She makes friends with Decimus Rutilius Atellus, who eventually discovers her secret of being a woman when she is injured in an attack. Decimus keeps the secret, and the two work together to survive various other Briton attacks and skirmishes. Aius is not great in a fight, but she is good at scouting in Briton territory, and interpreting sensitive conversations. Around 72 CE - With Rome's control over southern Britannia stabilized, military personnel is being moved around. Decimus leaves for Gaul and then Rome. Aius stays behind, training as an interprex in more languages, and making herself very useful during negotiations. She starts to learn some Germanic languages from soldiers from the Rhine border. 73 CE - Aius runs into trouble. Some of the new soldiers from the legion start suspecting her identity, and a badly planned late night hazing / confrontation turns violent. Aius fights her way out, but not without being injured (cuts, bruises, cracked ribs). The altercation, incidentally, is broken up by the legate, who soon finds out that his talented interprex is a woman. The matter is considered serious enough to be brought in confidence to the proconsul, Quintus Caecina Tuscus. It is decided that Aius is too useful for the severe punishment for her crime, and the issue is best covered up for reasons of morale. Aius is unofficially pardoned, and presented with the option of being sent to Rome with a letter from the Proconsul, to serve as a tutor in languages to the children under the care of his wife, Flavia Juliana. 74 CE - Aius arrives in Rome, still dressed as a man, but about to begin a whole new chapter of her life in an imperial household. Chevi | CENTRAL EUROPE | Discord
  6. Sydney

    N'tombi Arria

    N'TOMBI ARRIA. 30 | 24.01.44 | plebian | bar owner | pansexual | canon | isabella peschard Personality. N'Tombi is what every tavern owner needs to be: blunt, loyal, and protective. The woman is extremely honest when it comes to speaking with people and never has anything to hide. She is also very loyal, especially to regulars, and will often befriend men and women who talk her up. She is also protective. After assuming a motherly role when her parents passed away, she has always been protective of her younger siblings and her bar. She loves to drink, make money, and provide for her family. She isn't very strict when it comes to her bar and will serve to anyone, especially those who are underprivileged and might be turned down at other bars. She also loves foreigners and learning about their stories. When her siblings grow up, she wants to travel the Roman Empire and beyond. Being stuck in one place her whole life, especially at 30, has made her itch for adventure. She is also a very proud woman and doesn't let anybody disrespect her bar or her family. She won't hesitate to kick someone out of her bar herself. Because of her loyalty to her bar and its patrons, people usually stand behind her as well. She never is rude to anyone unless they're rude to her. She is very focused on herself and her family to the point where she rejects marriage, at least until her siblings grow up. She didn't want to conform to society's rules about marrying someone because she was always too busy. Though N'Tombi does like a beautiful person in her bed every so often, the thought of marriage is outrageous to her. Appearance The first thing that people notice about N'Tombi is her height. She towers above a lot of Roman women at 5'9", which she has to thank for her mother's tall gene. The second thing they notice is her beautiful, natural hair. It makes her seem taller than she actually is, though she is still very tall. She lets her black locks grow into an afro-type hairstyle. Sometimes, usually in the summer, she will braid it back when the bar gets too hot on the worst days in summer, but she is very proud of her hair. She has light brown skin and full lips. Her figure is slender, but she carries herself with a lot of confidence and attitude. Her eyes are brown. She has one scar, which is on her left shoulder blade, from playing as a child. Family Father: Gaius Arria (deceased) Mother: Atia Colla Gaia (freedwoman, deceased) Siblings: Bosede (m/16), Dayo (f/14), Jabari (m/12) Spouse: None, has always rejected advances Children: None Extended family: Her Aunt Cassia Lucia and Uncle Lucius Paulinus Other: Former lover Alba History Childhood [44CE-56CE] N'Tombi was the first and eldest child of Gaius Arria, a plebian, and Atia Gaia, a freedwoman. She was born on January 24, 44CE. Neither of her parents were rich, but Gaius owned a tavern that was passed down from his great-grandfather, to his father, and then to him, so they weren't necessarily poor either. Her parents also greatly loved each other even though a marriage between a freedwoman and a plebian was frowned upon. Gaius and Atia were lucky enough to have a lot of friends who supported their marriage. When they had their first child N'tombi, they wanted an African name to keep her mother's history alive since where she came from was important to her. Her family lived in a small flat above the tavern that they owned. The flat consisted of N'Tombi's paternal grandparents, who were quite old when she was born, her mother, her father, and herself. As a child, N'Tombi was always wanting to meet people in the bar. She did whatever she could to help out, whether it was cleaning, doing the dishes, or delivering customers their drinks. Everybody knew her as Little Tombi. She would always talk people's ears off with stories she heard or what she saw in the market. She loved listening to stories of far off places in the Roman Empire and beyond. Whenever a foreigner was in the bar, she'd always approach them first and hear their story. When she was finished, she'd talk about the place that they were from to other bar patrons. From a young age, N'Tombi always wanted to grow up to be a mom. She had a small rag doll that she pretended was her baby, and she would carry it around everywhere. She would introduce her baby, which she named Colla, to everyone in the bar. Some might have found N'Tombi to be sweet and innocent, others might have found her to be annoying. Nonetheless, she saw the world through a different lens and was a happy child. The one thing she missed was having someone around to play with. Working in a bar, there were very few children to play with. N'Tombi wished for a brother or sister that was around her age. In 53CE, N'Tombi went to the market to stock up on certain items. It was a busy weekend after noon, with people towering over her. She thought she could hold her own, being taller than most nine-year-olds, but she was wrong. In the crowd, the girl was pushed over, scraping her shoulder on the edge of a stand. The wound was gashing, though the girl was strong enough to take herself to a medic. She got a scar because of it, and when she was younger, she told people that she won in a fight. In reality, that was father from the truth. Later that year, her grandparents died of natural causes. Teenage to Early Adult [57CE-64CE] N'Tombi had a normal childhood, working for the tavern and growing up to be a smart, dedicated young woman. When she was fourteen, in 58CE, she got her wish for another sibling. Bosede was her first baby brother, and when her parents were busy running the tavern, she would take care of him however he needed it. If her parents needed to take bare of Bosede, she was old enough to run the bar herself on some nights. Gaius always told N'Tombi that she would own the bar one day. She had started to outgrow her childhood nickname of Little Tombi, as she was starting to be her own person. It also showed that by fourteen she was taller than almost everyone in the Tavern at a towering 5'9", so "little" didn't exactly describe her anymore. Two years later, in 60CE, she got another sibling--Dayo, her first baby sister. N'Tombi wished her parents had children sooner, but she didn't mind it. It actually made her happy, as she could fulfill her lifelong wish to have children of her own. Two years after that, in 62CE, her parents had their last child, Jabari, who was her youngest brother. She had three younger siblings now, all below the age of five. The house was livelier than ever, with the two middle children always running around and the youngest crying all the time. It was a happy household, and N'Tombi loved her younger siblings. She knew she would never really be able to relate to them, but she didn't mind. They were her brothers and sisters, and that was all that mattered to her. The summer of 62CE came along when she had her first love--a freedwoman by the name of Alba. N'Tombi was head over heels for her. Alba went to the bar often, and the two would chat it up. Alba had a husband, but she would often complain that she wasn't in love with him. One night, when Alba was frustrated about her husband, N'Tombi made her move and kissed her. It was mutual, and from there, they were a couple. For two years, N'Tombi and Alba had a secret affair. Alba never told her husband, and N'Tombi never brought it up. Her parents thought they were just friends. In 64CE, the worst thing imaginable happened: her mother was sick with tuberculous. N'Tombi and her three youngest siblings were sent to the countryside to be with her aunt and uncle for the summer. Four months later, N'Tombi received a letter that said both of her parents got the disease and had died, and that everything was given to her. When her aunt and uncle heard of the news, they offered to take care of Bosede, Dayo, and Jabari, but N'Tombi refused. She would take care of them on her own. When she got back to Rome, her flat was empty. It was just her, her siblings, and the bar now. N'Tombi had to grow up quicker than she imagined. She ended things, regretfully, with Alba. Alba never visited the bar again. In all reality, N'Tombi still isn't over the woman. Adulthood [58CE-Present] N'Tombi, at 20, was raising three children under six years old and owning a bar by herself. She would often have Bosede watch over the younger ones when she went to the market, but that was very rare. She was a good mother figure. She wanted the best for her siblings, and when she had to be strict, she felt bad. The woman was very good at multitasking, and fortunately for her, she had a lot of energy. She usually ran on five hours of sleep. She would teach the children how to work in the bar just like how their parents taught her. Unlike her when she was a child, her siblings were very respectful and professional to the patrons. They often used teamwork to get things done the older they got. She assumed it was because they too had to grow up quickly when their parents passed away. People would often ask why N'Tombi wasn't married. She's had several advances from men over the years, but she always rejected the idea. She was always too busy with the children or too busy with her bar. It was any excuse in the book. She usually preferred to have women in her bed anyways, though she also had the occasional man. Maybe she rejected advances because she actually was busy, or maybe it was because she wasn't over her first love. Now that her siblings are growing up, things are different. N'Tombi is less busy, Bosede is basically a man who takes care of himself, and her younger siblings are becoming their own individual person. She lets them go anywhere as long as they do their fair share in the bar. Her days of being a mother are long gone, though she still has the desire to be one again. She has many friends that surround her with company at the bar when the siblings are out and about, and she takes great care of her patrons. There are days though that she wished she could just up and leave to explore the Empire, though she doesn't know when that will ever be. Maybe once Bosede turns 18, he'll be able to run the bar for a few years while she travels, though that was just a fantasy of hers. She's still the curious, wandering child she once was, and her dreams have never left her. sydney | central | pm/discord
  7. Thelonius could not help but step lightly as he made his way through the many hallways that branched through Fabia’s home. To refer to it as a mere ‘home’ was like calling the Colosseum a mere ‘arena’. Estate? He did not know; she was so matter-of-fact about the wealth that surrounded them, even… humble, that once again, she had turned his entire expectation on its ear. One had to be wealthy to afford him, even for a night. He was one of the best gladiators in all of Rome, and the lanista made fucking well sure that the murmillo’s price reflected that fact accordingly. Fabia owned him. And if that was not enough, he had been given his own room. One he did not have to share. One that was his and his alone. He could stretch his arms out as far as he could and barely encompass the very center of it. There was room to pace, if he so chose to. He had a bed that was actually sized for his frame. He was even allowed to wear tunics… he had even been given them. There were no chains, and true to her word, he had not been whipped. There was food available to him whenever he wished (within reason), as well as water, both for drinking and for bathing. And she had only been his domnia for three days. It was difficult not to slink along, the feeling that he did not belong here amongst the wide pillars and open gardens very very present. Thelonius made sure not to touch anything he was not supposed to; if he broke something, it might cost more than what his life was worth ten times over. He hated that he could not shake this discomfort, this acute self-consciousness, but he gladly embraced it since it meant that he did not have to stay in that shithole of a ludus. Tonight was the first night he would spend here… and tomorrow would be his first actual meeting with the small human. It… he clenched his jaw and continued on his way. He pushed all of his uncertainty aside, straightening to his full height. He exhaled and by the time he reached the place where he had been requested to wait, he hoped that he at least appeared confident. Soon enough, too soon perhaps, Fabia arrived. Thelonius tensed, but he inclined his head forward in acknowledgement, bowing slightly. “Domina. You wished to see me?” He bit down on his tongue to stop himself from asking what he had done wrong. Fabia Costa
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