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  1. June 30th, 76 AD Alexius life had not been going according to the plan lately. Not that he ever really had a plan, but lately, things had just taken a wrong turn. Not that it was all entirely bad, not that he was bored or didn’t have any lovers or anything like that, but he’d been feeling strange. He couldn't really explain it. All he could hope was that tonight might help. It was now about half a year ago, that he went to talk to Thessala, or rather, let it all out in a good spar with her, that he found out about the event. Thessala had heard rumors that the gang who ran the Domus Venus were considering to put up a day and night of entertainment. A private night, an exclusive night and it wouldn’t just be the kind of entertainment that the Venus was famous for. No, it would be all sorts of things. Including gladiatorial games. It was going to be a big event! That was the first time he heard about it, back when Thessala told him what she'd heard. Then a month or so, he was invited to talk to them. It came out of the blue and he didn’t know what they wanted, it wasn’t like he wanted to be a bouncer at the Venus! Brothels were not really his thing, not at all, in fact. He always felt so bad for the women and men and boys and girls working there, forced to sleep with anyone instead of being able to choose, like he did. But the Venus didn’t want him to become a bouncer or a guard, no… they wanted to see him fight in an arena. And wondered if he’d fight a woman. Because they had managed to get a deal with a ludus about one of their most fierce and famous gladiatrices. With that, they gained his interest and then they also offered plenty of coin for his efforts. Alexius always felt like he was in need of coin. Good wine wasn’t entirely cheap, after all. And to always have food and wine in the home to offer guests, well, that was not cheap either. So he agreed to the deal. He’d fight as a gladiator again. Purely for entertainment, there would be no Caesar there to say one should live and one should die. They could draw blood, of course, and one would win and another would lose, but killing was not on the menu for the evening. You couldn't continue entertaining people if you were dead, after all... It was now a year since the most recent earthquake and apparently that was the perfect occasion to celebrate. He hadn’t really fought in an arena since he was freed, but everyone knew he’d never forgotten about it and he had even at times considered returning, for real, and not just for one night only. That’s what this was though. Now, he could barely wait. He'd worked hard and exercised to return to his former strength - and here he was. Dressed and armored as he’d been in the past, as a Murmillo… walking through the tunnel underneath the seats, the tunnel that led to the private arena. The tunnel that led to the roar of the crowd and a proper fight against a proper opponent. He couldn't help but smile. @Chevi @Sara @Sharpie @Liv
  2. DEMETRIUS 31 | July 44 CE | Gladiator | Retiarius | Bisexual | Original | Marwan Kenzari Personality & History Demetrius is a man of few words and keeps mostly to himself - this is the way he found to cope with jeers and snide comments from other gladiators who looked down upon lowly retiarii. He will join in on the hazing and bullying of new recruits in an attempt to fit in and divert attention from himself, but will also share tips and useful advice with the less arrogant newbies. Being a gladiator has led Demetrius to living in the moment and not making any long-term plans; living to take part in another match is enough of a goal for him. Every now and then he wonders what he would do if he were to earn a rudis and be freed, but most of the time he is painfully aware of his limitations in skill. Born verna in Saldae, Mauretania Caesariensis, Demetrius is the middle of three siblings. He doesn't know who any of their fathers are, nor did it ever bother him that much. Spindly and nimble from a young age, he caught the eye of a local lanista who bought him from his master at the age of fourteen. Demetrius spent his teenage years training as a retiarius; despite his agility he was never particularly strong, yet managed to learn how to use the net and trident of his class to a decent level of proficiency. He spent the following years fighting in the arena of his hometown, sometimes winning and sometimes losing but always surviving. A visitor from Rome saw potential in him, and at the age of 23 Demetrius found himself crossing the Mediterranean to the capital. His earlier successes were not easy to repeat, and Demetrius found himself bested often enough for his purchaser to regret his acquisition and sell him off to another lanista of less repute. In the new ludus the competition was less fierce and Demetrius found his mojo again, although facing off against gladiators from other ludi didn't always lead to victory. Nevertheless, his fortune seemed to have changed, until the fateful day where Demetrius suffered a bad fracture in a match. It took quite some time to heal and his balance wasn't how it used to be, leading to a much disappointed lanista. Almost two years on, Demetrius knows he will never be as good as he was before and how he was before wasn't good enough to be among the best, so he's grimly resigned himself to seeing his career in the arena come to an end soon - one way or the other. Family Father: unknown Mother: Viridia, slave Siblings: Balbina, Acacius (both slaves) EVENT FOR: Gladiatorial games 76 CE @Gothic
  3. Gothic

    This or That

    Chocolate or dark chocolate.
  4. Has anyone played this yet? I haven't got it yet.
  5. Gothic


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