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  1. The animal fights had just been concluded, with plenty of dead animals and even a few of the gladiators fighting the animals. Marcus had come without slaves and of course he had been fascinated and now watched equally fascinated as it was all dragged out, leaving behind a trail of blood on the sands before it was covered with fresh sand. Then the editor of the games stood up and spoke of what gladiators were to come. It would seem there would both be male and female gladiators and even a few deserters given a chance of redemption. Redemption! Hopefully they would die. If someone needed
  2. Gladiators sign up! Characters and Quick characters are both able to sign up for the event. We are looking for all types of gladiators. Experienced gladiators, newbies with their first fight and prisoners for execution. (Yes, Gladiatrixes are welcome!) What are the IC risks involved? Your character stands the risk of being maimed or death (if you consent to that as a possibility. Alternatively, you can list your character as one you want to die, too.) How many characters can you have involved in the event? As many as you like.
  3. Apollodorus 22 | 7 March52AD | Slave | Gladiator - Cestus | Pansexual | Original | Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Personality & History Apollodorus is the son of a gladiator and one of the household slaves. He grew up in servitude and considers it to be the norm. When he was a boy he got into a fight with another of the household slave boys. He had a vicious right hook and sent the other boy flying. He was flogged for his bad behaviour yet the Dominus saw fighting ability in him - along with the potential to earn coin through his winnings. When he matured he was placed
  4. Gothic


    Laran. Twenty-five | 2 April 49CE | Slave | Gladiator - Retiarius | Hetero | Original | Peter Mensah Personality & History Formerly he went by Lucius Afriananius before he had to sell himself in order to repay his gambling debt. It all started out small. A gamble here, a gamble there, and the desire to repay it all back. Just one win... Just need a big win. Unfortunately, it spiraled. He had no desire to ask his family for money or to ask one of the predatory gangs for another loan to pay back. He abandoned his family one day, and in shame went to the block. He found
  5. MARCUS CASSINUS. 25 | 22 July 49CE | Milite | Pleb | Bisexual | Original | Jai Courtney Personality & History Marcus' life before this point was quite average. He learned his trade and went into service to Rome through the legion once he was able to do so. His poorer background and lack of a trade kept him at Milite rank for sometime. Marcus did not know why he fled. He could have been executed in a variety of ways. If he had of been closer to the old legion he served in. He may have attempted to go back to the legion to face punishment. He thought himsel
  6. Lucius Baebius 20 | 15th August 54 | Soldier | Pleb| Bisexual | Original | Isaac Hempstead-Wright Personality & History Lucius is quiet and timid. He acts much younger than his years, and has always been the baby of his family. Many were surprised by his decision to join the military, as its completely at odds with his temperament. He is fearful of many things, and is easily anxious. His quiet nature fits with his weak body which has none of the muscularity of many Roman men, especially those in the legions. -- Born into a poor Plebian family, the fifth child (and
  7. What it says on the tin! The next event that is upcoming for us. Do you want Gladiatorial games or Chariot races? Handy notes! Members will be able to make Quick application characters to take part. You'll be able to say whether you are okay with injury, maim (lost hand, or eye, etc) or death. If you decide you want to keep this character. Please convert the application into the full one. Members will have a choice to go by a dice roll or by RPing it out. There will be areas for the nobles to hang out, gossip and maybe something spicy will happen.
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