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  1. Ambrosius 17 | Autumn 57 CE | Slave | Gladiator | Heteroflexible | Wanted | Gavin Drea ---------------------------------------------------------- Personality ---------------------------------------------------------- As a contemplative and introspective individual, Ambrosius is often “away with the fairies”, as his mother would regularly explain of his taciturn demeanour. He has exhibited a tendency towards obsessive compulsive behaviour from a young age, which has intensified as he has grown older. The deaths and losses of his family members has cemented
  2. Echo


    ANNIS 23 | 15 July, 52 | Slave | Gladiatrix | Heterosexual | Original | Gaia Weiss Personality. Annis is a clever mind. She isn't one to brag or boast about her skills, but rather to let her skills speak for themselves. In a crowd of people, she is more likely to stand on the fringes and listen and observe, rather than to engage in conversation, but she isn't unapproachable. She has simply learned that letting people talk makes it easier to learn about them. She is ambitious and driven, dedicated to her training as she always has been, and eager to gain patron
  3. October, 74 AD He had promised to come and spar with Thessala. And while there were some promises he sometimes had problems with keeping – like promising to be true to a wife, once – there were others he could definitely keep. Now of course he wasn’t married to Oriana, but he still knew she’d be very hurt if he betrayed her trust. They had a proper talk about it recently and at least now she was prepared though, wasn’t she? Although of course he’d do what he could to not hurt her. He wanted to make her happy, for as long as he could. But he also needed to do what made him feel good.
  4. Thessala vs Ino Two Amazons enter the arena for your entertainment! Both women are introduced as different areas of the crowd scream their names. OOC: Post your intros. Then wait for a staff member to post the dice roll result for the first poster. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Gladiators sign up! Characters and Quick characters are both able to sign up for the event. We are looking for all types of gladiators. Experienced gladiators, newbies with their first fight and prisoners for execution. (Yes, Gladiatrixes are welcome!) What are the IC risks involved? Your character stands the risk of being maimed or death (if you consent to that as a possibility. Alternatively, you can list your character as one you want to die, too.) How many characters can you have involved in the event? As many as you like.
  6. JULY, 74 CE Ambrosius awoke to the aching of limbs and the cold press of iron shackles against his wrist. He’d managed to achieve some desperately needed rest in the night, despite his stilted position and the makeshift mattress his cage wall provided. Upon noticing the slave stirring, a Roman soldier kicked at the young man’s shin and barked, “Get up!”. Ambrosius’ eyes fluttered a moment, before his face assumed an irked expression. If looks could kill, his captors would currently be the ones at his feet. The Romans would prove to be in no mood for games, as Ambrosius suddenly felt
  7. Was it strange, that he now almost enjoyed going to see gladiator games in the arena? Alexius used to be the one standing there. The crowd had cheered for him once, he had won so many times that they named him a champion. He had a reputation for killing and surviving, for putting on a good show and entertaining the crowd. And sometimes in the nights, he could be found entertaining men or women at the local taverns, when he went out to have a little fun of his own. Either they were brawls or a good lay. Or both. But everything had changed since then and Alexius had too. He was a freedman a
  8. KRATOS 27| 1st May, 47 AD | Slave | Gladiator - Gallus | Straight | Original | Vin Diesel Personality & History Kratos grew up in Greece as the youngest son to a baker and his wife. He was 6 years old when the Epirot Rebellion took place and his parents were on the wrong side. During a fight, his parents both disappeared - he assumes now that they died - and Kratos was taken captive along with his older siblings. All three of them were enslaved. They kept Kratos together with his older sister and by pure coincidence, they were bought by a baker in Rome. Here he grew up, swee
  9. What it says on the tin! The next event that is upcoming for us. Do you want Gladiatorial games or Chariot races? Handy notes! Members will be able to make Quick application characters to take part. You'll be able to say whether you are okay with injury, maim (lost hand, or eye, etc) or death. If you decide you want to keep this character. Please convert the application into the full one. Members will have a choice to go by a dice roll or by RPing it out. There will be areas for the nobles to hang out, gossip and maybe something spicy will happen.
  10. Ludus Dacicus The Ludus is currently seeking positions for the Ludus. If you have any ideas or suggestions please message me and help flesh the Ludus out. Feel free to send me a DM on discord or a PM on here if you are interested in any of these. The Lanista Gaius Vellius Age: 40-45 Personality: Rough, determined to earn more coin, not above sabotage. On good terms with Titus and has a good business relationship with him. He manages the Ludus on a day to day basis. Possible playby: Up to the player. Physical characteristics: Up to the player. Family: Married, oth
  11. Rana was new… well she knew that. There weren’t a lot of gladiatrixes here and their sleeping quarters were apart from the gladiators. But the training grounds were the same and she’d heard that some of the best gladiatrixes actually earned a lot of respect among the male ones too. Rana had never seen a gladiator fight in her life. She came from Germania and she had travelled Europe, mostly bound to her slave trader one way or the other. And then she arrived in Rome, which was truly as glorious as she had expected. But since she was a slave, she didn’t get to see the temples or the beautiful v
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