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  1. Annis


    ANNIS 23 | 15 July, 52 | Slave | Gladiatrix | Heterosexual | Original | Gaia Weiss Personality. Annis is a clever mind. She isn't one to brag or boast about her skills, but rather to let her skills speak for themselves. In a crowd of people, she is more likely to stand on the fringes and listen and observe, rather than to engage in conversation, but she isn't unapproachable. She has simply learned that letting people talk makes it easier to learn about them. She is ambitious and driven, dedicated to her training as she always has been, and eager to gain patrons and fans through her success in the arena. She is a skilled fighter as well, using her strength as well as her wits to win. With the little freedom she has, Annis can be impulsive in what she does, whether that's taking lovers or drinking excessively on her down-time. She misses her freedom, but she enjoys her work all the same. She is slow to form real attachments to people, not trusting the Romans to take that away from her, but when she does form an attachment to someone, it is for life. She is also loyal to a fault, willing to overlook the character flaws of people she loves. Appearance Annis is a quintessential Briton woman. Standing much taller than most Roman women, and some Roman men, the woman carries herself like a queen, with perfect posture. She has golden blonde hair and blue eyes as well as fair skin. Her usual attire is a tunic with leggings, and when she is in the arena, she paints her face with woad. Annis trains almost constantly, so she is muscular, though not overly so. She fights with a pair of swords. Family Father: Brennus Mother: Fedelmid Siblings: Wulfrun Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: Other: History Annis was born in a Britannia taken over by a foreign entity: Rome. Luckily, Annis's tribe was small and their village remote, so they had been largely overlooked by the Roman invaders. Brennus, Annis's father, was the leader of the tribe, while her mother, Fedelmid, was a warrior. Annis was the younger sibling of her older brother, Wulfrun, who was slated to become the next leader of the tribe. The girl's early childhood was spent happily enough. She learned important survival skills, how to ride a horse, and how to use a weapon. The village didn't have to worry about Roman soldiers too much, but that was soon to change. In 62 AD, Annis's tribe joined Eppitacos in his effort to oust Rome from Britannia. Annis was too young to join the battle, but Wulfrun was old enough, and Brennus led the tribe into battle. Annis was left behind in the village with the elders. For days, the tribe members that had been left behind in the village anxiously waited for news. Finally, word came. Brennus had died, along with many of the warriors. Wulfrun returned, barely eighteen, and became the leader of the tribe. The battle had been mostly successful, but not entirely, and there had been a large loss of life. Wulfrun had been trained well by his father, though, and managed to keep the tribe together, despite his inexperience. Annis continued her training, now spurred along by a goal of revenge against the Romans. She became proficient in many weapons, particularly swords, and when she turned sixteen, she decided to set out on her own and find her closure. She spent a year this way, moving from village to village, looking for ways to test her strength and exact revenge. When she was seventeen, she stopped in a village and found a group of young men and women in similar situations to her own, who wanted vengeance and to revive Eppitacos's efforts to oust the Romans. She spent another year with this group, moving around and fighting where they could. One day, when Annis was eighteen, the group decided to hit a Roman outpost, having grown in size. But the group had greatly underestimated the strength of the legionnaires, who soundly defeated the group with catastrophic effect to their numbers. Annis and a number of the more influential members were captured during their retreat. After being questioned for some time, Annis was sold as a slave to a ludus in Rome and sent on her way. Annis has made a name for herself as a gladiatrix, though it took some time to get her to fight. Now, she fights in order to gain her freedom and return to her brother and tribe in Britannia. Echo | EST | Discord or PM
  2. October, 74 AD He had promised to come and spar with Thessala. And while there were some promises he sometimes had problems with keeping – like promising to be true to a wife, once – there were others he could definitely keep. Now of course he wasn’t married to Oriana, but he still knew she’d be very hurt if he betrayed her trust. They had a proper talk about it recently and at least now she was prepared though, wasn’t she? Although of course he’d do what he could to not hurt her. He wanted to make her happy, for as long as he could. But he also needed to do what made him feel good. And fighting always made him feel good. At least fighting wasn’t being unfaithful, right? He’d enjoyed fighting ever since he learned it and now it had been a long while since he’d had a fight with another gladiator. Alright, so this one was female and so what? It wouldn’t be a first, for him. And she’d proved that she could fight very well, he’d seen her in the arena. It was rare that gladiatrixes actually got to kill one another, they were just there to entertain, but that didn’t mean they didn’t put in a lot of effort in their fights. Thessala certainly did. He hadn't dressed up today so much, as he knew he'd probably work up a sweat. Hopefully at least! He wore his short breeches and a dark brown tunica and some of his armor too, although not the full set, as it was too heavy and warm for this. He didn't own any gladiator armor anymore, after all, and that was usually made for fights like these. As he entered the ludus, it was kind of a strange feeling, but he shook it off. He couldn’t use such feelings for anything right now. He’d sent word to the lanista that he’d come and spar with Thessala for a fee. After he’d had a chat with the doctore – and given him a little bribe, so that he could take Thessala out for a drink after – Alexius went looking for Thessala. She was training with another gladiatrix and he smiled, leaning against the wall for a moment, watching her. That woman, she really was impressive, and not just her looks and her moves, but her entire expression. When the training match was finished and Thessala would turn his way, he waved at her with a playful grin, “Thessala! I hope you’re not too tired yet.” @Chevi
  3. Thessala vs Ino Two Amazons enter the arena for your entertainment! Both women are introduced as different areas of the crowd scream their names. OOC: Post your intros. Then wait for a staff member to post the dice roll result for the first poster. Good luck and have fun!
  4. Gladiators sign up! Characters and Quick characters are both able to sign up for the event. We are looking for all types of gladiators. Experienced gladiators, newbies with their first fight and prisoners for execution. (Yes, Gladiatrixes are welcome!) What are the IC risks involved? Your character stands the risk of being maimed or death (if you consent to that as a possibility. Alternatively, you can list your character as one you want to die, too.) How many characters can you have involved in the event? As many as you like. How are matches decided? Through the dice system or through player choice. Can I keep playing the character after the event? Yep, but on the AU or Back in Time boards only. Unless your character IC survives and you fill out the full version of the application. Who is getting paired? Generally people of similar experience levels will be paired against each other. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut you can request where you want to be placed. Experience adds to modifier. 0 - Prisoner. Weakened or a non-combatant. 1 - Healthy and strong but no combat training. 2 - Has experience fighting. 3 - Experienced and trained gladiator in that style. (Essentially, the modifiers limit the impact of the blows. ) Dice Roll. 1-Missed strike. 2- Cut skin. 3- Struck hard or knocked on the ground. 4- Broken bone. 5- Missed strike. 6- Struck hard or knocked on the ground. 7 - Missed strike. 8 - Broken bone. 9 - Missed strike. 10 - Cut skin. 11 - Badly maimed. (Loss of limb or an eye) 12 - DEATH. (If you don't want the character to die, it becomes an 11) A staff member will post the dice roll entry and players are able to react to it. Essentially, Bob and Todd are gladiators. Both of you do your openers. The first person who goes gets the first roll. So Bob gets say a 4. Bob is a level 1. That means Bob can choose to either get a broken bone or be knocked on the ground (a 3). Essentially, there is more choice to what happens. The rounds continue until someone either dies or is too badly maimed/injured, or 5 rolls each. If they are both marked for death, an NPC gladiator will come in and do it for the crowd. lol Example: A 3 is hit with a 12 and the player doesn't want to have the character die. There is no modifier. It becomes an 11. It is up to the player which limb or an eye is lost. If the character doesn't have the OOC no death clause. They die. Regardless of what level they are. Notes: A cut can mean something light, or more extreme where they will need stitches or something more severe. Depending on what the player wants. List of Gladiators! Character name: Thessala -app done- Associated Ludus: Ludus Magnus Experience: 3 Type of gladiator: Dimachaera Death: N Character name: Cira ExociaAssociated Ludus: N/AExperience: 1 Type of gladiator: DimachaeraDeath: However the die lands Character name: VopicscusAssociated Ludus: N/AExperience: 0 Type of gladiator: ThraexDeath: However the die lands Character name: Rana - app done- Associated Ludus: Ludus MagnusExperience: Less than a year Type of gladiator: Gladiatrix (style still to be decided)Death: N Character name: Kratos -app done-Associated Ludus: N/AExperience: 5 yearsType of gladiator: GallusDeath: However the die is cast... Character name: Gaius Hostilius.Associated Ludus: N/AExperience: 0Type of gladiator: Poisoner. Murderer.Death: Y. Character name: Marcus CassinusAssociated Ludus: N/AExperience: 2Type of gladiator: Military deserter. Death: However it happens. Character name: Laran. Associated Ludus: N/AExperience: 1Type of gladiator: Retiarius.Death: However it happens. Character name: Ascanius -app done- Associated Ludus: Ludus Dacius Experience: 3 Type of gladiator: Hoplomachus Death: N Character name: InoAssociated Ludus: Ludus Magnus Experience: 3Type of gladiator: DimachaeraDeath: Let the dice decide Character name: Lucius BaebiusAssociated Ludus: N/A Experience: 1Type of gladiator: N/A - military deserterDeath: Y Character name: VergillusAssociated Ludus: N/AExperience: 0Type of gladiator: Prisoner.Death: Open. Character name: Apollodorus. Associated Ludus: Maurtinus. Experience: 3Type of gladiator: Cestus. Death: Open. Character name: Basir the BloodyAssociated Ludus: Gallenius. Experience: 2Type of gladiator: Sagittarius.Death: Open. Character name: Momus -app done-Associated Ludus: Ludus GallicusExperience: 3Type of gladiator: RetiariusDeath: Let the dice decide! Character name: Ambrosius -app done-Associated Ludus: Dacicus Experience: 2 Type of gladiator: Thraex Death: N Character name: Manawyddan Associated Ludus: N/AExperience: 1Type of gladiator: Traex?Death: Y Bardr Associated Ludus: Ludus MagnusExperience: 3, going on 4Type of gladiator: tbdDeath: N Sign up form. Character name: Associated Ludus: Experience: Type of gladiator: Death: Y/N.
  5. JULY, 74 CE Ambrosius awoke to the aching of limbs and the cold press of iron shackles against his wrist. He’d managed to achieve some desperately needed rest in the night, despite his stilted position and the makeshift mattress his cage wall provided. Upon noticing the slave stirring, a Roman soldier kicked at the young man’s shin and barked, “Get up!”. Ambrosius’ eyes fluttered a moment, before his face assumed an irked expression. If looks could kill, his captors would currently be the ones at his feet. The Romans would prove to be in no mood for games, as Ambrosius suddenly felt a brutish and calloused hand upon his nape, wrenching him upward and using the momentum to thrust him forward, towards their destination. Making their way in to a long and dark corridor, with no candles to illuminate their way, Ambrosius would form a daisy chain with three other slaves and their legionary guards, so as to not lose their way in the sprawling and unfamiliar complex. Upon turning a corner and reaching the building’s atrium, they would be blinded with a sudden assault of light to their unaccustomed eyes. As Ambrosius’ vision adjusted to his surroundings, he took note of the opulence present within the structure he now occupied. Silk carpets, rich tapestries and marble busts littered the room, and a strong perfume struck his senses.The senior legionary addressed one of the household’s female slaves and demanded, “Go find your master, girl!” The legionary turned back to the assorted slaves he had accompanied and smirked, “Welcome to your new home, curs. If you survive that long.” @Brian
  6. Was it strange, that he now almost enjoyed going to see gladiator games in the arena? Alexius used to be the one standing there. The crowd had cheered for him once, he had won so many times that they named him a champion. He had a reputation for killing and surviving, for putting on a good show and entertaining the crowd. And sometimes in the nights, he could be found entertaining men or women at the local taverns, when he went out to have a little fun of his own. Either they were brawls or a good lay. Or both. But everything had changed since then and Alexius had too. He was a freedman and although he sometimes had considered returning the life of a gladiator, he hadn’t done it yet and now he had an actual job and a lovely mistress to care about. Was he falling in love? He wasn’t sure. But he knew he cared for her for more than just sex. He enjoyed spending time with her. And he grew jealous by the thought of her marrying someone else… even though he assumed it would happen anyway. It wasn’t exactly the easiest relationship he had ever been in, but he admired her and how could he not? Alexius enjoyed more or less any woman who’d enjoy him, even the sweet and innocent damsels in distress... but he had always had a certain liking for strong and independent women. His first love, Achillia, had been such a woman. He hadn't seen her in years, but how could he forget such a gorgeous gladiatrix who could fend for herself? Nowadays, there were still gladriatices. And he'd seen them and there was one especially who’d caught his gaze. Her name was Thessala and he’d not seen anyone like her in years! Man could she swing a blade and smirk afterwards with blood sprayed over her face in the most stunning way… he was curious about what she was like as a person and had decided he would meet her. Just because... well, he could! Alexius still had contacts in the world of gladiators and ludii, so one day after a fight in the arena, he was allowed back into the old and dark corridors underneath the arena. He only had to pay a few coins to be allowed, and it was more for show than anything else. Thessala would have been shown to a room of her own, probably unaware of whom she would meet. Gladiators and their female counterparts were often sold to wealthy romans for fun – he’d been through all of that too, once. But that wasn’t why he would meet her. He simply wanted to meet a gladiatrix who knew what she was doing. The guard led him to the right door and unlocked it for him and Alexius was allowed in. There was a faint light in the room and he glanced around, wondering which corner she was hiding in. And by the gods, he hoped they'd paid attention to what he said and had not put her in chains. He never liked that. He doubted she did. @Chevi
  7. What it says on the tin! The next event that is upcoming for us. Do you want Gladiatorial games or Chariot races? Handy notes! Members will be able to make Quick application characters to take part. You'll be able to say whether you are okay with injury, maim (lost hand, or eye, etc) or death. If you decide you want to keep this character. Please convert the application into the full one. Members will have a choice to go by a dice roll or by RPing it out. There will be areas for the nobles to hang out, gossip and maybe something spicy will happen. This is also perfect to drag your friendos who have been on the border about joining the site/how much time they have. Cast your vote, people!
  8. Ludus Dacicus The Ludus is currently seeking positions for the Ludus. If you have any ideas or suggestions please message me and help flesh the Ludus out. Feel free to send me a DM on discord or a PM on here if you are interested in any of these. The Lanista Gaius Vellius Age: 40-45 Personality: Rough, determined to earn more coin, not above sabotage. On good terms with Titus and has a good business relationship with him. He manages the Ludus on a day to day basis. Possible playby: Up to the player. Physical characteristics: Up to the player. Family: Married, otherwise, open. It is likely that he has a family. The Doctore Quintus Q.F Flavius Fortis Age: 50-55 Personality: Veteran gladiator, was freed and struggled in the real world. Came back the Dacicus. Possible playby: Ray Winstone. Physical characteristics: Scarred. Family: Up to the player. The Primus Ares Gladiator. Type of open. Age: 25-30 Personality: Bold, loves victory, skilled in combat. Possible playby: Manu Bennett. Physical characteristics: Tall, muscled, otherwise open. Family: Up to the player. The Medicus Aeschylus Slave. Age: 60 Personality: Wise, has seen many lives. Possible playby: Not sure. Physical characteristics: Grey bearded. Family: Up to the player. Other gladiators; are more than welcome whether they are in the early stages of training or who are veterans. Male and female gladiators are welcome. There would also be slaves, male and female who cook, warm the gladiator's beds as a reward, and otherwise be around them.
  9. Rana was new… well she knew that. There weren’t a lot of gladiatrixes here and their sleeping quarters were apart from the gladiators. But the training grounds were the same and she’d heard that some of the best gladiatrixes actually earned a lot of respect among the male ones too. Rana had never seen a gladiator fight in her life. She came from Germania and she had travelled Europe, mostly bound to her slave trader one way or the other. And then she arrived in Rome, which was truly as glorious as she had expected. But since she was a slave, she didn’t get to see the temples or the beautiful villas a lot. She just saw this ludus, so far. And she wasn’t even ready for the arena yet. She had to be trained, had to learn the proper techniques and had to build up some muscle. The first few days had been spent on the latter. She had been lifting what appeared to be logs from trees, although she could not lift the heavy ones yet. And she had been watching the more experienced female fighters in their training. It seemed rough, but Rana felt it was nothing she couldn’t handle. She wanted to do well, after all. She wanted to earn fame and glory, as she’d heard you could. If that’s all she was here for, then by gods that’s what she would do. Today the doctore had informed her she would start learning some of the basic techniques from one of the experienced gladiatrixes. In fact she would be learning from the champion – if there was a champion among the women, that’s the one Rana would learn from. She had to learn from the best, the doctore thought. And so Rana had woken and now she sat by one of the long tables, taking her breakfast porridge. So far she ate alone. She didn’t know anyone here. But she looked at the other females and tried to guess which one was the best. She thought it was the slender dark-haired one, the one with the captivating blue eyes. Rana had seen her train with the others and she certainly did seem to know what she was doing. Now Rana followed the woman with her gaze, as she appeared in the gladiator’s eating area and she almost forgot to eat her own porridge. @Chevi
  10. Gothic


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