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  1. Jullus tugged his thick cloak tighter to his body as he stepped into the cold mausoleum, alone. The stone building making things colder in the October brisk breeze, and his bones ached. Or maybe it was just his soul bleeding into his body. He rarely haunted the places where his family's ashes were entombed. He had no need for such sentiments when he could find traces of his father, mother and even his dead brothers in his young boys, their mother as well ... and the hint of what could have been if the second of this three boys had lived. His living daughter was a corporeal ghost that had been
  2. AULUS AVILUS GALERIUS 36 | 21 Junius 39 | Senatorial | Spymaster | Hetero | Original | Conleth Hill Personality Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, gentle man. His babyface invites you in, makes you feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Most are, to be honest. Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected, but less so would be those he works with and for. He does do his best work for them, regardless of his feelings, but if it came down to himself or them, then he would certainly choose himself. He is absolutely one that se
  3. SECUNDUS QUINCTILIUS VARUS. 47 | 6 March 28 AD | Paterfamilias | Senator | Straight | Canon | Carlos Bernard <> Personality. In public, Secundus seems to be friendly, but also well-mannered; a bit vain, perhaps, but ultimately somewhat charming, if stuffy. Outsiders are often surprised by the combination of senatorial poise and youthful exuberance, but not put off by it. It's only Secundus' family that sees just how unstable and temperamental he can be. He is a reclusive man. He lies easily, presenting one face to the public, and a less flattering one to
  4. 30 6 75 | @Gothic The year had not been kind to Cornelia in the recent months. The death of her cousin, chiseling off yet another member of her generation of the Cornelii, had been taken more harshly than she had expected it to. She hadn't been close to her Scipii cousins, not in the way she was with her aunt's children, but still it gutted her. So she had begun her plans to migrate south during the summer, to go their seaside villa down in Naples and bring some people from the eternal city with her. Plans that were set for mid July, her beloved doves in agreement with her that it was ne
  5. Caius Lupus. forty four | day month year | Plebeian | Fast food vendor | Hetroflexible | Original | Russell Crowe Personality. Loves to gossip and complain about how hard he works. He spends a lot of time complaining about the youth of today, and how there is no respect. Despite his lazy behaviour the rest of the time. Caius is hard-working when it comes to his business. He believes himself attractive to others yet his behaviour often means he is left without. Caius believes himself to be a true Roman, a proper Roman, and believes he knows everything about ho
  6. Octavius Flavius Alexander 40 | 16th April 33AD | Imperial | Occupation | Heterosexual | Canon | Ken Duken Personality. Octavius has matured over the years due to the passing of time and the tragic events that have followed him. Much of his optimism has faded over the years as the boy grew into a man. He is a loyal friend, often going out of his way for them and ensuring their safety. His love for his family is a recurring factor for Octavius. He is considerate and protective towards them, wanting both happiness and unity. He is a devoted father and uncle t
  7. Alaric Aetius Stilicho. 54 | 19th July 21CE | Equite| Praefectus Annonae | Heterosexual| Original | Kevin McKidd Personality. A man who both fought for and against the might of Rome. Alaric was once a Germanic Prince who fought against Rome. At one point; he was fiery, passionate, determined and wholeheartedly believed the Gods had chosen him to lead his people. In a fever dream from one of the rites, he had been told that he would sack Rome itself along with his brothers and lead his tribe to glory. He was reckless, ignoring the signs of what was and focus
  8. Claudia Corinthia 19 | 1st February 55CE | Imperial | Occupation | Bisexual | Original | Anna Valle Personality. Corinthia lives in a near constant state of agitation at her position in the world. She is angry at her father for failing, and her mother for her amorous pursuits and not being ambitious for herself. She has all her mother's beauty (although harsher) and her father's mind. Her positive traits are that she sets goals and follows through with them. While Corinthia may have sociopathic tendencies; she is blessed with a keen intellect and knows when
  9. CW: Talk of miscarriages. Flavia Juliana 31| 15th February 43CE | Imperial | Matrona | Bi-curious | Canon | Vittoria Puccini <image here> Personality. Gone is the young woman who constantly sought out the approval of her Father. The terror of the purges brought out a strength in her, while she suffers from the trauma endured and struggles to remember the exact events. She learned that she is resilient, determined, and ultimately a survivor. Juliana at one time was unable to bond with her father, she and her sisters were a sign of his lack of an abi
  10. Turia


    Turia Eighteen | 7th July 56CE| Slave | Cosmetics slave ( | Bisexual | Original | Filiz Ahmet Personality. Turia loves to flatter her clients. Her privileged position within a household depends on her Domina's favour, and she endeavours to keep it. She enjoys her work, highlighting the facial features of women and increasing their beauty. She lives to see their eyes light up at the sight of their reflection. (Completely unaware of the chemicals acting as a poison within the salves). Turia wears two faces. One when she is working; demure, quiet, polite, and dig
  11. Claudia Caesaris 17 | 28th November 56CE | Imperial | Princess | Bisexual | Canon | Hannah Megan Lawrence Personality. Claudia as she is known and called, was raised at a time of peril from her family. The memory of her mother was kept alive through listening to her deeds through her sisters, Antonia, Drusilla, and other women she had been close to in life, although they did not spend a lot of time with her. Claudia remembers her sister, Livia, and remembers the vipers as they circled around her before she fled with her. She views herself as the blood conne
  12. Claudia Gaia 33 | 14th June 40CE | Imperial | Matron (also Corinthia's warden) | Bisexual | Original | Stephanie Leonidas Personality. Gaia, or Χρυσανθη (Chrysanthe) as she was originally known as was not born with malice in her heart. Deep down, she believes that there is good in everyone and if you're nice to people they will be kind to you. Despite how many times the events in her life have proven otherwise. Gaia enjoys the fruits of life, having developed a taste for them and enjoys surrounding herself with beautiful people, and things. She is sensual, a
  13. GAIUS PETRONIUS AQUILIUS 70| 7th June 3CE | Equite | Writer| Heterosexual | Original | Morgan Freeman Personality. Gaius is highly interested in the world around him. The people. The places. Especially the people. Gaius is writing about the people of the Empire. It doesn't matter what the status or the occupation of the person is. If they have a story than he wants to tell it. Gaius is a loving family man, his home is often quite loud with many members living under one roof and at one time, he was a bossy father. Now, he has relaxed into his old age. Th
  14. Quintus Sulpicius Rufus. FORTY-TWO | seventh month 29CE | SENATORE | SENATOR | Bi-curious | Wanted | John Hannah Personality. He is quiet, unassuming, and at first glance he could be considered to be cold towards others. He has seen many men rise and fall. Despite this quiet, he will act behind the scenes to protect his own interests and to ensure the survival of his family. A political match that soon turned into a loving one, something that came to his surprise. At all times, he is polite and civil. Even when it comes to dealing with his foes. Quintus has an
  15. Pontia Comina. 48 | 1st/JAN/23CE | Senatore| Virgo Vestalis Maxima | Lesbian| Canon | LINDSEY DUNCAN Personality. She is traditional and devoted to the Roman Gods. In particular, to the Goddess Vesta and watches over her charges like a devoted mother hen. The last thing she desires is for one of them to be punished by an overly ambitious youth or for the Gods to cast down their wicked eye on Rome. Rome must always be in the Gods favour. She finds happiness and peace in her tasks. Is temperate and considerate where her duties are concerned. Despite coming fr
  16. MARCUS FALCO. Thirty-nine | 31st February 34CE | PLEBEIAN | CRIMINAL | Bisexual | Original | JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN Personality. Marcus is a man with little morality, or compassion for other human beings. At least, that is how he sees himself. As for vices, he indulges in dice games ( the reason why he descended into debt), prostitutes, and petty crime in order to get by. He is possessive, unwilling to share what he believes to be his, and often finds himself having difficulty to control his anger. He likes to rant and preach about the worth of "true" Roma
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