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  1. Mid May 75 AD - in the street, near the Domus Venus It was just another evening in the Domus Venus and Helios was waiting for his next patron to show up. He had been up all night last night, busy with patrons and clients and for some reason, he couldn’t sleep very well today. Which meant that tonight he was more tired than usual and now he sat in the main room of the brothel, dressed in a simple sleeveless tunica that he’d tossed over his head and with shining cuffs around each arm. His hair was put up in a high ponytail tonight, mostly pulled away from his face save for a few tresses for the sake of looks. He hoped the next patron wouldn’t demand too much and at the same time, he hoped they’d stay all night. And give him both their body and a lot of stories about their lives. He had already had one tonight and he wasn’t feeling up to that much. Maybe he was getting too old for this shit. He really needed to do more with his life. Dareios made him realize this, a few years back and he had not stopped thinking about it since. Freedom was a thing in his near future, he hoped. He watched with a cup of wine in his hand, as another client walked through the door and spoke with the matron. He wanted a girl. And girls were lined up and the man selected one and off they were. Helios hadn’t been lined up with others like that in years; he wasn’t that young anymore and he could offer more than just a body. He was more a courtier than an actual prostitute these days, but most people didn’t know the difference. On top of that, he collected secrets and sold them either to his mistress or to other people willing to pay for them. Secrets could be very valuable. Knowledge was valuable... and Helios was lucky enough to have a good memory. Helios emptied his wine and let the matron know that he would be on the streets for a bit, hoping to find work and a useful and interesting client or something like it, out there instead. Near the Domus Venus he leaned against a wall, watching everyone who walked by and hoped to catch someone’s eye or see someone interesting to follow. ((the thread is open, but please let me know first before you join)) ((the date is not set in stone, can be changed to June or April))
  2. Early December, 74 AD I ask for so little. Just fear me. Love me. Do as I ask, and I shall be your slave. It had been a week since he met the almost-too-sweet Nymphias, who had been lost in the wrong part of Rome. She'd almost been assaulted, but Helios didn't want outsiders to steal jobs from his colleague, so he had stopped the assault... and somehow earned her trust in return. He had also earned a few kisses and her having a crush on him. In fact he had earned his own little and oblivious informant in her! She was quite young, but that was not a problem. Helios lost his own virtue when he was younger than she, and the same went for many of the other prostitutes of the Domus Venus. The problem, if there was one, more had to do with her ignorance. She was so pure, that he almost felt he was mean. But only almost. She was so sweet and pretty and useful, after all. That meant he had no problem with leading her on, seducing her, making her want to talk to him again and tell him all of the secrets she knew... but probably didn't even know were secrets. Now a week had gone since he met her and he promised to return to wait for her, near her house, at the spot where they said their odd goodbye. He had tried to not think too much about her. She was just a girl, even just a slave, like him. She meant nothing and she wasn't even his. And yet she was, kind of, with the way she let him kiss her and the way she seemed willing to do anytihng he wanted her to do. And he could be anything she wanted him to be, in return for that. If she wanted him to be a romantic boyfriend, so be it. As long as she would put her trust in him and tell him her secrets and give him her lips and maybe even her body... for by the gods he had not asked for that, but he wanted to kiss her again and he wanted to touch her. Helios wanted her. And not just for what was in her head. It was a curse! Still he did it; he returned to the right spot, just around noon, and leaned casually against a wall while waiting. Today he was dressed in a better tunica than last time and he'd visited the thermae this morning to get clean. He had combed his long and golden locks and put half of it up in a ponytail. Calvunus had seen him as he left the brothel and asked whom he was charming, but Helios just laughed and went on his way. No one had to know about this. Now he could only hope the girl would actually show up... @Beauty
  3. Whenever he was given time for himself, Hector was never shy of being performative about it. Although he might not have openly screamed it from the hilltops, there was always a ‘notice me’ about him as he passed the other slaves in the domus by. At least in the past. With everything, he felt far too deflated to flounce about in self-importance. He had accepted Tertius’s word as law, but it didn’t necessarily cease his mourning. Instead, Hector simply left without his usual one-man parade. Before Charis, he might have needed a push to leave the home, he always happy to be more of a shadow than Tertius’s own shadow, but ultimately, he would not have thought anything of it but now, it pained him even more to do so. Even if Tertius was occupied elsewhere, he still felt like somehow Charis was sinking her talons into him. Hector usually tried to keep some degree of an exercise routine outside of tending to Tertius, which was arguably a set of exercises of its own, and that day, he took to walking through the streets of Rome in an effort to get his blood flowing. The fresh air, which was as fresh as the air of Rome could be, and the bright yellow Mediterannean sun provided some level of cleansing. In a way, he felt he understood the Greek adage ‘healthy in mind in a healthy body’. The soft breeze gently stayed his exasperation as he walked. Eventually, he found himself pausing where a cluster of people had gathered around, either leaning against columns or sitting back against white stone, to watch some performance by a small troupe in cheap coloured masks. Since arriving partway through the ordeal, the nature of the story completely evaded him, but he lingered out of curiosity due to laughter being emitted by some of the passers-by. One of the performers swished along the line of people before stopping just before Hector out of happenstance. They made a comedic statement before scuttling off and breaking into song, but the context was still lost on the slave with the most he could give in reaction was a curve of his brows and a blink in disbelief. “What was that supposed to be?” he commented, receiving a sharp ‘shh!’ from a nearby middle-aged woman, who he recognised from the nearby markets. She had pressed a finger against her lips and looked ready to tackle him if he made another sound. His eyes lifted up to the opposite end of the crowds and met with the familiar face of Helios, who was either watching or passing by. While Hector still admittedly held a grudge for his advancements on Tertius, he no longer considered it remotely in the same league as with the Briton. Circling the crowds, Hector approached the other man. “What a surprise, seeing you here,” he uttered in greeting, giving what was a brief smile. @Atrice
  4. Helios was on his way home from visiting one of his patrons – one of those who preferred and paid for Helios to come to him rather than the Senator visiting the Domus Venus. And Helios was fine with that, he enjoyed the fine beds such people had, all the luxury of their homes and their slaves serving him, because the patron would often demand it. And while he appeared to just be there for the man’s pleasure, of course Helios was constantly watchful of what went on around him, who came and who left in such homes and what did the patron talk about after sex? He was well spent though, as he walked home, late in the afternoon. Now he thought he might need a good rest in his own bed and maybe a trip to one of the baths, spending a single coin on getting a proper bathing session, and then he would get on with the job. He hadn’t been sent with any of the guards, not even lovely Calvunus or grumpy Marcus, so no one knew at what time he ought to be back. Helios supposed he could spend a little bit of time on his own. So on his way home to the brothel, he took a longer route that would lead him towards one of the public baths. Helios had just turned around a corner, he wasn't far from the baths now... but then he found himself fronting a familiar face. Charis, wasn’t it? The young Briton slave, whose secret he sold to her master not so long ago… oh he had kind of hoped not to meet her again, ever. Fuck! And there was no way she had not seen him. He could try and pretend though, although his look of surprise might give him away. He hurried his steps to walk past her, as if he didn’t really know who she was. Hopefully she didn’t know that he spoke to her master and hopefully her master hadn’t punished her too badly after the secret was out. Hopefully she wouldn’t even remember him. Hopefully… @Sara
  5. Gothic

    Eyes on me

    There had been many nights on and off with Calvunus. The Domina of the establishment gave him a reminder about the manners he was supposed to have in regards to the workers. The Domus Venus had a reputation to maintain. The best for the very best. Marcus had no desire to have his inners on his outside or be separated from his testicles. General guard duty was always relatively entertaining, as was finding or thinking of a worthwhile courtesan for an unsure client and the most irritating part was having to baby sit. Leticia and Vibia? He was only too happy to spend time with. Phaedo to a lesser degree. Unfortunately there was something about Helios that he could not escape, and everything the blond haired git did managed to irritate him. Marcus paused by Helios' door and peered in at him. He had to admit that Helios was attractive but there was something about the way he spoke, not to mention, the way Calvunus' gaze managed to linger for a little too long for his liking. It was strange, Calvunus and he shared many things. Many lovers they would spend time with or would share tales of apart. Why was it that Helios and Calvunus managed to get under his skin so much? He leaned against the door frame and folded his arms. "You're working tonight. So make sure you are clean and ready for guests." Marcus said. However, there was no need for him to tell Helios what to do. He paused, waited and his gaze remained to linger at Helios more. He tried to think of something to say or add. @Atrice
  6. Takes place a few days after Carpe Diem It was a day like any other, or so it seemed. Tertius had been at the Basilica Julia, functioning as praetor, doing his duty for the empire… and now after a long day, he had finally come home. Before he could relax though, he had to sit down at his tablinum and look over some numbers for the household. Hector came in and Tertius was pleased to see him, but he actually just had a message… Tertius had a visitor and Hector was clearly not too happy with the visitor. It turned out to be a quite handsome young man, with long blonde hair and pretty lashes and the most charming smile. Oh he could see why Hector would not like him. “Greetings… you are here to see me? What is your name and business here?” Tertius wondered from his chair behind the desk, looking up at the blonde male beauty. “I’m Helios from the Domus Venus. Yet I am not here in my function as a slave there. I have news for you, Tertius Quinctilius Varus, about one of your slaves. News it would be wrong of me to keep secret from you.” The blonde slave said, “May I sit, Dominus?” Tertius looked him over, arching a brow at the odd words about news and secrets… concerning one of his slaves. “You may sit. So what are these news?” Tertius wondered, and Helios sat down comfortably in the more humble chair on the other side of the table. “See, I can’t tell you yet. Nothing is free in Rome, Dominus. I came here because I felt I had to. But the secret is mine to keep, until you have paid me.” Helios said and Tertius sat up straighter in his chair. Did this slave just dare to attempt blackmailing him? Yet it wasn’t his slave and harming another’s slave could turn even more pricey. He could of course just send Helios away, but then the idea of not knowing the secret would gnaw at him… it already did. “You have quite a bit of nerve, Helios. Coming here, telling me of secrets first and then payment before telling.” Tertius said, clearly not pleased with the situation. Helios however remained calm in his chair and then he dared to smile, even. “I know. It’s what I do, Dominus. Well part of it. I could do other things for you as well, but that would also come with a price. Yet I am not here for that… unless you want it, of course.” He added with a smirk, pushing a strand of long, blonde hair over his shoulder. Oh gods, Tertius thought he was very handsome! He almost reminded Tertius of his former body slave Anteros, who also had long, blonde hair and was way too tempting and daring for his own good. “I am pleased with what I already have. Now tell me your price… for the secret.” Tertius said and Helios told him. It wasn’t cheap, that’s for sure! Tertius sighed and promised payment, but Helios would see the money first. Tertius called for Hector to fetch his private purse and once retrieved and prostitute paid – Tertius leaned back as Helios counted the coins. He seemed pleased enough with the amount.
  7. It had been a few weeks since the incident with Calvunus, Helios and the stray dog that ended up biting Calvunus. His leg had healed a good bit since the incident and already the day after, Helios had been ordered to stop watching Calvunus and get back to work. He wouldn’t gain any coin by sitting by Calvunus’ side. And so he’d gone back to work and everything was soon back to normal, well almost. In the beginning, his friend or whatever he was, didn’t do much work – he simply wasn’t able to. But he had begun moving more and more around and just because he could move, didn’t mean Helios had many chances to talk to him. He wanted to know how he was doing and if he could do anything for the man who might have saved his life. But there just hadn’t been any chance for anything yet and feared things might turn awkward. Today was the same as always. The night had become late and Helios had fallen asleep with one of the patrons by his side. Now the sun had risen though, it was far up and it was almost midday. He woke the patron and made sure he was sent on his way. Then Helios made his way to the bathing and cleaning area of the brothel and he combed his hair with his fingers on the way. He’d just thrown a loincloth around his waist; it didn’t matter. Most workers here were asleep or out doing their daily things; most were not working these hours. And besides, they all knew him. Helios had been here so many years he was considered a very steady part of the brothel. As he left the bathing area, feeling much better after getting cleaned up after last night, he went to the kitchen and dining area. There was some kind of porridge on the fire and he scooped a bit up into a bowl. He didn’t see any butter or any of the kitchen workers around though; what a sad way to break the morning fast, but that was just how it was. He sat down by a table in the corner of the kitchen and enjoyed the silence – until it was broken and someone else entered the kitchen. Calvunus came humping in and Helios looked up at him, pretending to ignore the injury for now, “How nice of you to show up and keep me company.” He said and added playfully, “You know I don’t mind.” @Gil
  8. Mid-March, 74 AD - at the Temple of Apollo Sosianus Helios stood quietly before the grand temple dedicated to Apollo Sosianus – or Apollo Medicus. He had with him a bunch of flowers, although they weren’t the prettiest. It was still cold and winter in Rome and Helios could not acquire better flowers than these at the moment. He’d also brought with him a honeycake he’d bought at a nearby marketplace and this was the best he felt he could do. It was his fault Marcus Calvunus, the bouncer and guard of the Domus Venus, had been badly injured and Helios would do all he could to help him. So as any good Roman, even if he was not born here, he would go and sacrifice and pray to the right god. The Campus Martius was an interesting place to be at and here in the Circus Flaminius there was a lot to look upon. Many temples, placed side by side… and right next to this one, dedicated to a god of healing, was a temple dedicated to Bellona, goddess of war. How… convenient, Helios thought to himself, although he was not much of a fighter and he’d been of no use when Calvunus was attacked by that hound. He climbed the steps and moved into the faint light inside the temple. There was a statue of the Greek god here, and he stopped for a moment, looked up at it. He glanced to see if anyone were watching him, but he couldn’t see anyone here. There were probably priests and slaves working here, but they were hiding. And so he stepped up to the altar and placed his flowers and the honeycake on said table, which was lit with candles and there were many other offerings besides his own. Then he looked up at the statue again, “Hear my words, Apollo, god of medicine. I know it’s not much… but if these gifts are appropriate… then please see that my friend Calvunus gains full recovery of his leg again. Let it heal right, let him be well again. That is all I ask. Please.” It had only been a day since that fateful night and the medicus could not yet promise Helios all would be well. So this was the best thing he could do. He could have asked something for himself too, something more. Apollo was much more than a god of medicine, after all. But Helios hadn't thought that far. His thoughts were on his friend, and he had to feel better again. There was a marble bench by a wall in the temple, and Helios went to sit down to think a bit. It was rare he was this gloomy and thoughtful, but seeing Calvunus hurt like that touched something in him; something that was rarely touched, since as a whore, Helios was not supposed to feel anything for anyone he served. But he had friends and people he cared about. And when they were hurt, he was worried. This time more than usual.
  9. Atrice


    HELIOS. 28| 47 AD | Slave | Prostitute | Bisexual | Original | Brad Pitt Personality. Helios has lived most of his life as a slave and barely remembers free life – but at the moment, he lives a rather free life as a slave, actually, or so he thinks. He’s quite confident and believes that although he is a slave, he can rise higher in the hierarchy among his own. After all, he gets pleasure (and sometimes pain), he gets to leave the domus unattended and he always returns. Why shouldn’t he? It’s his home. Helios is known to be a good and obedient slave, but within there are some unspoken desires to become more. Of course he knows freedom can be earned, but while he does not have the life he would prefer, it is much better than what it used to be. So far he has made from ordinary house slave, to prostitute and then to someone who is something like a spy or a messenger. Lately he has begun to desire freedom after all and he has begun saving up for purchasing said freedom. But it takes a while and there is so much to do.He has a smooth tongue, knows how to address different people and is good at reading people to guess what they want from him – so that he can get what he wants from them. Helios can be a good friend to have and a powerful ally, despite being a slave. But he also knows how to pull the right strings if someone crosses him. To the other prostitutes, he’s a good friend and takes good care of anyone seeming weaker and more fragile than he – and especially those who are treated much worse than he. Helios prefers justice to people he call friends, but he also knows it's not always to be found in a brothel. Still though, he tries.Sometimes he has nightmares - about fires and screams and the image of a woman, telling him to hide, only for large men with weapons picking him up while crying. When he's awake, Helios never thinks about this and he has little thought for his childhood in Britannia... but apparently it is still there sometimes when he sleeps. Not every night, but sometimes. Appearance Helios is somewhat tall compared to most Romans around him. He has a rather masculine build, slender and fit – yet still there seems to be something feminine about the way he moves and the way he looks at you at certain times. He has blue eyes, often seeming playful or kind, wanting to charm the world around him. His hair is dirty blonde, in the summer entirely blonde, as he makes sure to get out, get a tan and let the sun brighten the hair during the day time. Helios keeps the blonde hair long and often loose, as his master believes this attracts more clients for him, than if he wore a more masculine hairstyle. In the brothel he often just wears a simple loincloth and perhaps a few pieces of jewelry, or he’ll wear a simple and short, light brown tunica, only just covering his most intimate parts. When he is out and about in Rome, hired to be a companion for a noble or hired for a party, he wears whatever he is told and given to wear. Sometimes he shaves, sometimes he don't - that depends on what his most important next client prefers. Family Father: Bear (dead) Mother: Hertha (dead) Siblings: N/A Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Anyone working at the Domus Venus or Elysium brothels Other: Current Mistress: Titania Novella History CHILDHOOD [47-58 AD]: Helios had another name when he was born, but he does not remember it. He was born in Britannia, but the attacks from the Romans upon his tribe grew worse and worse. Helios does not remember much from his early childhood, other than playing in the middle of the village and wandering off to the forest, only to be picked up by his mother telling him not to stray. There were dangers outside the village. Eventually, danger entered the village. Helios was just 5 years old and his mother had him hidden in the stable of their house, when the Romans came. He never saw his parents again. Instead the Romans found him and took mercy on the young child and brought him with them, to make him into a slave. A slave trader took care of the boy and brought him the long way to Rome. Now 6 years old, the boy was sold to a wealthy Roman, but didn’t understand the language and missed his parents. An older female slave took him under her wing and cared for him as his substitute mother. Eventually he learned the language, he learned to carry out the jobs he had and most importantly, he learned how to avoid the whip or a beating. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [58-66 AD]: Helios, as the boy had been named, grew to be a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. The youngest daughter in the household was about his age and they had become friends as children, but now the father didn’t care for the friendship. He feared for what would happen. And so Helios was sold, just like that. His new owner, Lucius Armenius Valerius, had a brothel, Elysium. First Helios was to just serve the whores and their clients, but when he was 14 years old, his master thought it was about time the boy was broken in as a prostitute. He lost his virginity to his master first – he would never have thought it, but a man was the first he slept with in a bed. It hurt a little, but it was actually not as bad as he expected. And he just had to get used to it. At least this was what his master told him, so there wasn't much to do about it. He better just get the best out of it, if he could. Soon Helios was used to the looks the men gave him and the care – and sometimes abuse – they showed him. This was his lot in life though and he had to live it. He also slept with women and did what he could to figure out what they wanted, for they were often quite different than the men; often more romantic and the sex he had with them was not the same as with the men. He became better at serving in bed, guessing what his clients wanted even before they said it. Meaning that sometimes he was given presents, coin and jewels and nicer clothes, and so he worked on pleasing them all even more. Eventually he was moved into the Domus Venus instead of the Elysium. Still though, this was not how he had imagined life to be. Helios did not want to just be a whore. ADULTHOOD [66-75 AD]: He was 19 years old, when he spoke to his mistress about the matter. At this time, his old master had moved on in life and the brothels had been passed on to a new owner, so he had a mistress instead of a master – one he hoped he could influence more than his former owner. Helios spoke charmingly about how he had strong arms and legs, how he was still good looking, how he was good at talking and sweet-talking and how he could be useful in other ways than just pleasing the clients. The owner agreed to let him try; he managed to sneak out secrets from the Romans and told them to his owner, who made good use of the secrets and made sure no one knew they came from the mouth of young Helios. It meant an upgrade in his lifestyle. He was given a better room and better clothes to lure in better and more important clients. He now sometimes works as something like a courtier; a companion for wealthy Romans – both women and men - to parties and such. Here he can both please the client and watch what is going on among the upper classes. He works both as a skilled prostitute, but he’s also a spy and messenger for his mistress and her associates. Helios, now 28 years old, has begun considering the option of freedom in his life after all; a friend of his set him on this path. He has now begun saving up his earnings to eventually buy his own freedom, although he will likely continue working for the brothel or something like it. He has aspirations to become a real spy for someone of importance, but so far, those are only dreams. So far, he collects all the secrets he can and sells them for a price, no matter the cost for anyone else involved. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord #7964
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