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  1. Early December, 76AD It felt like it had been forever since that party in November. She had tried her best to be a good daughter to her father and her family in general. She went to the social events they wanted her to go to, she socialized, she’d even met with her cousin Horatia, which had been interesting. After that she’d been a bit more careful, because Horatia now knew a secret of hers. She hoped her cousin wouldn’t tell, but why would she? What would Horatia gain from ruining Sosia’s future, by telling her family that Sosia was in love with Tiberius? Nothing, she thought. And so she hoped it was still a secret to anyone, what happened that night at the party. Now that was another reason to try her very best to be a good daughter and honor her family. Yet she could not forget the way Tiberius kissed her, the way he held her and the words he said to her. He thought her pretty and sweet… and he liked her. And he kissed her. And said he’d never forget her and they’d see each other again. Already before they kissed, he’d promised her that he would show her the gardens of Sullust and she hoped he would keep the promise. He said he would not forget. He said he wanted to see her again. But when? Then suddenly there was a messenger from the palace. For her. Tiberius had a date set and she was invited to join him for a walk in the gardens. She could barely wait. But what to wear? Gods! Oh she prayed to them too, asked them to help her, asked them to make sure she’d stay on the right path today. But she also prayed that Tiberius still liked her. Despite that her father had set up more than one meeting with possible suitors, wealthy and older men, who were probably nice, but… they were not Tiberius. But the day came. A day in the gardens in the winter. She dressed in a light blue gown and wore a light yellow palla with it. A few pearls, and she had her body slave Helia bring her a few evergreens to decorate her hair with. She wore the green leaves almost like a crown on her hair. Her body slave told her she was very pretty and she believed it. Then she went to meet Tiberius outside the gardens. Helia came with her, and a guard too, but they promised to keep their distance. She wished they didn’t have to come, but her father said anything else would be improper. Now she stood there, waiting. Hoping. Sighing. Until she was distracted by a rare flower, growing just near the gates to the gardens and she crouched down to pick it, maybe to decorate her hair with. @Sarah
  2. October, 76AD She had been in Rome a few months now and only had a brief encounter with her cousins when they first came to Rome. She really should spend more time with them, her brother said so too. Especially since she knew so few people in Rome. Plus, her cousin Horatia would be a good relationship to cultivate, because her husband was one of the current Consuls of Rome. So a date had been decided and Sosia was placed in a litter and sent across Rome to meet with Horatia Justina. It didn’t take too long though and a slave gave her his hand to help her out of the litter. She thanked him gently and reached to pick up a small package, a present for her cousin. Dressed in a light yellow chiton, with a light purple chiton and with purple flowers stuck into her hair, as she liked it, she entered the beautiful home of Horatia and Aulus and waited patiently in the atrium for her lovely cousin to appear. Everything seemed so calm and nice here, she thought. As if the home was bathed in a soft and soothing light. Her cousin had been lucky to marry such a good and ambitious man. She only hoped she could do the same one day. @Sara
  3. September 76 AD It was still pleasant out, though a little brisker than the height of summer, but warm enough that the gardens could still be enjoyed in the evening, the spaces set aside for the party warmed by strategically placed braziers and lit by taller torches. They gave a flickering light, sometimes gentle and sometimes casting odd shadows, but adding a playful and at the same time primal air to the event. Invitees had never-the-less been encouraged to bring a warm cloak, toga or palla, just in case. But it was meant to be a relaxed evening, not a stuffy, formal event. In his ponderings over the illnesses of Caesar's past, Tiberius had developed a hypothesis that one potential cause could be stress, and so this evening was meant to be something of a stress relief, a fun and fanciful time with friends, particularly for Titus. He'd invited their siblings and cousins, along with their peers. None of the older generation, whom he'd been accustomed to thinking of as the 'adults', because suddenly he and his were adults. There would be other, formal events for all generations in the near future, he was certain. Food had been organised, not a multi-course, reclined cena but rather platters of tasty, nibbly delicacies, carried by slaves or placed on strategic stone tables. Other slaves carried pitchers of wine, ranging from the vinyards along the Tiber through to Greek vintages, and elegant glass cups were available to drink from. Tiberius had asked Marcus Junius Silanus to organise entertainment, and already a flautist was playing a merry tune by one brazier, whilst nearby a juggler tossed coloured leather balls in increasingly complex patterns whilst balancing another on their nose. The layout of the gardens meant that there were several spaces, corners for conversation or the central area for lively conviviality. Here and there Praetorian Guards were unobtrusive in the shadows, keeping an eye on their Imperial charges, whilst more screened entrants at the gates. Once inside, the gardens seemed almost magical. (OOC: Open to: Characters under 30, of Imperial or Patrician class, as guests Slaves of guests Hired entertainers.)
  4. September, 76 AD She could barely believe it when it happened – but suddenly she saw Eucleia’s tail disappear out the front door to the domus and the dog was gone. Her father and her brother were not at home. It was just Sosia and the slaves. What should she do? She had to find her dog! She could not imagine not having Eucleia, she’d had the dog for four years already and she loved her. And how on Earth did she get out? Who left the door slightly open? With a heavy sigh, Sosia opened the front door on her own and looked out into the late afternoon, “Eucleia?!” She yelled, but the dog did not come. She looked over her shoulder and then she wrapped her palla around her and went out. And closed the door behind her. She still stood just on the front door step to the street. She hadn’t said anything to anyone. It was kind of embarrassing, that her dog had run away and no one but her cared so much about Eucleia. They would not go looking for her. Where could she have gone to? She stopped an old lady walking by, asking if she’d seen the dog and she thought she’d seen a blonde dog running around a nearby corner in a certain direction. Sosia thanked the lady and began walking, occasionally calling out for the dog that did not show up. She kept asking people if they’d seen Eucleia and a lot of people had noticed the beautiful and well-groomed dog running around. Finally she spotted the fur walking down a narrow alley behind some houses. Sosia followed Eucleia. This time the dog turned its head when she called. It was indeed her dog! She finally managed to put a leash around the dog’s neck and then turned around. But where did she come from? She didn't recognize any buildings. Now she could really use Davus to help her figure it out. Or even Tiberius. But none of them were here and the sun was setting. She was lost. In Rome.
  5. September, 76 AD Sosia was busy in Rome, trying to find a way to please her father and her brother. Although it had never really been an issue before, suddenly it was a huge issue that they found a husband for her, before she reached the age of 20. Apparently it was best to get married at a young age, so that you could have plenty of children while you yourself were also strong and healthy. Sosia didn’t mind children, they were sweet, but it was hard to imagine herself as a mother. She had already visited the Aedes Vesta recently, to make a sacrifice, and now the turn had come to ask Minerva for help and guidance too. Minerva covered a great many subjects, so it was easy to find a reason to visit her temple. And wasn’t it beautiful? She thought so when she stepped out of her litter, into the bright sun of this September day and looked up at the temple. It still wasn’t really cold, but you could sometimes feel a cool breeze, different from the summer heat in Rome. She pulled her palla around her and waited for her slave to hand her the sacrifices she’d make. Once again she had managed to find beautiful flowers for the goddess and in a cloth was a carefully wrapped small almond pie. Quietly she climbed the stairs alone, holding the palla in place with one hand and the offerings in her other. She had no free hands. And it all went well. Finally she could step into the faint light of the temple, although she could see nothing as she approached the entrance. Outside it was bright and light and to her it seemed to be pitch black inside, which it of course wasn’t. She walked in. Or, almost. Because on the way in, she walked straight into someone leaving the temple. They were almost the same height, so it was only good fortune that they didn’t butt heads. Sosia however stumbled and to balance herself she let go of the palla, which fell off and down the steps behind her. Despite that, it was natural for her to be the one exclaiming an apology, “Oh, oops, I’m so sorry! I hope you’re alright!” She said, looking up at the young man, who was still a stranger to her. @Sarah
  6. HORATIA SOSIA 18 | 4th July, 58 AD | Senatore | Noble lady | Openminded | Wanted | Emmy Rossum Personality Horatia Sosia has spent most of her life in the countryside and knows very little of city life. She is openminded and curious, eager to learn and usually very gentle and sweet with most people – and animals. Her mother has sometimes said that her love for animals is greater than her love for humans, but maybe that’s because she just hasn’t met a lot of them, who weren’t slaves or family. She would love to make friends and she would be loyal and kind to them. That, however, also makes her easy to manipulate. Because of her life in the villa she is still quite naïve and innocent. She has been in love a few times in her life, but they were nothing more than teenage infatuations and nothing was ever allowed to grow serious, because her parents watched over her very carefully, as she is the only daughter in the family. Sosia is still very much a dreamer and a romantic at heart and she has not been properly prepared for social life in Rome. Yet now she must adjust to it. Appearance Horatia Sosia is fairly tall for a Roman woman, standing just about 5’6” tall on her flat feet. And she does like them flat, often planted in slippers and at home she will prefer bare feet, to feel the stone and the earth underneath them. She has long, brown and often wavy hair, that she prefers to decorate with flowers or something else related to nature. Her eyes are light brown and often with a kind glance to them. Her skin is slightly tanned due to her preference to spend time outdoors and she has a slender figure. She prefers wearing light and natural colors. Family Father: Gaius Horatius Justinius the Elder (60) Mother: Valeria Sosia (56) Siblings: Gaius Horatius Justinius the Younger (35) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Uncle: Marcus Horatius Justinius Cousins: Publius and Lucius Horatius Justinius and their sisters Livia and Horatia Justinia Other: Related to the Quinctilii-Varii and the Calpurnii-Praetextae through her cousins History In 58 AD Sosia is born as the last and unexpected child to her parents. Her brother is many years older than her and between Sosia and her brother are a few miscarriages or stillborns. Valeria expected the same to happen with Sosia, but the child was born alive and thrived. She does not remember much from her early childhood in the domus in Rome, except for loving to play in the pool in the atrium and being dragged out of there. She also remembers a kitten she had, its name was Narcissa. Sosia more or less grew up in the countryside. They arrived when she was almost 4 years old, due to the Civil War in Rome in 62AD and when it ended, the entire family sometimes travelled back to Rome with her father and brother. Mostly though, Sosia grew up in the villa and she liked that very much. To her, it felt more free and open than the city of Rome, where there were too many people. She learned how to read and write and enjoyed spending time in the gardens and even the rest of the property too. The stables were one of her favorite places to be, where she’d spend time with the animals, learn how to ride a horse and she befriended some of the younger slaves around her own age too. When she was 12 years old, there was a stableboy who charmed his way into her young and pure heart. Sosia was very much a dreamer and a romantic though, and didn’t understand his advances towards her body. Luckily, her mother did, and the slave was sold before anything but a kiss happened to Sosia. She was heartbroken at this very young age, but thanks to a new litter of kittens born the same summer, she made it through and forgot about her sweet friend again. Even at the villa though, she fell in love more than once and as she grew older and understood more and more, she grew more curious too. She was eager to learn. But her mother watched her like a hawk and when her body transformed from a girl and into a young woman when she was 14 years old, her mother forbade her to spend time with any man who was not her brother, her father or otherwise related to her by blood. And they weren’t always near. Good thing Sosia still had the female slaves, her horse and her cats and her dogs and all the other animals at the villa. They became her closest friends. They still were, when she turned 17 and her father had begun growing serious about finding a husband for his daughter. There were few young men in the countryside that he thought suitable and after a few letters sent back and forth between the villa her father’s friends and family in Rome, Sosia followed her brother and father into Rome and settled down in the domus there again, just after her 18th birthday. Wondering what she was supposed to do now. Make friends, her brother said. Find a husband, her father said. Sosia had no idea how to do any of those things in Rome. At least she brought her favorite dog, Eucleia, with her. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or at Discord
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