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  1. Late February, 77AD Things were progressing at the brothel, although a bit slowly. But upstairs, he had workers who were busy mending the roof of the place properly. So the highest floor wasn’t in use at the moment, until that was fixed. Some of the girls had to share their simple rooms. Which honestly wasn’t too bad, because Lucius naturally made some profit from that. With certain girls, you got two for the price of one! And it was quite popular, which Lucius enjoyed. The coins that he gained, of course. Once the workers had finished the roof, they’d continue with the rest of the building and the cells where the girls slept and worked also needed to be fixed, at least some of them. And once he’d made enough new profit, they’d have new pillows and blankets, but such were expensive, so he had to wait. As long as he was making money though, all was well. The kitchen had been cleared out too and that would be working soon too. And the girls had been divided into smaller groups, so it wasn’t all of the girls who were given to patrons who liked to hurt them. Meaning some of them were no longer bruised and that was good too. All in all, he was quite satisfied. But he needed more guards and bouncers and he needed some strong men to do the dirty work, when that had to be done. So he’d let it be known, that he was looking for people. And he kept his eyes open too; after all, sometimes there would be visitors at the brothel, who matched what he was looking for. And he saw just that now, as he was leaving his office and closing the door behind him. Out from one of the rooms down the hallway came a man, who seemed just about perfect. Almost. If he was younger, it might have been even better, but Lucius could not really be picky, he wasn’t young himself, after all. He approached the man with a friendly smile, “Greetings! I hope you got what you came for and enjoyed it too!” @Faustus
  2. January, 77 AD Lucius knew the area well. This was where the infamous Gardens of Sullust were to be found and the hospitia he stayed in, was here too. He planned on settling down on the Quirinal Hill with his wife and the kids and a good amount of slaves too of course. They had a good home in Hispania and they were going to have that here too. A large enough domus for two busy parents and three growing children. Armenia would soon be ready to marry off and he hoped that he could find a future betrothed for her here in Rome. He was betrothed to his own first wife, when she was just 12 years old, after all. But he didn’t meet her until a few years later. And was it here, in the gardens, that they met? He could barely remember and he hadn’t been married to her for very long either. Then Leontia entered his life and she was a good wife to him. In the beginning it was hard, because she had not known she was to marry a brothel master like Lucius, but she learned to tolerate it and today, there was no issue with it. She even helped him and she had given him three living children. He couldn’t have wished for more in a wife. Yet she was far away and he was right here. There were plenty of other women in Rome though, and men, and Lucius was here to see if the city and its people would be useful to him once more. He'd grown, while he was gone. And not just in age, but also in coin. He'd bought a few honey cakes and brought them with him to the gardens. There weren’t a lot of flowers in the gardens at this time of the year, but it was always interesting to walk through them. There was a shrine here dedicated to Venus and he sat down on an old fallen stone pillar near it, not because he really had anything to say to the goddess, but more because he was curious who else might show up here. As he sat there, he unfolded the cloth he'd carried the honey cakes in. Just as he picked up the first piece to eat it, he heard footsteps on the path towards the shrine and looked up to see who was coming this way. He was intent on always keeping his eyes open and staying alert. You never knew whom you might meet and when they'd be useful to you, after all.
  3. January, 77 AD He was not looking to move to the Esquiline, because there were homes on the Quirinial Hill that were closer to the Absidata. And if he was going to have a brothel in that area, he wanted to live close by. Although since he currently lived in a hospitia, he toyed with the idea of opening his own and maybe with some additional services to those who stayed there. That’s if he didn’t choose to buy the Elysium back, which was still something he considered. He hated that it had fallen into disrepair like that, that it looked so bad. His childhood home, ruined for good. He hadn’t returned since that day he encountered Ione though. Rome was a huge city and he had many places to revisit and much gossip to pick up. One old comrade, or whatever you’d call him, had moved ranks too and had friends higher up too. He suggested Lucius should join him at this party he was invited to, said there’d be all sorts of people, high and low. It was in a private home on the Esquiline though, so there he went. Wearing his best clothes, a knee-long tunica and a toga, mostly in dark blue, which suited his eyes and his slightly greying hair well. Once inside, he said his goodbyes to Publius, who brought him here and they might catch up more later. They already had a drink in Publius’ home, but this party looked promising too. He could see what the other meant, that there were all sorts of people here. Lucius made his way to the triclinium, where there was an empty couch and he claimed it instantly. Picking up a bit of food from the table and looking around, until his eyes fell on a beautiful blonde playing the cithara and singing. Her hair was down and although she was finely dressed, he knew a prostitute when he saw one. Perhaps this one was more like a courtesan of sorts, she looked almost regal. But there were other people too. An already half-drunk Senator fell down into one of the other couches and gave Lucius a look, “Salve, haven’t seen you before.” The man simply said and looked to see who had caught Lucius’ attention, “Oh, you know Vibia? She is a joy…” The Senator grinned and waved at her to join him and Lucius tilted his head when she stood and approached them. Interested already. @Sara
  4. January, 77AD Ione hated this part. The rain was drizzling in a thin mist that soaked her to the bone and standing on a street corner in a gaudy yellow toga, hair plastered to her forehead, teeth chattering reminded her just how low she'd fallen. The fact that the Elysium's walls and roof were only just being reconstructed after the earthquake so many months ago should have meant she'd be happy to spend time outside of its walls, but fishing for business on a grey, dreary January day was hardly the escape she wanted. Nobody came looking for whores at midday, and those that did, did not want a half-frozen slip of a thing that was - she was sure - about as enticing as a block of marble. So she'd been sent out to try and entice some men in. It was not going well. She tried to adjust the folds of the toga and wished she'd been allowed to bring her cloak to conceal it, but no dice. Given that the only women that wore such garments were prostitutes - and cheap ones at that - she was immediately singled out with judgement glares and pitying glances by the passing people who ventured to look at her. She tried to plaster a smile on her face and fluttered her eyelashes at men who walked past. Nobody stopped, although she did garner a whistle from a man working on some scaffolding across the street. She made to move over to him, a grin like a Cheshire Cat on her lips but he waved a hand, signalling he wasn't interested. "Are you sure?" She teased as she moved within earshot, "You'd be surpr-" She was cut off as he turned his back and stalked to the other end of the platform, ignoring her. Men liked to look, but seldom few paid. Shuddering in the cold and at the rejection she stalked back to her spot, glancing around, desperately, for somebody. She was no good at fishing - the other girls and men had always been better at it than her, but she owed a debt for the wine pitcher that was smashed in her room last night by the drunken thug she was servicing and to repay it she needed a client. Anybody. Soon. TAG: Open!
  5. Leontia Elianilla wife to Lucius Armenius Valerius Brothel Madam, 31 years old, b. April, 45 AD Playby suggestions: Courtney Eaton or Maia Mitchell. Maia was the original Leontia Elianilla. Feel free to choose someone else, as long as she somewhat matches the looks (dark hair and eyes, youthful face) Courtney Eaton and Maia Mitchell History: Original application from years ago to inspire you... Background/Personality with Lucius: Leontia was only 16 years old when she was married to Lucius Armenius, as his second wife. The first wife failed to become pregnant fast enough, luckily, it wasn't like that for Leontia. When she married him, she was a loving and gentle young woman, but with a certain amount of confidence. She soon got used to the life he lived and after he and she were elevated to Equestrian ranks and moved to the Caelian Hill, her husband had more than proved himself to her, despite of the job he kept. Although it is not always she agrees with his way of doing things, she still has his back and he has her support. If she disagrees with him, she has long since learned to let him know in private and not in front of other people. There is not a lot of love in the marriage, but they get along just fine and Lucius treats her very well and likes to spoil her, along with their children. She was pregnant when they left Rome and had their first child as they arrived to Hispania. Here her husband didn’t sit on his hands, instead he soon did what he did best… opened a brothel and made connections. The business grew and Leontia still supported her husband. Eventually he would also train her to helping him with the brothels, turning her into a brothel madam of sorts too. The prostitutes and slaves thrive from this, because she is softer with them than Lucius is - but not too much, else nothing will ever get done. Long story short, all of the events turned the gentle and loving soul that married Lucius into a more certain business-woman and mother on top of that. There is still a bit of the old Leontia in her. But mostly these days, she is often as merciful or rather, merciless, like her husband. She is well aware that her husband is far from faithful to her, but she's learned to live with it. And maybe she isn't always so innocent either anymore. She may look sweet and gentle - but Lucius has trained her well. And she is very much aware that her appearance can be used to fool other people (that are not her husband), so she'll get things her way. She has three children with Lucius: Armenia Valeria (born in the winter, 63 AD in Hispania, 13 years old)Lucius Armenius Valerius Minor (born 66 AD in Hispania, 10 years old)Lucia Valeria (born 68 AD in Hispania, 8 years old) Add to that, that she more or less also raised the son Lucius had with a prostitute in 62AD, the now 14 year old slave Aeneas. Besides Leontia, Lucius is in need of a lot of people. Slaves to work in his household and whores to work in the upcoming brothel - both newcomers and maybe some he brought with him from Hispania? The same goes for guards/bouncers, who will help him protect the brothel and the girls. And henchmen to follow him around whenever he is out and about – and to do the dirty work for him. He will also need allies and associates in Rome. Lucius is an Equite and already wealthy, and he will use that to gain influence with other wealthy and noble families.
  6. Lucius Armenius Valerius 52 | 20th March 24 AD | Equite | Brothel Master | Whatever fits his mood | Original | Gerard Butler Personality. Lucius has never really been known as a kind man. Last time he lived in Rome, everyone knew he was up to no good – now however, it is many years ago and his return to Rome so many years later might do him good. After all, now there’s a lot of people who don’t know him. And they can be fooled into thinking otherwise about him. Lucius can be as charming and seem as kind as any man, he is friendly -especially if there’s a good deal coming up for him… but don’t turn your back on him and don’t threaten him in any way. He will do anything he can to gain what he wants, but he is also always looking out for himself and what is his. That’s why he left Rome, so many years ago. But it is his home and after the Empire gained another new emperor, he thought it was about time to see if he could take back what was once his, in the city of cities. It’s not beyond him to threaten or manipulate people so he’ll get what he wants; this is how it has always been. Lucius does hate it when people tell him what to do and when people tell him there’s something he can’t do. Yet this does not mean he’s aggressive and turns on you from one moment to the next; he’ll plot and he’ll plan and he’ll wait for the right moment to strike where it hurts most. And it won’t always be with violence he hurts you – there’s a time and a place for that, but if he gets the chance to choose, Lucius is more fond of mind-games, manipulation and blackmailing. He claims he does not believe in love and never seems to regret anything. He uses people and does not seem to care about what happens to whoever he is using for anything at the moment. People are merely tools in his life and they’re there for his pleasure, satisfaction and gain. Like his whores, for example. The whores, both female and male, that are bought into his brothels are always ‘tested’ by Lucius first – unless they are exquisite young beauties who also happen to be virgins; then he’ll save their virginity for the highest bidder and sleep with them later. At his age and despite being married, he still does this. Luckily, his wife is now more than used to the way Lucius does things and she doesn't mind. As long as she can keep her place as his wife and partner in crime, she is satisfied. And so is Lucius. Appearance Lucius Armenius has dark brown hair, now with gray stains, these days sometimes long enough to curl. He has put away the habit of shaving often and can often be seen with a stubble or even a short beard - dark with gray stains like his hair. His blue-grey eyes appear friendly, but also constantly calculating and alert. He’s rather tall for a Roman born man and it was once rumored that he is the son of his mother and a slave in the brothel and not his actual father. Whether this rumor is true or false, no one knows. He is strong and works hard to stay fit, especially as he is growing older. Lucius likes luxury and that means he likes clothes that feel nice to his skin and clothes that make him look ‘important’. He has several outfits of different lengths and looks to fit the situations he encounters. Lucius never leaves home without either a guard or a blade… or both. He can fight on his own, but prefers to have other people do the dirty work for him. And so he prefers to have both a guard and a blade near his person. Family Father: Hostus Armenius (deceased) Mother: Numeria Fausta (deceased) Siblings: none official Spouse: Leontia Elianilla (31, born April, 45 AD) Children: Aeneas (14 years old, born February 62 AD, son to Lucius and a prostitute. Aeneas is still a slave) Armenia Valeria (born in the winter, 63 AD in Hispania, 13 years old) Lucius Armenius Valerius Minor (born 66 AD in Hispania, 10 years old) Lucia Valeria (born 68 AD in Hispania, 8 years old) Extended family: Other: History Childhood: youth in the brothel – 24 to 45 AD Lucius was born as the one and only child to his married parents – which with time, he thought was a good thing, because that meant he was the spoiled son and the son they would do everything for. Sure he knew his father had a bastard or two with the whores where he grew up, but there weren’t any ‘real’ siblings. His father owned the brothel, which Lucius did not see was wrong at all – this was where he grew up, after all. The brothel was his palace and Lucius was the prince who could command them to do anything. Naturally growing up in such a place meant that he saw many things children weren’t always meant to see. And as he grew older, he grew curious about those things. When he was 13 years old, he finally had it in him to pull himself together to demand that one of the whores lay down on her back so he could try what he had always seen other men do. The woman became his tutor because he chose her, and he was with her several times. There were moments where he began to think he loved her, and this was where his father decided to take charge. His father knew it could not be love and taught Lucius that in Rome, love was not half as valuable as money anyway. Money mattered. Wealth and status mattered. Love did not. Sure, it was a good thing to pretend you felt something, but deep within, you had to think twice about everything and keep your mind on the agenda. To prove it, he made his son lay with another woman, and Lucius discovered he felt the same, for a moment – as if he loved her. He understood what his father had said. Adulthood: Greece, 1st marriage and Equestrian – 46 to 60 AD The older he grew, the more he understood about the brothel too. Together with his cousin Quintus, he learned about the streets of Rome and the life around him and he learned about how to run the brothel. When he was 22 however, his father sent him to Greece to learn properly how to be charming and get what you want, while he’d of course also learn other useful skills in life. He became very friendly with his Greek tutor, so friendly they slept together. He barely wanted to leave Greece and stayed for a few years, until his father wrote that his mother had passed away and Lucius should come back home to help him with the brothel. Lucius became the official treasurer of the brothel, but the older his father grew, the more Lucius took over the brothel itself. He was 32 when he was betrothed for the first time, to a much younger girl, whom he’d marry once she came of age. 3 years later, in early 60 AD, Lucius married the now 15 year old Claudia Tertulla. In the summer of the same year, Lucius’ father died and Lucius was finally officially the brothel owner, and quite pleased with it. In bed, his wife pleased him well enough and was willing enough to learn, but he wanted an heir and she lost a child more than once. Life went on however, and Lucius helped out a certain Manius Rutilius Cyprianus gain rank and status in Rome. He was rewarded with becoming head of the Syndicate gang and besides the Elysium, he was also given the Domus Venus to manage. A year later, he was also elevated to Equestrian rank in Rome by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus. This is also when he gains the name Valerius. Later life: 2nd marriage and leaving Rome – 61 to 77 AD In 61 AD, a little more than a year after he married Claudia, he divorces her again. In the summer, he marries the 16 year old Leontia Elianilla and is given a domus on the Caelian Hill, where he moves in with his new wife. Life went well, but sadly not for long. Cyprianus was no longer the dictator of Rome and lost a lot of his status and in the end after the civil war, he was murdered. Lucius began fearing for his own life and future in Rome. In early 62 AD, Lucius learned one of his slaves had born him a son, whom Lucius named Aeneas. Aeneas still lives and works as a slave in the brothel, although he is among the higher ranked though and is often found together with the guards. Later the same year, Lucius sold the Elysium to another owner, while the Domus Venus remained in the care of the Syndicate gang. Lucius was slowly preparing to leave Rome as the trouble in the city appears to continue. In early 63 AD, Lucius leaves Rome together with his now pregnant wife - along with a large group of slaves/prostitutes and some trusted men and their families. Late in the year, they settled down in Hispania in the city Taracco, far from Rome. Lucius didn’t sit down to brood, instead he opened a new brothel and made sure life could continue almost as before. In the following years, his business expanded into several brothels and other activities, while Lucius also kept his eye on Rome. His wealth grew and his wife gave gave him no less than three surviving children in total. Now the year is 77 AD and Lucius has left Leontia behind to run the brothels in and near Taracco – she has proven a very good help with that. Meanwhile, Lucius returns to Rome, in the first round to scout the city. It seems safe and peaceful with the new and very young emperor. Lucius is still an Equite of rank and his plan is to either take back the Elysium or maybe open a rival to the Domus Venus. Once he has made sure everything is safe and he has made some good connections, he will send for his wife, children and slavesto join him in Rome. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord @Gothic @Anna
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