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  1. February 77AD the day after Whoever Brings The Night His head was hurting, especially on the left side and towards the jaw in particular. When he moved up his hand to his head and his face, he could feel more than one area that had swelled and there was even a crack in the skin above his one eyebrow. He’d been bleeding. The blood was dry now, feeling coarse and unnatural and he almost wanted to rip the wound open to make it bleed again. Just to feel it, his own blood. Maybe that’s what he would feel now. Unless he could get out, somehow. Marcus had no idea what time of the day it was or for how long he’d slept after he passed out in the cell. Now someone came up to the small cell he was in, a guard, holding a wooden cup of water in front of the cell and what looked like old and dry bread. He was teasing Marcus, pretending he wouldn’t give it to him. Said he didn’t deserve to eat that well. Then the guard let Marcus touch the bread, as if he’d actually give it to him. And then he pulled it back and tossed it into a corner far away from the cell. And the water, he poured that onto the ground in front of the cell. And laughed, before he spat at the stain of water and left. Marcus leaned against the back of the cell. He should not have done it, he should not have let his anger get the best of him and he should not have gone out to kill one or more of all those people in the room that night. But he had wanted to remove them, so they could not put him in danger. Instead he’d been caught for the deeds he'd done. And while a part of him enjoyed that they wanted to see him dead, and a part of him had enjoyed seeing people he’d hurt before, people whose blood he’d seen… while he had enjoyed that, he had not enjoyed the blows to his head, mostly given by Alexius. And he did not enjoy sitting in this cell. All he had here was his mind. Maybe he should put it to use. He would need to speak up for himself. Marcus assumed he’d have a trial. Anything else would be unjust. He would plea for a trial. It had to happen. So that he could speak for himself and maybe prove that they could not prove that he was behind the murders and the attacks. Yes, that’s what he’d do. He would think. And so he did. No other guard came with food for him. And he was so far into his own thoughts that he barely noticed it when someone did approach the cell again. There wasn’t much light here anyway. Why should he bother with opening his eyes?
  2. Saturnalia, 76 AD - set the night before Another Time Then note: don't read this thread if blood/violence/people inflicting pain in others triggers you Saturnalia was a great time for someone like Marcus Barbatius. He enjoyed it, because there were people everywhere, crowds… and they got drunk, the people of Rome. Acted out. Passed out in strange places. Forgot where they were or where they were going. And then he was there to be a good inhabitant of the city, making it seem as if he would help them. Right until they were alone with him. That’s when he opened the small leather bag he brought with him, that’s when he revealed a blade and that’s when they got hurt. That’s when he made them bleed. Tonight he’d left the slaves at home, behind locked doors, as always, while he hung the key in its string around his neck and then he went out to have his kind of fun. He’d found a drunken young man, who didn’t seem like he was anyone important, just an ordinary plebian or maybe even a freedman. He’d gotten lost form his friends and now he just wanted to go home. Marcus put an arm around him, led him through Rome, right until he looked into an empty courtyard far away from where the parties were in Rome. No one seemed to be there. The youth said he didn’t live here. This was the wrong place. But he had his back to Marcus and that’s when he made his move. Of course it was the wrong place. He’d pulled the youth close to him from behind. There was a table in a corner of the courtyard and Marcus behind the youth over that. The youth seemed to think Marcus wanted to fuck him and actually backed up against Marcus, but soon found out that was not the case at all. Oh he did pull up the man’s tunic, but only to reveal his back, where he dragged the knife over the spine, at first without pressure, and then it happened. The youth whined and winced when Marcus cut him, but he held on. The blood was streaming down over his backside, so beautiful, so red, so warm. Marcus wanted to touch it. But then the youth squirmed and scrambled and managed to get away. Not far though! Marcus followed, tried to knock him over. The youth began screaming! That was no good! Marcus caught him and clasped a hand over his mouth and the other he held against his cheek, “If you scream again, you’ll lose your tongue…” He hissed close to the man’s face. And then he froze, Marcus did. He heard movement behind him. Fuck! Little did he know the young woman appearing at the scene was not going to stop him. @Insignia
  3. February 77 AD The night following Falling Apart and Crime scene investigations It was far from the first time he’d killed someone. And it had felt so good when it happened, the feeling of the knife penetrating the flesh, the way the man had doubled over, forcing the knife deeper, all the way to the handle. The way the blood had run over Marcus’ fingers. The way the other man died, the way Marcus touched the wound and the warm blood. Until he realized he needed to flee. The man wore white robes; the man was a Senator of Rome. It was not good. But Marcus was sure it could not be traced back to him… Or was he? Somehow, what happened tonight made him think to everything else that had happened, since he attacked that girl at Saturnalia. She’d been so afraid. Her blood had been so red and warm. He’d almost wanted to fuck her after he cut her, but then he didn’t, because he thought he killed her. But he didn’t. She lived and she was with a guy named Alexius, who also knew the Egyptian who came to his shop, who knew a mute boy. A mute boy that Marcus thought he'd met sometime. He couldn’t be sure it was the same, but maybe. It seemed like a puzzle, almost impossible to solve, but he knew he had the right pieces. He just had to finish it. If all of this really was connected… it was very bad for him. He knew how they treated murderers. They’d often end up in the arena against some beast of a gladiator and Marcus wouldn’t win such a fight. And he had no death-wish. All he wanted was to do what he’d always done. The next morning he woke up in his bed. He hadn’t changed, he’d been thinking about the murder until he fell asleep. Then he yelled for Manus to come and help clean him, and his female slave could get him a fresh set of clothes. There was blood on his tunica from yesterday. He told Manus to burn it. Once he’d cleaned up and wore clean clothes, he went down to open the shop as usual. Pretending like nothing happened last night. But then people began coming into the shop to be shaved or have a haircut. And there was gossip. About the important Senator that was murdered in the street last night. And the Vigiles were looking for the murderer. Many people were looking for said murderer. Marcus worried more and more. So much that he felt distracted. He closed the shop early, locked the chest with blades and once darkness fell, he put his cloak back on. And went out into the night. Towards the Esquiline Hill. He had to solve the puzzle. And he had to attempt removing the people he thought might know too much. He could start with Alexius. Or Artemon, whom he had already shaved once. Artemon might be easiest. Not that he had not killed bigger men before, but why take a risk when you could be safe? He hid in a dark doorway near the insula, watching the area. Marcus didn’t know if he’d kill them tonight, a murder two nights in a row might not be the best idea. But he needed to see them and needed to think about what he'd do. Then he might at least threaten them. Hurt them. Silence them. Something. And so he waited.
  4. Tracker for the ABL - Anti-Barbatius League Officially, Marcus Barbatius is a barber in Rome, but with a (secret) history of inflicting pain in and murdering others. He murdered his own brother, his mother and his mother's husband before he came to Rome. He's been doing it in Rome for years too, but it wasn't until 75 AD that someone began looking further into the matter. May, 75 AD Killer Queen - M, S/V - In which Marcus Barbatius visits the Elysium and meets the prostitute Deinira, giving her a painful experience she won't forget July, 75 AD Just Close your Eyes, the Sun is Going Down - M, V - Barbatius encounters Deianira again and has his kind of fun August, 75 AD One Night in Rome - M, V - Didia Nonia meets Marcus Barbatius one night in Rome and he ends up attacking her Followed by A Little Help - Didia seeks medical help and talks with Quintus Flavius Theodorus Tricky Timing - Didia also goes to Lucius Antonius Alexius for help and advice September, 75 AD Spoke Just Like a Baroness - after the incident with Didia, Alexius seeks out Deianira, who also encountered Barbatius October, 75 AD Sunset - M, V - Marcus Barbatius meets Lucia Safinia and ends up killing her. Azarion finds her Followed by There are no words - in which Azarion tells his master, Marcus Eppius Parthenicus, about Safinia's murder December, 75 AD A Game of Chance - Lucius Sempronius Atratinus plays games with Barbatius. When they part ways, Barbatius follows and attacks him, but leaves when Atratinus calls for the vigiles. July, 76 AD For Crying Out Loud - Ovinia briefly encounters Barbatius, but screams for help and Alexius comes to her aid August, 76 AD Clueless - after meeting Ovinia, Alexius again wants the find the unknown attacker and goes to the scene where Safinia was murdered. Here he meets Azarion and also meets Marcus Eppius Parthenicus to hear more about her murder October, 76 AD In the Darkness - M, V - Barbatius has returned to the crime scene of Safinia. Azarion surprises him there and is attacked and wounded. When Azarion returns home, he tells his master Marcus about the attack. His cousin Jason is sent for, so he can translate what Azarion tells him. September, 76 AD After the Attack - Pinaria Gaia is attacked by Barbatius, who runs off when Spurius Antius Claudus appears and helps her December, 76 AD Like Two Raptors - M, V - 19th. Barbatius has gone out 'hunting' for Saturnalia and during an attack, he's interrupted by Amatia Attelia. Another Time then - M, V - 20th. Ovinia encounters Barbatius again and he drags her from the busy street to properly maim her. He cuts her twice Followed by Unbelievable - 21st. Lucius Vipsanius Roscius finds out about the attack on Ovinia. She mentions Jason and Alexius to him. The hunt begins - 22nd. Lucius seeks out Alexius to hunt down the attacker. Together they venture to the palace to speak to Jason. Assemble - In the evening of the 22nd, six people gather in Alexius' insula to discuss the next move towards the attacker. Features Alexius, Lucius, Jason, Azarion, Didia and Theo Winter Walk - Ovinia and Lucius take a walk and talk about what the ABL team found out... and what else happened at Saturnalia. Teamwork is magic - After the walk with Ovinia, Lucius goes to talk to Alexius. Together, they venture out to meet Pinaria Gaia, to hear if she has any useful clues on the attacker. January, 77 AD A hair's breadth - Artemon visits Barbatius' shop to have his hair cut. It ends up being more than what he asked for. Visitation Rights - Alexius feels bad about not having seen Ovinia since she was attacked, so he pays her a visit. Sometime in late January, Barbatius visits the Elysium and cuts Ione. The events are mentioned in this thread: Fresh Starts . February 77 AD Falling Apart - M, V - Barbatius begins to understand, that someone's onto him. He's not happy about it. He ends up killing the Senator Lucius Sempronius Atratinus in this thread. Crime scene investigations - Lucius arrives at the scene where Atratinus was killed. He sends for Theo, Jason and Alexius to help him investigate the murder. Whoever Brings The Night - Takes place the night after Atratinus' murder. Didia encounters Barbatius as he is watching their insula. He attacks her and together with Aia and eventually Alexius, they catch him. followed by these the same evening Judge and Jury - in which Alexius, Didia, Aia, Theo, Lucius, Azarion, Jason, Pinaria, Ovinia and Decimus discuss what to do with Barbatius. What it feels like - Pinaria Gaia and Ovinia Camilla talk after Barbatius has been taken to the prison Tullianum. The night shift - Alexius, Lucius, Decimus and Jason seek out Tiberius after they've delivered Barbatius to the Tullianum. Safe Behind Bars - The day after he was caught, Barbatius sits alone in his jail cell and has a very important visitor - Tiberius wants to see the beast. Marcus Silanus joins him, wondering why this prisoner is so special. April 77 AD Cerealia: Grand Finale - for the finale of the Cerealia games, Marcus Barbatius is to be executed by beasts in the arena. Rome is ready to watch him die.
  5. On that crisp morning, as Eos drove her chariot across the sky and painted it a pale pink that slowly turned into blue, Artemon had briefly admired his reflection on a still puddle of water as he made his way home after a long night of toil. This contemplation had allowed him to confirm what he had been suspecting for a few days now. His hair was getting too long. The problem with that was that it would soak up sweat like a sponge, leaving him to feel as though he had dunked his head in a mix of clay and oil. It made for very uncomfortable working and for a very unkempt appearance. And that would simply not do! Gallus would never increase his pay with him looking like that. So he had gone home, taken a short nap, eaten some stale bread and collected a few coins from the literal hole in the wall where he kept a figurine of Sobek to guard his hard-earned savings, and with this money Artemon marched out again, keen on finding a barber that wouldn't scalp him. One of the men at the warehouse, Menenius or something equally uninspired his name was, had mentioned one a couple of weeks prior that he claimed to be happy with. 'Not cheap', Menenius had said, 'but when he's done you come out feeling like the emperor!' And that was just what Artemon needed - a mood boost and looking like the shrewd businessman he was deep down. Walking through the busy streets jogged his memory, and the young man found himself standing by the entrance to one Marcus Barbatius' shop. After a quick, nervous look at the contents of his money pouch followed by an equally quick and nervous prayer that it would be enough, Artemon entered the shop, announcing his presence with a greeting. "Salve! I come to this establishment at a friend's recommendation." (Fine, Menenius was just a chatty coworker, but the barber didn't need to know that. Maybe he'd even give him a referral discount!) "As you can see, my hair is in need of being put back in its place." Artemon eyed the other man expectantly, like a puppy wondering if it's going to get a treat. "Could you take care of that now or should I come back later?" @Atrice
  6. Early October, 76 AD It was dark in Rome this night. The moon wasn’t shining, there was not just a veil, but a thick blanket of clouds over the city for once. That made it all seem quite dark this time of year and Marcus enjoyed it. He had gone out with a purpose tonight, the usual purpose, wearing a cloak over his head and a proper knife by his belt, hidden by the long cloak that went all the way to his knees. He was ready for something to happen. Something he would like. There had been a few attacks he’d failed at recently and he wasn’t very happy about it. At least none of the women had been talking about him, no one had found out about him, so that was good. Even if they escaped, the next best thing was them not talking. He preferred that. Else he’d have to find them again and make sure they wouldn’t talk. He’d like to find them anyway. Maybe he’d find one tonight? Quite randomly he was walking around for some reason, ended up near the racing court. Not that he had any connection to the place, and yet… as he walked by a certain house with a few barrels in front of it, he stopped. Didn’t he once kill a girl there? It had felt so good. He didn’t mean to kill her, but she struggled and she hurt him and she wouldn’t shut up. So he made her. He’d slit her throat. And stabbed her chest. He realized he was standing still, as the memories flowed through him. He licked his lips, thinking about it made him want more of the same. There had been so much blood. Maybe some of it had sprayed onto the side of the house or something… without thinking twice, he walked closer to the scene. @Chevi
  7. Early November, 75 AD Today was just yet another ordinary day in the life of Marcus Barbatius, one of countless professional barbers in Rome. Some just had their shops in the street, but Marcus had his very own shop and insula just above it. Quite a nice insula too. One bedroom for himself, another for all the slaves, a small cooking area, a tablinum and a triclinium. And a few spare rooms for storage and other things. Then there was the shop. Large enough to hold a chair for clients in the middle of the room and shelves and tables and many little pots and flasks with salves and oils and everything else he needed for the business. And then the box with all the knives and razors in it. The key hung steadily around his neck and Aculia would have to ask, if she needed a knife to cook with. He once had a slave cut his own throat, which he had absolutely no right to, so Marcus had to keep the knives locked up at all times, so it would not happen again. The slaves were his property. They had no right to take their own lives while he was their master. But luckily, that was already years ago and life went on. Even with what he did recently, to that girl. Yet that was also in the past now and all he had was the lingering memory of her and her blood. He was thinking about that when he opened the shop this morning, which put him in a good mood and he was even whistling when he opened the door. His head slave or favorite slave, Manus, was already busy getting the shop ready for the first client. Now all they had to do was wait for someone to walk in the door. @Sains
  8. December 19th, 75AD The fact that gambling was banned during the year unless on the festival days proscribed in law baffled Lucius. He supposed he understood it - if he really dredged his mind - from a practical perspective in that it caused no end of temper tantrums amongst the sore losers and those caught cheating, enough drama to entice further violence, but surely the Senate or the Emperor didn't need to legislate to prevent against such inane fighting? Ridiculous, and another facet of life in the city that was too rigorously controlled. The ability to gamble during Saturnalia - as far as he could see it - was one of the festivals only benefits and as he sat at one of the outdoor seats, throwing his dice in the Game of Twelve1 he was currently enjoying, he managed a rare, rueful smile. He'd not really celebrated the previous two nights, aside from ordering his half-sister and son to prepare some meagre meal for the slaves on the first night. He'd shuttered himself away in his room for the rest of the evening and let them have their fun, whilst he stewed in his own melancholy. When all was said and done, he was rather proud he'd only yelled at them to be quiet once or twice throughout the evening. As he cast his final throw and manoeuvred his piece in the dim light, his smile grew and his opponent - some portly equite man (judging by the gaudy clothes) through down the money Lucius was owed in a huff, before storming off into the dark of the evening, overturning his chair in the process. Lucius only smirked and gestured for a slave girl to right the fallen article with a flick of his wrist. Nobody knew him here, which is why he liked it. The Forum was packed with the festivities and he blended in as just another upper-class man on an evening jaunt. He was dressed finely, as befit his station, but in the shadowy corner of the Forum - with only the flicker of oil lamps and torches, he felt fairly discrete. It's why he'd risked a turn on the table (and won, he hastened to add in his thoughts). Picking up his cup of wine, he reclined in his seat, in no hurry to find another opponent for a third match. Instead he let his green eyes wander over the forms of the people congregating in the square. Gods most of them were vile; plastered drunk, sweaty and stumbling even in the dead of December. He swallowed the sneer he wanted to affect as he took another sip of wine. TAG: Open! 1The 'Game of Twelve' or Ludus duodecim scriptorum
  9. Atrice

    Wanted by Barbatius

    Marcus Barbatius - is 30 years old, unmarried with no children and so far with no plans of marriage - because he likes to stay in control of his home and prefers that no one interferes with how he is running said home. He does not care about heirs or the future of his family; he is, after all, the last one and does not regret it, because it is his own fault. He is a plebian and owns a barber shop and an insula just above it and serves both plebians and higher ranks in his barber shop. Companion/Partner in Crime Marcus needs a partner in crime! Of course, this is not to be a 'good' character. Marcus is not a nice man and his companion is not either. What I am looking for is a meanie, a bad-guy, a villain, just like Marcus is. Someone crooked. Probably as insane as Marcus is. Basically, I made him with Sweeney Todd as inspiration and just like Todd has his Mrs. Lovett, who helps him... Marcus Barbatius needs a Mrs. Lovett too! Marcus sometimes have "accidents" with people or even patrons (that he dislikes) and people sometimes die. Oops! But how do you get on with such acts? How to hide it? You have a useful companion of course - someone who can either spin tales really well and come up with good lies or someone who can dispose of bodies in a way that can't be traced back to Marcus. Maybe someone who could do both? The character could be male or female and not a slave. They could be linked to one of the collegia or have a business of their own - maybe even a thermopolia (fast food shop)! How they met and work together we will flesh out together, but this character probably knows most of Marcus' secret and he knows theirs. They work together. Slaves in Marcus' household Manus, 28 years old - Head Slave of the household - The oldest "survivor" yet - he has been with Marcus four years - Has several scars on his back and thighs from Marcus' punishment from the first time - Knows when to be quiet and when to speak - Friendly but also a bit reserved, cautious, alert - Often helps Marcus in the barber shop - Has once been Marcus' bed slave, but no longer Aculia, 21 years old - (has been played before) - Has been there two years - Silent and 'mousy' in her behavior - Submissive, inferior and insecure - Marcus has taken her to his bed sometimes and isn't exactly the romantic type - Aculia has very visible a scar on her cheek after Barbatius Tinus, 23 years old - Bought cheaply at the slave market - Scarred by fire when he was bought (hence why he was cheap) - Has been there about a year - Attentive, alert, nervous New Slave to be bought - A new slave to be picked up by Marcus at the slave market - Background is up to you - Probably found unsuited for work by others, hence why he/she is cheap - Could potentially end up as Marcus' next victim, if his player is interested in such a plot - OR this new slave could be the one to eventually expose Marcus - Could also somehow end up as the partner in crime I'm looking for About the slaves and Marcus' treatment of them: Marcus' slaves are meant to be quiet, well-behaved and obedient. He also demands that they stay silent if he disposes of another slave and will threaten with killing them too, if they tell on him. If they displease him in any way (drop something, stumble, knock something over, speak when he thinks they should be silent... anything planned or not planned that he decides annoys him) Marcus will punish his slaves. He does not flog his slaves, but will instead use knives or razors to cut them in places that are not visible when you're clothed. It is sadly very easy to displease Marcus, because he does like to deal out punishment. It doesn't turn him on, or so he claims, he just enjoys it. If they displease him badly enough or have done it enough times, he does not feel bad about slitting their throats to kill them. That is why his slaves are usually very quiet and silent around Marcus. They learn quickly to try their utmost at not upsetting Marcus, because no one wants hidden scars on their bodies - and no one wants death, of course. The older slaves will often tell the newcomers about how to try and 'survive' this household. Marcus owns three slaves currently - they are all basically regular house slaves, they are there to clean and cook and shop and help out Marcus in the barber shop. He decides who does what and when he is serving clients in the shop, there is always one helping him out (mixing oils and so on) and one stands waiting in the doorway to the back room and staircase to the insula above, if Marcus wants anything else. All the slaves sleep together in one chamber/dormitory in the insula and only leave if Marcus allows it - he's afraid they will run away, so he keeps an eye on them. They don't get to celebrate ordinary Roman festivals like Saturnalia and others - he does not trust his slaves that much. Besides what is explained, feel free to figure out their lives before they came to Marcus. It is very likely they were all cheaply bought at the slave market. Note that all were of course replaced because someone died and no one dies of age or hard work in this household. Manus has seen quite a few fellow slaves killed by Marcus, Aculia has seen three, Tinus two and the latest slave Marcus bought and owned was Germanus, but... he kind of died, suddenly? He didn't behave or submit very well to his master. So he died... by Marcus' hand of course ;) Send me a DM here or on Discord to discuss the characters if you want to pick up any of these characters...
  10. July 75CE It was a rather dreary day in Rome, and the clouds sat heavily in the sky, promising rain later and blocking the sun from shining through. Citizens went on their way, mingling with slaves as they moved from task to task. Deianira had been given a few errands to run - as a part of the Elysium, it wasn't enough that she devoted her every night to serving the men of the city. She had to earn her keep in other ways, such as the errands she was running now. She had already made a few purchases, including an amphora of the cheap wine served to the workers which had been running low. As she was a diligent worker and quick, she had a few more minutes before she had to return to the brothel, and she intended to take advantage of it. She had wandered off a little further than she had meant to, and she was without a guard, though she didn't dare run off. Her master's wrath would be immeasurable if she ran off and he found her. She had decided to take the long way around to see what she could find. She walked through the crowd, gazing around her, pleased to be away from the brothel for once. But an icy chill ran through her as she recognized a face in the crowd. Marcus Barbatius. Stunned at first, she gathered herself and began walking away as quickly as she could, begging the gods to spare her meeting him outside of the brothel, too. She only hoped she hadn't been seen. @Atrice
  11. August, 75 AD It was dark out. Late and dark. Marcus had been out for a special event, a nobleman had desired a shaving and it had to be Marcus and it had to be at this hour. Why, no one knew. But Marcus was not one to say no to such a job, not when it paid so well and ensured the man would use his services another time too. Now was the time however to return to his home and his slaves. Marcus had a bag over his shoulder, with all the important shaving equipment. He’d brought no slaves with him, the nobleman had his own, after all. He cast a glance at the Elysium as he passed it. He had a friend there and a whore he thought he might return to sometime. Not because he liked her or anything, but because she’d bled in such a lovely way and it had felt so good to finish in her afterwards. But not tonight. Tonight he might have Aculia, with the pretty new scar on her face, proving that she was never to fail him again. Marcus decided to use a shortcut down a darker alley nearby. He heard someone walking behind him then and the footsteps were coming closer. Oh really? Marcus smirked to himself, reaching for the small blade in his purse and it was about time, because moments later, there was a hand on his shoulder. Though before the stranger could beat him up or try and steal his bag, which was what he assumed they would do, Marcus had swung around and pinned them up against the nearest wall. He might not be huge and overly muscular, but he was fast and agile and he wasn't weak either. He held the blade to their throat, “And what exactly was your plan? You picked the wrong victim…”
  12. Mid-December, 74AD Longinus cast a disapproving glance to Titus and muttered; "Here? Really?" It was not that Longinus was a snob, and the middle-class suburbs were nothing overtly offensive, but the man was trying all he could to get out of this particular activity. He wasn't even overly attached to his beard, or his hair (both of which had been dutifully trimmed a month or so ago), but he was reluctant to admit that his friends or mother were right. The man was stubborn to a fault. Glancing at his friend again, he ran a hand over his beard for the (probably) the final time and sighed. "The things I do for women, eh?" He chuckled and moved to enter, but not before hesitating. "This bloke's supposed to be good, isn't he? I mean, he's not going to cut open my throat, is he?" He arched a brow at his friend, but with an amused glimmer in his eye, "I can't have survived the battlefields of Britannia to die bleeding in a barbers chair..." He snorted in amusement but with a heavy sigh, swung the door and blinked into the dim light of the man's shop. He'd not routinely employed the services of a barber for the past few months, and much as he enjoyed the company of his body slave, he didn't trust Attis as far as he could throw him when it came to razors near his throat. He coughed, to alert the man of his presence and rolled his eyes at Titus. TAG: @Liv & @Atrice
  13. July, 74 AD It was another day in Marcus Barbatius’ life, meaning another day of work. He had a few patrons coming in to see him today, they had already made it known they wanted his services on this day, but there were also a few open spots and especially before noon. Senators always came later in the day, when they were tired from their supposedly hard work and needed a proper shave and a scented lotion rubbed into their cheeks and oils onto their bodies. His condo was in the first floor of the building and just beneath his condo, was the workshop. He slept with the key to the chest around his neck and now a slave turned up to help him get dressed. A tunica and a simple toga, that he wouldn’t mind getting some hair onto along with some of the scented oils and lotions. The slave silently helped Marcus put on the sandals, helping with the straps that went around his leg and then he had some early breakfast served. A bit of cold, watered wine and bread. Apparently they were out of honey and didn’t have much olive oil, but his kitchen slave had managed to purchase some butter and that at least was something. The mornings were silent in his home. Slaves rarely spoke, out of fear they’d say something wrong to displease their master. Nobody wanted to displease him. Silently he went to the workshop in the street level, which had been cleaned with a broom and a brush and some wet cloth. There was an actual chair there and a few stools and a working table. Shelves of course, with beautiful bottles and jars with lotions and oils. There was a heavy scent in the room because of all that and Marcus opened the door and opened the shutters to the window to the shop to let it be known, that it was open for business. The slave he’d chosen to help him out today stood in the corner of the room, waiting to be asked to work and Marcus removed the key from his neck to open the chest. He picked one of the razors and decided to start the day with sharpening some of the tools while waiting for potential clients.
  14. Atrice

    Marcus Barbatius

    MARCUS BARBATIUS 29 | 1st April 45 AD | Plebian | Barber | Bisexual | Original | Jonathan Rhys Meyers Personality. It is hard to describe a man like Marcus Barbatius. It might be easier to just meet him and make up your own idea about him, rather than having him described. You might describe him as twisted though, if you really knew him. He is a psychopath and a sadist, after all. He has an unnatural fascination with blood and he does not feel guilty about it. He knows of course it's not normal to be the way he is, but he does not try to control his desires or urges. Few know him so well though, besides his personal slaves. Marcus will have different personalities according to whom he interacts with. With wealthy people, patrons, senators and other useful people, he can be the friendliest person you have ever met. He will be charming and all smiles and more than happy to do your biding, so he can earn his coin. With people who are beneath him, people who offend him and annoy him for some reaosn… everything is different. He knows that he has the upper hand with slaves and especially his own for example; knows that is his choice whether they live or die. And if they behave well, they’ll be fine and live. However, the tiniest mistake or flaw will annoy Marcus, who is constantly seeking reasons to hurt others, because he knows it ought to be justified, at least. So he looks for the reasons and believes he is in his right to hurt someone, when he does. Marcus is not a weak man and he is the one who has access to any blade in the house. he is however also a bit of a coward and can't actually fight well. So he seeks to only attack and hurt people he believe he is superior to. If a fight begins, he'd rather flee than stay to fight. It's never easy to be his slave and he can be hard to please - and he does not care what you feel. He wants to be hard to please, so he can justify his actions. Marcus has no wife and has no plans on having one. He has never been in love and people he call friends are very rare, since few people would understand him and he's aware of this. He knows he probably ought to marry, but he does not have this strong desire to have an heir, like many Romans seem to have. And he's not even sure he's able to love anyone. Marcus likes to be free to do whatever he pleases in his home and rightfully thinks a wife would restrain him. Appearance Maybe it is his mother’s foreign origin, but Marcus is sometimes tall among Romans; standing 5’8” tall. He has striking blue eyes that can appear almost piercing, as if he is always onto you or always considering or scheming something. And who knows if he is? He has an athletic build and short, brown hair. He prefers dark or green colors with his clothes, although his most cherished clothing is a blue tunica, because blue has always been a color of status where he came from. Around his neck, in a leather string, hangs an iron key. Family Father: Marcus Barbatius Major (deceased) Mother: Gaia Aulietia (deceased) Siblings: Gaius Barbatius (deceased) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Marcus Barbatius Magnus – mother’s husband (deceased) Other: History 45 AD – Marcus is born to a father, who used to be a simple and ordinary soldier in the Roman army. His mother was born and grew up in Gaul. When his father had served his years, he settled down with Gaia and had two sons. Marcus was the first. Marcus is from a young age an introvert and prefers to be left on his own. Something is very different about this boy. 47 AD – Gaius, Marcus’ younger brother, is born. Gaius is more outgoing and gentle than Marcus. As Marcus grows, it's obvious he is not normal. He has a tendency to lie, to want to hurt others, he is manipulative and he is a narcissist. 55 AD – Marcus’ father dies and his mother is open about being in a relationship with his father’s freed slave, Magnus. Magnus is a war captive turned into a slave, who worked as Marcus’ fathers body slave. When Marcus’ father died, Magnus was freed. Marcus’ mother marries Magnus and Magnus settles down as a barber. He trains both Marcus and Gaius to become barbers too, although he does not adopt the children to be his own sons. With Marcus being the more reserved type, Magnus gets along with Gaius much better. 57 AD – Marcus thinks his brother Gaius, who is more gentle than he, is spoiled by their adoptive father and a dislike towards Gaius begins growing in Marcus. When they’re alone, Marcus tends to bully and try to hurt his brother. Nothing else changes though and no one does anything about Marcus' behavior. 62 AD – Major uproar in Rome, which they hear about in the small town in Gaul. Marcus is now working alongside Magnus as a barber and hears a lot about Rome – and they are all glad they don’t live there. Gaius is still just an assistant to the barbers and Marcus makes sure his brother knows this. 63 AD – Marcus gets upset with Gaius over something minor – using it as an excuse - and cuts his arm deeply with one of the razors. Gaius loses at lot of blood while Marcus does nothing. Gaia, their mother, helps Gaius and Magnus is of course upset over this and wants Marcus gone. Gaia, Marcus’ mother, does not want him to leave, despite what he did. Marcus is still her son. But after the incident, the household feels different. Gaius recovers, but is afraid of Marcus and Marcus enjoys the power he has over his brother and the family. 64 AD – Magnus is tired of Marcus and his weird behavior and wants to kick him out. There is a fight in the household and Marcus ends up killing his mother’s husband. 19 years old, he is now the eldest in the household and threatens Gaia and Gaius, to makes sure they will keep the secret about the murder. They cut up the body and burn it. No one blames him for the murder and by anyone else; the death is treated as an accident. Gaius however has a hard time forgiving his older brother. Marcus enjoys his rank in the household and uses threats and violence to both his mother and brother to keep them submissive to him. 66 AD – After two years of mental and physical abuse (beatings and cuts with blades) from Marcus, Gaius will no longer stand for it. He leaves the house to go and tell the vigiles of the city about his brother, but makes the mistake of sharing the idea with his mother. Marcus forces her to tell where Gaius went and then follows Gaius and kills him, burying the body in the nearby woods. Gaia of course knows what happened and confronts Marcus with it, wanting him to stop with his violent behavior or she will tell. Enough is enough, she says. That doesn’t help. She ends up dead too and Marcus also hides her body before gathering all his belongings and in the dark night, he leaves the town behind him for good. 68 AD – Marcus arrives in Rome and settles down as a barber, pleased to start a new life in a place where no one knows him. He purchases a few cheap slaves from the market to become his assistants and now again has someone to abuse. Outwardly, towards free citizens of Rome, Marcus appears friendly and open and soon becomes a successful barber. Marcus takes in more and wealthier clients, pampering them with razors, strigils, lotions and oils and massages by his slaves. 69 AD – One of his slaves has gotten into trouble too many times with Marcus and before Marcus can punish him, the slave somehow gets his hands on a blade and slits his own throat. Marcus is very upset over this and now keeps his blades locked in a chest – and keeps the key around his neck. He vows to never have another slave take his or her own life in his house. Then of course Marcus just buys a new slave and continues as if nothing happened. 74 AD – Marcus does not know how many slaves he has owned and how many he has murdered, because they weren't submissive enough or because he wanted to kill them, before they could take their own lives. He has several of them now and is still a successful barber. He is far from poor now and has a fine home in Rome. Senators come to him to be pampered and he takes good care of them. A few people may sense that something is off about Marcus and wonder why he purchases so many slaves and what happens to some of them. And maybe one or two people have died because they knew too much and Marcus didn’t want them to tell… meaning that so far, no one really knows. 77 AD - Marcus Barbatius is still alive and well in Rome and continues his double life, where he is just an ordinary barber of Rome in the daytime, but in the evenings and nights, he will often leave his home to 'produce blood' as he often calls it. Make people bleed. Sometimes kill. In February 77AD however, it went a little too far. Marcus killed a Senator of Rome and there are now more people out looking for him than ever before. He tries to continue his life as always, to not raise suspicion, but his urge to cut and make people bleed is still there. And now there may also be an urge to stop those looking for him. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
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