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  1. Early July, 74ad Vibia was trying to sleep. The heat was up in the city and it had driven the clientele of the Domus Venus into languor in the days, but the evenings had been a constant stream of patrons. Fortunately for the young freedwoman, she had been excused from servicing said patrons and had instead been instructed to simply play her cithara, to entertain the waiting guests. It was a little dull, but given how quickly the drink was flowing, she wasn't particularly keen on the other side of her job either. She tried to enjoy that side of her work as much as was possible, but given how freely the clients were knocking back the wine, she doubted she'd have a particularly satisfying evening. It was a little after midnight, and wrapped in a thin sheet, and with the sounds emanating from the other workers rooms, sleep seemed an impossible fantasy. Propping herself up on her bed she cast a quick glance around the room; noting with despondency the overturned pitcher that should have been full of wine had she thought to replenish it. With a groan, she swung her legs over the side and pushing back long blonde hair from her face, stifled a yawn. With some effort she stood on wobbly, sleep-deprived legs and sauntered to pick up the pitcher. Haphazardly she threw on a thin dressing gown to cover the tunica she hadn't bothered to remove when she had collapsed into her bed some hours ago. Padding on bare feet she unlatched her door and crept down the dimly lit corridor, past rooms with sounds that would make even the hardiest of Roman blush, into a back room where she took a seat at a table. She could have summoned one of the slave boys to refill her wine but her room had felt like a prison in the heat and she needed the air. Sitting herself down in the darkened room, and pouring herself a cup of sweet watered wine, she sighed. This had...not been what she imagined freedom to feel like. She was still at the beck and call of others; both the domina of the brothel, the wider Syndicate and the Collegium of course. Still, she had her health and wits, and it wasn't a particularly onerous job. She suspected she'd only be here for another year or two before her worth diminished and she could actually be free. But what she'd do with that freedom was anybody's guess. Startled from her reverie by another figure moving into the small side room, she arched a brow and grinned at who she saw. "Can't sleep either?" She leant forward to place her face in her palm, surveying him, "You should complain to Titinia that none of her girls or boys could satisfy you to sleep." It had been some weeks since she had seen Marcus, but she wasn't about to turn away company. Gesturing with her head to the pitcher she asked, "Wine?" TAG: @Gothic
  2. There had been many nights on and off with Calvunus. The Domina of the establishment gave him a reminder about the manners he was supposed to have in regards to the workers. The Domus Venus had a reputation to maintain. The best for the very best. Marcus had no desire to have his inners on his outside or be separated from his testicles. General guard duty was always relatively entertaining, as was finding or thinking of a worthwhile courtesan for an unsure client and the most irritating part was having to baby sit. Leticia and Vibia? He was only too happy to spend time with. Phaedo to a lesser degree. Unfortunately there was something about Helios that he could not escape, and everything the blond haired git did managed to irritate him. Marcus paused by Helios' door and peered in at him. He had to admit that Helios was attractive but there was something about the way he spoke, not to mention, the way Calvunus' gaze managed to linger for a little too long for his liking. It was strange, Calvunus and he shared many things. Many lovers they would spend time with or would share tales of apart. Why was it that Helios and Calvunus managed to get under his skin so much? He leaned against the door frame and folded his arms. "You're working tonight. So make sure you are clean and ready for guests." Marcus said. However, there was no need for him to tell Helios what to do. He paused, waited and his gaze remained to linger at Helios more. He tried to think of something to say or add. @Atrice
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