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  1. Gothic

    Gaius' family

    Hey hey! I'm looking for people to take on members of Gaius' family. The characters in question are for this chap! Petronia Aquila Age: 36 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible playby: Gina Torres. Personality: Bossy, intelligent, protective, skilled with counting money. History: Married Decimus and had her children. Later, took on running both the household and the family business. Children: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus & Uriana Petriona. Other: Currently pregnant. Decimus Urius Frontus (Petronia's husband) Age: Player's choice. 30s and up. Nationality: Player's choice. Possible playby: Player's choice. Personality: Dedicated, hard working, quiet. History: Mostly player's choice. Children: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus & Uriana Petriona. Other: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus (Taken by Gil) (adopted son/grandson) Age: 15 Nationality: Romano-African on his mother's side. Possible Playby: Personality: Friendly, unfocused, happy go lucky. History: Adopted by his grandfather to run the family business/be his heir. Other: Must be PoC. Uriana Petronia Age: 10 Nationality: Romano-African on her mother's side. Possible Playby: Amanda Stenburg Personality: Bubbly, annoying and nosey. History: Relatively open. Other: Must be PoC. Petronia Aquila Minor Age: 34 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Angela Bassett Personality: Respectably married. Lots the arts and is a patron of many artists. History: Player's choice. Other: Family and children is up to the player. Petronia Scribonilla Age: 33 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Kylie Bunbury Personality: Has middle child syndrome. Wants to impress people. History: Mostly player's choice. Likely to be married. Other: Petronia Aquiliana (Taken by Lindis) Age: 27 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Gugu Mbatha-raw Personality: History: Other: Septima Major Age: 15 Nationality: Romano-African. Possible Playby: Vanessa Morgan Personality: Bubbly, bright, flirty and good natured. History: Player's choice. Parents were killed and came to live with her family. Other: Twins with her sister. She has blue eyes. Septima Minor Age: 15 Nationality: Roman-African. Possible Playby: Vanessa Morgan Personality: Friendly, calm, loves cats. History: Player's choice. Parents were killed and came to live with her family. Other: Twins with her sister. She has green yes.
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