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  1. This is for my character; Gaius Fabius Maximus. Shoot me a PM or a DM on discord if you are interested in any of these characters to take on. I might add more when I have organised myself and pestered Goths for some more information. JULIA BABILA Suggested Face claim: Siân Phillips.Age & Birth Position. 44.Position: Senatore, widow, stepmother of Gaius Fabius Maximus. Parents: Gaius Julius Babilius & Other family: & others up to you. Children: Lucius Fabius Maximus (b. 58AD) Step-children: Gaius Fabius Maximus (b. ) Fabia Numicia (b. ) There is a chance Julia Babila has siblings as well. Personality: Fussy, pushy, and expects manners to be maintained at all times. Loves her child and step-children equally. Is prone to spoiling and occasionally helicopter parenting. Extremely social and outgoing with others. History: Pretty open. Ultimate Goal: Gaius and her son, Lucius, to be responsible Romans. Other information: She is fairly open. I would love to see what people come up with for her. Vibia Attica Suggested Face claim: Bella Dayne.Age & Birth Position. 20s & up to you. Position: Plebeian, Concubine to Gaius. Parents: Up to you. Other family: Up to you. Personality: Up to the player. History: Ultimate Goal: To marry Gaius. Other information: Again, pretty open. Drama would always be fun! Europa Suggested Face claim: Open to the player. Age & Birth Position. 16. Eldest.Position: Slave.Parents: Gaius Fabius Maximus & Household slave. Other family: Legitimate and illegitimate siblings. Personality: Mostly up to the player who takes her on. History: It is likely she would be trained to do something within the household. Ultimate Goal: Freedom and love from her father. Other information: Scared of being sold by him. Fabia Numicia Suggested Face claim: Martina Stella.Age & Birth Position. 24, second born. Position: Senatore.Parents: Gaius Fabius Maximus Major & Numicia Prisca .Other family: Likely married. Personality: Up to you. History: Up to you. Ultimate Goal: Other information: Lucius Fabius Maximus Suggested Face claim: Age & Birth Position. 16, third child. Position: Senatore.Parents: Fabius Maximus & Julia Babila.Other family:Personality:History: Ultimate Goal: Other information:
  2. The Imperial Box The Imperial box is where the Imperial family and notable nobles would likely sit (or they would sit close in the hopes of being invited in!). No doubt there would be interesting topics of conversation happening here.
  3. Gothic

    Turia's Owners

    Many things are relatively open for people to make up. Turia has a considerable amount of freedom and favour within the household so she is permitted to wander/get time off. I would prefer it for that to continue although it would be a fun and angsty plot if something happened and she lost her Dominus/Domina's favour. The Dominus Name: Open. Age: 30s-40s. Equite Personality traits: Aggressive when alcohol is involved. Wants a son. Ambitious. The Domina Name: Open. Age: 30s-40s. Equite Personality traits: Vain, entitled, has Turia as a lover (and likely has others from among the family slaves) and has Turia as the current favourite. The pair of them likely have daughters already although the number is up to you. A lot of other details and information is open to you. Feel free to message me if you are interested in either of them. For references on how they have been mentioned. Please check out Turia's application here, and the following RP threads where they have been mentioned previously.
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