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  1. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Safinia Laelia comes from the daughter of an senatore within the senate for a father and for her mother, a daughter of a former senator herself. However, no one could predict how their daughter would be. From an young age, Safinia was shown to be a quiet and almost demire lady and one that her father could hope to find a suitor for. However, as Safinia grew, she grew to have a mind of her own and with that came from the highest mind. (Well, not that high. She isn't that high of a mind. ) But the highest of the mind for herself. She is very opinionated when it comes to the suitors that comes about to meet her to her family. She tries to hold herself to a good standard. That a woman of noble mind can be on the same mind length as her future husband. But with this comes with her stubbornness. It's scared off most brave men. So much so that Safinia uses such to advantage. (This is something that her father looks to end as he grows tiresome of her behavior. She is close to an age of an scandalous woman who is unwed.) She also has this ability to pick up on someone's mannerisms and find something to soothe them and calm a situation. She is not a complete shrew. No matter WHAT her father speaks within his gossip. However, there is the side of her that is more often the sweeter side. Safinia,while not trying to fight off her suitors, is very kind and hospitable when she wants to be. She doesn't listen easily to influence. However, she does have an ear for gossip. One weakness to her personality however is that she can be often too sensitive to material about herself. She often is angry first then listen to responses later. She also have a tendency to try and fib to get herself out of going to an event. However, her mother often reminds her to be timid and reminds her that some point she will need to have a husband for a place within this world. Safinia does try as she does have a standard to hold as a daughter of a senator. But however, it does not mean she will be submissive and obedient. With every Roman man, surely there is another great woman to twist a knife in. (Figuratively or not. ) Appearance Safinia was blessed with the brains of her wise senatorial father but the beauty as well and name of her mother. Not the beauty of a goddess but she is brought about in subjects with her family and of those who pass by her. She has light green eyes that are often described as hazel. But those who have seen her eyes notice they lighten in the light or sometimes when she glares, her eyes darken. It is the eyes of a woman who is not to be taken lightly. Her skin is fairly light. Like the color of the finest new column within a building. But it is not too white as she has had a balanced intake of food. This is per her mother so that she looked compatible for other suitors. Her hips are the like of a common virgin, wide but wide enough for future child bearing with her breast area is firm and round. The lady’s lips are full but not very plump. The pink color often vibrates and is brighter when the right amount of lip powder is used. Lastly, the most beautiful feature on Safinia is her beautiful long raven black hair. Her hair goes down to her mid back. It is mostly up when out in public or covered with a hair piece. But even then, it is mostly shown with curls by the side. However, there is some times when Safinia herself will be rebellious and keep her hair uncovered and down. (Despite the objections of her family. ) Safinia has also a birthmark that looks like a small heart shape upon her shoulder. It is a birthmark passed along from the women. (Her mother has it and then her mother had it,etc.) Family Father: Lucius Safinius Regillus Mother: Laelia Balba Siblings: Marcus Theophilus Safinius (Adoptive brother) Spouse: N/A. (Family is currently looking for marriages for her. They are desperately so) Children: N/A Extended family: N/A Other: N/A History Born on April 18th in the year 56, Safinia Laelia was born a beautiful spring time. The name comes from her mother's own name and the female name of one of her father's own names. However, for her birth, a different outcome was to be expected and hoped for as it was a first child to the senator and his wife. It had been expected that she was naturally to be a male by birth. However, fates dealt them a hand none can expect. A girl and daughter. Regillus hoped for a son but he was not disappointed with a daughter either way. As he figured that a daughter could provide for great potential allies for his family along the road. After all, it was how he gained the hand and marriage of his current wife and mother of his child. Safinia was raised in a household where her father would go to the senate and her mother would make sure she ha everything that she would need to know. How to be a proper lady, the art of conversation. Things a woman would need in order to run her household. However, if her daughter was good, often times Laelia would tell her daughter of some poetry and writings her mother would speak to her as a girl. Regillus did know of it and scolded that a child and woman would not need these details as they grew older. However, Laelia knew her daughter. She was becoming as smart as her father but as beautiful as her mother each day. She would certainly not be wrong. However, the senator would not allow his family line to not have an heir. That was why when he heard of a fellow senator who was wifeless and dying. Wishing his friend's son to have a better life, he would make the process to have the boy adopted and he be apart of their family. He was older than his own daughter which would be in the rights for him to be an heir. Despite overshadowed by her adopted brother, Safinia as a child would grow within her grace and beauty within on her own.. She would grow to have a fondness for poetry while also have the taste for finer things. Like all little girls, she loves a piece of a fabric and new dresses. However, at a young age, she would often notice the many parties that was held within their household, from such an age, she would understand it would be for alliances. Even when out to the market with her mother, she noticed it all around. It would be something that Safinia would be reminded of as she grew within her small teenage years. It would be around that time that she would grow more into her maturity. She would grow into a beautiful woman that was very much the visage of her mother from years past. But her eyes. They would show the harsh and the seriousness of her father. Safinia would become more active in attending the political parties her mother and father would throw. She would become well known by the many who attend that Safinia would get between the arguments and stop them with insights she had heard. Her father had been pleased with his daughter and what he thought as advanced maturity. However, the senator foresaw that his daughter might become too opinionated for herself. Too...well, too much educated to be considered a true nobleman's future wife. That was why when he saw her maturity, he felt a need to speak to it any man who would be looking for a wife. Safinia knew her father would try to get her a marriage for alliances but once she heard it was because she dared to speak with her mind and heart, she almost flew into a rage. But however, she thought to gain a little leverage. If her father wished her to marry, so she would. But she would have to be very careful how she saw her suitors. So in her determination, she was very much her self but with a little bit of stubbornness and bitterness thrown in to scare off her suitors. This is so Safinia may of course go about her ways and entertain her friends and such but make her match on her own. But while all the while, making sure she is still has a manner of a senator's daughter, she promises her father she will change and become better. But she has his brains and his wit. She knows how to carry a conversation. She also knows that she cannot tempt the fates too much. After all, this was a city where many alliances could be made or broken if you tempted the fates. She was simply trying to educate them along. Emy | PACIFIC | PM OR DISCORD @Gothic
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