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  1. Sydney

    Sydney's Plotter

    ________________________________________________________ Oriana Laecania 22 | equite | heiress | heterosexual | emma stone About Oriana is someone who has a complicated background, and because of it, she's turned into a cold-hearted bitch. She longs for power and wishes to be someone important. She's never gotten close to anyone before, because everybody either seems to betray her or hurt her, so she's shut off most of her emotions. She is also very power hungry and wishes to have leverage over almost anyone. Her app is here! if you wish to read more about her. Friends Oriana has never had a friend. In her childhood, she wanted to spend most of her time with adults so she basically grew up alone and without anyone to relate to. The friends she has had in her life were just barriers in her way to push down. She would have friends out of circumstance, as maybe someone she's "friends" with is married to someone extremely powerful. Everything to her is a political game, even friendships. Oriana loves to attend parties, so she might have a lot of fake friends that she talks to during these times. She doesn't know what a real friendship is like nor would know how to go about it, but I'm all for ideas! Enemies I feel like Oriana would have a lot of enemies personal to her. Maybe someone cheated her father out of a deal or a slave didn't completely clean up the floor properly. She 100% holds any kind of grudges, even ones that happened when she was a child. She can't let go of things. Some people might also know of her deceitful nature, which might cause tension or someone might be out to get her. She always seems to be out to get others, after all. Lovers So this one is probably the most complicated. Oriana had a husband, but he was a violent drunk so she would be very distant. With that said, she knows she needs to marry but she still would only marry someone of importance. The marriage might be better or worse for her, as she is all about politics. It would take someone who could really tolerate Oriana to change her cold nature, if that is even possible. Other Oriana interacts with a lot of people. She's always down to hire personal guards and have more slaves. She also attends parties a lot with people of Equite and Senator status. When she isn't attending parties, she conducts business with shady people. She pays for secrets and keeps them as leverage. There are a ton of options to interact with Oriana. Thread Tracker When The Chips Are Down || Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus Keep Our Secrets || Helios Don't Walk Me Home || Marcus Falco To Wine or To Whine || Lucius Caecilius Metellus Wouldn't Be Caught Dead || Marcus Falco Wait For It || Lucius Antonius Alexius Drawing The Line || Phaedo I'll Never Be Satisfied || Alucio Valens Lurio Walking In Moonlight || Lucius Antonius Alexius _______________________________________________________ N'tombi Arria 30 | plebian | tavern owner | pansexual | isabella peschardt About N'tombi is a very loyal, protective, and blunt person. She cares for her three younger siblings as well as runs a tavern by herself. She is very protective of the people that enter the bar, especially regulars, and serves anyone that doesn't cause her patrons trouble. This might include runaway slaves, foreigners, and outcasts. She's honest with just about anything and will defend herself when people call her out on anything. She does anything she can to protect her siblings and wants the best life for them. Friends The perks of owning a tavern is having a lot of friends. Because N'tombi is loyal to her customers, she has many friends/regulars who come into the bar. She doesn't actually hang out with friends outside of the bar, as she's far too busy, but she has come to like many of her regulars. She is a kind woman with a big heart as long as you don't mess with her, so it's possibly that she'll have friends of all social classes. Enemies If anyone has ever messed with N'tombi's bar or her siblings, they are on her bad list. She'll sometimes throw people out of her bar, but she doesn't hold grudges unless they are out to get her. She's very forgiving for petty things, but not so forgiving when there are personal attacks on her family. I assume she doesn't have a lot of enemies, but there might be one or two people that she absolutely despises. Relationships N'tombi isn't over her first love, Alba, but she doesn't show it. For N'tombi, marriage used to be completely off the table, but now that her siblings are growing up, it's something she's sort-of open to. She wants to travel the Roman Empire, and she'll probably pick a husband (or wife, in secret) to travel the Empire with. She also likes to have one-night stands every so often, so she probably has a couple lovers no matter what their gender is. Other There are a lot of options to plot; friends of her sibling's, bar patrons, lovers, you name it, I'm down to plot for anything. I'll probably eventually put up a want-ad for Alba and her three siblings, but right now, I'm totally keen to plot with anyone that would stumble in a bar! Thread Tracker Fortunate Circumstances || Aius Drink Up || Decimus Rutilius Atellus ________________________________________________ Justinia 18 | slave | prostitute | bisexual | naomi scott About Justinia is a pretty naive and innocent girl, especially for being a prostitute. She knows her way around and is good at her job, though she usually plays the delicate flower in Domus Venus. She is a sweet girl and means no harm to anyone, though trouble always seems to find her. She's been a slave all of her life, born in Aegyptus and being sold by her owner at the age of five in Rome. She's pretty quiet around others, though she is always willing to help out. Friends Justinia doesn't really have many friends. She's never made friends before, as when she was a house and body slave to her former Dominus, she never really talked to anyone because she would get in trouble. She just doesn't know how to make friends, but they might come naturally to her in the brothel. I would love to explore friendship plots with her! Enemies On the other hand, Justinia doesn't know how she would make an enemy. Her last owner was jealous because she was his wife's favorite since Justinia was a child, and he made an enemy out of her. She never understood what she did wrong for him to make her do the things she did, but she really wouldn't have a lot of enemies. The ones that might dislike her are people who don't like slaves and prostitutes in general, or possibly think she is a kiss-up. Relationships Justinia has never had a real romantic relationship. She only knows what love is by her former master's wife, who was like a mother to her. Other than that, she doesn't really know how to even initiate romance. Being a slave prostitute would make things difficult for a romantic relationship, though Justinia would probably cling on to the first person that even falls for her. Other Give me the plots! There can be friends of Justinia, customers, other prostitutes, other slaves, bosses at Domus Venus, higher class customers that visit her, really anything! If you have any ideas, drop them below! Thread Tracker Domus Call || Quintus Flavius Theodorus Bad First Week || Gaius Licinius Habitus Forgetting Home || Spurius Antius Claudus ________________________________________________ Astrius 52 | slave | slave| pansexual | About Astrius is a god-obsessed, third-person speaking slave. He is a lot of fun, though he is both addicted to alcohol and opium seeds. He is the current slave to Chevi's Theodorus, but he's had so many masters in the past that he lost track. He's not a very good slave and he's kind of on his last leg, but he's an interesting guy. He is also obsessed with fire. Friends Astrius has had friends at one point, but it was so long ago. Most people are completely put off with the idea of being friends with someone so out-there, which Astrius doesn't mind. That doesn't mean he won't talk to you though. Enemies He probably has a lot of enemies, most he doesn't really know about nor does he really care about. He doesn't try to make enemies, but there are times when he might throw up on people or accidently punch someone when he's drunk off his mind. It doesn't mean he hates them, it just means that he has very unfortunate luck. Relationships He's had only one relationship in the past, but that ship has sailed. He was a different person back then. So this is probably off the table. Other He really loves interacting with people! Thread Tracker Cheap For The Cheap || Quintus Flavius Theodorus
  2. Lucius Furius Pontius Thracius Minor Main Theme Friends Lucius happens to be a friendly and outgoing type of guy, his background and upbringing making him confident to strike a conversation with everyone and anyone who happens to stand in his path. It's naturally a bonus if their passions and hobbies align with his, such as aiding the poor and vulnerable of society, physical activities or discussing matters over a goblet of wine, and especially if they're secret Christians as well. Extra lookout for household servants/slaves and 'room mates'. Enemies Due to Lucius' occupation and his family's standing, there's bound to be plenty of rivals waiting to ruin him and everything he stands for. His secret Christian devotion may be his largest achilles heel if his enemies were to utilize that knowledge for their own gain, at the expense of his. Lovers Lucius is desperately in need of a wife right now, preferably someone who belongs to the Senatore class, though lower than that may be possible if love is stronger than opportunism. He would need to make sure that this future wife of his proves to be loyal enough not to betray him if his secret devotion to Christianity would ever reveal itself. Other A distant descendant of the likes of Marcus Furius Camillus, Pontius Pilate, Quintus Tullius Cicero and Gaius Marius, and someone with plenty of cash in his pockets, Lucius is currently serving as a Senator and one of the Praetors, dealing with matters regarding the public treasury and individuals, both citizens and foreigners. Balancing a highly visible life as a socially and politically active member of the Roman Nobility, alongside the one of a secretly devoted Christian whose philanthrophy stretches itself to society's poor and vulnerable, the possibilities of plots with him are endless and I'm really up for anything!
  3. Hey all, just thought I would put up a good, traditional plotter to shamelessly see who I can ensnare in some plotting! Current Characters Sestia Vaticana - daughter of the current Proconsularis governor of Africa and trusted general of Caesar, Vaticanus, whose son is married into the Imperial household. Sestia herself is a young widow with two teenage sons, having been married off young to a backbench senator. She currently lives comfortably off the proceeds of her late husband’s estate which she is administering until her sons reach manhood. She is, however, in the market for a new husband although this time it will be one she chooses herself! A fan of the finer things in life she enjoys a wide range of pursuits and has enough money to be a patron. Is interested, in so far as it is seemly for a female to be, in the wider political world. Aelia - actress/musician/courtesan, poster girl for the White team, member of the Proculus Players. Am open to all types of plots really but would be keen to find her a patron (for artistic purposes or as a mistress to keep that $$$$$ coming)
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