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  1. Apollodorus 22 | 7 March52AD | Slave | Gladiator - Cestus | Pansexual | Original | Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Personality & History Apollodorus is the son of a gladiator and one of the household slaves. He grew up in servitude and considers it to be the norm. When he was a boy he got into a fight with another of the household slave boys. He had a vicious right hook and sent the other boy flying. He was flogged for his bad behaviour yet the Dominus saw fighting ability in him - along with the potential to earn coin through his winnings. When he matured he was placed
  2. Gothic


    Laran. Twenty-five | 2 April 49CE | Slave | Gladiator - Retiarius | Hetero | Original | Peter Mensah Personality & History Formerly he went by Lucius Afriananius before he had to sell himself in order to repay his gambling debt. It all started out small. A gamble here, a gamble there, and the desire to repay it all back. Just one win... Just need a big win. Unfortunately, it spiraled. He had no desire to ask his family for money or to ask one of the predatory gangs for another loan to pay back. He abandoned his family one day, and in shame went to the block. He found
  3. MARCUS CASSINUS. 25 | 22 July 49CE | Milite | Pleb | Bisexual | Original | Jai Courtney Personality & History Marcus' life before this point was quite average. He learned his trade and went into service to Rome through the legion once he was able to do so. His poorer background and lack of a trade kept him at Milite rank for sometime. Marcus did not know why he fled. He could have been executed in a variety of ways. If he had of been closer to the old legion he served in. He may have attempted to go back to the legion to face punishment. He thought himsel
  4. Lucius Baebius 20 | 15th August 54 | Soldier | Pleb| Bisexual | Original | Isaac Hempstead-Wright Personality & History Lucius is quiet and timid. He acts much younger than his years, and has always been the baby of his family. Many were surprised by his decision to join the military, as its completely at odds with his temperament. He is fearful of many things, and is easily anxious. His quiet nature fits with his weak body which has none of the muscularity of many Roman men, especially those in the legions. -- Born into a poor Plebian family, the fifth child (and
  5. Sara


    Ino 25 | 1st October 47 | Slave | Gladiator | Heterosexual | Original | Bipasha Basu Personality & History Ino is cold and unmoving. Rarely one to crack a smile or make a joke she keeps people at arms length. She has few friends, and even those she does have know very little about her true motivations or feelings. She feels most at home in the arena, where she doesn't have to talk and instead can let her anger flow through her. Underneath it all she's a devious, malevolent woman with mountains of unreleased anger and hatred. Hatred for Rome, hatred for herself and what she'
  6. Cira Exocia 18| 22 March 56CE | Prisoner | Merchant | Heterosexual | Original | Jessica Barden Personality & History Cira and her family originate from Greece, her father had made himself very wealthy through shrewd trade and dealings with those around the empire. He eventually became well known enough that he was called upon to serve as an economic adviser to the Greece governor. Cira grew up in relative comfort with almost no wants. Her father was rather lenient with his children but insisted that they all at least know how to hold a sword and swing it. While some of her
  7. Vopicscus 16| 19 February 58CE | Prisoner| Thief | Heterosexual | Original | Dylan Minnette Personality & History Growing up on the streets with no family and no where to go the only logical course of action for survival was stealing. Small things at first, just food to get by but as the years progressed and he got better with his slight of hand skills loafs of bread eventually became jewelry off the unsuspecting merchants in the market. This skill came in handy and made him rather wealthy in his own eyes making him feel almost invincible. This would be his downfall as he w
  8. Chevi


    MOMUS 20 | January 1st, 54CE | Slave | Gladiator - Retiarius | Bisexual | Original | Robert Sheehan Personality & History Momus was born as verna in the household of a wealthy Greek merchant named Iobates, in Rome. His original name was Euanthes. While both his parents were body slaves, the boy proved to be very bright at an early age, so his master allowed him to learn to read and write from the slaves tutoring his children, hoping the boy would eventually become a scribe to serve his son. Euanthes had a knack for memorizing things and learning languages; by the time he was
  9. ASCANIUS 31 | June 41CE | Slave | Gladiator | Bisexual | Original | Chris Hemsworth Personality & History Ascanius is a man of many facets. To some, he is somewhat larger than life. He has a grin and a wink for most people, and largely an even temperament which would surprise most people given his reputation in the arena. Overall, he appears jovial, and a 'happy go lucky' man in public. His 10 years in Rome have calmed him down considerably, and whilst upon his arrival he flitted from owner to owner and was prone to violent outburst at the injustice of his enslavement
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