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  1. Mid-February, 77 CE By the Gods, he had not thought his afternoon would have turned out quite the way that it had. If he did, he would not have ventured out of his humble insulae. The commotion of the marketplace had drawn him out, the need to find something to replenish his food stock and something that he could eat. The people moved around as if they had little else more to do, their eyes browsing wares that they could or could not afford. Gaius moved through the crowd, awkwardly however, for his height was sometimes made point for him to be gawked at like a slave for the market. He was not a slave meant for the market, nor would he wish upon himself such a fate. He enjoyed the freedoms that he had, even whilst not a Roman citizen. However, it had not been long until presently, he was hurried being guided through the market with a child in his hands - bloodied and bruised from a fight that he had intervened in. "Stay with me." He barked, out of breath as he shoved past a couple of other plebians who had not seen a rather large man barrelling towards them as he made way towards the closest known medicus that he had been pointed towards. It had past his attention that he had, in fact, ran headlong into the Gladiatorium grounds; his eyes wide and searching. "I need a bloody medicus now!" He raised his voice, enough so that he could be heard over the roar of the audience, his eyes going back down as he checked that the child was still breathing. Just. Instead of waiting, Gaius proceeded forward - swatting hands away of the guards who attempted to stop him. He was not allowing this child to die with such dishonor. "Find me a medicus or so may the Gods help you." Gaius snarled, as he braced himself, trying to prevent his sandals from slipping as the guards attempted to take him back through the door. @Chevi (OOC: I hope this works, please do let me know if you need more to work with.)
  2. August 76 It was rare that Rufus was sent on an errand by his master; he was his master's personal attendant and errnads were generally given to house-slaves to run. This one had been deemed important enough to dispatch Rufus himself, though, and he was glad of the little bit of freedom to leave the house and take the message, which was for the lanista of the Ludus Magnus. The only reply he'd been told to wait for was a 'yes' or a 'no' (and Rufus' master being who he was, the expected and only acceptable answer would be 'yes') which answer he'd received. He was on his way home and hadn't managed to get very far when he had to move out of the way of a litter that was being carried along the street with little regard for the pedestrians already in it. He hastily stepped backwards and, as he did so, caught his foot on the edge of a pothole caused by a missing paving stone and went down, hard. It was a moment before he could gather himself, and look down at his ankle, which was throbbing. He hadn't heard or felt anything break, but there was a definite swelling at the joint, and he sucked in a breath. mehercle but it hurt! @Chevi
  3. September, 76AD It was only practice, not a true competition, and whilst practice battles drew a few spectators - often owners of the gladiators - it was usually only a few loiterers or those who enjoyed watching half-naked men sweat who would attend. Tiberius was neither, but he was only half watching; the young Imperial was deep in thought, otherwise relaxing beneath a canopy. The Ludus was simply a place to be. Sometimes it helped to get out of the palace when he wanted to think. Oddly enough he was less likely to be disturbed here. And he was thinking, very seriously. Titus was Caesar now, suddenly, at a young age, and Tiberius - who admitedly was no older and his relative level of wisdom was debateable - saw it as his duty to support Titus in guiding and guarding the Empire. He also wanted to guide and guard Titus so that he was able to do so, not least because he was his brother, but also because if anything affected Titus, it could potentially lead to a period of instability in the Empire, which it could ill afford. The Empire seemed to burn through Caesar's at an uncomfortable rate, and the pool of potential heirs was reducing. This was one of the many things that preyed on Tiberius's mind as he half watched a bout end. One of the combatants had been injured by a blow from his opponent's weapon, and lay on the sand, shifting in pain. Whilst gladiators were generally looked down on as the slaves most were, they still had value. Sure enough, within a few moments the medicus of the Ludus appeared, working quickly to stabilise his patient. Tiberius couldn't see much, but it was only minutes before the man was moved by two attendants, under the direction of the medicus. Hmm. The beginnings of an idea began to form. Tiberius turned to one of his attendants and asked the man to find out the name of the medicus, and ask that when - and only when - he had treated his patient to his satisfaction, he come and speak with the young Imperial. The medici who usually attended the Imperials had no answers. But sometimes those who sat outside the arena saw more of the combat. @Chevi
  4. A week after A Little Help Didia struggled with her load, her arm dragging down, weighed down with the basket overflowing with goods but covered with a square of linen to try and be discrete. Appius had walked with her, both for protection and just because he wanted to see the Ludus but he had strict instruction not to bother Theo or the Gladiators, and instead sit in the free seats and see if any training fights were happening whilst she unburdened herself. He had been confused and queried why she was trekking all the way to the Ludus after the stall closing time, just to deliver a gift to a man she barely knew. She had explained that Theo had treated her friend Lucia for a minor infection, and was delivering it on her behalf. Appius had only half-believed her, but had been too interested in going to the Ludus to put up any more of a fight. As they entered the complex (after some slight begging to the guards at the entrance) Didia's eyes widened in surprise. She didn't know what she was expecting but the...mundane barrack-type rooms and slaves milling around was not what she was expected. She pulled one aside to quickly ask where the medicus' rooms were, and the training ground and after a firm word with Appius not to cause any trouble, she let him be led to where he could watch a fight or two, whilst she diverted to Theo's work area. She snuck in a corridor, down past rooms (bedrooms?) until she came to a heavy oak door. She kicked it with her foot three times and said, in an inflated accent, disguising her voice; "Delivery for the medicus!" Gods she hoped he wasn't in the middle of surgery. TAG: @Chevi
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