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  1. AULUS AVILUS GALERIUS 36 | 21 Junius 39 | Senatorial | Spymaster | Hetero | Original | Conleth Hill Personality Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, gentle man. His babyface invites you in, makes you feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Most are, to be honest. Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected, but less so would be those he works with and for. He does do his best work for them, regardless of his feelings, but if it came down to himself or them, then he would certainly choose himself. He is absolutely one that se
  2. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Safinia Laelia comes from the daughter of an senatore within the senate for a father and for her mother, a daughter of a former senator herself. However, no one could predict how their daughter would be. From an young age, Safinia was shown to be a quiet and almost demire lady and one that her father could hope to find a suitor for. However, as Safinia grew, she grew to have a mind of her own and with that came from the highest mind. (Well, not that hi
  3. MARCUS JUNIUS SILANUS 17 | 25TH March, 58 AD | Senator | Noble | Heterosexual| Canon | Rudy Pankow Personality. Marcus had a rough beginning to his life and the first few years, he was moved around a lot. Luckily he does not remember much of this; back then he just clung to his step-mother, Flavia Juliana, who took such good care of him. After the first years of his life, he was finally able to settle down together with his step-mother and adopted siblings. Marcus easily adapts, so he quickly became used to the life of a wealthy Senator's son, who was well-kn
  4. Joaquin

    Valeria Flacca

    VALERIA FLACCA. 36 | 05 April 39 CE | Senatorial | Matron and Published Poet (including pseudonym ‘Landicus’) | Heterosexual | Canon | Chloe Pirrie Personality. Valeria is an unexpected result of a far more serious father. She always proudly considered herself ordinary but shined through her natural theatricality. She had been a ‘giggle bug’ as a child and her constant air of humour and love for any opportunity for laughter was never lost when she grew into an adult. Though she can be responsible when called to be, she is still prone to dropping the odd cheeky
  5. Appius Cornelius Scipio. Forty | day month 34AD | Senatore | Senatore & Paterfamilias | Heterosexual | Canon | Daniel Gillies <600x300> Personality. Appius seeks to redeem his family name after it was tarnished by his elder brother's errors. Appius is hard-working, naturally a politician and has an open friendly manner that tends to lure people into a false sense of security. He is perfectly happy to work in the shadows, nor does he need recognition for any deeds that he completes, and instead prefers to see his goals succeed. A negative personality
  6. Lucius Caecilius Metellus 48 | 7th Nov 25AD | Senatore | Senator | Bisexual | Canon | Tom Ellis <600x300> Personality. Lucius is a cunning man with a desire for survival. He keeps his private life firmly in the private sphere with few, if any, confidantes who he would confess the secrets of his mind to. From birth, he saw himself as the protector of his family, and aimed to keep them safe. He smiles rarely, instead spares this for those who he is most close to and those people are few in number. Politically, he does not speak of his ideals nor does he re
  7. CAECINA TUSCA 18 | 10 april 57CE | Senatore | Lady | Heterosexual | Canon | Bridget Satterlee Personality. Caecina is something of an enigma. Able to change her personality at will to fit certain situations, she can be a social butterfly, a drama queen, a quiet, obedient child, and a polite, proper young lady; it all depends on the context. Generally, she defaults to the proper young lady persona when around her elders but immediately switches back to the social butterfly when among her contemporaries. To her family, though, she is known as something of a hand
  8. Cornelia Scipionis 35 | 27 October 37 | Senatore | The Viperess of Rome | Bisexual | Canon | Natalie Dormer Personality. The youngest of her immediate family, Cornelia was often indulged and spoiled as a child by those who raised and nurtured her. Her father, guilty for her mother's death, gave into her every demand and her aunt, seeking another daughter to teach, held her at her bosom as tightly as she would her own. It did no good for the woman's personality growing up and to be honest, age did not temper it. It only refined it. At the surface of the woman
  9. Pinaria Lucretia 23 | JUNE 2ND 50 AD | FEMALE | PATRICIAN | NOBLE LADY | STRAIGHT | SARAH BOLGER Personality. Precocious from a young age, the stress of civil war and traveling has somewhat tempered and soften the stubborn, vibrant personality of the young woman in question. The more she exposed to politics, the less she likes it and the greater her desire to lead a life beyond hills of the city she was born in. There is a modest vanity about her, especially in the way she presents herself as a member of her class. She's not elitist, nor does she have a snobbish at
  10. Horatia Pulvilla 32 | OCT 30TH, 41 AD | FEMALE | PATRICIAN | WIFE | STRAIGHT | NINA DOBREV Personality. At first glance, most people would sum up Horatia as a poise, intelligent, polite young woman. She is, in fact, very much all of that. Her parents raised her to be just that, to be a poised, intelligent young woman of gentle upbringing. And it is befitting to her place in life and society at the side of a senator as his wife. She's a very quiet person, often preferring the quiet company of a good scroll or the gardens to the noise of other people and gatheri
  11. Gothic

    Claudia Gaia

    Claudia Gaia 33 | 14th June 40CE | Imperial | Matron (also Corinthia's warden) | Bisexual | Original | Stephanie Leonidas Personality. Gaia, or Χρυσανθη (Chrysanthe) as she was originally known as was not born with malice in her heart. Deep down, she believes that there is good in everyone and if you're nice to people they will be kind to you. Despite how many times the events in her life have proven otherwise. Gaia enjoys the fruits of life, having developed a taste for them and enjoys surrounding herself with beautiful people, and things. She is sensual, a
  12. Julia Valeria 45 | 15 November, 28 AD | Senatore | Former Imperial Governess | Heterosexual | Canon | Julianna Margulies Personality. Julia's personality has come full circle- as a child she worked at her mother's side to learn how to run a household someday. She was a good student and looked forward to the day when she would be a mother and domina of her own household. All the skills she learned have been tested over the years but no matter what she found a way to make the best of each situation...even as a slave. While most women of her status are loung
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