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  1. September 74AD It had only been a few short months since the family had returned to Rome from Raetia. It had been an interesting few weeks, settling back into their own house (technically, it was Aulus' father's house, as he was still alive and thus the head of the family, but he didn't really bother them, allowing them to get on with things). It had been a busy day, but it was evening now and Aulus was sitting under the garden colonnade, with a wineglass to hand and a sprig of grapes, although cena was over. It was nice just to sit, watch the moonlight silvering the plants and enjoy the coolness and scents of the garden in the evening. He saw a familiar shape heading towards the atrium, and raised his voice. "Felix!" @Chevi
  2. Sydney

    Daddy Issues

    When Oriana's father sat her down for the evening to speak to her about something important, she assumed he found another husband for her. She had been dreading the day, not knowing if she even met the man she would marry. Her heart was pounding when her father arrived. The two ate dinner together, which was a rarity unless they were having guests. It must have been that there was a husband being introduced, right? She couldn't think of anything else it would be. Once they were finished with their dinner, Ordovian cleared his throat. The words he said next were the ones she least expected. "I am not your father." Oriana's mouth dropped. What was he talking about? Of course he was. He'd been with her his whole life, as long as she knew. The man then went on. "Your mother told me how much she hated you because you weren't mine, just some bodyguard she slept with. This was a little before she died when she revealed the name. I wanted to kill him, but I just never had enough energy in me to do so." The apple didn't fall far from the tree, Oriana thought. Her mother slept with her bodyguard and so did she. Her mother probably would've hated her more if she knew her now. Oriana realized that she had told her father a name. "Who is it?" She asked, not thinking she'd know the man. He was probably dead now--a lot of bodyguards died in their line of business. "A man by the name of Marcus Falco. I haven't seen him for twenty-two years, so he's probably long gone or dead by now." Oriana's face went white and her eyes widened. No, no, no. There were hundreds of thousands of people in Rome, and her father had to be the one man she despised, the man she hated the most. He screwed her over time and time again, and that scumbag had to be her father? She felt dirty that her bloodline was actually one of Marcus Falco's. He hadn't seen him in 22 years, but it had only been a month since she last saw him. "Don't worry, Oriana. I will still find a suitable husband for you. You are adopted, and as far as I'm concerned, a legitimate child of mine. Nobody will need to know." She didn't really hear the words her father was saying. She was fuming at the thought of this man being her father. "I have to go," she said, standing up and briskly walking away. She went to her room, knowing she had to visit the asshole tonight. She put on her cloak. Oriana didn't let Alexius know where she was going, so she slipped out of the home and made her way into the city. Ever since her deal with Helios, she knew exactly where to find Marcus. Ironically enough, he worked at the Venus. How many illegitimate children did he have? She didn't want to know. When she was about to approach the Domus Venus, she saw the man keeping watch outside. Of course it was him. She was angry, but she had to approach him so he didn't think she would kill him. Though she had definitely thought about it before this revelation. He must have not known or else he wouldn't have talked to her as slimy as he did. She couldn't calm herself though; she was angry and confused. Oriana walked up to him, her temper getting the best of her. "Marcus fucking Falco," she said, obviously angry. "We need to have a little discussion about who you stick your dick in." Her voice was raised, but she wasn't planning on staying outside of the Venus. She was pissed. @Gothic
  3. His stepmother had nagged him endlessly. Berating him for not taking the time to connect to more experienced Senators, or meet with Caesar or the princes. Anything! Gaius would have preferred to do anything else. All he wanted was to drink, fuck and enjoy all the treats that life gave him. His one redeeming quality was that he was an excellent soldier, and that he had produced children. Her nagging eventually succeeded in him going out with the intention of meeting fellow Senators in order to boost his career. She had threatened to reach out to Senators on his behalf and likely would if he did not act. It was bad enough for her to pressure him into remarrying again. He had done his duty. Married and the Gods decided that she would get peace from him through death. Now? He would enjoy his Mistress, lovers, and other people who his stepmother did not like. Gaius did agree to go to the Circus Maximus and socialise. Perhaps he would see a lovely man's wife and seduce her? It all depended. He approached and sat down, exhaled slowly and rolled his eyes heavenward in irritation. Further way, he could have sworn he saw a familiar face and it was Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus. If Gaius remembered correctly he had a ravishingly attractive sister as a Vestal. Going to waste! It was almost as though he heard his mother and stepmother's voices in his head to both nag him. Gaius grunted and rolled his eyes. He smiled wide and raised his hand in a warm greeting. "Ave good Praetextatus! Would you like to sit with me and talk a moment?" He offered. Briefly there was a person who walked in front of him so he was able to frown. The last thing he wanted to do was listen to a boring fellow, and then smiled again in a warm greeting. @Sharpie
  4. There were many things he was supposed to be doing. Gaius had one ambition and that was to taste all the fruits of the Domus Venus. It did not take him long to arrive in the location necessary. He had lost count of the amount of times he had made the trek to the venue, walked through the doors and soon caught sight of the beauties that surrounded him. It made him feel alive, and temporarily he could forget the obligations he had towards the state and to his nagging stepmother. His eyes lit up brightly as he walked through. Dancers, performers, and people performing intimate acts surrounded him. This must have been how the Gods on Mount Olympus felt. He looked at one large breasted woman as she walked past, garbed in transparent silk that only highlighted the curves of her body and was soon distracted by another. In the past, he had heard her name spoken and did not particularly know her. It did not take him long to have wine provided for him and he casually held the goblet in his hand. Finally, he found her. She was reclining on a sofa and flirting with a Senator. He could not recall his name at the moment, but had a nagging feeling that he knew his stepmother. A wicked smirk appeared on his face and walked towards them both. Reclined beside them on his stomach, rested his clean-shaven chin on the palms of his hands and smiled. The other potential client looked shocked, then uncomfortable and it did not take long for him to stutter an excuse before he left. "You must be Justinia," Gaius said, and not without a hint of smugness to his voice. Slowly he rolled onto his back with his arms folded behind his head with a cocky grin. "I promise," He added, reached out the goblet for her to hold and let it go. If she took it, she took it... if not... "I will make it up to you, and I can assure you that business would be more pleasurable with me than what it would have been with him." @Sydney
  5. He entered the Domus Venus with a wide grin and his eyes eagerly took in all the sights on offer. Gaius had fewer ambitions in life than he should have. One of them was to taste every beautiful jewel he caught he sight of. The Gods had graced him with this body of his, and it would not be fair to deny people a chance to touch him. Gaius entered the Domus Venus as though he owned the place. His posture was confident, straight back and chin raised in a bold, almost cocky confidence. His arms outstretched to his sides, in one hand he held a pitcher of wine and in the other, nothing. Gaius did not wear a respectable toga. His father used to say that a toga in a respectable place like this would shame Rome. Gaius, on the other hand, did not wear it because it was cumbersome and he would only lose it by the end of the night. It was one thing to hide many of his antics out in the provinces. It was another thing to do it all here in Rome itself. "Gods! I feel so alive!" Gaius exclaimed loudly, grinned and his gaze moved around at the mixture of body types. There were beauties from all over the empire gathered here for him to sample. Behind him, his silent and faithful body-slave accompanied him to mind his Dominus' purse but also to ensure that his Master did not find himself in more trouble than he could get himself out of. His late mother used to say that boys needed to get their wily behaviour out of their system. Unfortunately, Gaius had never grown beyond this stage. Gaius was blessed with a handsome appearance, and desired for all to mirror it. Mostly he received what he desired. He walked through the establishment and caught the sight of a beautiful blonde, a fair-haired beauty. Gaius had not been intimate with her in the past, and he had seen her around when he was occupied with another of the flowers of the Domus Venus. Gaius walked to sit close to a harp player and other musicians, there was a dancing boy and a girl gracefully moving together. Two handsome male youths, and two beautiful women dancing together. He caught Vibia's gaze and gestured with his hand for her to approach him. TAG: @Sara
  6. Titus' fingertips tapped against the surface of the wooden desk. He could not stop thinking about ways to earn more coin. Eventually, he would need to either make a truce with the other gangs or attempt to push them out. Anything that would gain him further coin, and through that. Power. If he ever had a son he wanted the very best for him, even if it meant that he may have to sacrifice his happiness for the chance of a better life for his son. Always more. Neither the legitimate and illegitimate lines of work were particularly honourable for him yet they brought in considerable amounts of coin. He exhaled in irritation and sipped some of his wine. Temporarily he was away from his wife, and purposely kept this part of the business away from her. He heard footsteps in the background, and saw Lucius Corvinus, his second-in-command approach him. "Lucius, I think it is time for us to have a little meeting with the faction leaders," Titus said, personally, he had no interest nor favour in any of the teams. All he cared about was the profit that would come from the bets that were made. Sentiment was not essential nor wanted. "To remind them that our services are vital to their success or failure in the races, and that we are here to stay." "Yes Dominus, what team would you like for me to visit first?" Lucius answered in his gruff voice. His thumb idly scratched along the pale scar that marked his chin, the stubble made noise as he did so, and waited for the answer. "The Reds, make sure that they know who to come to for both protection and if they wish to sabotage another team. It doesn't take much. Men get sick, horses get sick, and all sorts of things." Titus listed things off and shrugged. Lucius was a veteran of this sort of thing and knew which of their agents who would be best to work with, for each task and what ones would be beneficial. "It will be done."
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