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  1. Sergia slipped her hand into her covered basket as if searching for something inside. Really, though, her attention was focused on the flash of white cloth in the corner of her vision as a toga-clad figure swept out of the house she was lingering beside, leaning nonchalantly on a column and minding her own business. A glance upwards when it was safe to do so confirmed his identity: yes, Longinus had left for the Senate. Sergia inhaled. Part of her resented the opportunity to do what she was about to do. It simply wasn't proper for a young lady to to snooping round her suitor's house, inciting his slaves to betray his confidence in small ways. It wasn't even like she had any reason to doubt Longinus; he'd been entirely good to her, but perhaps that's why she felt this compulsion to investigate him. To make sure that he was just as pleasant behind closed doors as he was in public. Whatever the reason, she was here now. Thankfully, her maidservant (because of course her uncle would hardly allow her to leave the house unaccompanied) was still acting as dozily as Sergia had hoped she would when she chose her for her companion on this little escapade. The girl was new, so not so deep under Secundus' control as the others, and was rather fond of her drink when she could get away with it. Sergia had to elbow her to get her to follow her up to the house; the girl seemed more interested in her fingernails than in keeping an eye on her mistress. Here goes nothing. "Salve. I am Sergia Auletia, niece of Secundus Quinctilius Varus. I was just passing and thought I would drop in to pay my compliments to the master. I hope he's not too busy?" @Chevi
  2. While Sergia (and Secundus) didn't live in Rome, that didn't stop her visiting her uncle and cousins for some rather extended stays - Tertius' house was big enough to house his family several times over, with a staff to match, as befit a Senator and Praetor. One member of that staff (and incidentally of the family too, though not officially being a slave, the son of the Senator and a slave woman) was Teutus, the said Senator's secretary. This afternoon, the Senator was out somewhere that didn't require his secretary to attend him, and his young daughter was visiting a neighbour she was friends with, which left Teutus alone to finish copying out some correspondence for the Senator, a task that didn't take him very long once people stopped interrupting him. Once that was done, with the letters left neatly on the desk in the tablinum for Tertius to sign when he returned, Teutus found a seat in the garden to enjoy a moment in the sun. He hadn't been there long when he became aware that his cousin Sergia was there, and scrambled to his feet. "I beg your pardon, Domina," he said. @locutus-sum
  3. November, 76AD Longinus strained against the lead looped around Ragum's neck. The dog was only eight months old and already up to his thigh, he had no idea how big it was supposed to be but as he loitered at the Portico, he regretted bringing his birthday gift. Titus had really outdone himself with this one, and despite the fact that Celsus had said women liked pets, he wasn't convinced Sergia would like this one. He glanced over his shoulder to the brawny Dacian and gave him a look. He should have brought Attis, he would have talked him out of this. Negotiations had been going on for months now but he hadn't had a chance to see the lady alone. She'd attended the dinner with her Uncles but he couldn't quite get the measure of the young woman and if he was going to press ahead with a marriage, he needed to know it would work and wouldn't end in disaster as it had done with Antonia, and with Sestia. The thought of both women made a lump form in his throat which he swallowed down. He shook off the thought as Celsus cleared his throat, gesturing with a jerked head to a woman and small entourage approaching from the left - naturally, for her honours sake, she couldn't come completely alone. Ragum let out a bark of glee and Longinus was glad he prioritised his fitness and health so he could actually manage to pull the dog back. He grinned at Sergia and inclined his head. "Salve Sergia Auletia," Ragum barked again and Longinus chuckled, "Ragum also says hello." TAG: @locutus-sum
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