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  1. Atrice


    CAESO 25 | August 10th, 50 AD | Slave | Charioteer – Factionis Viridi | Sapiosexual | Original | Alex Høgh Andersen Personality. Had Caeso only been born into a wealthy family that could give him the proper education... but he was not and had some, although it would appear to be just enough. At least his first owner discovered his potential and taught him some valuable skills, that he now enjoy putting to good use. But Caeso is still not quite like the other people and slaves that surround him. While he has friends and tolerate the other slaves and freedmen around him, he is easily bored in a conversation if it turns to be about mere gossip. Caeso likes to think and he likes to discuss the matters of the world - and the matters of horses and races. It is only when he has had some wine that his mind will finally relax a bit, because he tends to overwork it. In fact he likes to work. He hates being bored. He is determined, calculating and cunning and devoted to his job and his team and his horses. Since he was young, he always enjoyed learning new things and has a retentive mind. He hates the other racing teams with a passion and will do whatever is in his power to win a race. Caeso does enjoy the fame. But it is indeed the fame itself that he enjoys, and not what people offer him in return. He is not very interested in romance or sex; some think something is wrong with him, because unlike some other charioteers, he does not sleep around and he often rejects people who offer themselves to him. It sounds like a cliché, but Caeso is like this - it's not about your looks or appearance, that does not turn him on. He's turned on by your mind. He is attracted to other intelligent minds instead of their lovely faces. He has met few who truly interested him and cares little about gender and more about how you think and how you talk. He does have something of a temper, that shows when he is either very bored or something did not quite go and work out as he had planned. For example, Caeso really enjoys winning a race. Then he knows he did the right thing and he will enjoy the cheer of the crowd and the attention people give him. But if he loses a race... or something just does not go as he had hoped, Caeso may react by yelling, throwing things, kicking people... until someone manages to talk him down or simply leaves him alone. So really, it is just best that he wins. For everyone. Appearance Caeso is fairly tall, standing just about 5´10” tall and he has fair, often tanned, skin. His build is athelic and slim and his upper body appears stronger and more muscular than his lower body – probably because it’s his upper body he uses mostly for his work. He has dark brown hair and striking, piercing blue eyes – a feature many ladies tend to adore, although he pays them little mind at all. He has high cheekbones and a sharp jawline, that together with his blue eyes, make him easily recognizable. He most often wears a practical tunica, that ends just above his knees and good soldier-like sandals on his feet. When he races, he wears dark armor and in the colors of his team of course. His hair is long and on an ordinary day, it is pulled back into a ponytail. When he races, he makes it up to appear more fierce with twists and braids in a Germanic style that his mother taught him and says her mother taught her. Caeso likes to look fierce, exotic... and frightening. Family Father: Unknown gladiator Mother: Spurilla, 43 – slave Siblings: Gaius, 22, slave (they only share mother, not father) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: N/A Other: Dominus: Lucius Gavius Caepio, head of the Green faction/Domine Factionis Viridi History Spurilla, Caeso’s mother, was born as the daughter to two slaves that came from the wilds of Germania. He can probably thank this heritage for his height and his blue eyes, although he knows little about the lands up to the North, as he has never been there. Spurilla was born as a slave and grew up as a slave and still remains a slave. When she was 16 years old, her master began using her in his bed and when he held social parties and orgies, he would also use Spurilla. This was how Spurilla ended up underneath a few gladiators for entertainment and about a month later, she discovered she was pregnant. And into the world came Caeso the slaveboy. His mother later had another son, Gaius, whose father is also unknown. While he was very young, he behaved like most other children and when he was old enough, he was taught to perform regular small little tasks in the household. He enjoyed the work and the routines faster than some of the other young kids and as he grew older and the tasks grew more complex, he turned out to be a good at solving issues and troubles in his daily work. His master began to take notice of the young boy and took him in, began to teach him things. Caeso was like a sponge, he liked learning. When he was ten years old, he would recite famous works and poetry in the household and he would help his master with his work as an apprentice secretary. He loved every second of it. Meanwhile his younger brother was a very different type and Caeso never had much to do with him. His master died when he was 13 years old. Caeso’s life suddenly changed, as his master’s brother decided to sell Caeso together with his mother and his younger brother, Gaius. He ended up in some stables, where they required hard labor and it was nothing like what he was used to. At first he hated it. He wanted to go back to his old master, but he was dead and his mother explained that such a life was over now. She would do other work and was just pleased her life had now calmed down a bit. They had to accept this new life. And eventually, Caeso did adapt. Very well in fact. He found that he liked the horses and they liked him too, it seemed. When he watched the races, he sometimes came up with ideas on how to beat the other teams or how to sabotage them… and the ideas often worked. Caeso wasn’t at all useless here. Soon they allowed him to help warming the horses up for the races; someone put him in a chariot and let him steer. Caeso found he enjoyed the speed and enjoyed using his skills when it came to strategy and thought – to plan what to do next, to calculate the next turn and the next sabotage to the opponents. He knew the horses and knew how they would react to what he did. And he did it well. When he was 20 years old, he participated in his first race as a charioteer and never looked back since. He’s happy in that position; he enjoys the action and the speed and using his mind at the same time. And it works. It has earned him fame. And he likes to keep it that way. Timeline: 50 AD – Caeso is born verna 53 AD – Caeso’s brother, Gaius, is born 57 AD – Caeso is taught useful skills by his master 63 AD – Caeso’s master dies and he is sold to Lucius Gavius Caepio, head of the Green racing team 65 AD – Caeso begins working closer together with the horses 70 AD – Caeso races for the first time as a charioteer, and wins. Thus his career begins 75 AD – Caeso is now a popular and well-known charioteer in his team Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or find me at Discord: Atrice#7964
  2. TERTIA 20 | 54 CE | Slave | Cosmetics Slave and General Attendant | Heterosexual | Wanted | Rachel Weisz Personality. Tertia exudes a sort of happiness and dutiful passion for her work. Having never known any life other than that of a slave, she doesn't wish to be anything other than helpful to the family she serves, but while quiet and respectful around her masters, Tertia has no lack of personality around other slaves; bubbly and friendly, she tends to put a smile on the faces of those she meets. In her little downtime, she enjoys knitting and embroidery with the scraps of thread and cloth she can find around the house, as well as taking walks around the city to observe the architecture and different people she can see. She loves her work in cosmetics and excels in the craft; she has carefully developed her skills over her lifetime and finds fulfillment in accentuating the natural beauty of her mistress with her products. Tertia is not always happy, of course. At times, she is prone to quiet spells when she begins to imagine what her life might have been, had her parents been in her life. However, despite those spells of melancholy, Tertia is a happy young woman and always eager to please. Appearance Standing at 5'1, Tertia is no imposing figure. She is slender but healthy, and her rosy complexion rests on a heart-shaped face, accentuated by the short widow's peak resting on her hairline. Her dark brown hair is naturally curly but is usually kept styled out of her face so she can forget about messing with it while going about her daily tasks. Her brown eyes are intelligent and kind. Her style of dress is such as any slave: white linen tunics with little decoration and practical shoes. While her dress does not accentuate her beauty, Tertia is a lovely young woman. Family Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: None Spouse: None Children: None History [Childhood: 54-72] Tertia doesn't know much about her early childhood. From her own appearance, she cannot be sure what nationalities her parents were, but she sometimes wavers between Greek or even Britannic. In any case, she was born to a mother who died soon after her birth. She has faint memories of her childhood in the house of a member of the senatorial class, performing small cleaning tasks and learning how to exist in a household where she was the lowest class. With a lack of parentage, Tertia was raised by each of the slaves in the household, and she remembers them fondly. She was skilled enough in cleaning and sometimes was allowed to help in the kitchen or help the cook by running errands for her. Tertia grew up happily enough, accustomed to hard work and the privilege of sleeping in a dry spot in her master's home. Eventually, Tertia was no longer needed in her original master's home and was bought by Alaric as a general slave to help his current servants keep up the house. She did well enough in her role but found herself drawn to the cosmetics slave, who eventually got tired of the quiet little girl watching her work and began to teach her the art of makeup and hair. Tertia found an untapped skill in her new work and one that she greatly enjoyed. As she became a young woman, she distinguished herself from the other servants with her talent in cosmetics and was allowed to learn from and eventually take over from the cosmetics slave who taught her, soon applying cosmetics to the mistress of the household on a regular basis, in addition to being a general attendant. [Early Adulthood: 72-74] Tertia is now twenty years old and still enjoying her life. She finds the family she works for enjoyable and kind, never cruel. She looks forward to continuing honing her craft and helping her mistress in any way she can. Echo | EST | PM or Discord
  3. leely


    Januarius 31 | 13th Jan 44CE | Slave | Masseuse | (Mostly) Homosexual | Original | Rodrigo Guirao Diaz Personality Januarius is, frankly, a bit of a snot. He knows his place, but due to his upbringing as a pampered not-quite-son in his father's household, Jan does consider himself miles above most of his fellow slaves. Particularly those recently captured. Some of them don't even speak Latin. How barbaric! While Jan has no real expectation of ever again finding himself in the same cushy situation he was raised in, he knows his worth and is confident and fairly assertive (or, at least, as assertive as he can safely be). Jan is well-spoken and well-mannered enough to fit in well in an upper-class Roman household. In the past, he used this to his advantage when it came to, well, selling himself. With no current household and most of his interaction being with less polished clients at the Thermae Mercuari, Jan is beginning to enjoy the freedom to act just a bit less polished himself. He can be a little mouthy, a little temperamental, and he's finding that he likes that... even if he doesn't have many luxuries for himself or a pleasant, comfortable domus to live in. Despite that faint air of snobbery Jan generally doesn't have issues making friends. He's kind and earnest and genuinely interested in people. He's bright, even if he has little common sense, and always eager to throw himself into the next adventure. Appearance Owing to good nutrition and (or so he claims) good breeding, Januarius is a handsome man. He's fairly tall for a Roman, though not toweringly so, and likes to keep himself fit. Januarius likes to keep his hair styled and his face closely shaven, too. He's more than a little vain, actually, and it's probably for the best that he lacks the means and the station to truly be insufferable about it. Though his hair is dark and his skin has a faint olive cast—unremarkable in Rome, in other words—Jan's eyes are an attractive dark hazel colour. When possible he prefers to wear colourful clothes (particularly in shades of green and blue, as he believes they bring out the green in his eyes). Family Father: Titus Caelius Vitalis Mother: Aurora Siblings: Several half-siblings Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: None Other: None History The son of a wealthy patrician and his favourite slave, Januarius was raised in a life of relative luxury. His father was invested in the boy and kind enough to treat Aurora's son to tutors and more of an education than most slaves received. Januarius studied with a physician and intended to become a physician himself—with a manumission from his father to celebrate—when Titus Caelius Vitalis met an unfortunately early end thanks to a sudden bout of illness. The household was divided up amongst Vitalis's childless wife and his siblings. None of them wanted any truck with Vitalis's illegitimate children, though, and so Januarius was sent on to a series of households and a run of poor luck. Januarius never ended up with a particularly cruel dominus or domina, but neither did he find a permanent place to settle. He was educated and handsome and well-spoken, but he thought a little too highly of himself and was too reckless and high-spirited to fit in well as a placid tutor or household steward. Similarly, though Januarius was fit, bold, and often argumentative, he wasn't a seasoned warrior and sending him to labour seemed a waste. So, on he went, passing through a small handful of domūs before ending up in the Thermae Mercuari. The chance to practice his skills as a masseuse was a welcome one. Januarius understands that he likely won't finish his training and work as a proper physician, but he is pleased to have the chance to do something useful at last. Something better than standing blankly at a new master's table, ready to pour the wine. He's also pleased to have the chance to speak his mind a little more often, working as he does with lower-class people than before. It's a little taste of freedom, really, and for now Januarius is happy to enjoy it. He'd like to finish his studies and become a proper physician one day, if he can find his way to a domus willing to allow it, but his current situation is mostly agreeable. Leely | GMT-5 | Discord @Gothic
  4. Meilekh


    · Germanus · 19 | 16 January 56CE | Slave | Slave | Homosexual | Wanted | Adrian Sotiris · · · Personality · Aodh Fylani doesn’t accept being a slave very easily and is very stubborn in his pursuit of his freedom. He was a member of the Anarti tribe in Germania before he was captured by the Romans and sold into slavery. Just because the slave trader changed his name to Germanus does not mean he still thinks of himself as anything but Aodh Fylani of the Anarti tribe. Anarti means “not servants,” or “not slaves,” so that explains his rebellious nature, besides the fact that no man likes to be enslaved. · Aodh has a very high threshold for pain and often tests it by going against his owner’s wishes. He faints at the sight of blood. This isn’t known yet to him or anyone else, but it has kept him alive so far as his masters believe his fainting spells are his succumbing to the pain they inflict on him. · While Aodh is set on gaining his freedom, his limp is a reminder of what can happen if he angers his master. The scarring on his arms and chest are also reminders. He has relented to play along, to gain his master’s trust until such time as he can escape. He will try to answer to the name his captors gave him, Germanus, but will no doubt fail on the first attempts. · Aodh is outwardly a nice, helpful, amiable person. As a slave, he takes orders apparently fine but inside he seethes with anger and hatred. He is friendly enough to other slaves but wary that they might tell of his plans of escaping, so he trusts none of them with his plans. · Traits: Stubborn, deceitful, honest, nice, kind, helpful, amiable, scheming, angry. · He often prays to Belenos, the Celtic Sun God, who is also associated with horses, for his freedom and sings to him in prayer. He wants to keep his memory of his language and often ignores most attempts of learning Latin. His Latin isn’t very good because of this. · Aodh often takes blame for something bad and takes the brunt of Marcus’ anger for it. · Appearance · Aodh is a classical handsome, muscular man who stands 5’9” and has short dark hair, hazel eyes, and a pale complexion. · Because of his stubbornness, Aodh’s right leg was broken to keep him from running away a second time from his second master and wasn’t set correctly, so he limps a little on his right leg. He has only been with his third and current master, Marcus Barbatius, for a month, and already has injuries on his upper arms and his chest by him. Some injuries haven’t completely healed yet. · Family · Father: Naoghas Fylani (Killed fighting the Romans) · Mother: Aithne Fylani (Murdered by the Romans) · Siblings: Eion Fylani (Killed fighting the Romans) · Spouse: None · Children: A son, two and a half years old, unknown to Aodh. He was born to the wife of his first master three or four months after Aodh left their household. · Extended family: None · Other: His current master is Marcus Barbatius. · · History · Child Aodh Fylani was born on 16 January 55CE to Naoghas and Aithne Fylani, members of the Anarti tribe in Germania. When the Romans took over Germania, Aodh's family became slaves. Aodh's father and brother were killed trying to fight against slavery but they were both killed. Aodh was renamed Germanus and his mother was name Germana by the slave trader who sold them to the same person. He never accepted Germanus as his name. Because he was only eleven, his master made him a house slave. His mother was put into the kitchen and Aodh washed the dishes and cleaned up. As he got older, he enjoyed working in the kitchen because he was able to eat some of the scraps the other slaves didn't want. His mother also gave him some food when she could. When he turned fourteen, he caught the eye of the master's wife because of his good looks and slim and muscular body. · Teenager When Aodh was sixteen, his master’s wife slept with him. He was very handsome and looked older. He was hoping it would help him get a better job within the household. Three or four months afterward, he left their household. The master realized he was finding favor with his wife and was afraid there was more to it. As punishment for his transgression, Aodh's master killed his mother in front of him. The only reason that his master did not kill Aodh was that he could get a handsome profit for him now that he was sixteen years old. Jealous, he sold Aodh to someone who would make his life a little harder. Six or seven months later, unknown to Aodh, his former master’s wife bore his son. His second master was stricter with him and made him work harder than he did in the first household. · Adult Aodh tried to escape two times from his second master. When Aodh first joined his second master's household, he tried to escape. When he was caught, he was flogged. Two years later, he tried to run away again. He was caught, his right leg was broken and was set incorrectly to keep him from running again. Because Aodh now limped on his right leg, he couldn't work as hard or fast as other slaves and his master decided to sell him. When he could find no one who would buy him, Aodh's master reluctantly sold him to a slave trader for a considerable loss. On Aodh's nineteenth birthday, the slave trader sold him to Marcus Barbatius. The slave trader was able to negotiate a good price for Aodh that turned a halfway decent profit for him and satisfied Marcus’ renowned frugality. He might answer to Germanus, but he will never forget who he really is: Aodh Fylani of the Anarti tribe. His new master is a sadist and Aodh likes to test his high threshold of pain. Is it a match made in heaven or hell? Time will only tell. · Meilekh | Eastern | PM/Discord · · ·
  5. Joaquin


    HECTOR. Twenty-two years | 12 December 52 CE | Slave | Body Slave to Tertius Quinctilius Varus | Sexually Fluid | Wanted | Alex Pettyfer Personality. Hector takes his position and every assigned duty in the household of Tertius Quinctilius Varus with relish and pride, which is done so out of what has developed with time into a genuine loyalty and care. Consequently, his master’s interests are his own – for the most part. By nature, Hector is a perfectionist and is particular about any product of his work and sometimes, even other’s work, especially if he feels it is a reflection of himself or of his master. Often it seems like he has an unlimited reservoir of energy, where working at his side is a matter of the tortoise and the hare, which isn’t unsurprising given that he is a young man with an athletic build. On one hand, Hector is a workaholic but on the other, Hector has qualities that every young man does: the capacity to be playful if given the chance, a love of wine, and is often swayed by his hormones and emotions even with his overall good and subservient temperament. Born and grown a slave, Hector is uncritical about being a slave. He had never known anything else or felt compelled to think complexly about his station, having accepted it as the way of things. Instead, he plays to his role well, unquestioning, well-mannered, and poised. He learned to define himself by his value to masters, by his ‘stock’ and quality as a slave: Greek origin, young, male, strong, and in good health. But there is a subtle sense of self-confidence and pride in being a ‘valuable slave’, which almost brushes hubris, behind his manner and behaviour. Outwardly, Hector is disciplined and compliant, a ‘teacher’s pet’ but inwardly, he can think like a bit of a ‘prima donna’ for a slave. It’s a quality that may make him unpleasant or unpopular with other slaves and the unpopularity may be well-justified, especially where a mixture of his young age and favouritism come into play to just confirm what he deems of himself. At times, he believes that he is entitled to or deserving of more than most fellow or other slaves. Although he won’t outright state it. It might be explained as an internalised classism in the form of a survival mechanism but ‘once a slave, always a slave’ even in the most comfortable environments. And it needn’t take more than one eye to tell there’s a clear discrepancy to Hector’s tune when in the company of those above him and those with him. Appearance Given the name “Hektor”, Hector is an Anatolian Greek, tall and long-limbed with a Greek masculine athleticism and a light feminine mannerism, a combination of characteristics which translate into a ‘gay jock’ vibe. He is golden-haired and green-eyed with the face of a young man that he carries himself with equal pride and submission. Despite being a slave, he is clean, well-nourished, and well-groomed, owing to the effort and time he puts into his presentation and the knowledge he has accumulated in manners of hair and skin care. Family Father: Kleitos, whereabouts unknown. Mother: Acantha, whereabouts unknown. Siblings: Unknown. Spouse: None. Children: None. Extended family: None. Other: Tertius Quinctilius Varus, master/dominus. History Hector was born to Anatolian Greek slaves who were the property of a flamboyant and plump Greek slaver by the name of Alecto, though he has no living memory of either. Hector had spent limited time with them before they were separated, where his father and mother were sold and sent to different geographical locations. He was reared by the collection of household slaves on Alecto’s estate and had never felt lacking in being without a mother or father, especially when he had a place and a part within a wider household even if there was a pack hierarchy. His life was customary for a slave, filled with instruction, service, and reprimand. As a young boy, Hector had gained the positive attention of his master first for his decent looks for a slave, being golden-haired and heathy-looking, and then for his willingness to assist without question his master’s ailments from gout, which had then shifted Hector’s position. Hector was subsequently directed by his master to perform tasks including playing the lute or singing whenever Alecto planted himself behind vessels upon vessels of wine. Hector willingly obliged without question even when the perceived favouring grated his fellow slaves but serving for Alecto, as those who did knew, was playing to the expectations of a man who wanted and expected more extravagance than he could afford, including out of his own slaves. It in combination with his over-eagerness with the back of his hand and spit confusing vulgarities meant that his slaves often over-performed to evade the display. He was kept in the household until his late adolescence until his master passed away by myocardial infarction. In the transition of the household and rearrangement of the slave management, Alecto’s son Euclid had decided to reform the slaving business, beginning from undoing his father’s former lavish style to something more in accordance with his own practicalities. He employed his brother Phrixos and associates for the transportation of slaves, including some from the household, to the Roman markets for sale. His future was ultimately left in the hands of his seller and prospective buyers, which had left a cloud of uncertainty that had made him uneasy and sick to the stomach. The markets of Rome were intimidating, he was one slave among many in silent competition for a good placement. He was purchased by Tertius Quinctilius Varus who by first impressions contrasted with his last master. While Hector was relieved that he had at least escaped a worse fate, he still felt displeased and degraded with being delegated to the work of a common household slave especially when he had acquired training to do and be so much more under Alecto. He was far happier when he became Tertius’s lover which might have been subservience at first but then developed into genuine attachment and care for his master given the amount of relative freedoms for a slave that he was given. As of late, he feels threatened by Tertius’s interest in Charis and feels every bit of the jealous lover. Joaquin | GMT+0 | PM or Joaquin#3689
  6. Mew


    IGNATIUS 23 | 10th December 50 AD | Slave | Kitchen Worker | Questioning | OC | Paul Craddock Personality Iggy is a gentle, sweet guy who, strangely, enjoys his work. He's usually found in the kitchen of Domus Venus, but helps out in other positions when it's needed. He's not a morning person and will likely never be, but not in a bad way - he's not grumpy or rude, simply not terribly talkative unless it's required. He loves being around children, baking sweets for them if he can get away with it, since he grew up a slave himself and knows the life they lead. As such, he hates seeing them be reprimanded in harsh ways, but knows not to speak out, lest he receive the same, if not worse punishment for speaking out of turn. There are many things he turns a blind eye to that he wishes he didn't have to, but such is the life of a slave. His ways in keeping his room up are very neat and precise since he has been taught this nearly since birth, and if anything is out of order, he will notice. If too much is out of place at the same time, he will - almost panickedly - rush about to get it back to where and how it should be before anyone in charge notices. He does love to lounge about, but not if there is work to be done. Only after the work is complete will he allow himself to sit, or sometimes even take a meaningful breath. Appearance Standing around five-eight, Iggy isn't unusual in that sense. It's his Germanic paleness that makes him stand out - blonde, almost white hair; pale blue eyes, and a pale skin tone with a golden sheen. His face seems delicately sculpted out of marble by an elite artist and given life by the gods themselves. His body is soft and supple, but still contains the strength and durability to do the work required of him at the Domus Venus. Family Father: Mattias / Mercury - slave, still alive Mother: Amalia / Gaia - slave, still alive Siblings: Maia - older sister, stillborn Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: Unknown Other: Titinia Novella - owner, boss History -- Mattias and Amalia come from Germanic lands to find a new home in Rome. They, low on coin, find themselves borrowing from 'Herr' Marcellus Severus Minor, a local 'businessman' and promised to pay him back with the profit from their lands. -- The two fall on hard times and are unable to make much of a profit, making Amalia offer to work for him and his family to pay back the rest. With them being ignorant to the ways of Rome, she doesn't realize she has just signed up herself and her husband, who is assigned to the fields, for a lifetime of servitude. -- In May of 46 CE, Amalia bears a child - a stillborn daughter that she names Maia. Four years later, in 50, a son comes into the world. She names him Erik, but his slave name in his new home is Ignatius. -- Iggy, as the other children in the home call him, is treated well and seems to seamlessly blend in with the life, following instructions and keeping up with even some of the older children in chores once he is old enough. -- He learns what schooling there is from the matrons and other children, just enough to count his coin that he earns and to pay for market items, if he is asked to do so. As he ages, he gains more responsibility in the home and ends up in the kitchen. Marcellus' wife, Titinia, claims the boy for her business, Domus Venus. -- Now 23, he nearly has full run of the kitchen if the matron isn't there, and knows his way about the place. He loves to cook and do the dishes, and when he gets a chance, to create sweets for others as a gift or reward. He hopes to become head of the kitchen one day and please his Madame with the skills he's learned. Mew | EST | Discord or Site PM
  7. Polarity


    Ambrosius 17 | Autumn 57 CE | Slave | Gladiator | Heteroflexible | Wanted | Gavin Drea ---------------------------------------------------------- Personality ---------------------------------------------------------- As a contemplative and introspective individual, Ambrosius is often “away with the fairies”, as his mother would regularly explain of his taciturn demeanour. He has exhibited a tendency towards obsessive compulsive behaviour from a young age, which has intensified as he has grown older. The deaths and losses of his family members has cemented a degree of anxiety within his psyche, occasionally manifesting in Palilalia, a neurotic tic involving the repetition of words and phrases. Before a multitude of tragedies struck his family, Ambrosius was a sensitive and empathetic boy, but as time tempered the assorted personalities of his family, he has adopted an outwardly stoic façade that masks an addled and embittered mind. As a relatively passive and complacent youth by nature, it is perhaps only by the nurture of close conflict with the encroaching Romans, as well as the family profession in the preparation of arms, that he asserts any degree of belligerence. This trait is perpetually emboldened by his deepening anguish and the necessities of the circumstances of which he now finds himself. Pragmatism is the characteristic which most defines his personality going forward, as Ambrosius must embrace caution and care in his future endeavours; as he manoeuvres the intricacies of his newfound, alien environment and attempts to reclaim some semblance of what he lost. ---------------------------------------------------------- Appearance ---------------------------------------------------------- At a standing height of around 5’9” (180cm), Ambrosius’ growth has yet to plateau and there exists potential for extant development. His weight of 175 lbs (79 kg) fills out his broad frame and his 14-inch biceps are a by-product of the intensive labour of blacksmithing. His robust physique and piercing gaze project an intimidating visage. His eyes exude an attractive shade of aquamarine, strongly delineated by prominent limbal rings. Above his eyes rests a set of dark, full eyebrows, demonstrating a distinctive furrow when he is lost in thought, as he often is. A square jaw accords him a solid boxer’s chin, indicating a suitability for the brutal physicality of close quarter combat. His chin, cheeks and upper lip are often covered by a thin mantle of stubble. His head is blanketed by a short mop of dense, dark hair that subtly curls at the tips. His hairstyle bundles in to a braided knot at the back, culturally fashionable among young men of many Celtic tribes. The only item that remains in his possession since his enslavement is a woven cloak of an umber hue, which was a gift from his mother. Due to the coarseness of the material and holding mere sentimental value, he has been able to retain it and continues to wear it often. He received a deep wound to the thigh upon his capture, which was given minimal time to heal before being sent to Rome; as the day's exertions wear on, he may assume a noticeable limp. ---------------------------------------------------------- Family ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Immediate Family ---------------------------------------------------------- Father: Ninian; deceased, died in battle (d. Feb 62 CE) Mother: Letinie; presumed taken as a slave, ultimate fate unknown Sibling(s): Calpornus; elder brother, deceased, killed by Roman legionaries (d. May 73 CE) Charis, a.k.a. Erea (b. Summer 54 CE); elder sister, alive, slave of Tertius Quinctilius Varus Ardra; younger sister, fate unknown Spouse: None; Single Children: None ---------------------------------------------------------- Extended Family ---------------------------------------------------------- Via Charis: Immin (b. 44 CE); brother-in-law, presumed deceased Via Parisii, tribe of Britannia: Multiple relations; six degrees of separation, fates unknown ---------------------------------------------------------- History ---------------------------------------------------------- Timeline In Aut of 57 CE – Turi is born as the second son and third child of Ninian and Letinie of the Parisi tribe in Britannia. In Feb of 62 CE – Ninian, is killed in battle near Petuar; Letinie, begins to withdraw due to grief; Erea (Charis) and Calpornus attempt to restore the family’s stability. In Aut of 64 CE – Turi begins a blacksmithing apprenticeship, under the tutelage of his elder brother, Calpornus. In Sum of 71 CE – Erea (Charis) marries Immin; Turi requests Immin’s aid in improving his martial prowess. In May of 73 CE – Calpornus is killed by Roman legionaries; Letinie is presumed to be enslaved. In Jan of 74 CE – Erea (Charis) is enslaved; Immin is presumed to be killed; Ardra is missing. In Mar of 74 CE – Turi runs a shortly-lived guerrilla campaign against Roman patrols in retribution; a summary defeat at Eboracum leads to his enslavement. In May of 74 CE – Turi is given the name, Ambrosius, shipped to Rome and begins his training as a gladiator. Childhood [0-10] In Autumn of 57 CE – Ambrosius, or Turi as he was known, was born the second son and third child into a family of the Parisi tribe in Britannia in the autumn of 57 CE. Although his exact date of birth is unknown, he believes it to be around October. The first few years of his life would be fairly unremarkable, but for the excess of love and care imparted by the growing family he had inherited. In February of 62 CE – Turi’s father, Ninian, was killed in battle with the Romans at Petuar and his mother, Letinie, began to emotionally withdraw. These events would send the family in to a spiral, causing Erea to adopt a more matronly role in an effort to pick up the pieces and Calpornus to attempt to restore the family fortunes by way of the forge. His elder sister’s steadfast ability to find effective solutions or intelligent compromises to their problems would result in Turi holding a great deal of admiration towards her, for her enduring perseverance. As he got older, Turi would frequently follow in her shadow, seeking her attention or approval. In Autumn of 64 CE – At the approval of Calpornus, Turi began to apprentice to his brother in the forge, earnestly hoping to continue the family trade. Though he had been previously aiding his sister, Erea, with the book-keeping, his brother had now deemed Turi of adequate strength to start fashioning small arms and tools. Adolescence [10-15] In Summer of 71 CE – Erea married Immin shortly after her seventeenth birthday and Turi fostered a friendship with her new spouse. Intrigued with his history of fighting the Romans, a people he had grown to loathe for their constant provocations and the death of his father at their hands, he quietly requested Immin’s instruction in improving his combat skills, so as to better protect their family in the future. Young Adulthood [15-17] In May of 73 CE – Erea and Immin had taken Turi and Ardra to a neighbouring settlement. They returned to find their elder brother, Calpornus, butchered by Roman legionaries and their mother, Letinie, was missing, believed to have been taken as a slave. In January of 74 CE – Turi returned home to find the house and forge ransacked, with neither Erea or Immin in sight. He spent the night in that ramshackle hovel, in the fleeting hope that his lost family members might return, but when the morning light that passed through the rafters jolted him awake, the realisation of his situation dawned. Turi recovered some stored armaments from a loose floorboard that the Romans had failed to uncover and resolved to wage a campaign of retribution. In March of 74 CE – The past months had seen Turi brooding on the grief and despair over the loss and disunion of his family. Compelled by a desire for vengeance, he would join a small band of Britons, who had been similarly disaffected, in a plot to assault the budding Roman outpost of Eboracum. The guerrilla tactics and raids utilised by his group of Britons in those preceding weeks had earned him the moniker, Ambrosius. In typical Roman fashion, it was a method of mocking Turi’s self-perceived immortality when confronted with the devastating power of Rome. In truth, he had simply grown accustomed to death. An early pilum through his thigh in the initial sortie would see him decommissioned from the fight, to be later captured and enslaved by Rome. In May of 74 CE – Turi, now styled, Ambrosius, by his Roman captors, had been given minimal time to heal from his wounds before they had shipped him to Rome. As the sole survivor of the raid on the Roman outpost, Turi had acquired a degree of local speculation on his combat prowess. Though the recent tales of his martial abilities may be spurious, his physique aligns with the Roman expectation of a fierce and capable warrior and Ambrosius is sent to be trained in a school for gladiators. ---------------------------------------------------------- Polarity | GMT +10 (AEST) | PM & Discord - Polarity#0939
  8. Chevi


    THESSALA 23 | May 15th, 51CE | Slave | Gladiatrix | Bisexual | Original | Eva Green <> Personality. Thessala puts on the personality of a fierce, almost feral barbarian warrior, but on the inside, she is a performer through and through. She basks in attention, she likes to be noticed, seen, appreciated. She enjoys pleasing a crowd, and hyping up spectators for the games. Even though she was sold to the Ludus as a slave, and her life is in the hands of her owners, she fully embraces the thrill of the fight, and takes enjoyment in every match, combining the cruelty of swordplay with the erotic excitement that is expected of gladiatrices. Since she brings in a lot of attention (and money), she is allowed certain freedoms, even as a slave, that she takes full advantage of: she enjoys good food, good parties (that she gets invited to as a curiosity), and seducing both men and women. For all the show and the flamboyance, however, Thessala is not a shallow person, neither is she cruel. She kills if she has to, because it is part of the games, but to her, it is performance rather than savagery. She is capable of forming true friendship with the few people she deems truly worthy, and once she has befriended someone, she can be fiercely loyal and selfless with them. She is easy to entertain, and capable of taking a joke as much as she is ready to give one. If one finds a way through her facade to the private person, she can be genuinely caring. Appearance Thessala is not muscular, but tall and wiry, due to constant exercise. She has black hair that she intentionally wears long (down to her waist), and blue eyes that she likes to highlight with kohl. She is fair-skinned like most Thracians, and while she left her homeland too young to be tattooed in their old tradition, she has some new tattoos, done in blue ink, that she's had made since she moved into the Ludus. They form geometric patterns and concentric circles around her arms and legs. She also sports quite a few scars from her fights, due to the fact that she does not use a shield, and rarely wears more armor than necessary. She has a signature, proud smirk and a loud, somewhat raspy voice to go with it, which she makes good use of when she punctuates her fights with shrill cries to intimidate her opponents. Her movements are fluid and graceful (the fact that she is ambidextrous adding to her balance), and she is flexible enough to add some acrobatic elements to her performances. In the arena she prefers practical clothes and leather armor that allow her a lot of movement; outside the arena she enjoys the finer things like colorful dresses and scandalously short tunics that show off her tattoos. She generally carries herself with dignity and a touch of flamboyance. She is easy to pick out in a crowd. Family Father: Stallos Mother: Leiva Siblings: Several Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: None Other: Owned by the Ludus Magnus History 51CE - A little girl is born into a dirt poor Thracian family. She has several older siblings, and on the edge of starvation no one really believes the baby will live to see her first year. They name her Saba. Saba defies the odds, surviving her first years, although she is just as malnourished as the rest of her older (and, eventually, younger) siblings. She is nonetheless a fierce, lively child, a bit too wild for her struggling parents to handle. 56CE - The family, in crippling debt and with no funds left to survive, decides to sell one of the smaller (therefore less useful) children into slavery. Saba is deemed least likely to grow up into a decent woman, but she fetches a good price for being fairly pretty and young enough to be teachable. The family struggles with the decision, but the girl is excited to see places beyond the dirt of their farm. She is purchased by a slave merchant who takes her to Delos, and sells her to another merchant who is procuring household slaves for a wealthy Roman family. 57-70CE - Saba is a household slave in a villa just outside of Rome. She is taught Latin, household chores, and her domina has plans of having her trained as a cosmetic slave. Saba, however, is still more than a little wild - louder, bolder, more curious than a slave is expected to be. The first time one of the stable boys tries to grope her, she bites him in the face. This causes a bit of a scandal in the household, but things take an unexpected turn shortly after: when Saba is 16 years old, robbers creep into the house at night, and she fights them off with weapons improvised from the kitchens. Her domina, grateful for her help and loyalty, decides to let her behavior slide, and Saba becomes a body slave and unofficial bodyguard to the lady. 70CE - The old domina passes away, and her son inherits her slaves. Falling on hard times, he decides to rent Saba out to the Ludus, where she can turn her skills into a profession. The girl takes to fighting like a fish to water, and soon becomes a favorite among (male) spectators. She takes on the name Thessala, as a reference to the fearsome witches of Thessaly. Since she is ambidextrous, she usually fights with two swords, adding flashy stunts to her fighting style. She enjoys the attention, and brings in decent money. 71CE - Thessala's owner's financials keep sinking, and eventually they are forced to sell the girl permanently to the Ludus Magnus (driving a hard bargain for a high price, given that she is becoming a crowd favorite). Thessala does not mind at all. She enjoys the attention, she enjoys the thrill and the appreciation, and enjoys being seen for the first time in her life. She hones her fighting skills, but spends even more time honing her skills in pleasing a crowd. Given her popularity, she gains a certain amount of freedom among the Ludus slaves, and hypes up interest in Rome with her surprise appearances outside the arena (and her alleged romantic conquests). 74CE - Present time. Thessala is still a gladiatrix, one of the most notorious at the Ludus Magnus. He is setting money aside, hoping to eventually be given her freedom, but she is in no hurry to put her weapons down anytime soon. Chevi | CENTRAL EUROPE | Discord
  9. Chevi


    FELIX 30 | October 23, 44CE | Slave | Body slave | Bisexual | Wanted | Channing Tatum <> Personality. Felix is quiet and observant, which often makes people think he is not clever, but that is far from the truth. While he has always been an introverted person, not many things miss his attention, and even though he was raised without much of an education, Felix has a good deal of common sense. When he does voice opinions on something, he usually does it in a short and sharp fashion, occasionally with a hint of sarcasm if he can allow himself the liberty (which only really happens around Aulus). He is fiercely loyal to his master, stubborn about completing tasks that he was given, and proud of his role as a shadow and constant companion to Aulus. He admires his master, but also is starting to believe that if he ever won his freedom, he would be able to strike out on his own and make a good life for himself. He is discreet, and has a clear sense of right and wrong when it comes to following orders from Aulus - who occasionally even allows him to argue against questionable decisions. This, however, rarely happens. Felix has a great deal of trust in his master. He is a kind and gentle person at heart, but his loyalty can sometimes override his instincts when Aulus' life or reputation is on the line. He is curious about the world and especially Rome, and soaks up information even when he appears to be doing nothing but what a slave is expected to do. Appearance The first thing most people notice about Felix is his build. He is tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and strong limbs, which often gets him mistaken for a bodyguard, or occasionally a gladiator or soldier. While he is none of those things, he carries himself with quiet strength, and if needed, he uses his height to tower over people in need of some intimidation. He wears his dark blonde hair cut short and he is usually clean shaven, which makes him look somewhat younger than he is. He is deemed handsome by both men and women who care to take a better look, instead of passing over him because he is a slave, a shadow of his master. He has green eyes, and usually an observing look on his face, but occasionally, when he allows himself to voice his opinions, he can do so with a small smirk, or even a quiet laugh. People who don't know him see him as stoic or even dim, but if someone watches him long enough they will notice the tension in his posture, ready to act on a moment's notice, and the curiosity in his eyes. Family Father: Castor, slave Mother: Philomena, slave Siblings: none Spouse: none Children: probably none Extended family: none Other: Body slave to Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus History 44CE: Felix is born in the household of Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus as verna, a house-born slave. His Greek mother, Philomena, works in the household's kitchen, his father, Castor is a stable hand from the northern part of Latium. He was also born a slave, but he claims some Etruscan ancestry. 50CE: Felix is put to work around the household as soon as he is old enough to carry out simple tasks. He is not deemed particularly clever, so no one bothers to have him taught reading and writing. He speaks Latin, but he also picks up some Greek from his mother. He is a quiet and observant child. 58CE: Growing up, people's idea of Felix as someone well-built but not particularly bright becomes the general consensus in the household. He is given tasks that require manual labor, and with his adolescent years he grows into his physical strength. He is not deemed useful enough to become a body slave to one of the members of the family. The lack of approval stings, but it allows Felix to be alone with his thoughts. He observes the household and the people in it, and keeps his comments to himself. He is curious about many things - the world, the legions, politics - but he is in no position to satisfy his curiosity. 62CE: Felix is eighteen years old, and his world suddenly turns upside down. His master's son Aulus, who recently returned from his military service to Rome, is forced to flee the city due to the purges of the senators early in the year. Aulus decides not to take one of his body slaves on the journey, since they are too recognizable, so he selects Felix in a hurry from among the less conspicuous slaves of the household - mostly for his strength and quiet nature. Felix suddenly finds himself in the middle of a life or death adventure. Aulus and Felix make an unlikely pair of traveling companions, but the young slave proves his loyalty to his master, and also shows a surprising deal of common sense along the way. After a narrow escape, he accompanies Aulus to Cappadocia, where they join up with Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus. By the time they arrive back to Rome in August, Felix is a loyal companion of Aulus, and stays by his side as a body slave permanently. He is still quiet and observant, but now he has someone who actually recognizes the sharp mind behind the stoic exterior. 63-74CE: Felix accompanies his master to the Rhine frontier, then to Britannia, then to Raetia. He picks up some useful skills on the way, some out of curiosity, and some out of necessity - he learns to read and write, to handle a dagger in defense of his master, and some words in various languages. Mostly, he watches over the affairs of Aulus, completing all tasks he is given discreetly and loyally. His admiration for his master grows as he watches his career advance, and his loyalty deepens into something that is beyond mere survival, or even attraction. Over the course of their flight from Rome, Aulus and Felix shared some intimate moments, which reoccur sporadically in these years, although Felix never initiates them or flatters himself by thinking his master feels any special attraction towards him. 74CE: Aulus returns to Rome and so does Felix. Felix sees the City in the whole new light: instead of a household slave, now he is a personal companion to one of the most ambitious people in Rome. The City is suddenly full of possibilities. Chevi | Eastern European | Discord
  10. Atrice


    Name: Charis Occupation: House slave at Tertius Quinctilius Varus’ household Age: 20-22 years old Suggested Play-By: Eve Connolly as seen in Vikings Nationality: Briton Personality/background: Tertius acquired Charis at the slave market in March, 74 AD. She probably had another name before – but Tertius renamed her Charis. He had just lost a female slave to childbirth (not his child) and wanted a new slave for his kitchens. At the market he was told that Charis was quiet, knew Latin (but probably not perfect yet), was no great cook, but would clean and tidy up well. She lost her child on the journey to Rome, meaning she was pregnant when she became a slave. Maybe that is the reason why she’s been a bit quiet. Her background story before she ended up in Rome is up to you. She could have either been captured to be made a slave, or she has been a slave all her life and for some reason got sold in Rome now. Plot idea: The reason I’d like Charis to be played, is for her to somehow end up in Tertius’ bed and he’ll make her pregnant with a new child. Tertius really rarely sleeps with his female slaves, because he had an illegitimate child with one when he was 18 years old (Teutus, who is now 23) and he didn’t want more illegitimate children. So how she ends up with him in his bed, is something we'll figure out, depending on her personality (she may be willing... or not). Now that he is freeing Teutus to become Tertius’ heir, it will be interesting to see what he’ll do if he has another child by a slave. Will he take good care of the mother? Maybe this time, he will declare the child his from the start? Only time will tell. Tertius Quinctilius Varus app, if you want to read up on Charis' owner.
  11. Sharpie


    Volusa 18 | 15th May 56CE | Slave| Body-slave | Straight | Wanted | Chiara Mastalli Personality. Volusa is perhaps a little shy until you get to know her, but once you do, if you have proved she can trust you, she will be as friendly and loyal as anyone. She is a keen observer of people around her and a good judge of character. She is loyal, which is perhaps a little strange in a slave, at least for some people. If one of her friends is attacked, whether in person or in fact, she will leap to their defence almost before thinking the consequences through, which has got her in trouble before now when she has sought to defend a fellow slave against a perceived injustice meted out by a free person. She is generous with the little she has, and doesn't mind helping someone, if she has the time, or lending them some small possession, such as a pretty piece of fabric to add interest to a friend's outfit, or suggesting something another friend could do with her hair. She does save the little peculium (pocket money, slave savings) she gets, though, with a vague idea of maybe one day buying her freedom and running some sort of business of her own. She is optimistic generally, trying to find the good in people (especially people she likes, or who her friends like, or who like her friends) but if betrayed, that runs deep and she will be unlikely to forget it and to forgive the hurt caused - she is more likely to forgive those who hurt her than those who hurt her friends, and she counts her mistress as a friend although she cannot forget the gulf between them as slave and free. Appearance She stands at 5'2" and is naturally slender, with fair skin that tends to burn, peel and then tan in the sun. She has brown eyes and long thick brown hair that she tends to wear in a variety of styles, usually plaited or in a bun, and generally with a scarf or strip of cloth wound around. It is not unknown for her to be borrowed so that the hairdressers can try out new styles, or parts of new styles, before trying them on their mistresses. She naturally has a serious look unless she is actively laughing or smiling or otherwise engaged with people. She wears the clothing her mistress allows, but is partial to bright pretty colours (or as bright and pretty as she is permitted), liking to combine fabrics and patterns to produce something interesting. She remains fascinated by the rich smooth cottons and expensive silks that her mistress wears, and the effects they produce, although her own clothing is limited to linen, wool and occasionally cotton and she does what she can with them. She has a long thin scar on her right arm from getting physically between a friend and a suprior's temper. Family Father: Hermes (slave) (age 40) Mother: Mira (slave) (age 38) Siblings: Helenus (slave) (age 16) Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: She is part of the Imperial familia, the Imperial household, and counts her fellow slaves as being her family Other: History Volusa is verna, a house-born slave, born into the Imperial household in May 56CE. She had a fairly uneventful childhood, despite the turmoil of who would be the next Emperor - whoever ended up running the Empire, the household must be kept running, with the housework done and meals provided. There was gossip and rumours, of course, what house's slaves don't gossip about things, but Volusa was not really interested in the wider world except as it affected her and her immediate circle. After all, no child really finds politics an interesting topic when there are more important things to discover, such as if there will be honey-cakes after dinner tonight. Being a slave all her life, Volusa has experience of several aspects of the work required to keep a house running smoothly, from fetching water to chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and dealing with all the fiddly things a proper Roman banquet requires, to dusting, sweeping and scrubbing the floors. She has not had the same experience of being kept more for show, as her father was - expected to stand around just in case a family member required something to be fetched or a message to be taken, as female slaves (especially children) are not such an impressive display of wealth as a young male slave - or several of them. Being taught from a young age to be discreet, not to be seen if possible and to definitely keep out of trouble, it was a great surprise to Volusa to be told in 71CE that she would no longer be required as a general household skivvy, but had been selected to be the body slave of Claudia Caesaris, the Emperor's own niece. (Well, the Emperor is her new mistress' uncle, or cousin, or something along those lines, anyway!) This represented a huge promotion; she would no longer be directly responsible to the house steward (although he would still be responsible for meting out any required disciplinary action if Volusa somehow displeases her mistress) and might even be given her freedom rather than having to buy it. She has been her mistress' body slave for about two and a half years or so by this point, and really has very little complaint to make about her life; her mistress is as fair as any other free person can be expected to be and has high standards that Volusa cannot always quite match, although she does her very best. What the future holds is uncertain, but Volusa is in the best position to meet it that she has ever been. Sharpie | GMT | PM or Discord
  12. Sharpie


    Teutus 23 | April 50 | Slave | House-slave/Secretary | Bisexual | Wanted | Alex Wyndham Personality. Teutus has known almost since he can remember that he is his master's son, yet because he was not taken up in the tollere liberos when presented to his father, he has been condemned to a life of slavery just because his mother was a slave. This has led to some deep-seated resentment, especially now, when he is being groomed to become his father's son after he is freed, by legal adoption. That his father seems to be taking his sweet time over freeing him isn't helping. He is also aware of the fact that his father sold another slave, called Anteros, when he (Teutus) was about thirteen. He was never informed of the precise reason for this, but has begun to suspect that it was because his father had developed an attachment for him. To other people, Teutus (his name refers to the time his father spent in Germania) is the perfect slave, obedient, intelligent when required to be, offering opinions respectfully when asked. To the other slaves in the household, he is polite, and businesslike, trying to learn to keep his distance although it is hard and means he doesn't really have anyone he can share things with, which is yet another thing he resents his father for. He has become quite a serious, slightly withdrawn young man as he has grown older and learned what he has been cheated of - his mother was sold when he was fifteen, at the same time as he was informed that he would begin learning what it meant to be a citizen and that he would be given his freedom and formally adopted as his master's son, which he was. He resents his father for so much, it would be hard to begin listing everything. He enjoys learning new things, something he has not always had the opportunity to do before, and understands the value of an education, even though a lot of what he is learning has limited value to him right now. Appearance With the same dark hair and blue eyes, it would be hard not to notice the familial similarity between Teutus and his master, Tertius Quinctilius Varus, who just happens to be his biological father. Teutus is taller than his father and more willowy, traits from his slave mother. He dresses neatly but unobtrusively, as befits a slave dancing personal attendance on a citizen in public. Family Father: Tertius Quinctilius Varus (senator) Mother: Varinia (slave) Step-mother: Antonia Justa (dead 65 AD) (Tertius' wife, Teutus' mistress) Siblings: Antonia Varia (b. 64 AD, 9 years old) (half-sister) Spouse: None Children: Extended family: --Uncle: Secundus Quintilicus Varus, 45--Aunt: Quintilia Varia, 40, Widow --Cousins: Lucilla Auletia, 18; Marcus Lucius Auletius, 15 Other: Hector (21) (Tertius' body-slave, Teutus' fellow slave) History Born in April 50 to a senator and his slave, Teutus is verna, a homeborn slave. He does not know when he first learned that his master is his actual father, but a combination of things have led to this situation being somewhat abnormal in Teutus' case: his master was not married at the time, and so, theoretically, Teutus could have been declared a citizen at birth - if only his master (or his master's paterfamilias) had picked him up when he was presented as a newborn member of the household. His childhood was spent learning all the things that those born in slavery learn young: how to lace and unlace visitors' shoes and wash their feet, how to serve unobtrusively at dinner, how to help around the house with odd jobs that kids can do - the dusting, fetching and carrying small items... As he grew, he also learned how to care for his master, how to help him dress, including helping him with his toga on the occasions he needed to wear it, how to attend him in public. His master married when Teutus was 12, and a new household meant new duties and responsibilities, and new people to adjust to. He found that he got on well with the others in the house, and when the mistress was found to be pregnant, he merely shrugged. Life would carry on, after all. Teutus didn't really have much to do with the baby, whose care fell to her mother and the female slaves of the household. A year after the master's marriage, he sold his body-slave Anteros, who had been a good friend of Teutus. Life changed properly for Teutus in 65CE, when Teutus was fifteen, the age at which free-born citizens become adult men. Teutus' mistress died without giving the master an heir, and Teutus was informed properly of his lineage and that he was to be Tertius' heir, although he wouldn't be freed just yet. He was replaced as his master (and father)#s body slave by Hector, a youth just a little younger than Teutus himself, and Teutus began learning all the sort of things that a young man should learn. If the young man were a citizen, rather than the slave Teutus is. This twilight life, neither slave (yet one in every respect according to law) nor a citizen (despite his father's best efforts in teaching him everything he would have learned had he been declared free as a baby) is all Teutus has known for the last eight years. He has had no firm date given to when he will be freed, beyond, "Soon, soon!" and finds himself half jealous of Hector, with his clearly defined role and boundaries, and half-jealous of the young men of his own age that he sees beginning their cursus honorum, a thing that is denied to him for no reason other than his father's procrastination and prevaricating. Sharpie | GMT | PM or Discord (#4424) @Gothic
  13. Sharpie


    Rufus 20 | 15/5/54 | Slave | House-slave/Body-slave | Bi | Original | Eddie Redmayne Personality. Rufus is a willing young man, wanting to please his master mainly because that leads to an easier life for him. He is generally cheerful, yet hides a slightly cynical side beneath his cheerful exterior. Despite what people may believe thanks to his hair, he does not have a quick temper. He is intelligent and possessed of more curiosity than is entirely healthy in a slave, but tries to hide it and limit the number of questions he inevitably wants to ask. He learned at a young age to say, "As it please my master" and "As my master says". He has not been in Rome very long and has seen almost nothing of it other than the slave dealer's pens, but knows that it is the greatest city on earth. He is sensible enough to realise that he will have to stick very close to whoever buys him while he learns his way around, but he has been blessed with a good sense of direction, at least. Appearance Possibly a little on the short side of average at about 5' 3", Rufus has all the appearance of being British (or at least, coming from some far-off barbarian country in the north of the Empire). He has fair skin which is apt to freckle in the Italian sun. It is accompanied by grey eyes and hair of an unusual shade that is pure red rather than having the more common (yet still highly unusual) ginger shading. Rufus wears what his master gives him; his usual clothing until now being a linen tunic in some plain serviceable colour. Like most slaves, he is generally barefoot in the house, though he may be allowed sandals when running errands of one sort or another - no master wants their slave to bring in something nasty on their feet, after all, if the issue is easily remedied. While he looks foreign, he is as Roman (as Italian, anyway) as anyone, speaking Latin like the native he is. He also fluent in the Greek dialect of rural southern Italy (which had, after all, once been a Greek colony). He has no defects that would put anyone off wanting to buy him, he is healthy and strong, clear-eyed and with good teeth - all the things he knows a potential master will be looking for. Family Father: Unknown (probably his first master, Gaius Tullius Messala, but it's never actually been confirmed) Mother: Phoebe Siblings: One older sister, Bretta (age 22) who was sold away about five years ago Spouse: Unmarried Children: None known Extended family: Unknown Other: History Rufus is - or was - verna, a slave born in his master's house. Born to one of the maids, the baby's obvious red hair led to the master inevitably naming him Rufus ('Ginger'), and the hair has not lost any of its redness in the years since. He grew up learning all the sorts of things a slave generally learns - how to keep the house clean and tidy, how to serve at dinner in a way that won't draw attention to you and upset your master, what errands really need to be run fast and which will let you dawdle on the way back. Rufus grew up in Paestum, in Campania, near the sea, where his first master's family lived. It wasn't a bad life, even for a slave, all things considered. The area had been a Greek colony, part of Magna Graecia (Hellas Magara) and Greek is still spoken in some areas, so Rufus (being a quick-minded sort, and young) easily picked up the local dialect during errands to the market, as well as the Latin that was spoken at home. It might not be on the same level as the Greek spoken in Athens, but he could get by, if he needed to. His master, being a kindly sort (and suspected by everyone to have fathered Rufus), spent time teaching him to read and write. It might have been only for a few minutes a day, but with Rufus' natural intelligence, coupled with his knowledge that he was being offered a rare thing for a slave, plus the advantages that Latin is a very easy and logical language, a few minutes a day was all that was required. It isn't a skill that he has really used much, but in his current position, it can only add to his value - and it remains to be seen whether that is a good thing or not. While he can speak Greek (or a dialect of it), he was not taught to read and write in it. Change was on the way, however, and not necessarily for the good: His mother died when Rufus was fifteen (in 69CE). Losing his one sole actual relation sent him into a depressive phase where while his service was outwardly as good as ever, his spirit had vanished. It took time but his natural buoyancy eventually reasserted itself, slowly but surely. Life moves on and at least his mother was free, now, as she had not been while she was alive. His master has recently died and his son, the new master, is away from home. This chance (and some similarity in Rufus' appearance compared to his late master) has led to his mistress selling Rufus to a slave trader who will sell him to a new master, preferably (at least for his mistress) someone who does not live anywhere near Paestum. All Rufus can hope for is that his new owner, whoever it is, will be a master who treats his slaves well and does not resort to punishment too often, or for perceived (rather than real) mistakes. He hopes, so far as he can allow himself to hope, to become a house-slave somewhere, or perhaps even a body-slave. Sharpie | GMT | PM/Discord (#4424) @Gothic
  14. Sydney


    JUSTINIA 18 | 03 may 54 | slave | prostitute | bisexual | original/wanted | naomi scott Personality Justinia comes off as very naive and innocent, which is her appeal in the brothel. She is very obedient in listening to what her master or mistress says, as she knows the repercussions of being rebellious. She is a seductive girl, though because of her innocence, she usually attracts more dominate men and women. Justinia loves speaking to the other slaves and freedmen in the Brothel, often having a bubbly personality and likes to occasionally gossip about her clients. The woman pays attention to manners and is extremely respectful to everyone she comes across. Though most wouldn't see it, Justinia is very brave and wouldn't hesitate to take fault for someone else's mistake so they won't be punished. There are many people that could take advantage of her kind personality, as her biggest weakness is her being unable to say no. She also tends to bottle up her emotions and have a complete emotional breakdown every couple of months. She usually just cries by herself, but after her cry, she is okay and gets right back up. She is a very good listener and an empath who can understand other people's emotions very well, as she is an emotional person herself. She can be whatever anyone wants her to be, always being taught that her identity is a "pretty slave," so it isn't hard for her to change if a customer wants her to be someone else. Justinia is used to being a pushover and rarely says anything out of line. Appearance It was obvious by Justinia's rich bronze skin that she isn't from Rome. She takes care of herself well, as she was taught that way, whether it's her hair, her skin, and her body, trying to keep herself clean as best as possible. Her skin is soft and without blemishes most of the time, though she does have a birthmark on the right side of her body. She looks young, even for someone that is eighteen, and has an innocence in her appearance. Her big, brown eyes are a symbol of her naivety. Many consider her beautiful and youthful, which are traits she likes to be described as. She rarely wears much makeup, though she always seems to have a little color on her lips. She has long black hair that go a little above her hips. Her body is slender. She is a small girl too, only standing at about 4’11”. Family Father: Cornelius Marius Matteaus (deceased) Mother: Chione (deceased) Siblings: Many half-siblings that she doesn't know Spouse: none Children: none Extended family: for plotting! Other: n/a History Childhood [54ce-66ce] Chione knew she was pregnant for a long time, but she hid her pregnancy well from her master. In 54ce, she worked on a large farm in Alexandria to an infamous Imperial slave buyer by the name of Cornelius Marius Batteaus. The woman was fierce and had a strong will to keep the unborn child hidden, giving any excuse as to why her stomach was getting larger. Many times she would trade shirts with larger slaves to keep her stomach hidden. When she went into labor a month before she was expected to, there was nothing she could hide anymore. Marius took the woman and helped her delivery the child. Chione wanted the child to be of her partner, another slave by the name of Appius, but she knew that there was a possibility that it would be from her master. When Chione delivered the baby, she knew that it wasn't Appius' child. When the woman looked at her newborn daughter's eyes, she could see they were golden brown and not the almost black eyes of both Appius and Chione. Marius took the child and named her Justinia. She was marked as his slave and his child, knowing that he would be able to have that power over Chione for the rest of her life. Justinia rarely saw her mother growing up. The girl was taken care of by her master's nurse, knowing that she would need to grow up healthy if he was going to eventually sell her. When she turned three, Justinia was able to start working in the household, cleaning small places that the other slaves couldn't reach. Every couple of weeks, she was able to see her mother when picking fruit. She longed for her mother, often being alone in the home with a couple other of her master's bastard children. Each of them were separated from each other, so Justinia's childhood was very lonely. If anyone was out of line, her master would take them into the house and beat them. The screams often plagued her nightmares. When she was five years old, in 59ce, her mother's lover was killed for trying to start a riot. Chione was devastated and knew that it wouldn't be long before Justinia was sold and she was killed. In the night, Chione snuck into the home and grabbed Justinia. They left the farm, traveling with only a couple day's worth of food and the clothing on their backs. Alexandria was a large place with many places to hide, but there were also many places that had guards. With no money, Chione was forced to hide out with Justinia in alleyways, makeshift camps on the outskirts of the city, and beg for food. After only a week, Justinia was starving and Chione knew she had to go back. The two went back to the farm, where Justinia had to watch her mother be whipped. Two days later, Justinia was shipped to Rome on a crowded boat. The girl was only five years old, and she was absolutely terrified. She was away from the only life she had ever known. She went onto the Roman slave market, being looked at by hundreds of potential masters as her former master's assistant auctioned her. The girl was sold to her new master, a woman in the Senatore class who she needed to be her house assistant. Not only was Justinia a house assistant, her mistress was extremely strict about the girl's appearance. She would only make Justinia do chores that weren't physically demanding. The girl would often serve food, clean in hard-to-reach places, and help her mistress with putting papers away. At night, Justinia's mistress would bathe her, keep her hair healthy, and make sure any scrapes were taken care of. When she was with her mistress, she would often tell her to stand up straight, walk with grace, and help her with her speech. Her mistress was very kind to her, though very strict. She always used to say that pretty slaves were more desirable, and Justinia was already pretty and described as exotic-looking. This went on for several years, and when the girl hit puberty, the woman was even more strict. Any blemishes, eye bags, and awkwardness was taken care of, with her mistress' personal cosmetic slave also helping her out. When Justinia was out with her mistress, people would often comment how beautiful and healthy of a girl she was. Justinia was learned to read a few words and help her mistress with work whenever she could. Teenager [65ce-Present] Justinia was becoming a blossoming young woman. She was her mistress' favorite slave, basically raising her from a young girl. Justinia saw her as a mother and looked up to her. Her mistress' husband was jealous of all the attention his wife was giving the young girl, even if nothing remotely sexual was going on. He often treated the young girl with ignorance, pointing out her insecurities and saying how she was nothing to her mistress. At first, Justinia let her emotions get to her, but her mistress helped her work through them. When she was 15, in 69ce, her mistress was sick and died, leaving her with her mistress' husband who despised her. He would often make her perform sexual favors for him, doing what she could to not be sold again since her last experience was so traumatic to her. He would often threaten to sell her if she didn't do everything he asked. So she did and didn't think twice about it. She made sure she wasn't damaged in any way, still taking care of her like a porcelain doll as her mistress did. At eighteen years old, he finally had no use for her anymore, moving on to the next beautiful slave. She was put up for sale, being sold to The Syndicate to work in Domus Venus. She is extremely new and doesn't know her way around the brothel, but she plans on being one of the best and being there for a very long time. She doesn't want to be sold again and go to someone else who might be unpredictable. sydney | CST | discord/pm
  15. Sarah


    Aeneas 23 | MIDWINTER, 50AD | MALE | SLAVE | GLADIATOR | HETEROSEXUAL | CILLIAN MURPHY Citizenship: Slave from Brittania Occupation: Gladiator, Gallus Names: Aonghus mac Ailpin; given the latinised 'Aeneas' by his captors. Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual. Personality Aeneas is a steady and patient man by nature; something he inherited from his father and a necessary trait in any good blacksmith. A man of few words - and even fewer latin words - he may come across as slow, but rather he thinks things through before he acts. Not a particularly subtle man, he does however have great concern for others. Aeneas also has a sense of fairness that causes his current situation to be particularly grating. He is slow to anger, but like the mountain that has long been rumbling, when his temper finally snaps the results can be spectacular. Appreciative of simple things, good food, strong drink and a warm bed are enough to keep Aeneas content for the moment. Helping others gives him great satisfaction, and after the very personal nature of life in a village, he finds the Roman hoards oddly blank, and their ability to work as a unit rather than individuals, cold and calculating. He can admire that for what it achieves, but he doesn't like it. He worries about what might happen to his people as the Roman conquest moves inexorably northward. Often homesick, Aeneas misses the cool, green vales and majestic mountains of his homeland, and even more his misses his wife and young son, and worries that he has been presumed dead, and they have moved on. He yearns to return to them, and the life he left behind. At the same time he finds the technological and architectural developments of the Roman civilisation fascinating, and it's not uncommon to find him staring at some modern wonder like the provincial that he is. He secretly worries that if he ever did get back to Caledonia, he himself would be too changed to ever really fit in again. Appearance The classic tall, rangy barbarian, Aeneas towers over his Roman captors. He has a lanky rather than broad frame, and whilst well muscled from his training as a blacksmith, his proportions tend to sinewy rather than heroic. Pale-skinned, he struggles in the hot, mediterranean sun, and often sports the blush of sunburn over his increasingly rich crop of freckles. His mid-brown hair is shaggy and non-descript, when his head has not been shaved by his master. His only really notable feature are his bright blue eyes. Lanky and long-limbed, tunics are often too short on Aeneas, unless they were made specificially for barbarians of his height. Given the choice he wears his old tartan trews, but he often isn't, it's hot, and they're rapidly falling apart. He does have good, if hairy, legs. He sports a burn scar on his right forearm, and a long, recently healed scar on his right thigh, from when he was captured. Relations FATHER: Ailpin mac Dubh Glas, 45 MOTHER: Mael Muire ingen Feorghus, 42 SIBLINGS: Isabhael ingen Ailpin, 20, Mael Cuimh mac Ailpin, 17, Maebh ingen Ailpin, 14 SPOUSE: Eoife ingen Ruaraidh (in Caledonia), 20 CHILDREN: Fiachu mac Aonghus mhic Ailpin, 2 EXTENDED FAMILY: OTHER: Master - Claudia Corinthia History CHILDHOOD [50-60AD]: Born at the turning of the year in AD 50, Aonghus was the welcome first child of Ailpin mac Dubh Glas, the village blacksmith, and Maelmuire ingen Feorghus, daughter of a woodsman widely regarded for her herblore and talents in weaving. A steady stream of siblings arrived, and Aonghus became their natural lead; both chief troublemaker and sibling-wrangler. He learned to snare rabbits and tickle trout, forage berries and mushrooms, and keep out from under the feet of his elders. Together he and the other village children would maraud through the nearby forest or play in the snow, help to herd the cattle and sheep, and fetch and carry for the adults, whilst learning snippets of what their elders did. It was an idilic childhood in the rural north. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [60-70AD]: Having shown the same calm, thoughtful temperament as his father, Aonghus began learning his trade as a blacksmith; a valuable member of the village and a trade which promised to set him on a path of security and influence in the village. The implications might have been lost on him at first, but the applications were not; Aonghus proved to have his father's aptitude for working hot metal into all the things the village might need. One accident with a hot iron earned him a burn scar on his right forearm and a healthy respect for his tools, but he generally seemed well suited to the path laid before him. He trained with all the children in arms and the crafts that were necessary for the the smooth running of the village. As they grew older Mael Cuimh joined Aonghus in his lessons at the forge, taking the role of junior apprentice whilst Aonghus was given more significant tasks. Mael Cuimh didn't have quite the even temperament of his older brother, having inherited some of their mother's fiery nature - along with her red hair - like their sister Isabhael, but he also had a flare for the artistic, and produced fine wrought-iron items that were both elegant as well as purposeful. The two brothers worked well together, though there were occasional moments of tension as they grew older and the question of whether they would work together in the future or whether Mael Cuimh would strike out on his own came to the fore. A blacksmith was welcome anywhere, but there was never any suggestion that Aonghus would be the one to leave, being the elder. This became more apparent as the children of the village grew older and began to catch each other's eye. Aonghus himself developed no particular preference early on; that is to say, he liked most of the girls equally. But as time passed he developed a fancy for a girl called Brigitta from the next village over. However, quiet conversations happened between parents and Aonghus was steered gently in the direction of Eoife ingen Rhuaraidh, a daughter of Ruaraudh mac Domnhall, the current chieftan. Given his easy-going nature this wasn't difficult, helped by the fact that she was a pleasant and competent young woman. ADULTHOOD [61AD onwards]: Aonghus and Eoife were handfasted in AD 70, and the arrival of a healthy son Fiachu in AD71 completed their little family. With the help of their family they built a sturdy house next to his father's, and more and more Aonghus was learning the wider necessities of running such a business. Aonghus's path was golden, his career assured, his marriage loving and his son a candidate for future chiefdom through his mother; everything was perfect, much to the growing resentment of his brother Mael Cuimh. That was, until the fateful journey. Travelling south to the river Tyne to trade for raw iron with the Textoverdi, a sept of the large and powerful Brigantes tribe, Aonghus had of course heard word of the Roman invasion to the south. But the south seemed a very long way away. What he failed to understand was how organised the Romans were, and how very fast they could move. Swept up in the final push by Quintus Petillius Cerialis and the II Adiutrix to bring the region to heel, Aonghus found himself fighting for both his life and his freedom. Unfortunately he failed. Overwhelmed with his brothers in arms by the sheer discipline and tactics of the Roman invaders, he was downed by a blow to the leg from a legionaire's short sword. Captured, Aonghus expected to be either ransomed or killed; it was what his people would have done. Instead his wound was treated and he was bundled up with a large number of Brigantean captives, marched across more and stranger land than he had ever seen in his life, to eventually arrive in that distant city that, for him, had been only a distant fable; Rome. It was a harsh fall from grace. Once a young man with all the promise of the world before him, he was now a slave of the Empire. The Romans seemed to hold no pity for them, if also no particular vindictiveness. They might as well have been cattle. Fed when needed, tended when hurt, beaten when disobedient, their status as just another commodity liberated from conquered lands was made abundantly clear to them. A few of their number were executed the first time they tried to escape, and others were marked for displeasing their new masters. Aonghus decided to bide his time and learn how he might be more successful than they had. Unable to pronounce the palatal g of his name, the Roman who seemed to be in charge of the slaves during the march dubbed him Aeneas, and thus was he known to them. Just one of many idiot barbarians to be looked down upon. Arriving with a large influx of other slaves, he was amongst those set aside for the upcoming gladiatorial games. And he might have ended there, just another human foil for the more famous fighters to demonstrate their skills upon, had not a young woman, Claudia Corinthia, taken an interest in him. Whether becoming her property would be an improvement on his lot remained to be seen. Sarah | UTC +10 | CONTACT @Gothic
  16. Gothic


    Turia Eighteen | 7th July 56CE| Slave | Cosmetics slave ( | Bisexual | Original | Filiz Ahmet Personality. Turia loves to flatter her clients. Her privileged position within a household depends on her Domina's favour, and she endeavours to keep it. She enjoys her work, highlighting the facial features of women and increasing their beauty. She lives to see their eyes light up at the sight of their reflection. (Completely unaware of the chemicals acting as a poison within the salves). Turia wears two faces. One when she is working; demure, quiet, polite, and dignified. The other? A joker, friendly and happy to chat. Sharing compliments come easy to her, so long as they are genuine, and true. Her negative traits? She tends to ignore the negative in favour of the positive. She puts her head in the sand if she doesn't want to see things or if she belies she is unable to change them. Turia wholeheartedly believes that if she behaves well, nothing negative will happen to her and Appearance Turia stands at 5ft tall. Her skin is an olive complexion with large, dark eyes framed by pretty lashes. Her eyes are lined with kohl to highlight them and her skin is without blemishes. Her nose is a little broad and croked. Her smile is easy and wide. Her body is petite with minimal muscle tone, her legs are of average length, and since her Domina enjoys being surrounded by beautiful things. Her clothing is soft and delicate. Family Father: Unknown. Her mother says he was a dashing pirate although Turia believes she is lying. Biological Father: Her uncle Ario. Mother: Vena, one of her first Owners household slaves. Siblings: Likely several on her father's side of the family. On her mother's side, she had five other siblings with a mixed number surviving to adulthood. Spouse: N/A. Children: N/A. Extended family: Other: Name here -- Past Owners, owners of a slave training school. Isis - Hair & wig stylist slave (). Best friend and confidante. History Turia was born in 56CE. While her Dominus was kind enough to permit her a childhood with her parents. She was selected to be trained as a cosmetics slave. The training meant she had been trained how to blend in and hide until she was requested, how to mix cosmetics, how to apply them and wigs to the face without causing her clients any issues. (Or getting herself punished in the process.) Turia was an apt pupil, she knew what the struggles would ultimately pay off and prevent her from having a darker fate. The class difference was great between her Domines and herself, they were hesitant to sell her on and unfortunately, their business was the training of slaves and they organised for a private viewing for a noblewoman. Turia ensured she was doing her best possible work. Her fingertips trembled a little, slowly but surely, it was complete. At fifteen she had changed hands for the first time. The noblewoman clapped her hands in approval and it was settled. Her ownership was transferred over. Before she would leave to where her fate began. Her old Dominus placed his hands on her shoulders, told her to be a good girl and the gods would be kind of her. She went to the old house, and instantly found herself overwhelmed by the amount of slaves. The wealth the family had was extreme. It took her a while in order to find her footing. Slowly but surely, she made herself useful. The other slaves would test her at first. She found her place within the household. During the celebrations of Saturnalia, she was surprised when the Domina of the household gave her a plate of food, sat her down with a cup of wine, and asked her all about her life while the celebrations went on around them. She found it to be rather strange. Soon the confidence and the wine opened her lips -- and her legs. Turia bedded her Domina and enjoyed the experience. After Saturnalia had ended, there was an unspoken bond between the two and Turia soon found herself often in the Domina's bed when her husband had not visited. Every so often she could be found in her Domina's retinue as she wandered through the streets of Rome. A small bag ready with items needed to ensure her Domina always looked her best. In 74CE, her life is just beginning.. Gothic | GMT+11 | PM or Discord.
  17. Jenn


    Tacita 25 | 26 September, 48 AD | Slave | Cook, House Slave | Heterosexual | Original | Emilia Clarke Personality. Tacita has been a slave her entire life as she was sold very young. As such she does not know a lifestyle any different. As a child to keep her out of trouble she was often kept in the kitchens helping the slaves out in there and that was where her love of the kitchen was born. Tacita learned very early in from those who ‘took care of her’ that her biological family had abandoned her due to her inability to speak- she has vocal chords as she is able to produce non-descript sounds, however that is the extent of her ‘voice’. To help with communication Tacita learned to use gestures and the slaves around her learned to ‘translate’ however that led to trouble or awkwardness when she would encounter new situations where people didn’t know her usual signs. Her second Master (Lucius Antonius Octavianus) corrected this issue by having a tutor in his household teach her the basics of writing. Although she practices her writing as much as she can, she will still rely on gestures when around people who are familiar with her. The important thing for people to know is she might not always communicate but there is a full conversation going on in her head- just because she can’t talk do not assume she is dumb. Those who do, are not high on her favourites list. If someone were to ask her if she wanted to be freed the answer is no. Tacita is very content where she is. Being abandoned as a very young child and then a particular bad day where she fell into a crevice and was unable to call for help have reinforced the desire to stay. Being in a ‘household’ even as a slave is the closest to a ‘family’ she has ever had. Appearance For her childhood and teen years, Tacita was often described as ‘mousy’ due to her very slim build. Standing barely 5 feet tall as an adult, her physique is that of someone who has worked hard all her life but started off with barely anything to begin with. Being a servant, and one with such a disability, she often got the scraps left over and spent many hours of her days running around the kitchens/gardens gathering this and that for the cooks so she never seemed to put any fat on her body. This has changed slightly over the past few years due to a healthy stable life. Although she is still a slave, as she is the cook she knows where her meals are coming from and has some control over what goes into them. More often than not her gaze is directed to the floor, but if you do catch her gaze you will see that her dark brown eyes and dark hair against her pale skin is a very striking contrast. Her hair and eyes are so dark that they could almost pass as black but there is a just enough warmth in them to make them inviting and not cold/harsh- think a good comforting piece of dark chocolate. As her skin tone is very pale it is not uncommon for her to have bruises on her body- it is not because she is beaten it is simply because she marks up easily. It takes a very little brush for her to end up with a bruise but luckily they are rarely serious and easily hidden under her dresses. She does have a scar on her right outer thigh from a childhood accident- that spawned her fear of small dark places. Tacita had been out gathering herbs from the hillside garden of a former master’s house and fell into a crevice. She wasn’t hurt other than the 3” cut on her thigh and some bruising but she was there for a while because she was unable to call for help- the best she could do was squeaky cry. Eventually she was found but the wound wasn’t well treated and she ended up with a scar. Family Father: unknown (abandoned at birth) Mother: unknown (abandoned at birth) Siblings: unknown (abandoned at birth) Spouse: Children: Extended family: Other: -Current Owner: _______________________ (up for sale) -Past Master: Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus -Past Master: Lucius Antonius Octavianus History CHILDHOOD [48-61 AD]: September 48- born/abandoned/found 50- sold by the family that found her as they had too many children 53- Began earning her keep working in the kitchens 58- Fell into a crevice, scraping her thigh and unable to call for help was stuck there all day until found 61- Her master’s shady business practice caught up to him and she was put back on the auction block Tacita was born on a late September day and although she was a healthy sized child there was one thing immediately noticeable about the child. Her cry was not a normal infant cry. What came out sounded like a cat that was being drowned in water or a whistling type sound. While her existence now was proof that someone could live with this condition, at the time of her birth her ‘voice’ (or lack thereof) scared her family and she was abandoned by the riverside. She was found by a farmer’s family and the wife kept her long enough to determine whether the child had enough will to live or would fail to live through the winter. Tacita was a tough child and as such survived and life seemed good however the family that found her had a wealth of children and after a few years were unable to keep her any longer. She was given away, sold off and this is where her life as a slave began. The early years of her life were a blur of memories. Birthdays came and went with little acknowledgement. If it hadn’t for the fact that farmer’s family who originally took her in estimated her age/date of birth and passed that information on when she was sold initially she might not even have an approximate age. At the age of five, two years after initially sold, it was decided she needed to start pulling her weight around the Domus and she was given to the slaves in the kitchen to use as necessary. They had her helping in the gardens- pulling weeds, gathering herbs & food etc as well as small tasks in the kitchen. About 8 years old she was out gathering up on of the hillsides she slipped into a crevice. She lay injured in the bottom of the crevice ‘crying’ for help but no help ever seemed to come. By the time someone clued in that she had not come back yet and went looking for her before their master found out and was angry that a slave had ‘run away’ she had been trapped there most of the day. She was taken home and after being cleaned up, other than bruises, the only wound she had was a cut on her right thigh that would later form a scar but the experience scared her and she did not want to venture far from the kitchen for quite some time after that. Instead she took to tasks in the kitchen and learned to cook some favoured dishes. Life was going well, or at least she thought so. It was well known around the Domus that young little Tacita could not speak and occasionally her Master would send for her if he was doing business he wished to be kept silent but still needed a slave around to serve food/do his bidding. He knew that she would be unable to ‘spill’ his secrets to the world and both he and his wife appreciated that. She was ‘prized’ for two skills- her cooking and her silence…the second being a VERY rare skill because even slaves sometimes gossip. Her Master had some shadiness to him and eventually this shadiness caught up to him and he was executed/his household seized. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [61-70 AD]: 61- Purchased by Lucius Antonius Octavianus who purchased her for her cooking and taught her to read to assist with her lack of a voice but her position there did not last long 62- Once again on the auction block, purchased by Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus however he was killed when riots broke out early in 62. 62 to 70- Tacita was purchased by a family looking for slaves in the kitchen and general home slaves In 61 AD, at the tender age of 13, Tacita found herself back on the auction block and feared she would be purchased by a brothel or something worse but it was her abilities as a cook and her silence that found her another home. She was purchased by Lucius Antonius Octavianus and while her time in his household was short, compared to her first Master, he was very good to her. He praised her for her cooking abilities and rewarded her by helping her overcome one of her major challenges. In his household he had a tutor and Lucius felt that Tacita should learn to write/read so that her need to use gestures/translators was lessened. Life would take another change of direction. When she was 14 years old (62 AD) she was once again on the auction block and was purchased by Sextus Papirus Ursus Crassus and she had barely gotten set into the household when her new master was killed in the riots that broke out just prior to Clemens seizing control. His slaves were sold off to various masters and Tacita was purchased by family looking for general household and kitchen slaves. ADULTHOOD [70-74 AD]: 70 to 73- Tacita has continued to serve the family that purchased her 74: Tacita has once again found herself on the auction block Upon becoming an adult life continued on as normal- there wasn’t any acknowledgement. She continued working for the family that had purchased her and it was the longest she had served a single household. She works mostly in the kitchen but helps out in the general household. JENN | EST | PM/DISCORD
  18. 07-25-2015, 05:57 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2015, 07:10 PM by Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus.) ----------------------------------------------------- THE WRITER ----------------------------------------------------- NAME/ALIAS: Nya AGE: Officially 30 now ;_; EXPERIENCE: 10+ years OTHER CHARACTERS: Nope CONTACT: ----------------------------------------------------- THE CHARACTER ----------------------------------------------------- NAME: Catrìona DATE OF BIRTH: Month, 06/45 AD. Currently 17 GENDER: Female SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual CITIZENSHIP: -- Non Civium, Barbarus (Belongs to the Novantae tribe) OCCUPATION: Warrior LIKES: The sea and being on her boat, farming and specifically the harvest, her freedom even with it's limits, the gods and the rituals of prayer and faith, family DISLIKES::Being dismissed or diminished, cruelty where there's no need for it, betraying trust being forced to do something that she doesn't want or disapproves of, People who use position and wealth for their own gain rather then their peoples. FEARS: Suffering her mother's fate, being stuck with someone she'll end up disliking (although that's unlikely), drowning despite knowing how to swim (at least well enough to get by), dying before she has the chance of a family, seeing her people and tribe overrun by enemies ASPIRATIONS: Finding out the truth behind the rumors of an army, creating some sort of trade with the Britons for the future, finding someone to make a family with, continuing to do what she's always done until she's got grey hairs and can't see anymore. GENERAL PERSONALITY: Affectionately known as Cat, she was raised to be proud of who she was and sure in the knowledge that her gender didn't make her father any less proud of her. She never knew her mother and occasionally mourns the loss but in distant terms. Mostly, in the term of wondering who she could have been had her mother survived and taught her. Instead she was raised by her father and while she doesn't regret that she knows she's missed some things. There are, after all, things a woman knows only women can teach each other. And while the others in the village taught her it isn't quite the same as having a mother doing it for her. So while she's proud of her warrior skills and those she learned over her time on the ship, she also knows it's her duty to settle down and have a family. Others might object to that but while there's a certain freedom she knows being married won't offer her she still doesn't dread it. Family has always been very important to her, and she's always been close to her father. And while she knows she can suffer her mother's fate, having her own children is something she looks forward to. And while her father's in charge of all that, she also knows that he's letting her pick someone who will then be approached by him. Even if she doesn't find someone to her liking she knows her father won't give her to someone who will be cruel. There's a security in knowing she's in good hands, and that she's fortunate in having such a loving father. She knows how to be fierce and look frightening, but it's for show. She's a friendly sort of person, happy to talk to just about everyone and those who dismiss her she puts in their place. She's happier trading then raiding, but a good fight is still a good fight. She just doesn't look for them. Her sense of humor comes from her father and is tuned to the warriors she grew up with, but it's somewhat tempered by her female influences. She's respectful to those above her, but not afraid to voice her opinions if it's called for. She can be stubborn when she wants to be and despite not having been born into the elite is a touch spoiled. She was raised to be independent, and has no desire to lose that even if she gets married. She sees herself as her own person, not an extension of someone else. She respects and believes in the gods deeply, and while she's not vain enough to think they're always looking out for her she does believe they have an active interest and influence in her life. She does her best to be worthy of that thought. She's never cruel but she can be ruthless. She kills in battle but if there's a option to spare someone she does. But she doesn't give third chances in that. The same goes with her trust. It's easy to gain and hard to lose, and she believes in second chances but not thirds. She doesn't believe in hating people, but she does carry grudges. That said she's still young, and while she'd like to think she knows everything she doesn't. She's at least willing to learn. ----------------------------------------------------- APPEARANCE ----------------------------------------------------- CELEBRITY CLAIM: Olga Kurylenko HAIR: Black EYES: Black BUILD: Fit but small HEIGHT: 5'2" STYLE OF DRESS: Leathers and furs are her norm, and she's never without the wolf pelt on her shoulders. It's a mark of pride, and the most valuable thing she feels she owns. Loose pants are what she wears to battle and into raids, but at home she wears loose dresses or skirts. While well made and sturdy, they're common things that can often be mended if they get ripped. She's had her current gear for a while now, seeing no reason to replace it. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Cat is small, and aware of it. She's trim and fit, but doesn't carry a lot of strength. She's fast however, and often uses her size to her advantage to get under people's guard. She's agile as well ,and it makes her a competent fighter although her advantage lays in her spear. She's never had to go without food, but she doesn't put on weight easily. She tends to keep her hair up when she's fighting, but otherwise it's down and comes to between her shoulders. She carries no jewelry but she does have an image of a wolf tattooed on the side of her neck, just above her collarbone. It's the image of the one she'd killed when she was younger, and it's pelt is never far from her. She always carries her spear with her, along with a smaller dagger for closer fights and knows how to use them well. Her familiarity with the Briton language is that she's able to have a conversation, but complex matters may sometimes elude her and she doesn't always know the words she's looking for. She also has an accent, but it's simply things she takes in stride rather then feels any shame for. ----------------------------------------------------- FAMILY & HISTORY ----------------------------------------------------- PARENTS: Aidan- Father/46/Alive Rhona-Mother/20/Died upon giving birth SIBLINGS: N/A as of right now SPOUSE(S): N/A CHILDREN: N/A OTHER RELATIONS: Beathas- Stepmother/25/Alive BIOGRAPHY: Catrìona's very first memory is this; her back against her father's legs with small hands wrapped around the steering oar as he taught her the first steps of guiding the boat and the laughter of the men at the oars in front of her. Born to the tribe of the Novantae, from a village that sat next to a river leading into sea it was practically vital for her to learn these things. Her father was a trader, and then a raider when it called for so she was to know these same things. Especially since they had only a few pieces of cattle, enough where they weren't suffering but neither wealthy nor poor. And while she was taught some hunting, her father focused mostly on teaching her how to fight, how to farm, how to ride a horse well enough to get by, and other skills he determined useful. She trained with the rest of her tribe since she was old enough to do so and on the occasion when people asked why he was doing all this for a girl her father shrugged and said; 'I wanted a boy, but got her instead. Turns out that was better.' And as her mother had died, she was all that remained. Still, she was only a girl and thus meant to marry at some point but as whenever it was brought up she returned the argument that her father hadn't remarried so she wasn't going to leave her father without her help around the small farm and during the times they went raiding. It wasn't the most logical of arguments, but it worked for a long time. It was during this time she earned both her tattoo and the pelt she nearly always wears. Wolves had always been threats to them, and this one had almost made of with their prize cow. She's quite proud of her achievement, and feels no shame for it. During this time she grew and got better at her skills until she got her own ship to control. Which sounds more impressive then it is, as her father just gave her his and turned more to keeping the farm above ground with the excuse he was getting on in life and the sea made his bones ache. it was a little bit after this the whispers of an invading force came to their attention. Clashes and wars were common to them but this was different. The rumors that came up spoke of eerie precision and determination to see the entire island theirs. It could have been funny, but she didn't think so. When they heard the young 'King' of the lowlands had put a stop to it, or near to, they went back to their lives with the knowledge that these newcomers would never reach them, and if they did they'd throw them back. Her father was less convinced. He couldn't convince the tribal leaders of his view, but he did convince his daughter. He told her to get the ship out there as an offer of help. It wouldn't be much, just her and her raiding band, but it'd do for getting a feel on things and maybe they'd see who was right and who wasn't. Also, it was to be her last time going out as unmarried. Her father had remarried and had a young new wife Catriona didn't really mind much because she made her father smile, and thus she had no more place in the household. Her father said if the woman was pregnant and would carry a son, she'd have to come back and marry but it felt more like a compromise. She knows this trip is to see if she can find any suitors she can take home and if not she knows there's prospects back in her tribe she wouldn't hate being stuck with. TIMELINE: 45 AD-Born. 51 AD-Takes her first trip on her father's boat (6 years old) 52 AD-begins training as a warrior, raider, semi-trader, and farmer. Also begins learning about the duties she'll have as a wife one day. 57 AD-Kills the wolf stalking their farm animals and earns both it's pelt and the tattoo 61 AD-Rumors of an invading force reach her tribe, most ignore it. Her father remarries. 62 AD-Now. After what the rumors claim is a big victory and assurances the invading force will never reach their lands Aidan sends his daughter to the Britons to see what to make of it. Both are skeptical this can't become worse, and they want to be prepared. OTHER: Anything you'd like to add to your application? Officially done
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