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  1. Gothic

    Claudia's slaves

    Hello there, I'm looking for some slaves for my character, Claudia Caesaris. No playbys have been listed because I'm pretty easy going about that sort of thing. If you have any questions about them. Please feel free to ask! Daphne Age: 25-35 Nationality: Open Personality: Bubbly, good natured and happy go lucky. Skills: Cosmetics slave. Isis Age: 25-35 Nationality: Open Personality: Pretty open. Skills: General attendant. Clio Age: 30-40 Nationality: Open Personality: Wise, friendly, loves learning and teaching. Skills: Tutor, teaches languages, knowledgeable about womens health Cynane -- taken by Atrice. Age: 25-35 Nationality: Open Personality: Firm, protective, resilient. Skills: Sword and spear. Acts as a bodyguard. Former Gladiatrix. Aula Age: 25-35 Nationality: Open Personality: Quiet, hard working, trusting. Skills: Hair slave. Volusa -- taken by Sharpie. Age: 17-19 Nationality: Open Personality: Loyal, friendly, good conversationalist although knows when to be quiet. Skills: Body slave. Constantly with Claudia.
  2. Atrice

    Wanted by Barbatius

    Marcus Barbatius - is 30 years old, unmarried with no children and so far with no plans of marriage - because he likes to stay in control of his home and prefers that no one interferes with how he is running said home. He does not care about heirs or the future of his family; he is, after all, the last one and does not regret it, because it is his own fault. He is a plebian and owns a barber shop and an insula just above it and serves both plebians and higher ranks in his barber shop. Companion/Partner in Crime Marcus needs a partner in crime! Of course, this is not to be a 'good' character. Marcus is not a nice man and his companion is not either. What I am looking for is a meanie, a bad-guy, a villain, just like Marcus is. Someone crooked. Probably as insane as Marcus is. Basically, I made him with Sweeney Todd as inspiration and just like Todd has his Mrs. Lovett, who helps him... Marcus Barbatius needs a Mrs. Lovett too! Marcus sometimes have "accidents" with people or even patrons (that he dislikes) and people sometimes die. Oops! But how do you get on with such acts? How to hide it? You have a useful companion of course - someone who can either spin tales really well and come up with good lies or someone who can dispose of bodies in a way that can't be traced back to Marcus. Maybe someone who could do both? The character could be male or female and not a slave. They could be linked to one of the collegia or have a business of their own - maybe even a thermopolia (fast food shop)! How they met and work together we will flesh out together, but this character probably knows most of Marcus' secret and he knows theirs. They work together. Slaves in Marcus' household Manus, 28 years old - Head Slave of the household - The oldest "survivor" yet - he has been with Marcus four years - Has several scars on his back and thighs from Marcus' punishment from the first time - Knows when to be quiet and when to speak - Friendly but also a bit reserved, cautious, alert - Often helps Marcus in the barber shop - Has once been Marcus' bed slave, but no longer Aculia, 21 years old - (has been played before) - Has been there two years - Silent and 'mousy' in her behavior - Submissive, inferior and insecure - Marcus has taken her to his bed sometimes and isn't exactly the romantic type - Aculia has very visible a scar on her cheek after Barbatius Tinus, 23 years old - Bought cheaply at the slave market - Scarred by fire when he was bought (hence why he was cheap) - Has been there about a year - Attentive, alert, nervous New Slave to be bought - A new slave to be picked up by Marcus at the slave market - Background is up to you - Probably found unsuited for work by others, hence why he/she is cheap - Could potentially end up as Marcus' next victim, if his player is interested in such a plot - OR this new slave could be the one to eventually expose Marcus - Could also somehow end up as the partner in crime I'm looking for About the slaves and Marcus' treatment of them: Marcus' slaves are meant to be quiet, well-behaved and obedient. He also demands that they stay silent if he disposes of another slave and will threaten with killing them too, if they tell on him. If they displease him in any way (drop something, stumble, knock something over, speak when he thinks they should be silent... anything planned or not planned that he decides annoys him) Marcus will punish his slaves. He does not flog his slaves, but will instead use knives or razors to cut them in places that are not visible when you're clothed. It is sadly very easy to displease Marcus, because he does like to deal out punishment. It doesn't turn him on, or so he claims, he just enjoys it. If they displease him badly enough or have done it enough times, he does not feel bad about slitting their throats to kill them. That is why his slaves are usually very quiet and silent around Marcus. They learn quickly to try their utmost at not upsetting Marcus, because no one wants hidden scars on their bodies - and no one wants death, of course. The older slaves will often tell the newcomers about how to try and 'survive' this household. Marcus owns three slaves currently - they are all basically regular house slaves, they are there to clean and cook and shop and help out Marcus in the barber shop. He decides who does what and when he is serving clients in the shop, there is always one helping him out (mixing oils and so on) and one stands waiting in the doorway to the back room and staircase to the insula above, if Marcus wants anything else. All the slaves sleep together in one chamber/dormitory in the insula and only leave if Marcus allows it - he's afraid they will run away, so he keeps an eye on them. They don't get to celebrate ordinary Roman festivals like Saturnalia and others - he does not trust his slaves that much. Besides what is explained, feel free to figure out their lives before they came to Marcus. It is very likely they were all cheaply bought at the slave market. Note that all were of course replaced because someone died and no one dies of age or hard work in this household. Manus has seen quite a few fellow slaves killed by Marcus, Aculia has seen three, Tinus two and the latest slave Marcus bought and owned was Germanus, but... he kind of died, suddenly? He didn't behave or submit very well to his master. So he died... by Marcus' hand of course ;) Send me a DM here or on Discord to discuss the characters if you want to pick up any of these characters...
  3. This is for my character; Gaius Fabius Maximus. Shoot me a PM or a DM on discord if you are interested in any of these characters to take on. I might add more when I have organised myself and pestered Goths for some more information. JULIA BABILA Suggested Face claim: Siân Phillips.Age & Birth Position. 44.Position: Senatore, widow, stepmother of Gaius Fabius Maximus. Parents: Gaius Julius Babilius & Other family: & others up to you. Children: Lucius Fabius Maximus (b. 58AD) Step-children: Gaius Fabius Maximus (b. ) Fabia Numicia (b. ) There is a chance Julia Babila has siblings as well. Personality: Fussy, pushy, and expects manners to be maintained at all times. Loves her child and step-children equally. Is prone to spoiling and occasionally helicopter parenting. Extremely social and outgoing with others. History: Pretty open. Ultimate Goal: Gaius and her son, Lucius, to be responsible Romans. Other information: She is fairly open. I would love to see what people come up with for her. Vibia Attica Suggested Face claim: Bella Dayne.Age & Birth Position. 20s & up to you. Position: Plebeian, Concubine to Gaius. Parents: Up to you. Other family: Up to you. Personality: Up to the player. History: Ultimate Goal: To marry Gaius. Other information: Again, pretty open. Drama would always be fun! Europa Suggested Face claim: Open to the player. Age & Birth Position. 16. Eldest.Position: Slave.Parents: Gaius Fabius Maximus & Household slave. Other family: Legitimate and illegitimate siblings. Personality: Mostly up to the player who takes her on. History: It is likely she would be trained to do something within the household. Ultimate Goal: Freedom and love from her father. Other information: Scared of being sold by him. Fabia Numicia Suggested Face claim: Martina Stella.Age & Birth Position. 24, second born. Position: Senatore.Parents: Gaius Fabius Maximus Major & Numicia Prisca .Other family: Likely married. Personality: Up to you. History: Up to you. Ultimate Goal: Other information: Lucius Fabius Maximus Suggested Face claim: Age & Birth Position. 16, third child. Position: Senatore.Parents: Fabius Maximus & Julia Babila.Other family:Personality:History: Ultimate Goal: Other information:
  4. I don't know if this will be viewable to any of you guys - last time I tried to watch it, I was informed it's blocked in the UK (Boo!!) but this is from the extras of HBO's series Rome, with the cast and crew talking about Roman views on slaves and slavery. If you can watch it, it's pretty interesting!
  5. This is a wanted ad for Flavia Caesaris aka Rutiliana She needs her 'household' so to say. No faces are listed, nor nationality. Names will be left up to the player too. please tag me (Eris) or hit me up on discord (madxasahatter#4230) should you be interested. sort of first comes first serves. "Tutor" 35+ Intelligent - Patient - Firm Skilled in languages and health issues. "Bodyguard" 30+ Protective - Takes No Crap - Firm Former lady gladiator brought to the palace because Ru favored them in the games. "Attendant" 25+ Constant - Loyal - Efficient Pretty much runs Ru's little household. Doesn't let her charge get away with much. "Cosmetic Slave" 20+ Flirty - Creative - Chatty A new addition to her household. "Hair Dresser" 20+ Quiet - Creative - Sweet A new addition to her household, like the above. "Body Slave/Companion" 15+ Loyal - Clever - Secret Keeper Has been with Ru the longest. Knows her secrets and fears and keeps them close to her heart. Clever and easily fades into the shadows if she feels she must 'spy' on those who might harm her charge. Ru plans on freeing her soon, but wishes to keep her on as paid help.
  6. Ludus Dacicus The Ludus is currently seeking positions for the Ludus. If you have any ideas or suggestions please message me and help flesh the Ludus out. Feel free to send me a DM on discord or a PM on here if you are interested in any of these. The Lanista Gaius Vellius Age: 40-45 Personality: Rough, determined to earn more coin, not above sabotage. On good terms with Titus and has a good business relationship with him. He manages the Ludus on a day to day basis. Possible playby: Up to the player. Physical characteristics: Up to the player. Family: Married, otherwise, open. It is likely that he has a family. The Doctore Quintus Q.F Flavius Fortis Age: 50-55 Personality: Veteran gladiator, was freed and struggled in the real world. Came back the Dacicus. Possible playby: Ray Winstone. Physical characteristics: Scarred. Family: Up to the player. The Primus Ares Gladiator. Type of open. Age: 25-30 Personality: Bold, loves victory, skilled in combat. Possible playby: Manu Bennett. Physical characteristics: Tall, muscled, otherwise open. Family: Up to the player. The Medicus Aeschylus Slave. Age: 60 Personality: Wise, has seen many lives. Possible playby: Not sure. Physical characteristics: Grey bearded. Family: Up to the player. Other gladiators; are more than welcome whether they are in the early stages of training or who are veterans. Male and female gladiators are welcome. There would also be slaves, male and female who cook, warm the gladiator's beds as a reward, and otherwise be around them.
  7. Brian

    Lucius' people.

    Gothic has given me permission to create Lucius' son (and some members of the extended family. Along with his late wife's family, too. Although I will add them later on when I have thought some more about them.). Any secondary verification for personality traits, etc. Double check with her. Please note; I would like to talk with the potential player a fair bit before an application is made. Mostly with his son. My character's application is available here. Lucius Caecilius Metellus Minor Born: 59AD Information: Last surviving child of Lucius' and Potitia Memmiania. His mother is deceased and died through childbirth. Uncle to Caecilia Metella Minor's children who are connected to the Imperial family. Personality: Quiet and unassuming, well educated, and I can imagine he is quite close with his father. He does not like how his father is overbearing towards him, and finds the standards he is forced to live under to be unbearable. He is mostly kind although still does not understand how the world works. He likes the games and the races. He was closer to his mother in his younger years, and misses her considerably. As to his feelings about the slave his father has. That is up to the person who takes the character on. He has snuck out to visit the Domus Venus in a rare moment of getting out of the house. It is likely that soon he will be entering the political sphere, too. Possible playby: Logan Lerman. Albina Age: 20s-30s. Information: How she came to be a slave is up to you. Personality: Is the lover of Lucius (the dad, not the son) and is respectful in public. She knows how to behave and doesn't push Lucius too far, as she would not like to be sold or discarded in favour of another. As his lover, she has gained position among the other slaves within the household and has physically (and discreetly) hurt other slaves who have briefly taken his attention away. However, she hides this side of her from Lucius. She enjoys the gifts granted and thus far has been infertile. Possible playby: Unsure, nationality is open. She has "striking eyes". Thank you for looking. Please send me a PM. Cheers!
  8. Echo


    Name: Astraea Occupation: "Management" for Caecina Age: I imagine in her late forties to early sixties Play-By: Gothic had an idea but I need to check back in with her Otherwise, player's choice! Nationality: I imagine her as Greek, though any national origin will do! Astraea is Caecina's main slave, given to her by her father as an early child to curb her immaturity and brattiness. Since she was a small child, Astraea has been almost like a mother figure, though more of a disciplinarian who ensures that Caecina is on her best behavior, especially in public. I imagine Astraea has been in Caecina Tuscus's household since she was young and has grown into a trusted slave, which was why she was trusted with Caecina's raising. She is a wise and clever woman and not much gets by her. Caecina loves her but is wary of her, and Astraea loves her charge like a daughter but is not fooled by any of her posturing and trickery. I would love to have Astraea to accompany Caecina places and act like a mother figure. She is allied with Juliana to ensure Caecina is well behaved and eventually married to a proper young man. Let me know if you're interested in playing Astraea
  9. Atrice


    CYNANE 31 | November 44 AD | Slave | Imperial Bodyguard | Bicurious | Wanted | Katheryn Winnick Personality. Cynane protects her young mistress, with her life if she has to... in the beginning, this was of course because she'd been ordered to do so. Cynane does not want to return to the arena as a gladiator though, she enjoys life in the imperial palace and does her best to do her job well. She does not want to kill for sport and become a whore again - so she has her reasons for doing her job well. She does not always talk much, because when she talks, she has a tendency to speak her mind and she is not good at being submissive and inferior... she was never raised to be such a person, after all. She does however appear very formal and strict and she knows a thing or two about discipline - however if you push her far enough, she isn't always able to control her temper. She may be a slave, but she is still also a proud warrior and a proud woman in general. Cynane does of course hope she may one day be freed, but also knows this is not something to strive for. She is a war-captive and she's very much aware of this. She has come to care a little for her orphaned mistress, but this is not something she talks about either. She is, after all, supposed to act like a slave and not like a friend. Cynane does not trust people easily though - it went well before she became a slave, but after that, many events has made her harder than she was before. Rough experiences with men after she became a slave has also made her dislike or mistrust most men and she still dislikes most other Romans except for Claudia. She has never had a steady lover for the same reason - she has a hard shell by now and it's hard to break through it. Appearance Cynane is tall compared to most Roman women, standing almost 170 cm tall. She has long, blonde hair, which is often braided and kept in a hairstyle on top of her head - so that it is not in the way of her work. Her eyes are blue and she has full, light red lips and a slender and trained body, ready to fight whenever possible. Cynane often spends her free time training, so that she is always ready for battle - this is how she was brought up, after all. She dislikes wearing dresses, but prefers breeches, a long tunica and a leather vest to protect her body with. She will also wear armor if she is escorting her mistress away from the imperial home. She likes the color blue and wears it when able - where she comes from, blue is a rare color and it holds a lot of meaning to her. Family Father: Owen (deceased) Mother: Briannah (deceased) Siblings: Meredith (sister, 27), Briannon (sister, 29), Herne (brother, 35) - all unknown whereabouts Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Ysulda of the Brigantes/Flavia Isolda (cousin, not played) Other: -- Owner: Claudia Caesaris History Born and raised in Britannia, Cynane – back then known as Cinnia - lived a free life from childhood and until she was 18 years old. During most of her life, she knew there had been war between the British tribes and Rome, which was trying to invade and would eventually succeed. Cinnia’s family was related to the king of her tribe, the Brigantes, and the king made sure his entire family were constantly ready for the Romans. This meant that every child who reached puberty was given training as a warrior – this included the young women and thus also Cinnia. She knew this all her life, of course, and she was more than ready to fight when finally given the chance. Her cousin was Ysulda, who'd eventually attempt becoming queen of their tribe and would also eventually end up in Rome, like Cinnia. None of them knew this when they were young though. Cinnia met Eppitacos when Ysulda and he became betrothed and they got along well. But sadly, Ysulda was set up to become his wife already, so Cinnia forgot about the crush again. Cinnia proved to be a strong and skilled warrior and when her tribe joined battles against the Romans in 62 AD, Cinnia was in the British army. She was optimistic, believing in the strong blood of Britannia to come out on the winning side – but her party was defeated by the Romans and Cinnia was among those taken captive. Her father died in the battle and she does not know whether any of her siblings survived. She later heard that her party was the only losing party in that particular battle and still today holds a grudge towards Eppitacos, since none of the others came to their aid. If they had done so, she might not have become a slave. Since Cinnia was a female and skilled warrior, it was quickly decided she would become a gladiatrix in Rome. She hated being in chains and under Roman rule – she had grown up free and was used to making her own decisions. None of that mattered though. In 63 AD, she was finally brought to a ludus in Rome, renamed Cynane and deemed breakable. Breakable?! Cynane would prove them wrong, she had been raised to be a strong woman and she still was, despite her current state of life. Her lanista and doctore tried hard to break her though, but eventually it was a matter of either killing her by breaking her or sending her into the arena, hoping she'd die there. And at least in the arena, they got something out of her death, so she was sent to the sands – they expected her to die. Of course she didn’t. She fought and she lived and received great glory in the arena. The crowd loved her and her skills and Cynane began to understand she could live this life. At least it was more than being chained constantly. There was one downside to it though – after the fighting, wealthy Romans would want to bed her, and while she was strong in the arena, she was expected to submit to their pleasures. This was how she lost her virginity – and her first time wasn’t all that pleasant. Yet Cynane was not ready to die. And apparently it would work out in the long run, to stay alive. Her life changed again in 72 AD, when a male member of the imperial family noticed her skills - and she was deemed useful for more than the arena and pleasure for coin. Cynane was removed from the ludus by Octavius Flavius Alexander and soon after gifted to his niece, the young imperial lady Claudia Caesaris, to become her personal bodyguard. She has been with Claudia over three years now and has so far proven to be loyal. She is pleased to no longer be a gladiator and enjoys the life of a guard and slave at the court - which she considers more luxurious than when she lived at the ludus with the gladiators. She has even developed protective feelings for the orphaned princess, maybe even other feelings too. There's a good chance, that Claudia is still the only Roman she cares about. She has not forgotten she’s a slave and has not stopped yearning for freedom – she never will – but life could be worse. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord
  10. Aetii-Stilichii Household slaves There are other members of the household that could be played. Seia, his wife will be played by Renna when she rejoins us. There is also Alaricus, his son with a previous wife, and Imperia, Seia's daughter. However, she is not available for play. There are also other unnamed slaves owned by the household, so if you're interested let me know. Slaves Crispina Age: 50-60s Personality: Dignified, wise, maternal, clever, fond of the family, unofficial mother hen to the family. History: Roman by birth. As to how she became a slave and when she joined the family, we can discuss that. Playby choice: 50s+, also has incredible resting bitchface. Possible Plots: With the family and extended family. Tertia --- Reserved for Echo Age: 15-20 Personality: Obedient, polite, friendly, cosmetic slave/and general attendant. History: Fairly open, but has been owned by the family for five years plus. Playby choice: Open. Possible Plots: With the family. Frontus --- Reserved for Lou Age: 15-20 Personality: Friendly, hard working, speaks Latin and Greek fluently, has a crush on Tertia, stable boy/general attendant. History: Fairly open, but has been opened by the family for five years plus. Playby choice: African or mixed playby. Possible plots: With the family. Sarabi Age: 40 Personality: Quiet, observant, sees more than she lets on, good judge of character. Main cook. History: Playby choice: African or mixed playby. Possible plots: With the family or extended family. Contact me via PM or discord if you are interested in any of these slaves or if you would like to make one to fit into the family. Thanks!
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