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  1. Tertia Charis . ex-slave and present concubina to tertius quinctilius varus . . finished . . back in time/AUs . How to Train Your Dragon - September 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Ambrosius (Turi) Charis spends quality time with her brother in Britannia. Trading Words - Winter 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Aia (Aius) Charis trades blows with the interprex of the occupying legion. Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters - December 72AD - Charis (Erea), Ambrosius (Turi) & Nymphias (Ardra) In Britannia, Charis spends time with her family. Run- Charis & Cynane - AU Charis and Cynane flee Rome . seventy-four AD . Little Bird Caged - Late March 74AD - Charis & Rufus Now enslaved, Charis meets Rufus in the market. The Meat Market - Late March 74AD - (NPC Charis), Tertius & Spurius Charis is sold to Tertius Quinctilius Varus. An Introduction - Late March 74AD - Charis & Teutus Charis is shown the ropes by fellow-slave Teutus. Great Expectations - Late March 74AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus Charis is formally introduced to her dominus. Lost and Found - Late April 74AD - Charis & Cynane Lost in Rome, Charis stumbles across a fellow Briton. Respite - Late April 74AD - Charis & Gaius Charis tells her story to an old Equite. In Dreams - Early May 74AD - Charis & Tertius In the garden, passion and tension flares between Charis and her dominus. Years Apart - Early May 74AD - Charis & Airs Charis chances across the interprex again. Carpe Diem - Early May 74AD - Charis, Cynane & Helios In the gardens, a drunk Charis is too loose with her words about her dominus. Garden Games - Mid May 74AD - Charis, Teutus & Antonia Spending time with fellow-slave Teutus and his half sister, their domina, Antonia. The Bridge is Crossed - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Tertius [M - S] Having found out about her gossip, Tertius punishes Charis and forces her into his bed. Under the Morning Sun - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Teutus The next morning, Charis reflects with Teutus. What goes around... - Early June 74AD - Charis, Alexius & Helios Charis confronts gossip Helios, and is saved by Alexius. Daggers After Dark - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Thessala Charis is attacked and injured, only to be saved by a Gladiatrix. The Show Must Go On - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis reveals her injuries to Tertius, who takes pity on her. Life is a Lemon - Late June 74AD - Charis & Cynane Charis and Cynane catch-up. Work and Play - Early July 74AD - Charis & Helenus Charis chances across a thermae slave. Special Treatment - Mid July July 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius reconnect and take their relationship further. New Beginnings? - Mid July 74AD - Charis, Teutus, Tertius & Hector Charis is informed of her new position, officially becoming Tertius' bed slave. Summer Showers - Late July 74AD - Charis & Rufus Charis runs into Rufus and spends the afternoon with him. Reginus Georgus - Late July 74AD - Charis & Hector Bitter and jealous, Hector needles Charis. Lost in the Moment - Early September 74AD - Charis & Alexius Charis reconnects with Alexius, who faces the sting of a slap. A Visit - Mid September 74AD - Charis & Alexius Charis apologises to Alexius. I'm not your errand boy - Early December 74AD - Charis & Teutus Charis and Teutus make up after their vicious argument. A Trojan and a Goddess - Early December 74AD - Charis & Aeneas Charis stumbles across a face from her past. A Proposal - Mid December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Titus & Longinus Charis serves at a meal of her dominus' and finds out about her sister. About Time - Late December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector Charis witnesses Teutus' freedom ceremony. Festivities - Late December 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius celebrate Saturnalia. . seventy-five AD . Unhappy News - Late February 75AD - Charis Charis finds out she's pregnant. Agony Aunt - Late February 75AD - Charis & Cynane Alone and scared, Charis seeks advice from her friend. A Favour- Late February 75AD - Charis & Teutus Charis borrows money from Teutus for an abortion. Revelations - Late February 75AD - Charis & Tertius Tertius finds out Charis is pregnant after she botches her abortion. He imprisons her in her room and they argue. Broken Conversations - Early May 75AD - Charis & Tertius Charis, broken, submits to Tertius and they talk. Time for Miracles- Late May 75AD - Charis & Alexius Alexius tries to fix Charis. Awakening - Mid June 75AD - Charis Charis feels conflicted over her struggles. Blue Sky - Late June 75AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius reconnect as they discuss their child. Evening Shade - Late June 75AD - Charis & Gaius Charis meets a soldier in the Gardens of Sullust. The Equality of Man - Late June 75AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector As an earthquake strikes rome, the domus is cast into chaos. No Boundaries - Early July 75AD - Charis & Cynane Charis finally reunites with her best friend after five months apart. Exotic Finds - Early July 75AD - Charis & Aia Charis meets Aia by chance. A New Beginning - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Cynane Charis gives birth to her child. God Help the Outcasts - Late June 75AD - Charis & Aglaea Charis commiserates with another Varus slave and learns a secret. Transformation - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus Charis' child is recognised as freeborn. Just One Night - Mid December 75AD - Charis & Alexius Charis lets loose for one night. Wait!- Mid December 75AD - Charis & Teutus Immediately after her night with Alexius, Charis reconnects with Teutus after he discovers them. . seventy-six AD . Everything I Wanted- Mid January 76AD - Charis, Tertius & Wulfric Charis meets a new Varus family member as he comes to greet Tertius. Any way the wind blows- Mid January 76AD - Charis & Wulfric, Teutus and Tertius A dinner for the family goes wrong. I have something to say- Mid February 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis brings up her suspicions of Wulfric to her domine. Following Up- Mid March 76AD - Charis & Wulfric Charis spies on Wulfric. What Comes Next - Late March 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis updates Tertius on Wulfric It's All Fun and Games - Mid June 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis attends a gladiator match with her dominus. I Just Called to Say - Late August 76AD - Charis & Varinia Charis meets a very important woman from the household past. Take a Chance on Me - Late August 76AD - Charis & Tertius Tertius proposes to Charis. How have we ended up here? - Late December 76AD - Charis & Teutus Now freed, Charis updates Teutus. . seventy-seven AD . Unexpected Arrival - Mid April 77AD - Charis, Tertius & Hilda Charis intervenes in a family (?) argument. Something New- Early January 77AD - Charis & Cynane Cynane hears Charis' news and it does not go well. (60) . current . Sacrifice and Stalemates - Early January 77AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius bless their marriage. Deos Fortioribus Adesse - Early January 77AD - Charis, Teutus & Varinia Charis goes to dinner with some of her awkwardly extended family. No Idea - Early April 77AD - Charis & Aia A familiar face from her past crops up again. (3)
  2. August, 76AD Mercifully - and Marcianus thanked all of the Gods - the insula looked like it would hold. The fire was confined to the upper stories which meant the foundations - decrepit and decaying though they were - should hold. That fact, however, did not help those people - his sort of people - trapped on the upper floor, just above the fire line. As always in these situations a crowd had gathered outside the building, the richer (although this was the subura, so how rich could they be?) dwellers in the building had evacuating and barked orders at the freedmen Vigiles that were trying to salvage the building, whilst on-lookers from the nearby poppina's and taverna's came out, drinks in their hands and grins on their faces as if they were viewing some twisted form of entertainment as the poorer citizens of the block lost everything in a cloud of ash and smoke. The muscles in his jaw worked as he watched them, tensing and flexing with hard eyes and a grim look on his ash smeared face. His hair - usually an unusual blonde - was almost black with smoke and dust and rivulets of sweat streaked down his face and neck. He'd been forced outside by his centurion, a humourless, useless man in his fifties who took as much pleasure in helping people as he did in socialising, which was to say, none at all. He'd had to have been yanked out by the back of his tunic and forcibly moved down the stairs, even as residents streamed past them. He'd been in the building too long - apparently - and the cough that rattled his lungs was testament to that, but as he eyed the building - the smoke billowing upwards into the night sky, he knew he couldn't sit idly by. The old and frail, the young and poor were still up there on the floors immediately above and below the fire, trying to find their way down in the smoke. He swallowed and felt as if his teeth might splinter from the set of his jaw. Pushing himself up nimbly, he ducked down behind the crowd to avoid the glances of his superiors. His eyes caught Gaius' - a friend and a follower to the hilt - who judging by his grim expression and itching fingers, wanted back in as much as Marcianus himself. He jerked his head towards the south stairs and then the fire hooks which had been deposited there by the last of their century to leave the building for rest. He knew his friends, colleagues were in there still and surely the Centurion wouldn't notice his absence? He moved to reach Gaius and slip unseen back into the building but before he did, his shoulder collided with anothers and he glanced up - his face painting a picture of displeasure. "Go and gawk somewhere else, it isn't safe here." The building might not come down onto the crowd, but the people jumping from it might. TAG: @Chevi
  3. TITUS BALVENTIUS MARCIANUS 26 | 16th May 50AD | Freedman | Vigiles Urbani | Heterosexual | Original | Joe Alwyn Personality. Marcianus struggles with conflict most days of his life. On one hand he wants to do the best job he can for the people of Rome now he has the chance to do so but on the other he knows the vigiles are ineffective, complacent and at worst - complicit in the crime that spreads throughout the city. He thinks emotionally rather than analytically, and whilst he has a keen eye for his work, nobody would call Marcianus an intellectual. He is headstrong and is frequently disciplined for stepping over the mark, or doing something without the permission of his senior officers because he follows his gut, including placing himself first into the fire or brawl and last back out. Naturally a leader but displaced because of his position as a foreigner and a freedman and a young one at that, and therefore not eligible to take a leadership position within the vigiles, he struggles with authority but gains the trust of his peers (if not the officers) easily. His ambition is to enter the Cohortes urbanae to actually create impactful change, but given he needs to complete his six years of service to receive citizenship, he has a while to wait. He has been wounded by his past and what he endured in his time as a slave and this colours his view of the aristocracy in the city. Because of all of this he can - to some - seem serious, and uncomfortable with intimacy beyond a few very close friends. He trusts precious few and those he does trust have to earn it; only then will they see a slightly lighter side to his personality. He has a dry sense of humour and will crack a wry smile when warranted but would prefer to keep his head down and do his job. Appearance Marcianus is blonde like many of his people from his corner of the empire and keeps it slightly longer than the close crop of many citizens. He has pale blue eyes and pale skin like his family, and keeps clean shaven for the most part. He is tall and athletically built from his work both as a slave and now in the vigiles, and prefers to take his exercise on the job or via spars with friends rather than showing off at the palestra. Given the nature of his work and his desire to get into the thick of it, he can often be seen sporting a black eye, cut lip or assortment of other minor wounds. He has scars from the more serious, including one that curls beneath his collarbone from the knife of a pickpocket. From his time as a slave he picked up more to add to his collection including a series of whip marks that have now faded to a silvery white across his back. Family Father: Brennos Mother: Coria Siblings: Toccus (brother - born 47AD), Titus Balventius Caius (brother - born 57AD) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: N/A Other: Titus Balventius Venustus and Antonia Siricius (former owners). History 50AD (0 years old) - Marcianus is born and named Acco, to a family of meagre means in Gallia. His parents earned their way through life with a series of odd-jobs including his mother lending services to billeted Roman soldiers in nearby settlements and encampments. The second of his parents' children, Acco is immediately considered a spare part. 57AD (7 years old) - Marcianus’ younger brother Carantus is born and much like him, treated as an extra mouth to feed. 64AD (14 years old) - As was the way with many people in his parents position, time and harsh winters were not on their side. Desperate for money and with failing businesses they did what many would think was inconceivable; they sold their sons. Two of them, at least, keeping Toccus back for support and earning potential. Acco (now Marcus) and his brother were fortunate though, in a manner of speaking. They were sold as a pair to their first owner - a farmer on the border in Raetia. Even when the farm folded and he was sold again - Fortuna smiled on him and his brother as half the work force were sold to the farm of Titus Balventius Venustus, a cousin of his former owner, over the border in Italia. 65AD - 75AD (15 - 25 years old) - Life passes by with little note for Marcus. He works the fields and watches his brother grow. His Latin becomes fluent and the accent of his youth slowly disappears (although after a drink or three it comes out again in force). He longed for adventure though and found living under the authority of another more challenging as he grew. He took to excursions; hunting in the summer to provide more sustenance for his brother, visiting a girl a few miles over, even embroiling himself in notions of a coup...earning him whippings for the former, and mercifully nothing on the latter as his owner died before any of his plans came to fruition. 75AD (25 years old) - His owner dead Marcus fully expected himself and his brother to be sold on again but Fortuna had one more surprise for him. Written into his owners will was a condition wherein any slave who had served the family for longer than a decade was manumitted. Marcus and his brother had been there for 10 years, 3 weeks and 1 day. They were freed and with a bag of gold and a cold shoulder from his childless mistress (who - despite tradition - wanted nothing to do with twenty freed slaves in her familia) Marcus - now styled Marcianus - headed for the only place he could think to find adventure; Rome. 76AD (26 years old) - He was sure some his kin would scoff at the notion of a man previously enslaved joining the vigiles after all he had suffered, but for Marcianus it was perfect. He needed a steady paycheck for his brother, and he wanted excitement and the opportunity to do better, to lead. The vigiles opened a door for him and he threw himself into it. He’s been with them now for a little over six months and has big plans for the future. Sara | GMT | Discord
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