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  1. Saturnalia, 76AD Vibia stifled a yawn behind her fingers and tried to blink the sleep out of her eyes. Saturnalia might be fun for the slaves and the plebs but it was the Venus' busiest time of year, and perhaps its most unpleasant. The most generous of (rich) masters often doled out gifts to their most valuable, trusted slaves which sometimes involved a night with a beauty from the Venus. They had poorer manners than her usual class of clientele and seemed to want to savour every minute that they paid for. It was exhausting, and so it took her almost the full day to be ready (and willing) to work after sleeping, visiting the baths and tidying her rooms from the detritus her clients left. Now though, the sun had dipped well past the horizon and evening was drawing in. She could hear the tell-tale sounds of Rome's best and brightest being...entertained in the rooms down the corridor but Vibia herself was led resplendent on one of the couches in the main room, fingers softly trilling her cithara. A few of her colleagues; men and women alike milled around, entertaining the guests of the clients being seen too and likewise trying to prop themselves awake. A woman's work was never done, and particularly not a whore's on Saturnalia. The familiar jangle of the bells that overhung the front door sounded and Vibia lazily dragged her eyes up to see a new client walk in. Interesting. TAG: Open!
  2. February 77AD Vibia glanced around, long white blonde hair falling over her shoulder and to her hips as she studied the world beyond that subtle door in the Gardens of Sallust. An Imperial invitation was absolutely not one she was going to turn down, and bless Marcus Junius Silanus for thinking of her. He'd made it plain she was for the Prince, but he wanted somebody for himself and so she walked, arm in arm with a beautiful dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty through into the villa. They looked like fire and ice, perfect opposites. Where her body was artfully curved and her features were pale and delicate with doe blue eyes and blonde hair, Liana was olive skinned and willowy with striking features. A perfect pair for the wealthy, she thought. Slaves, neatly dressed and unobtrusive, milled about before shepherding the two ladies into the villa and the corridors beyond. Vibia held up her hand to halt the men and slipped off the thick cloak she was wearing. Liana did the same. They were both dressed in exquisite Assyrian silk that, depending on how many times you folded it could be utterly transparent or fully opaque. She left it somewhere in the middle for her chiton, revealing the outline of her shape and the curve of her thighs and chest, sheathed in shimmering silk. It would be far, far too immodest for a proper Roman matron but neither woman was that. Liana's was silver. They were both bedecked in ornate jewellery as well, so as they rounded a corner into a receiving room - lamps dimmed and male voices floating to meet them, she grinned. Their dress and preening had most definitely been the correct call. Inclining her head just a touch, she pulled her eyes up and surveyed the men. She recognised Silanus from the other one's amusing party, although for that she'd been hired for other skills - which she also thought she might be requested for tonight - hence why one of the slaves carried her cithara. Her eyes drew to the darker haired man and the smile on her lips became feline and suggestive. "Sirs. Thank your the invitation. I hope Liana and I didn't keep you waiting?" TAG: @Atrice @Sarah
  3. Tertia Charis . ex-slave and present concubina to tertius quinctilius varus . . finished . . back in time/AUs . How to Train Your Dragon - September 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Ambrosius (Turi) Charis spends quality time with her brother in Britannia. Trading Words - Winter 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Aia (Aius) Charis trades blows with the interprex of the occupying legion. Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters - December 72AD - Charis (Erea), Ambrosius (Turi) & Nymphias (Ardra) In Britannia, Charis spends time with her family. Run- Charis & Cynane - AU Charis and Cynane flee Rome . seventy-four AD . Little Bird Caged - Late March 74AD - Charis & Rufus Now enslaved, Charis meets Rufus in the market. The Meat Market - Late March 74AD - (NPC Charis), Tertius & Spurius Charis is sold to Tertius Quinctilius Varus. An Introduction - Late March 74AD - Charis & Teutus Charis is shown the ropes by fellow-slave Teutus. Great Expectations - Late March 74AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus Charis is formally introduced to her dominus. Lost and Found - Late April 74AD - Charis & Cynane Lost in Rome, Charis stumbles across a fellow Briton. Respite - Late April 74AD - Charis & Gaius Charis tells her story to an old Equite. In Dreams - Early May 74AD - Charis & Tertius In the garden, passion and tension flares between Charis and her dominus. Years Apart - Early May 74AD - Charis & Airs Charis chances across the interprex again. Carpe Diem - Early May 74AD - Charis, Cynane & Helios In the gardens, a drunk Charis is too loose with her words about her dominus. Garden Games - Mid May 74AD - Charis, Teutus & Antonia Spending time with fellow-slave Teutus and his half sister, their domina, Antonia. The Bridge is Crossed - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Tertius [M - S] Having found out about her gossip, Tertius punishes Charis and forces her into his bed. Under the Morning Sun - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Teutus The next morning, Charis reflects with Teutus. What goes around... - Early June 74AD - Charis, Alexius & Helios Charis confronts gossip Helios, and is saved by Alexius. Daggers After Dark - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Thessala Charis is attacked and injured, only to be saved by a Gladiatrix. The Show Must Go On - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis reveals her injuries to Tertius, who takes pity on her. Life is a Lemon - Late June 74AD - Charis & Cynane Charis and Cynane catch-up. Work and Play - Early July 74AD - Charis & Helenus Charis chances across a thermae slave. Special Treatment - Mid July July 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius reconnect and take their relationship further. New Beginnings? - Mid July 74AD - Charis, Teutus, Tertius & Hector Charis is informed of her new position, officially becoming Tertius' bed slave. Summer Showers - Late July 74AD - Charis & Rufus Charis runs into Rufus and spends the afternoon with him. Reginus Georgus - Late July 74AD - Charis & Hector Bitter and jealous, Hector needles Charis. Lost in the Moment - Early September 74AD - Charis & Alexius Charis reconnects with Alexius, who faces the sting of a slap. A Visit - Mid September 74AD - Charis & Alexius Charis apologises to Alexius. I'm not your errand boy - Early December 74AD - Charis & Teutus Charis and Teutus make up after their vicious argument. A Trojan and a Goddess - Early December 74AD - Charis & Aeneas Charis stumbles across a face from her past. A Proposal - Mid December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Titus & Longinus Charis serves at a meal of her dominus' and finds out about her sister. About Time - Late December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector Charis witnesses Teutus' freedom ceremony. Festivities - Late December 74AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius celebrate Saturnalia. . seventy-five AD . Unhappy News - Late February 75AD - Charis Charis finds out she's pregnant. Agony Aunt - Late February 75AD - Charis & Cynane Alone and scared, Charis seeks advice from her friend. A Favour- Late February 75AD - Charis & Teutus Charis borrows money from Teutus for an abortion. Revelations - Late February 75AD - Charis & Tertius Tertius finds out Charis is pregnant after she botches her abortion. He imprisons her in her room and they argue. Broken Conversations - Early May 75AD - Charis & Tertius Charis, broken, submits to Tertius and they talk. Time for Miracles- Late May 75AD - Charis & Alexius Alexius tries to fix Charis. Awakening - Mid June 75AD - Charis Charis feels conflicted over her struggles. Blue Sky - Late June 75AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius reconnect as they discuss their child. Evening Shade - Late June 75AD - Charis & Gaius Charis meets a soldier in the Gardens of Sullust. The Equality of Man - Late June 75AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector As an earthquake strikes rome, the domus is cast into chaos. No Boundaries - Early July 75AD - Charis & Cynane Charis finally reunites with her best friend after five months apart. Exotic Finds - Early July 75AD - Charis & Aia Charis meets Aia by chance. A New Beginning - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Cynane Charis gives birth to her child. God Help the Outcasts - Late June 75AD - Charis & Aglaea Charis commiserates with another Varus slave and learns a secret. Transformation - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus Charis' child is recognised as freeborn. Just One Night - Mid December 75AD - Charis & Alexius Charis lets loose for one night. Wait!- Mid December 75AD - Charis & Teutus Immediately after her night with Alexius, Charis reconnects with Teutus after he discovers them. . seventy-six AD . Everything I Wanted- Mid January 76AD - Charis, Tertius & Wulfric Charis meets a new Varus family member as he comes to greet Tertius. Any way the wind blows- Mid January 76AD - Charis & Wulfric, Teutus and Tertius A dinner for the family goes wrong. I have something to say- Mid February 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis brings up her suspicions of Wulfric to her domine. Following Up- Mid March 76AD - Charis & Wulfric Charis spies on Wulfric. What Comes Next - Late March 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis updates Tertius on Wulfric It's All Fun and Games - Mid June 76AD - Charis & Tertius Charis attends a gladiator match with her dominus. I Just Called to Say - Late August 76AD - Charis & Varinia Charis meets a very important woman from the household past. Take a Chance on Me - Late August 76AD - Charis & Tertius Tertius proposes to Charis. How have we ended up here? - Late December 76AD - Charis & Teutus Now freed, Charis updates Teutus. . seventy-seven AD . Unexpected Arrival - Mid April 77AD - Charis, Tertius & Hilda Charis intervenes in a family (?) argument. Something New- Early January 77AD - Charis & Cynane Cynane hears Charis' news and it does not go well. (60) . current . Sacrifice and Stalemates - Early January 77AD - Charis & Tertius Charis and Tertius bless their marriage. Deos Fortioribus Adesse - Early January 77AD - Charis, Teutus & Varinia Charis goes to dinner with some of her awkwardly extended family. No Idea - Early April 77AD - Charis & Aia A familiar face from her past crops up again. (3)
  4. January, 77 AD He was not looking to move to the Esquiline, because there were homes on the Quirinial Hill that were closer to the Absidata. And if he was going to have a brothel in that area, he wanted to live close by. Although since he currently lived in a hospitia, he toyed with the idea of opening his own and maybe with some additional services to those who stayed there. That’s if he didn’t choose to buy the Elysium back, which was still something he considered. He hated that it had fallen into disrepair like that, that it looked so bad. His childhood home, ruined for good. He hadn’t returned since that day he encountered Ione though. Rome was a huge city and he had many places to revisit and much gossip to pick up. One old comrade, or whatever you’d call him, had moved ranks too and had friends higher up too. He suggested Lucius should join him at this party he was invited to, said there’d be all sorts of people, high and low. It was in a private home on the Esquiline though, so there he went. Wearing his best clothes, a knee-long tunica and a toga, mostly in dark blue, which suited his eyes and his slightly greying hair well. Once inside, he said his goodbyes to Publius, who brought him here and they might catch up more later. They already had a drink in Publius’ home, but this party looked promising too. He could see what the other meant, that there were all sorts of people here. Lucius made his way to the triclinium, where there was an empty couch and he claimed it instantly. Picking up a bit of food from the table and looking around, until his eyes fell on a beautiful blonde playing the cithara and singing. Her hair was down and although she was finely dressed, he knew a prostitute when he saw one. Perhaps this one was more like a courtesan of sorts, she looked almost regal. But there were other people too. An already half-drunk Senator fell down into one of the other couches and gave Lucius a look, “Salve, haven’t seen you before.” The man simply said and looked to see who had caught Lucius’ attention, “Oh, you know Vibia? She is a joy…” The Senator grinned and waved at her to join him and Lucius tilted his head when she stood and approached them. Interested already. @Sara
  5. November, 76AD Vibia yawned and then stretched - elongating every muscle of her body with a satisfied 'mhmm' sound before collapsing back into the den of silks and sheets that made up her bed. Or...it used to make up her bed, in neat and orderly fashion but she and Lucius had left it in a heap that strew not only the surface but the floor...along with the chiton she'd been wearing, and his own clothes. Now safely ensconced within the sheets, fire in the corner of the room burning and incense sticks fragrancing the space, she felt utterly content. Well...content besides one particular bone she had to pick with the young man next to her. Propping her jaw in her palm she shifted onto her side and peered down at him. "You're telling me that this is not worth staying a patrician for?" The smile tugged on her lips and she arched a brow, amused. "I have equite friends," A polite euphemism for clients, "Too you know. Just not bankrupt ones. You stay rich and this doesn't have to be goodbye." He hadn't told her his plans, they hadn't exactly had time before they got...down to things, but the news had reached her fairly quickly after it became public. He was one of her favourites; young, attractive, good in bed and fun which was a bonus very few in her profession got to enjoy. It was a loss to her - and not just financial, although she wasn't foolish as to get sentimental or anything about it. "I trust you've paid for a full afternoon though, if you're set on this path. Make it a proper farewell." TAG: @Chevi
  6. In honor of the Volturnalia, Secundus had joined in the day’s public festivities. Senators were expected to make appearances at these things; they represented most of a man’s religious life, so he performed the necessary civic duties. However, this year, he most looked forward to the night’s festivities. Secundus had been planning this party for many days now. Several of the men of the senate had been invited to join in. It would be a night of feasting, drinking, games, and music. Livia, as usual, had taken no interest in helping him plan the occasion. She considered any time spent with him wasted time. Secundus did not mind that. It made his plan easier. He could arrange for Vibia to perform as the night’s entertainment without it rising to his wife’s notice any sooner than the party itself. Although he only planned her to use her skills with the cithara, if any of the other guests took her up on another offer, he had not intention to stop them. Secundus hoped that Livia would guess what Vibia was. He imagined her affronted expression vividly as he supervised his slaves’ preparations. He wanted to provoke a reaction from her- something other than the meek, mouselike behavior of recent months. For someone so bitter and angry, she insisted on remaining dormant. Perhaps she was waiting for him to show weakness. He would force her to play her hand first. As the day’s festivities began to come to close, Secundus watched as the household finished its preparations. The party would begin soon; if everything went as planned, Vibia would be the first to arrive, with senators filing in very shortly after. Livia, who had been in her room all day, would likely want to be ready to greet their guests. He told one of the slaves to go fetch her- no need to disturb her mood before she’d had a chance to meet their guest of honor @Liv @Sara
  7. Mid-August, 75AD Vibia primped and preened as she always did before a client. Her various pots of lotions and potions and cosmetics were well used but still did the job as she etched kohl around her bright blue eyes and dabbed rosewater on her throat and between her thighs. There was no need to spend hours agonising over an outfit choice for this job, however. This wasn't the first time Secundus had visited her, and she knew him well enough to know what he liked. There was also the chance that perhaps the nature of her job wouldn't come into play at all, and he'd just be after conversation. But not being an oracle and knowing for definite, she still dressed in her usual sort of attire of a gauzy tunica that revealed more than a hint of what curves lurked underneath, with her rare, bright blonde hair half pulled up and half left to trail in waves over her shoulders and down her back. She made no move to attend the atrium where clients mingled and chose girls, and instead stayed in her room. Secundus knew the way, and this was a pre-booked arrangement. No need to parade herself this evening like cattle ready and waiting to be picked. Instead, she reclined on her bed, fingers twirling through a strand of her hair as she glanced at nothing in particular. Secundus was better than some but worse than others, not that it really mattered. She wasn't a slave and thus had more say in the clients she serviced but ultimately her employment rested on her willingness to service all who chose her. Besides, the man was useful. Whilst she didn't - or hadn't - sold any of his secrets back to her handlers in both the Syndicate and the Servian Collegium, it didn't mean she wouldn't. There was something intriguing about the man lurking just beneath the surface and she was determined to pry it out of him. And when she did, she'd decide what to do with it. A noise alerted her to a visitor and the door swung open, and the curtain beyond it pulled back. Vibia propped herself up on her elbows and gave a sly, seductive smile. "Hello stranger." TAG: @Járnviðr
  8. November 74AD The house had been readied for the evening, all breakable items moved out of the way to less public areas of the house than the atrium, triclinium and garden, soft drapes hung, and musicians ensconced in a corner where their playing could be heard. Scantily-clad slaves (both male and female) were stationed in various places throughout the public parts of the house to direct guests or serve them in whatever way they wished - offering further food or drink or more personal attention. They were the prettiest Aulus could find, and their clothing, such as it was, left little to the imagination. Aulus himself was stationed in the atrium to greet his guests. He was wearing a synthesis, a light garment more suitable for an evening occasion like this than the heavy toga or even the less formal pallium. He had stationed a slave nearby with a tray of wine-cups to offer the guests as they arrived. (Please note: Any other people who know/could know Aulus are invited, and any characters who could be hired/lent for such an event are also welcome to join in - just reply to this thread and I'll add your character to the tags list! Once the party is under way, feel free to make your own threads in this board.)
  9. He entered the Domus Venus with a wide grin and his eyes eagerly took in all the sights on offer. Gaius had fewer ambitions in life than he should have. One of them was to taste every beautiful jewel he caught he sight of. The Gods had graced him with this body of his, and it would not be fair to deny people a chance to touch him. Gaius entered the Domus Venus as though he owned the place. His posture was confident, straight back and chin raised in a bold, almost cocky confidence. His arms outstretched to his sides, in one hand he held a pitcher of wine and in the other, nothing. Gaius did not wear a respectable toga. His father used to say that a toga in a respectable place like this would shame Rome. Gaius, on the other hand, did not wear it because it was cumbersome and he would only lose it by the end of the night. It was one thing to hide many of his antics out in the provinces. It was another thing to do it all here in Rome itself. "Gods! I feel so alive!" Gaius exclaimed loudly, grinned and his gaze moved around at the mixture of body types. There were beauties from all over the empire gathered here for him to sample. Behind him, his silent and faithful body-slave accompanied him to mind his Dominus' purse but also to ensure that his Master did not find himself in more trouble than he could get himself out of. His late mother used to say that boys needed to get their wily behaviour out of their system. Unfortunately, Gaius had never grown beyond this stage. Gaius was blessed with a handsome appearance, and desired for all to mirror it. Mostly he received what he desired. He walked through the establishment and caught the sight of a beautiful blonde, a fair-haired beauty. Gaius had not been intimate with her in the past, and he had seen her around when he was occupied with another of the flowers of the Domus Venus. Gaius walked to sit close to a harp player and other musicians, there was a dancing boy and a girl gracefully moving together. Two handsome male youths, and two beautiful women dancing together. He caught Vibia's gaze and gestured with his hand for her to approach him. TAG: @Sara
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