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Found 10 results

  1. Atrice

    Lover for Cynane

    Fierce Cynane, well known all over Rome it seems, has a fine life at the palace, serving Claudia Caesaris. And while she has developed some very caring and deep feelings for this beautiful young woman, she is lacking some proper, tender loving care in her life. She has been with Claudia for 3 years now, she has been in Rome for almost 13 and in all of this time, she has not felt emotionally close to someone who would kiss her and hold her as a lover. She would never admit she needs it, but she does. By now, she more or less lives a life in celibacy, although it is not entirely by choice. It's just because she is afraid to let people in. Which means I get sent out to look for love for her - or just romance, it may be long-lasting or it may not be, as long as it is something fluffy to make her relax and feel a little bit of hope again. She has been rather angry and gloomy lately And who knows what it will end with anyway? This could either be a completely new char, made to meet Cynane, but it could also be a character who is already there. I like for relationships to develop over time and having a specific character made for this would feel a bit 'forced' and that usually does not work well for me. They could be male or female, she has had most male lovers in the past (or she wouldn't call it lovers, since it was when she was a gladiatrix and forced to bed them). She is leaning more towards having a female lover though, but perhaps the right man too could break through the hard shell she has. She would need someone who would respect her as a Briton and a warrior, who wouldn't try to make her feel submissive or docile and who would make her feel a bit free when she is with them. It could be a slave, a freedman or even someone of higher rank. Know that even if she develops feelings for your character, she will probably also feel conflicted because of her feelings for Claudia. But that just leaves a bit of drama up the road and who does not want that? Let me know either via PM here on message me on Discord, if you have a character to offer for Cynane.
  2. Atrice

    Alexius' sister

    Amalia 33 | born June 40 AD | Bisexual | Alexius’ sister Background: Amalia is Lucius Antonius Alexius’ younger sister. They were both born in Germania to the Chatti tribe, but when she was 4 and her brother 7 years old, a raiding band of barbarians attacked their village, killed their parents and the children were captured and sold to Rome. Her brother tried to keep her safe and they were sold to the same household and given the names Lexus and Amalia – none of them recall the names their parents gave them. Amalia worked in the kitchens and Lexus with the horses. In 51 AD, when Amalia was 11 and Lexus 14, their owner lost his fortune and Amalia and Lexus were not sold together - but separated. Amalia ended up in a villa far from Rome and what happened to her after this is up to you. She ran away/escaped her owners when she was in her early 20's. I imagine she was a body slave when she was in her teens, so maybe the job and her owner made her want to escape. Lexus has looked for her ever since they were separated and I imagine she has been wanting to find him too. Now it’s more than 20 years since they saw each other and it’s up to you whether she gave up looking for her brother, or not. I do want them to find each other of course, although they will both find each other changed a lot since last time. She knows him only by the name Lexus and not his freedman name - and she has probably also taken another name by now, since she is an escaped slave. Personality: I imagine she has been hateful towards Romans at first, just like her brother. But since she was younger when they were captured, she probably adapted to Rome faster than Lexus. Besides this, she does have a few things in common with her brother: she is openminded and friendly, enjoys pleasure and will flirt with both genders and at certain times has a bit of a temper. Besides this, her personality is up to you. Appearance: I have before imagined Jessica Grace Smith (from Spartacus) as Amalia, but that was her in her early 20’s and she may not fit this 33 year old. Other suggestions could be Astrid Berges-Frisbey or Marie Avgeropoulos. But feel free to find another playby, Caucasian with brown hair. Lucius Antonius Alexius' application
  3. Gaia Lucia Suggested Face claim: Jenna Lind (but feel free to find another)Age & Birth Position. 25 years old - b. 50 ADPosition: Freedwoman and servantParents: Up to you!Other family: Up to you! Orientation: BisexualPersonality: Usually caring and outgoing - but also outspoken and does not always take no for an answerHistory: Gaia Lucia is Pinaria Gaia's former body slave. She was owned by Pinaria's late husband, Gaius Gratius Varro and probably came into his service a few years before he married. Her parents were free but enslaved and Lucia was born as a slave. In 69 AD, Gaius Gratius Varro married Pinaria Gaia and Lucia was given to her to become her body slave. Pinaria and Lucia quickly became close friends and Lucia has been Pinaria's confidante ever since. They were only close friends though, Pinaria never cheated on her husband, although he did on her. When Gaius died, his slaves were freed, but Lucia (as she was known before) stayed with Pinaria as her personal servant. Lucia soothed Pinaria after Gaius' death and the two became lovers, although secretly of course. Lucia also gets along well with Pinaria's 4 year old son, Gaius. They now all live with Pinaria's brother.Ultimate Goal: To have children of her own.Other information: Pinaria Gaia's applicationWho to contact: Atrice
  4. Marcus Barbatius - is 29 years old, unmarried with no children and so far with no plans of marriage - because he likes to stay in control of his home and prefers that no one interferes with how he is running said home. He does not care about heirs or the future of his family; he is, after all, the last one and does not regret it, because it is his own fault. He is a plebian and owns a barber shop and an insula just above it and serves both plebians and higher ranks in his barber shop. Marcus tends to buy the cheapest slaves, because "accidents do happen" and sometimes he kills them... so he does not want to pay high sums for slaves that are just disposable anyway. Note that of course I will not have Marcus kill his slave/your character without your permission, but he may maim them. It could be interesting if one of the newer ones actually tried to stand up to him, tell on him or tried to escape... About the slaves and Marcus' treatment of them: Marcus' slaves are meant to be quiet, well-behaved and obedient. He also demands that they stay silent if he disposes of another slave and will threaten with killing them too, if they tell on him. If they displease him in any way (drop something, stumble, knock something over, speak when he thinks they should be silent... anything planned or not planned that he decides annoys him) Marcus will punish his slaves. He does not flog his slaves, but will instead use knives or razors to cut them in places that are not visible when you're clothed. It is sadly very easy to displease Marcus, because he does like to deal out punishment. It doesn't turn him on, he just enjoys it. If they displease him badly enough or have done it enough times, he does not feel bad about slitting their throats to kill them. That is why his slaves are usually very quiet and silent around Marcus. They learn quickly to try their utmost at not upsetting Marcus, because no one wants hidden scars on their bodies - and no one wants death, of course. The older slaves will often tell the newcomers about how to try and 'survive' this household. Marcus owns four slaves currently - they are all basically regular house slaves, they are there to clean and cook and shop and help out Marcus in the barber shop. He decides who does what and when he is serving clients in the shop, there is always one helping him out (mixing oils and so on) and one stands waiting in the doorway to the back room and staircase to the insula above, if Marcus wants anything else. All the slaves sleep together in one chamber/dormitory in the insula. Besides what is explained below, feel free to figure out their lives before they came to Marcus. It is very likely they were all cheaply bought at the slave market. Note that all were of course replaced because someone died and no one dies of age in this household. Manus has seen quite a few fellow slaves killed by Marcus, Aculia has seen two, Tinus one and poor Germanus knows very little so far... Manus, 27 years old - Head Slave of the household - The oldest "survivor" yet - he has been with Marcus three years - Has several scars on his back and thighs from Marcus' punishment from the first time - Knows when to be quiet and when to speak - Friendly but also a bit reserved, cautious, alert - Often helps Marcus in the barber shop - Has once been Marcus' bed slave, but no longer Aculia, 20 years old - played by Beauty - Has been there just one year - Silent and 'mousy' in her behavior - Submissive, inferior and insecure - Marcus has taken her to his bed sometimes and isn't exactly the romantic type Tinus, 22 years old - Bought cheaply at the slave market - Scarred by fire when he was bought (hence why he was cheap) - Has been there about half a year - Attentive, alert, nervous Germanus, 19 years old - played by Meilekh - Named so because he is from Germania - Does not speak Latin very well yet, new slave - Newest slave in the house, has been there a month - Puzzled, still too fierce, attempts to be obedient - Could potentially end up as Marcus' next victim, if his player is interested in such a plot Send me a DM here or on Discord to discuss the characters if you want to pick up one of them...
  5. Hello all! So you know how much I loveeeee dramatic plots, so here I am with a wanted. Oriana, my 22-year-old Equite probably needs to get married some time soon. She's a widow, with her husband dying two years ago, so it's probably about time she gets married again. This wanted is suuuuper general. It can be a character already on the site, it can be a new character, old, young, it doesn't really matter to me. The character is preferably in the Senatore class (even though Oriana is an Equite, she really won't settle for less than Senatore, but I'm not super picky about this either!). Also preferably semi-ambitious. But other than that, the character can be a total asshole or the nicest person ever. But I thrive off of my character's drama. Oriana's application is here! A couple of notes about her: She collects and sells secrets all over the city. She is also in an intimate relationship with her bodyguard, Alexius. Her adoptive father is about to die and her real father is actually Marcus Falco who she despises, though she does not know he's her father yet. If you have any questions about this ad, you can PM me on discord or here! I'm not super picky at all, and this character is super open-ended. But, if you want more specifics, don't hesitate to reach out.
  6. Sulpicia L Venusiana Age: 35-40. Nationality: Player's choice. Playby: Player's choice. She has been described as being beautiful. Personality: Loyal, cunning, loosely associated with the Lovers of Eris. Status: Freedwoman History: Came to the family and soon became the body slave of Cornelia. Over time, she became intimately involved with both Quintus and Cornelia in a loving triad. She was later freed and has since been with the family. Please contact both myself and @Anna for plotting purposes.
  7. Atrice


    Name: Charis Occupation: House slave at Tertius Quinctilius Varus’ household Age: 20-22 years old Suggested Play-By: Eve Connolly as seen in Vikings Nationality: Briton Personality/background: Tertius acquired Charis at the slave market in March, 74 AD. She probably had another name before – but Tertius renamed her Charis. He had just lost a female slave to childbirth (not his child) and wanted a new slave for his kitchens. At the market he was told that Charis was quiet, knew Latin (but probably not perfect yet), was no great cook, but would clean and tidy up well. She lost her child on the journey to Rome, meaning she was pregnant when she became a slave. Maybe that is the reason why she’s been a bit quiet. Her background story before she ended up in Rome is up to you. She could have either been captured to be made a slave, or she has been a slave all her life and for some reason got sold in Rome now. Plot idea: The reason I’d like Charis to be played, is for her to somehow end up in Tertius’ bed and he’ll make her pregnant with a new child. Tertius really rarely sleeps with his female slaves, because he had an illegitimate child with one when he was 18 years old (Teutus, who is now 23) and he didn’t want more illegitimate children. So how she ends up with him in his bed, is something we'll figure out, depending on her personality (she may be willing... or not). Now that he is freeing Teutus to become Tertius’ heir, it will be interesting to see what he’ll do if he has another child by a slave. Will he take good care of the mother? Maybe this time, he will declare the child his from the start? Only time will tell. Tertius Quinctilius Varus app, if you want to read up on Charis' owner.
  8. Sharpie


    Volusa 18 | 15th May 56CE | Slave| Body-slave | Straight | Wanted | Chiara Mastalli Personality. Volusa is perhaps a little shy until you get to know her, but once you do, if you have proved she can trust you, she will be as friendly and loyal as anyone. She is a keen observer of people around her and a good judge of character. She is loyal, which is perhaps a little strange in a slave, at least for some people. If one of her friends is attacked, whether in person or in fact, she will leap to their defence almost before thinking the consequences through, which has got her in trouble before now when she has sought to defend a fellow slave against a perceived injustice meted out by a free person. She is generous with the little she has, and doesn't mind helping someone, if she has the time, or lending them some small possession, such as a pretty piece of fabric to add interest to a friend's outfit, or suggesting something another friend could do with her hair. She does save the little peculium (pocket money, slave savings) she gets, though, with a vague idea of maybe one day buying her freedom and running some sort of business of her own. She is optimistic generally, trying to find the good in people (especially people she likes, or who her friends like, or who like her friends) but if betrayed, that runs deep and she will be unlikely to forget it and to forgive the hurt caused - she is more likely to forgive those who hurt her than those who hurt her friends, and she counts her mistress as a friend although she cannot forget the gulf between them as slave and free. Appearance She stands at 5'2" and is naturally slender, with fair skin that tends to burn, peel and then tan in the sun. She has brown eyes and long thick brown hair that she tends to wear in a variety of styles, usually plaited or in a bun, and generally with a scarf or strip of cloth wound around. It is not unknown for her to be borrowed so that the hairdressers can try out new styles, or parts of new styles, before trying them on their mistresses. She naturally has a serious look unless she is actively laughing or smiling or otherwise engaged with people. She wears the clothing her mistress allows, but is partial to bright pretty colours (or as bright and pretty as she is permitted), liking to combine fabrics and patterns to produce something interesting. She remains fascinated by the rich smooth cottons and expensive silks that her mistress wears, and the effects they produce, although her own clothing is limited to linen, wool and occasionally cotton and she does what she can with them. She has a long thin scar on her right arm from getting physically between a friend and a suprior's temper. Family Father: Hermes (slave) (age 40) Mother: Mira (slave) (age 38) Siblings: Helenus (slave) (age 16) Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: She is part of the Imperial familia, the Imperial household, and counts her fellow slaves as being her family Other: History Volusa is verna, a house-born slave, born into the Imperial household in May 56CE. She had a fairly uneventful childhood, despite the turmoil of who would be the next Emperor - whoever ended up running the Empire, the household must be kept running, with the housework done and meals provided. There was gossip and rumours, of course, what house's slaves don't gossip about things, but Volusa was not really interested in the wider world except as it affected her and her immediate circle. After all, no child really finds politics an interesting topic when there are more important things to discover, such as if there will be honey-cakes after dinner tonight. Being a slave all her life, Volusa has experience of several aspects of the work required to keep a house running smoothly, from fetching water to chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and dealing with all the fiddly things a proper Roman banquet requires, to dusting, sweeping and scrubbing the floors. She has not had the same experience of being kept more for show, as her father was - expected to stand around just in case a family member required something to be fetched or a message to be taken, as female slaves (especially children) are not such an impressive display of wealth as a young male slave - or several of them. Being taught from a young age to be discreet, not to be seen if possible and to definitely keep out of trouble, it was a great surprise to Volusa to be told in 71CE that she would no longer be required as a general household skivvy, but had been selected to be the body slave of Claudia Caesaris, the Emperor's own niece. (Well, the Emperor is her new mistress' uncle, or cousin, or something along those lines, anyway!) This represented a huge promotion; she would no longer be directly responsible to the house steward (although he would still be responsible for meting out any required disciplinary action if Volusa somehow displeases her mistress) and might even be given her freedom rather than having to buy it. She has been her mistress' body slave for about two and a half years or so by this point, and really has very little complaint to make about her life; her mistress is as fair as any other free person can be expected to be and has high standards that Volusa cannot always quite match, although she does her very best. What the future holds is uncertain, but Volusa is in the best position to meet it that she has ever been. Sharpie | GMT | PM or Discord
  9. Teutus slave | 23 | born April 50 AD | Tertius' son with a slave Background: Teutus is the now grown up son of senator Tertius Quinctilus Varus and a slave called Varinia. Teutus is still officially a slave, but Tertius is planning to free and adopt him soon and make him his legitimate son and heir. Tertius used to be ashamed of Teutus, but after his wife died and he still has no male heir, he has been taking better care of Teutus, even making sure he has learned to read and write and learned more about what a proper Roman should know. This has begun happening since Teutus was 15 - before that, Tertius didn't care for him. Tertius' daughter, Antonia Varia (9), is his half-sister. Both are motherless today - whether Teutus mother was sold, freed or died is up to you. I imagine Teutus is a good big brother to his sister and that they are good friends. He also has an uncle, Tertius' brother Secundus and of course Teutus knows all about their rivalry. What Teutus thinks about Secundus is up to you.Personality: Teutus is happy to learn new things and does what he can to please his father, because of course he wants to be freed, adopted and become heir to Tertius' fortune. At the same time he holds a grudge towards his father, because he didn't care about Teutus when he was a child - and he has always known Tertius is his father. On the other hand, he's also glad that his father is finally showing him some respect - so as you can imagine, he has mixed feelings about his father. There is definitely going to be some tension between the two. Other than that, his personality is up to you.Playby: Up to you. When it comes to his appearance, the only thing I'm sure of is he's taller than his father, just to rub it in - and he has brown/dark brown hair. Steve Lund, Will Kemp or Santiago Cabrera are good choices for a playby, but it's up to you. Tertius Quinctilius Varus' application
  10. Alaricus' son Alaric has his eldest son, Alaricus and I thought it would be interesting to have him in play. Therefore he is being offered up by somebody who wishes to take him. If the player decides to leave the site, I will be putting him back up as a wanted because I would like to have him in play. Otherwise, I'm fairly open about how he is to be played. Alaricus Aetius Stilicho (reserved for Sarah) Age: 13 DOB: 2/2/60CE Son of Alaric and Suetonia (cousin of Renius). Half brother to Barbara, Titus and Aetia. Uncle to Marcus and Aelia. Appearance: No playby. But he looks like a younger version of Alaric. Personality: Happy go lucky, likes fighting (and randomly swinging his sword in the house), has a good relationship with his stepmother, sees himself as a Roman. Bold and doesn't always think things through. Close with his family. History: Pretty bare at the moment. He is currently learning literacy, swordplay, and doing his lessons. Otherwise? I would like to see how this character goes in Rome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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