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  1. Leontia Elianilla wife to Lucius Armenius Valerius Brothel Madam, 31 years old, b. April, 45 AD Playby suggestions: Courtney Eaton or Maia Mitchell. Maia was the original Leontia Elianilla. Feel free to choose someone else, as long as she somewhat matches the looks (dark hair and eyes, youthful face) Courtney Eaton and Maia Mitchell History: Original application from years ago to inspire you... Background/Personality with Lucius: Leontia was only 16 years old when she was married to Lucius Armenius, as his second wife. The first wife failed to become pregnant fast enough, luckily, it wasn't like that for Leontia. When she married him, she was a loving and gentle young woman, but with a certain amount of confidence. She soon got used to the life he lived and after he and she were elevated to Equestrian ranks and moved to the Caelian Hill, her husband had more than proved himself to her, despite of the job he kept. Although it is not always she agrees with his way of doing things, she still has his back and he has her support. If she disagrees with him, she has long since learned to let him know in private and not in front of other people. There is not a lot of love in the marriage, but they get along just fine and Lucius treats her very well and likes to spoil her, along with their children. She was pregnant when they left Rome and had their first child as they arrived to Hispania. Here her husband didn’t sit on his hands, instead he soon did what he did best… opened a brothel and made connections. The business grew and Leontia still supported her husband. Eventually he would also train her to helping him with the brothels, turning her into a brothel madam of sorts too. The prostitutes and slaves thrive from this, because she is softer with them than Lucius is - but not too much, else nothing will ever get done. Long story short, all of the events turned the gentle and loving soul that married Lucius into a more certain business-woman and mother on top of that. There is still a bit of the old Leontia in her. But mostly these days, she is often as merciful or rather, merciless, like her husband. She is well aware that her husband is far from faithful to her, but she's learned to live with it. And maybe she isn't always so innocent either anymore. She may look sweet and gentle - but Lucius has trained her well. And she is very much aware that her appearance can be used to fool other people (that are not her husband), so she'll get things her way. She has three children with Lucius: Armenia Valeria (born in the winter, 63 AD in Hispania, 13 years old)Lucius Armenius Valerius Minor (born 66 AD in Hispania, 10 years old)Lucia Valeria (born 68 AD in Hispania, 8 years old) Add to that, that she more or less also raised the son Lucius had with a prostitute in 62AD, the now 14 year old slave Aeneas. Besides Leontia, Lucius is in need of a lot of people. Slaves to work in his household and whores to work in the upcoming brothel - both newcomers and maybe some he brought with him from Hispania? The same goes for guards/bouncers, who will help him protect the brothel and the girls. And henchmen to follow him around whenever he is out and about – and to do the dirty work for him. He will also need allies and associates in Rome. Lucius is an Equite and already wealthy, and he will use that to gain influence with other wealthy and noble families.
  2. ANTHEIA Born 41 AD | Slave | Tutor of Claudia Caesaris | Greek | Unknown Orientation | Wanted | Face claim: Marina Sirtis Now awaiting approval by @Gothic. Is this name change OK? Personality. Antheia is the type of person who has her head both set firmly on her shoulders and high in the clouds. On practical matters, as well as matters of the heart, she is a reliable source of judgement-free advice, a quality which allows her to establish close bonds with those she serves, if they're willing to confide in her. She views the world with a certain detachment, however, preferring to spend time in her own head, dealing in ideals and abstract concepts. At heart, she is a poet, a philosopher - a thinker. Though her disposition is always friendly, one gets the sense that one never really knows Antheia, or what goes on in her head. She has no close friends, no family in Rome, her former mistress is dead and, despite no shortage of male attention, she has never shown any interest in men. Though she speaks well about philosophy, she never claims to follow any particular school of thought or expresses her own view, instead preferring to play devil's advocate in all discussions. Appearance Antheia is of average height, with an olive complexion and dark brown eyes. Her hair is dark, a very dark brown, and naturally thick and curly. Family Antheia has never spoken to anybody about her true family back in Greece. The only connection she has to speak of is Aristo, the old Greek tutor of her former mistress, who is now absolutely ancient. She goes to visit him once in a while but never discusses these meetings with anyone. History Antheia was only ten years old when Athens was sacked. Not much is known about her life back in Greece - she doesn't like to speak about it - but she was taken into slavery and sold in Rome to a renowned philosopher and poet. She served as a personal maid and eventual friend and confidante to the man's daughter, a girl of a similar age to herself. It was during her time here that she was privileged to share in the tutelage of her mistress' own Greek teacher, Aristo. The older Greek took her under his wing somewhat, and she would sit with the wizened old man for hours in the garden, talking in their native tongue about life, the world, literature and philosophy. After the unfortunate death of her young mistress giving birth to her first child, Antheia's services were no longer required. When, therefore, she was brought by the mistress' father to entertain at a dinner party with members of the imperial family (as a female philosopher, she was met with a mixture of wonder and amusement) and attracted the attention of one of its members, she was taken on to the imperial staff as tutor to Claudia, daughter of Caesar in early 76 CE.
  3. MARCUS HORATIUS JUSTINUS 63 y/o | born 12CE | Senatores | Senator | Heterosexual | Wanted | Played By: Robert Hardy Personality In public life, Marcus is an imposing figure. His voice is loud and grave, perfect both for long senate orations and barking orders at soldiers. Marcus always likes to remain inscrutable. He makes no effort to cover the fact that he is balding slightly, or that he has tiny wrinkles around his eyes. Privately, Marcus is a doting father. He is quick to show disappointment but also just as willing to show warmth on occasions when his children live up to his exacting standards. His voice is the kind you can hear ringing through the whole house at dinner parties, his manner gruff and forceful but his words kind and observant. Marcus' goal in life is to ensure his children are the best they can be: he is exceptionally good at observing others' natures and flaws, but is totally oblivious to his own, and this hypocrisy can be a source of conflict with his family. Marcus is a very private man, but when he chooses to open up to those closest to him he reveals that, really, he is deeply sensitive. In fact, he has been in a state of constant depression for fifteen years, aching inside behind his outgoing public façade. But Marcus can't keep it up forever. At some point, the façade will crack and all the grief will come pouring out. Marcus put a lot of pressure on his children. Though motivated only by love, his domineering personality overshadowed all his offspring's childhoods and resulted in them growing up to be rather meek and humourless. Even now, Marcus has a great deal of control over their lives. Now they are in adulthood with children of their own, some of his children are starting to harbour resentment towards him as a result now they realise how their father's influence has affected them. Appearance Despite his unusually short stature, Marcus' stockiness and general poise make him quite the imposing figure. His eyes are a brilliant, incisive blue. Despite his age, he still has a reasonable amount of straw-yellow hair, and he has passed this fair complexion onto his children. His face is that of a wise Roman senator, lined with years of grief and thought. On his right hand, he wears a garnet signet ring, given to him by Livia Calavia when they were young. He never takes it off. Family Father: N/A Mother: N/A Siblings: Gaius Horatius Justinus Spouse: Livia Calavia (deceased) Children: Lucius Horatius Justinus, Livia Justina, Horatia Justina, Publius Horatius Justinus Extended family: Secundus Quinctilius Varus (son-in-law) Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus (son-in-law) Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus (grandchild) Calpurnia Horatia (grandchild) Lucia Gaia (daughter-in-law) Spurius Horatius Justinus (grandchild) Lucia Justina (grandchild) Other: History Marcus comes from a family greatly marked by the age of upheaval they lived through. His grandfather had been with Cato the Younger, his close friend and mentor, when he disembowelled himself at Utica. Marked for slaughter on the Triumvirate's list of prescriptions, the staunchly traditionalist Marcus the Elder had only narrowly escaped by going into hiding. He went on to unwillingly serve Octavian at Actium in order to preserve his life. This is precisely the attitude his son and his grandson inherited after him - while deeply nostalgic for the old Republic, the family owes a debt to the mercy of the Caesars. Better to work to keep Caesar in check and preserve the old values than to try aimlessly to restore a Republic now irretrievably lost. With all this high-flown talk being bounced around his home, the young Marcus didn't have much time to be a child. As his father's heir, the values of integrity and duty were impressed on Marcus from an early age. He learnt to speak fluently and eloquently in both Latin and Greek - the precocious young Marcus was a source of amusement and wonder at his father's dinner parties, where he would discuss earnestly and maturely any subject with the writers and advocates his father surrounded himself with at these occasions. However, once his father was posted to serve under Germanicus in the 10s CE, Marcus left the literary climate of Rome to follow his father there. While not naturally drawn to soldiering, much of his childhood was spent in Germania in Germanicus' camp. Marcus soon learned to shed his rather dour disposition somewhat in the company of soldiers and their sons, developing the reserved but occasionally persona he has to this day. While in Germania, he met his best friend, Decimus Tullius Germanicus, a jolly boy more interested in wielding a sword than a pen, and his betrothed, the young Livia Calavia, more literary and pensive than her intended husband, to whom the young Marcus took quite a shine. in 30 CE, Marcus, having now earned his toga virilis, returned to Rome and soon was elected to the vigintiviri thanks to his quick mind and his father's many contacts. After this, he served as tribunus laticlavius under his friend Decimus Tullius' father. For a while, Marcus lived happily, overjoyed to be able to spend more time with his dear friend and his new wife, Livia Calavia. Though not necessarily a natural military strategist, Marcus worked hard and earned recognition for his efforts. Throwing himself into his work was important - to live up to his father, to stave off the longing to be back in Rome and, most importantly, to distract himself from the fact he was quickly falling in love with Livia Calavia, his childhood friend and best friend's wife. When Decimus was unexpectedly killed, therefore, it felt like a blow from the gods, cruel but sweet. Out of respect and love for his late friend, Marcus tried to distance himself from the now available Livia, but within two years his willingness to resist the hand of Fate decayed. On his return to Rome in 35 CE after his term as tribune, Marcus married Livia Calavia, with whom he was very much in love. The couple spent the next six years in Rome. Both in public life and at home, Marcus was perfectly happy: with his father's respect, a purple-bordered toga and a lovely, intelligent wife, Marcus quickly moved on from the guilt and loss he felt over Decimus' death. He established himself as a firm successor to his father in the Optimate faction. In 40 CE, Livia finally fell pregnant and produced a healthy son, Publius. He loved the boy very much and showed it by giving his all to set him up to be a great man and an heir to the family's legacy. Though he hated to admonish his son - he was bright, athletic, quick-spirited and everything he'd hoped he'd be - Marcus knew that to spare the rod was to spoil the child. After all, he owed his own success to the exacting standards his own father impressed upon him. In 42CE, the family moved back to Germania, well known to Marcus from his boyhood, where he served as legate. His second child, Horatia, was born shortly after. In 48 CE, he received the news of the birth of his two twins, Lucius and Livia, with great joy, but this feeling was not to last long. The birth had had its toll on Livia, who fell gravely sick. The gods took mercy, however, and Livia recovered, albeit greatly weakened and unable to bear more children. Having come so close to losing the woman he loved more than anything filled Marcus with an even stronger desire to protect and cherish his family. During the 50s CE, Marcus split his time between shaping his children into the successors he wanted and advancing his own career, including a stint serving as a dependable leader in Hispania under Jullus Alexander to quell the popular uprising that broke out in the province. In 52 CE, he backed the consul Scipio's appeal to restore the old powers of the senate. The unrest spreading through the Empire throughout the decade worried Marcus, and he tightened his grip on his family's lives even further, desperate to protect them from the lethal power games of the Imperial family. The formation of the Quinquevirate also worried Marcus, who is acutely aware from his grandfather's stories the danger of such alliances. Unwilling to back either Darius or Camillus, Marcus was overcome with a feeling of powerlessness, his traditional views of the power of the Senate lost in the clamour. Eventually, the riots and murders in the city presented too much of a threat for Marcus and his family. He was among the first of many traditionalist senators to flee Rome for Antioch in early December of 60CE. Deciding cautiously to return to Rome in mid 61 CE now the threat of civil war seemed to have died now, he was one of many who advocated severe punishment for Cyprianus and all who would compromise the institution of the Senate for their own personal ends. Then, in December of 61 CE, disaster stuck for Marcus. His beloved wife, Livia, was accidentally caught up in one of the many plebeian riots taking place in the city while she was out on an errand. When Marcus arrived back from the Senate, he found friends gathered round her in the atrium. Her body was mauled and bruised. Overcome by a sense of horror deeper than anything he thought he could feel, Marcus sank to his knees, lying next to her mangled corpse for twenty hours without once moving. Despite his pleading in the Senate, his sense of duty and honour, he had failed to protect the one thing that mattered to him more than his ideals. Grief-stricken, Marcus retired from public life and took refuge once again in Antioch until news of Cyprianus' downfall was confirmed, whereupon he was persuaded by his son Publius to return to Rome. From then on, Marcus has remained in Rome as a stalwart figurehead of the Optimate faction. His ambition, though, has been entirely quelled by his loss, and he never seeks the consulship, preferring instead to devote his time to helping his children progress in both public and private life. His children recognise he's never quite been the same since Livia's death. Marcus refuses to so much as look at another woman, let alone remarry. His attitude towards his children is more doting and overbearing than ever. Now, the year is 76 CE, and old conflicts seem to be stirring within the family. What part will Marcus play? Player: locutus-sum | GMT | locutus-sum #9606
  4. David

    Mania's Brothers

    Mania Victoria and her two brothers have a complicated relationship, to say the least. The dynamics between them are narrated mostly by the ongoing squabbles between Mania and her older brother Primus, while the youngest of the three, Cassius, is used mostly as a pawn and scapegoat by them. Primus and Mania are ambitious go-getters who will halt at nothing to achieve their goals, while Cassius usually keeps to himself and actually prefers to stand in their shadow, as that way, they at the very least don't try to undermine him in his own pursuits. The older siblings mostly compete for attention and praise by their father (which, by default, usually goes to Primus, as he is the firstborn and thus heir) while Cassius is closer with his mother, preferring to be passively involved with the family business, if at all. Primus Manius Victorius suggested faceclaim: Thor Bulow Primus is, as the heir to the family business, the favourite of his father, Gaius. He is essentially given complete freedom as long as he follows his father's orders and doesn't neglect his duties. Involved in the family business since a young age, he is his father's right-hand man and helps him make important decisions. As such, Primus also exerts a certain level of influence over his two siblings and his mother. In the social world, he is known as somewhat of a womanizer, an "eternal bachelor," willing to spend a night with any halfway decent-looking lady who'll throw herself at him, but reluctant to marry. This reluctace to marry stems mainly from his fears of the family business being taken away from him at the hand of his wife's family once he takes over, these fears, in turn, stemming from Mania's ambitions to usurp him. While he is very much aware of Mania's jealousy and her wishes to replace him as heiress, he sees her as no serious threat - merely as a somewhat choleric woman who prefers to daydream rather than accept her place in society, and he knows just what buttons to push to get Mania to lose her temper - what's more, he delights in it. In regars to his younger brother, Primus really doesn't have much to say; the differences in age and status within the family have prevented them from establishing any sort of meaningful connection ever since their childhood days. Cassius Manius Victorius suggested faceclaim: Charlie Di Stefano Cassius is perhaps the least well-known of all members of the household. Having spent his entire life thus far in the shadows of his heir-to-be brother and socialite sister, he has had no chance to prove and make a name for himself. However, he is rather content with the situation, too. Having seen what the limelight can do to people by experiencing the transformation of his siblings from loving, understanding people to snakes lusting for power and influence, he would rather not hold any power or influence himself, as he would rather not become like them. Nonetheless, his siblings still exert a considerable amount of influence over him - at times even more so than his parents, as Cassius fears his siblings more. Cassius has no ambitions in commerce, politics of anything of the sort, and has instead found his calling in the arts. He is particularly fond of gem-engraving and is thus at least somewhat active as part of the family business, as the gems he engraves are sometimes used in the jewellery produced. He is very close with his mother, who is just as much a sentimental and caring individual as he is, which has earned him the nickname "our little Orpheus" by both his siblings. He has accompanied his mother to many a theatre performance and has thus become an avid lover of the theatre and wishes to try his hand at acting. His Patrician status has, however, barred him from following such pursuits. Another aspect of himself Cassius hasn't been able to explore due to his social standing is his bisexuality; he has been inclined towards both men and women lately, but hasn't acted on his feelings towards men for fear of embarrassment and bringing shame upon his family. If you have any questions or would like to take on one of them, please, don't hesitate to contact me through Discord!
  5. Personal Assistant and Secretary Wanted! Let it be known, that Praetor and Senator Tertius Quinctilius Varus of Rome is searching for someone who can take over a vacant job as personal assistant and secretary as soon as possible. Unless the assistant is a slave, there will be an available private room for them to stay in, early in 76 AD. The assistant will also be offered meals in the house and free time as well as payment. Age: 18-25 years of age Gender: Male (preferred) Social Rank: Freedman, Plebian or even Slave to be purchased Skills: Speak, write and read fluid Latin. Other languages are welcome too. Knowledge of math. Knowledge of the law in Rome is useful too, but not required, as it can be learned. Personal skills: Must be diplomatic, friendly, loyal and honest to their new employer. Start date: As soon as possible Pay: Depends on skills and social rank The assistant will be entering a household currently inhabited by the Praetor himself, his 11 year old daughter and newborn son, one freedman as well as a good number of slaves. The new assistant can be an already made character fit for and interested in the job - or an entirely newly made character. Please contact Atrice via PM or Discord #7964
  6. Atrice

    Wanted by Barbatius

    Marcus Barbatius - is 30 years old, unmarried with no children and so far with no plans of marriage - because he likes to stay in control of his home and prefers that no one interferes with how he is running said home. He does not care about heirs or the future of his family; he is, after all, the last one and does not regret it, because it is his own fault. He is a plebian and owns a barber shop and an insula just above it and serves both plebians and higher ranks in his barber shop. Companion/Partner in Crime Marcus needs a partner in crime! Of course, this is not to be a 'good' character. Marcus is not a nice man and his companion is not either. What I am looking for is a meanie, a bad-guy, a villain, just like Marcus is. Someone crooked. Probably as insane as Marcus is. Basically, I made him with Sweeney Todd as inspiration and just like Todd has his Mrs. Lovett, who helps him... Marcus Barbatius needs a Mrs. Lovett too! Marcus sometimes have "accidents" with people or even patrons (that he dislikes) and people sometimes die. Oops! But how do you get on with such acts? How to hide it? You have a useful companion of course - someone who can either spin tales really well and come up with good lies or someone who can dispose of bodies in a way that can't be traced back to Marcus. Maybe someone who could do both? The character could be male or female and not a slave. They could be linked to one of the collegia or have a business of their own - maybe even a thermopolia (fast food shop)! How they met and work together we will flesh out together, but this character probably knows most of Marcus' secret and he knows theirs. They work together. Slaves in Marcus' household Manus, 28 years old - Head Slave of the household - The oldest "survivor" yet - he has been with Marcus four years - Has several scars on his back and thighs from Marcus' punishment from the first time - Knows when to be quiet and when to speak - Friendly but also a bit reserved, cautious, alert - Often helps Marcus in the barber shop - Has once been Marcus' bed slave, but no longer Aculia, 21 years old - (has been played before) - Has been there two years - Silent and 'mousy' in her behavior - Submissive, inferior and insecure - Marcus has taken her to his bed sometimes and isn't exactly the romantic type - Aculia has very visible a scar on her cheek after Barbatius Tinus, 23 years old - Bought cheaply at the slave market - Scarred by fire when he was bought (hence why he was cheap) - Has been there about a year - Attentive, alert, nervous New Slave to be bought - A new slave to be picked up by Marcus at the slave market - Background is up to you - Probably found unsuited for work by others, hence why he/she is cheap - Could potentially end up as Marcus' next victim, if his player is interested in such a plot - OR this new slave could be the one to eventually expose Marcus - Could also somehow end up as the partner in crime I'm looking for About the slaves and Marcus' treatment of them: Marcus' slaves are meant to be quiet, well-behaved and obedient. He also demands that they stay silent if he disposes of another slave and will threaten with killing them too, if they tell on him. If they displease him in any way (drop something, stumble, knock something over, speak when he thinks they should be silent... anything planned or not planned that he decides annoys him) Marcus will punish his slaves. He does not flog his slaves, but will instead use knives or razors to cut them in places that are not visible when you're clothed. It is sadly very easy to displease Marcus, because he does like to deal out punishment. It doesn't turn him on, or so he claims, he just enjoys it. If they displease him badly enough or have done it enough times, he does not feel bad about slitting their throats to kill them. That is why his slaves are usually very quiet and silent around Marcus. They learn quickly to try their utmost at not upsetting Marcus, because no one wants hidden scars on their bodies - and no one wants death, of course. The older slaves will often tell the newcomers about how to try and 'survive' this household. Marcus owns three slaves currently - they are all basically regular house slaves, they are there to clean and cook and shop and help out Marcus in the barber shop. He decides who does what and when he is serving clients in the shop, there is always one helping him out (mixing oils and so on) and one stands waiting in the doorway to the back room and staircase to the insula above, if Marcus wants anything else. All the slaves sleep together in one chamber/dormitory in the insula and only leave if Marcus allows it - he's afraid they will run away, so he keeps an eye on them. They don't get to celebrate ordinary Roman festivals like Saturnalia and others - he does not trust his slaves that much. Besides what is explained, feel free to figure out their lives before they came to Marcus. It is very likely they were all cheaply bought at the slave market. Note that all were of course replaced because someone died and no one dies of age or hard work in this household. Manus has seen quite a few fellow slaves killed by Marcus, Aculia has seen three, Tinus two and the latest slave Marcus bought and owned was Germanus, but... he kind of died, suddenly? He didn't behave or submit very well to his master. So he died... by Marcus' hand of course ;) Send me a DM here or on Discord to discuss the characters if you want to pick up any of these characters...
  7. Atrice

    Lover for Cynane

    Fierce Cynane, well known all over Rome it seems, has a fine life at the palace, serving Claudia Caesaris. And while she has developed some very caring and deep feelings for this beautiful young woman, she is lacking some proper, tender loving care in her life. She has been with Claudia since 72AD, she has been in Rome for 14 years now and in all of this time, she has not felt emotionally close to someone who would kiss her and hold her as a lover. She would never admit she needs it, but she does. By now, she more or less lives a life in celibacy, although it is not entirely by choice. It's just because she is afraid to let people in. Which means I get sent out to look for love for her - or just romance, it may be long-lasting or it may not be, as long as it is something fluffy to make her relax and feel a little bit of hope again. She has been rather angry and gloomy lately And who knows what it will end with anyway? This could either be a completely new char, made to meet Cynane, but it could also be a character who is already there. I like for relationships to develop over time and having a specific character made for this would feel a bit 'forced' and that usually does not work well for me. They could be male or female, she has had most male lovers in the past (or she wouldn't call it lovers, since it was when she was a gladiatrix and forced to bed them). She is leaning more towards having a female lover though, but perhaps the right man too could break through the hard shell she has. She would need someone who would respect her as a Briton and a warrior, who wouldn't try to make her feel submissive or docile and who would make her feel a bit free when she is with them. It could be a slave, a freedman or even someone of higher rank. Know that even if she develops feelings for your character, she will probably also feel conflicted because of her feelings for Claudia. But that just leaves a bit of drama up the road and who does not want that? Let me know either via PM here on message me on Discord, if you have a character to offer for Cynane.
  8. Gaia Lucia Suggested Face claim: Jenna Lind (but feel free to find another)Age & Birth Position. 25 years old - b. 50 ADPosition: Freedwoman and servantParents: Up to you!Other family: Up to you! Orientation: BisexualPersonality: Usually caring and outgoing - but also outspoken and does not always take no for an answerHistory: Gaia Lucia is Pinaria Gaia's former body slave. She was owned by Pinaria's late husband, Gaius Gratius Varro and probably came into his service a few years before he married. Her parents were free but enslaved and Lucia was born as a slave. In 69 AD, Gaius Gratius Varro married Pinaria Gaia and Lucia was given to her to become her body slave. Pinaria and Lucia quickly became close friends and Lucia has been Pinaria's confidante ever since. They were only close friends though, Pinaria never cheated on her husband, although he did on her. When Gaius died, his slaves were freed, but Lucia (as she was known before) stayed with Pinaria as her personal servant. Lucia soothed Pinaria after Gaius' death and the two became lovers, although secretly of course. Lucia also gets along well with Pinaria's 4 year old son, Gaius. They now all live with Pinaria's brother.Ultimate Goal: To have children of her own.Other information: Pinaria Gaia's applicationWho to contact: Atrice
  9. Volusa


    Volusa 18 | 15th May 56CE | Slave| Body-slave | Straight | Wanted | Chiara Mastalli Personality. Volusa is perhaps a little shy until you get to know her, but once you do, if you have proved she can trust you, she will be as friendly and loyal as anyone. She is a keen observer of people around her and a good judge of character. She is loyal, which is perhaps a little strange in a slave, at least for some people. If one of her friends is attacked, whether in person or in fact, she will leap to their defence almost before thinking the consequences through, which has got her in trouble before now when she has sought to defend a fellow slave against a perceived injustice meted out by a free person. She is generous with the little she has, and doesn't mind helping someone, if she has the time, or lending them some small possession, such as a pretty piece of fabric to add interest to a friend's outfit, or suggesting something another friend could do with her hair. She does save the little peculium (pocket money, slave savings) she gets, though, with a vague idea of maybe one day buying her freedom and running some sort of business of her own. She is optimistic generally, trying to find the good in people (especially people she likes, or who her friends like, or who like her friends) but if betrayed, that runs deep and she will be unlikely to forget it and to forgive the hurt caused - she is more likely to forgive those who hurt her than those who hurt her friends, and she counts her mistress as a friend although she cannot forget the gulf between them as slave and free. Appearance She stands at 5'2" and is naturally slender, with fair skin that tends to burn, peel and then tan in the sun. She has brown eyes and long thick brown hair that she tends to wear in a variety of styles, usually plaited or in a bun, and generally with a scarf or strip of cloth wound around. It is not unknown for her to be borrowed so that the hairdressers can try out new styles, or parts of new styles, before trying them on their mistresses. She naturally has a serious look unless she is actively laughing or smiling or otherwise engaged with people. She wears the clothing her mistress allows, but is partial to bright pretty colours (or as bright and pretty as she is permitted), liking to combine fabrics and patterns to produce something interesting. She remains fascinated by the rich smooth cottons and expensive silks that her mistress wears, and the effects they produce, although her own clothing is limited to linen, wool and occasionally cotton and she does what she can with them. She has a long thin scar on her right arm from getting physically between a friend and a suprior's temper. Family Father: Hermes (slave) (age 40) Mother: Mira (slave) (age 38) Siblings: Helenus (slave) (age 16) Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: She is part of the Imperial familia, the Imperial household, and counts her fellow slaves as being her family Other: History Volusa is verna, a house-born slave, born into the Imperial household in May 56CE. She had a fairly uneventful childhood, despite the turmoil of who would be the next Emperor - whoever ended up running the Empire, the household must be kept running, with the housework done and meals provided. There was gossip and rumours, of course, what house's slaves don't gossip about things, but Volusa was not really interested in the wider world except as it affected her and her immediate circle. After all, no child really finds politics an interesting topic when there are more important things to discover, such as if there will be honey-cakes after dinner tonight. Being a slave all her life, Volusa has experience of several aspects of the work required to keep a house running smoothly, from fetching water to chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and dealing with all the fiddly things a proper Roman banquet requires, to dusting, sweeping and scrubbing the floors. She has not had the same experience of being kept more for show, as her father was - expected to stand around just in case a family member required something to be fetched or a message to be taken, as female slaves (especially children) are not such an impressive display of wealth as a young male slave - or several of them. Being taught from a young age to be discreet, not to be seen if possible and to definitely keep out of trouble, it was a great surprise to Volusa to be told in 71CE that she would no longer be required as a general household skivvy, but had been selected to be the body slave of Claudia Caesaris, the Emperor's own niece. (Well, the Emperor is her new mistress' uncle, or cousin, or something along those lines, anyway!) This represented a huge promotion; she would no longer be directly responsible to the house steward (although he would still be responsible for meting out any required disciplinary action if Volusa somehow displeases her mistress) and might even be given her freedom rather than having to buy it. She has been her mistress' body slave for about two and a half years or so by this point, and really has very little complaint to make about her life; her mistress is as fair as any other free person can be expected to be and has high standards that Volusa cannot always quite match, although she does her very best. What the future holds is uncertain, but Volusa is in the best position to meet it that she has ever been. Sharpie | GMT | PM or Discord
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