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  1. DAPHNAE MESSOR. 32 | 23rd of august 43 CE | Rank | Travelling Merchant | Homosexual | Original | Priyanka Chopra Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Unknown. Mother told tales of Father being a brave soldier who left for a war or another, whose name changes with each story. Mother: Used to be a travelling merchant as well. Died from illness complications. Siblings: Possibly some scattered around from her father's side, but none from her mother. Spouse: Non
  2. ASTRIUS 54| 23 april 19 AD| slave | slave | bisexual | original | Gustaf Skarsgård Personality You can tell something is off about Astrius the moment you meet him. He speaks in the third person, acting very spontanius. He is also a pyromaniac, his love of fire stems from his belief that he is the son of Vulcan. That said, he's a very fun person to be around. He gets drunk whenever he has the time (and when his master isn't looking) and is the life of a party. People usually think he's the laughing stock of slaves, but Astrius thinks very highly of himself. He
  3. Flavia Cordelia. 34 | 19 november 39 ce | Senatore | Mother | Bisexual | Canon | Jaime Murray Personality. Flavia Cordelia is a woman who has been through a lot and has changed because of what has happened. Once a soft, tender girl, Cordelia has grown up to be a wise, brave woman. She is very motherly, often being a shoulder to cry on and a good listener. She is extremely loyal to her friends and family, as the family she has left are people she will protect until the end. Don't mistake her kind and loving nature for weakness; Cordelia would do anything to pro
  4. Lemonia Prisca 33 | 15th March 41 | Senatorial Class | Widow & Caregiver | Demisexual | Original | Ellise Chappell Personality. Lemonia comes across as meek, mild and pius; a dutiful matron of Rome, a dutiful wife when she was one and now a dutiful daughter to her ill mother. And she is that, mostly. But like all people there are layers to her, masks and veils she wears in order to make it through life, as tough as it has been on her. She is kind and friendly, but anyone that looks closely will notice that her smiles do not light up her eyes, not in the ca
  5. Tychon of Knossos 24 | 18 June 50 CE | Slave | Occupation | Heterosexual | Original | Douglas Booth Personality. Appearance Were he better groomed and less reticent, Tychon might be considered handsome. While he has certainly outgrown the ancient Greek ideal of a pubescent male beauty, he is not without his appeal. He wears a beard in a more traditionally Greek manner than in current Roman fashion - which is to say, he has a beard at all. With dirty blond hair, some might believe he was once blessed by Apollo. His bronzed complexion and call
  6. Spurius Servilius Strucus. 37 | 17th August year | Senatore | Senator | Bisexual | Original | Sebastian Stan Personality. Goes here. Appearance Spurius is a physically fit man, taller than average for a model Roman citizen. His physique is kept by rigorous activity, as he enjoys physical activity to keep his body from falling into laziness, food and wine. His hair is cropped to whatever is fashionable for men of the era, and he dresses in his class thus to play the part of the ideal Roman man. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are a striking
  7. Appius Vitellius Scaurus Minor 47 | 1st November ## | Senatore | Senator/Gang leader | Hetero | Canon | Jason Isaacs Personality. keynotes: wise, patient, diligent, vain, sadistic, ambitious, obsessive Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Appius Vitellius Scaurus - Deceased Mother: Cluentia Habita - 63 - Alive Siblings: only child (mother had other pregnancies, he was the only one to survive infancy) Spouse: Antonia Merenda - deceased Children: Vitellia Scaura, Vitellia Sc
  8. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: N/A. (Family is currently looking for marriages for her) Children: N/A Extended family: Other: History goes here.
  9. Echo


    AGLAEA. 28 | spring 47 CE | Slave | Body Slave / Companion | Heterosexual | Wanted | Nazanin Boniadi Personality. Having been raised first in a Jewish family, Aglaea has cultivated a personality of kindness. Further, because of the memories of her poverty, she tends to take pity on those less fortunate than herself and tries to help those she can. From a young age, she distinguished herself as a quick wit, and her education from a young age has allowed her to read, write, and speak several languages, including her native Aramaic as well as Latin and Greek. Sin
  10. CAIUS VERGILLUS. 28 | 2 Feb 46AD | Pleb now prisoner | Former soldier | Hetero | Original | Personality & History Caius stole items when he attempted to desert the legions and unfortunately for him he ended up being caught when he attempted to return to Capua. Family Parents: Caius Vergillus x Pappina Acosta Sister: Caia Vergilla EVENT FOR: Gladiatorial games.
  11. Julia Mariamne 22 |Tu b'Av 3812 / 29 July, 52AD| Equite - no tenable relation to the patrician branch of gens Julia; the family was sponsored into citizenship centuries ago | upscale landlady, jeweller, dealer in luxury goods | Asexual| Original | Sharon Fauster "that's a nice inn" "her eyes are crooked" " B O I " Personality. A very commonsense sort of individual, unlikely to be swayed by either threats or attempts at ingratiation. Mariamne figures that if you're going to do something, you should do it on purpose and with intent to succeed or not do it
  12. Hillel ben Elazar, alias Tertius Rufus Helios. 26 | 24 october 48 CE / 18 cheshvan 3808 AM | Equite | Rabbi | I don't think he knows any more about his sexuality than any of us do | Original | FC pending <600x300> Personality. Hillel is relatively serene and unflappable as a person, having seen more than enough to stop being surprised by many things. He's fairly quiet and seems to constantly be watching and analyzing the world when he's emotionally present; when he's not, he can be somewhat dense, walking into things and calling people by the wrong n
  13. Publius Valerius Labienus 45 | 25th September, 29 CE | Senatore | Legatus Augusti Propraetor Daciae | Heterosexual | Original | Simon Merrells Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Children: Extended family: Other: History goes here. Thorium | GMT+0 | PM
  14. IUDOCUS 24 | day month year | Slave | Gladiator | Bisexual | Original |Sam Heughan <> Personality. Goes here. Appearance Standing at 6'3", Iudocus is a broad-shouldered, well-muscled, and overall physically imposing man. Or at least, he could present himself as one, were it not for his generally friendly face. There are lines tugging at his lips and blue eyes, that betray a man who once laughed and smiled often, one who occasionally finds time for it even now. Iudocus' most striking feature is the ever curling,
  15. FULL NAME HERE. age | day month year | Rank | Occupation | Orientation | Original/Canon/Wanted | Face claim <600x300> Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Children: Extended family: Other: History goes here. OOC Name | TIMEZONE | CONTACT
  16. FRONTUS 20 | day month year | Slave | Stable boy | Heterosexual | Wanted | Luke Youngblood Personality Frontus has known nothing but the life of a slave, but despite living with a variety of masters, some better than others, his friendly and kind demeanor has not been dampened. It is rare to see Frontus without a toothy smile on his face, except during serious matters. Respectful around his masters and avoids confrontation with anyone like the plague, other slaves included, Frontus works hard not to let down the family he serves. He often picks up the slack
  17. Dev


    Aoide 20 | 22 october 53 | slave | prostitute and musician @ domus venus | bisexual | Original | Elsa Hosk Personality. There is no naivety to her, there never had been, considering how she grew up. She is flirtatious and sensual, seductive and offers a sweet lover to those that come to pay for her time. Appearance Aoide is a pretty girl with cat like eyes of sky blue and a mane of golden blonde hair that cascades down her back in gentle waves. She is lithe of limb and of petite stature, with sunkissed skin the color of honey. Her hips have a
  18. Teutobocus 22 | January 804 AUC | Foreigner | Decurio | Heterosexual | Original | Tom Felton Personality. Teutobocus is the product of two different worlds, on the one hand offspring of a germanic war chief far north of the Eternal City, and on the other hand hostage to guarantee an alliance with Rome and by this, a romanized barbarian. The ambiguity of his origins has torn his heart apart from the very beginning of his captivity in Rome, as he was in fact very attached to his ubian roots, but also attracted by the roman civilization and way of life. But in th
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