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  1. January, 76 AD Wulfric had been in Rome for months now – 4, to be exact. It had been late in the summer when he had arrived and now it was the winter half of the year. It wasn’t very cold though, he thought. Not compared to the lands he came from. He had not seen a snowflake and he had not seen a single pond or lake with ice on it. So he didn’t consider it very cold at all, although of course colder than when he arrived. He had for a while now known where his father lived. And he’d met his father’s brother a little while back... he had not been too impressed, but that was almost a given, with how Aglaea had described him. By now, Wulfric felt he had done all he could to gather information about his Roman family before he met them. And now was the day. He had paid a scribe to write a letter to his father, saying that he would come to visit. That he was a prince of the Chatti and that he came with an important message for Tertius… though of course he had not revealed that he was Tertius’ son. Now the planned day had arrived. Wulfric wore the new set of clothes he bought a few months back, an attempt to look at least a little bit civilized to the Romans and his father especially. It was just a tunica, dark green, a pair of short breeches – he was no Roman and wore no toga. He had however a forest green and grey cloak, that his mother had made for him, but he had swung the fabric over the shoulders now, as it was not so cold indoors. He had not gotten rid of the beard, although it had been trimmed. His hair was not cut short and precise, which was the way the Romans seemed to like it. Wulfric was proud of his heritage and was not afraid to show he was a foreigner - but he did want to look nice for today. After having knocked on the door, he was allowed inside by a slave, into the atrium. He already thought that it looked nicer than his uncle’s home here in Rome. It was tidier and cleaner. In fact the floor was almost shining. Quietly he now stood there, with his hands gathered on his back, waiting to meet his father, finally. The house was silent to begin with, but suddenly the silence was disturbed by the wail of a small child, maybe even a baby, which surprised him! He had momentarily forgotten that Aglaea mentioned months ago, that his father only recently had another son by a slave. Wulfric around towards the sound and saw a short and pretty woman, a slave judging by her clothes, coming towards the atrium carrying a small child that was squirming a bit in her arms. When she noticed him, he smiled at her and at the child – Wulfric had no wife or children of his own yet, but his oldest sister, Hilda, had two children already and he liked them. It was then he recalled this might be the newborn brother Aglaea told him about. Suddenly, the child was even more interesting and he wanted to say something to her, but suddenly the words were caught on the tip of his otherwise often diplomatic tongue. Instead he was just caught there, watching her, smiling at her. @Sara
  2. October 75 AD It was her favorite time of the year. Going to shop for new fabrics. As the daughter of a senator, he tasked Safinia with making sure her apperance was up to par. But she knew the true reason for it. Safinia knew that her father would not stop until she was arranged and close to being married off. But his tactics were...less than tact. She had to apologize for the last time that had occurred and she knew it would not be the last time. But going out to the market did seem to get her out of the home in which they stayed. Safinia liked to coordinate the silks she bought with ones that would be perfect for the occasion or season that the city found itself in. Of course she did not make the dresses themselves. No, no. She seemed to trust the ladies that put it together. However. She did have this little trick that she liked to find thread in order to make patterns on her dresses. It makes them feel like they are something that she wears for her. That makes her feel..well, more like her. Not someone her father could parade around. In fact, it was something a little hurtful. But she would make do as she must. But not without remaining true to herself. When dressing with the help of one of her servants, she found a pink dress with golden leaves around the top and bottom of the dress. When asked about it, one of the servants said it was a suggestion from her father. Of course. But she kept herself silent as she dressed, also allowing a matching pink hair adornment (or veil for her hair) to be in the back of her hair. Once obtaining the bag of coins that was gifted to her, she grabbed her small basket and one of her house female slaves were out of the house and began their walk. As they walked Safinia liked to talk to the lady with her about the seasons and suggestions from her observations. She always had the greatest helps for the silks she would purchase and she hoped today would be no different either. As they entered the market, the familiar shouts of the merchants were coming through. From fruits to figs to the usual gold, the marketplace was alive as ever. It was a pleasant sound to her ears. Sometimes she bought a little bit of fruit for her to eat upon her return back. But as she passed by the section with the fabrics, she stopped in midstep as she looked through each of them with wondering eyes as she reached out to touch the fabric but as she looked she felt like some eyes were upon her, but she was so transfixed she couldn't even bear to notice it for right now. It was in fact her simple getaway.
  3. November, 75 AD It had been weeks since he first met Aglaea, the nice and gentle slave to his uncle Secundus’ wife. Since hearing about her situation and getting to know her better, she was often on his mind. Wulfric knew he should make moves towards meeting his father, but for some reason, it was difficult to pull himself together to do it. Instead he decided he would meet this cruel uncle of his first, see if there was anything he find out or anything he could do about Aglaea’s situation. Both Tertius and Secundus did not sound like good men, but so far, Secundus seemed worse than Wulfric’s father at least. He had to be careful though. He did not wish to reveal to Secundus, that he was his father’s son – that he was Secundus’ nephew. So he had to find some other excuse to visit him. Working at the market was luckily helpful. He worked in a warehouse and he found out they made deliveries to certain households in Rome. And when he asked into it from his colleagues, he found out, that they delivered to a Quinctilius Varus household. One morning, Wulfric managed to follow the cart that went towards that part of the city. Since he’d been working well and hard for a few months now, his employer had already raised his payment and was giving him more responsibility. Wulfric was to check that everything went correctly at the house. And he would. And not just in the kitchen and with the goods. Since he was working, he wasn’t wearing his finest clothes. Just the simple daily clothes, more German than Roman in the style – he was not wearing the new and finer set that he bought recently. Anyone would be able to tell he didn’t come from here, although few might guess where he had his origins. He didn’t know the master of this house might. Once at the house, he let the others unload and stood by, looking at it all. There were mostly vegetables and grains and spices. Everything seemed to be in the correct amounts, but he still had a good excuse ready for meeting Secundus. He asked if the master of the house was home at this hour and if there was a chance to see him. The main kitchen slave said he was at home but wondered why Wulfric would meet him. She wasn’t sure Secundus would meet a foreigner though, but Wulfric said it was important and insisted. At long last, he was allowed inside, into the fancy looking household. Well somewhat fancy. He had been to a few other places already and he’d seen nicer. It didn’t look so well-kept to him. Quietly, he waited in the atrium for the master of the house to appear, curious to see his uncle in Rome for the first time. @Járnviðr
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