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  1. Late March, 77AD It had been a while, since he’d been back here last time. He had actually come back a few weeks after Charis had come to see him at the market. And he’d had time to think the whole thing over a few times. He still didn’t quite grasp how such a sweet and kind girl could turn into the opposite over such a short span of time. She’d been so nice and friendly when he met her at his father’s domus. She even said she took his advice for Peregrinus and sleeping habits. But then she came to him at his job at the marketplace and told him to leave Rome and not come back. Few had treated him nicely here in Rome. Most seemed to misunderstand him or simply just not understand him at all. There was nothing for him here. Or, not much. He had tried to not give up too easily. He had told Charis the truth about why he was here, just like he told his father. Why would they not believe him? But he said to his father after that dinner party, that he’d be back and so he kept his promise, at least to begin with. He was stubborn. His mother had sometimes said that he inherited that from his father. He never saw that before… but now that he knew that Wulfstan was not his father, he understood. He had come back to his actual father’s house quite a few times, knocking on the door and walking inside. This was his father’s house. He was not just yet another visitor here, so why should he wait outside? Yet every time he was met by a slave and eventually asked to leave, because the Dominus was not at home. That had happened quite a few times over the next few months. Antonia was apparently never at home either, so he'd never met his half-sister. And if Charis was there with Peregrinus, she stayed out of the way. Eventually he stopped coming. Charis was right. He clearly wasn’t wanted. Not by anyone but his half-brother Teutus it seemed. At least they got along. Time went by… and now springtime was coming and he had always planned he’d return to Germania when next spring came. That time was now. He had finished with the warehouse at the marketplace and had told the landlord of the insula he lived in, that he was leaving very soon. And now, he showed up in front of his father’s house one last time. To tell that he was leaving. He didn’t expect them to be sad that he had to leave. He wasn’t sure what he expected. But it felt right to tell them. So there he was, outside the house, pulling himself together to knock on that door. Why didn’t he just do it? It felt so… final, somehow, to do it. Rome had not always treated him nicely, but still, it wasn't easy to just say goodbye, was it? Once he left, he wasn't sure he'd ever come back, after all. He might not see any of the people he met here, again. Wulfric sighed and leaned against a wall opposite the front door to his father’s domus. (( OPEN THREAD FOR ANYONE ))
  2. Early December, 76 AD - after Male Fantasy He suddenly felt very exposed, in a way he’d never felt like in Rome until now. But as he sat there, still leaning against the wall to his insula, people were looking at him. The fight was over, Ione and the guard had left and although the fight had been broken up, no one had come to ask how Wulfric was doing. He knew he must look like a mess. He could feel that his one jaw and cheek was swollen and would most likely turn blue or purple soon, and he still had the taste of blood in his mouth. And his clothes were all dirty and dusty. This was so bad. He couldn’t turn up for work like this! He wouldn’t get a thing done anyway. He had luckily not passed out, but he knew he’d been close. And his face was hurting everywhere, as was his chest and he had a terrible headache. How was he going to drag himself up the stairs to his insula? And what about the warehouse, when they expected him to come and he didn’t… it was fucked up, all of it. He needed help, now. And the inhabitants of his area didn’t seem to want to give it to him. Wulfric closed his eyes, thinking he might just sleep here then. Once spring came, it really was time to return for Germania. It was now more obvious than ever, that he was very unwanted in Rome. @Chevi
  3. Early December, 76AD It had been a strange day, the day he met Ione. That day had begun as an ordinary day. He’d been at work at the marketplace and in the afternoon he was on his way home for a rest. Apparently a bit too busy with going home, since he forgot to see where he was going and fell. And hurt his knees and ruined the trousers his mother had given him. But Ione the whore – that’s the name he heard for such women the most – had helped him cleanse the wounds and then she had also offered herself to him. And he couldn’t stop thinking about that. What it would be like and so on. The pictures painted onto the walls of her simple room were also unforgettable. A few weeks had gone by now since that day and his knees looked much better. The breeches had patches on the knees now and life quickly went back to normal. But he had tomorrow off and could afford to sleep in. So he thought that now would be the time. He paid a messenger boy a small coin to go to the Elysium and say that Wulfric wished for Ione’s services specifically and he would like for her to come to his home. He still lived in a simple one-room insula high up in such a building. It was cheap and really all he needed. But he didn’t lack coin now, since he rarely spent them on anything. The messenger boy came back. The deal could happen, if Wulfric would go to the Elysium to pick up the girl and pay beforehand. And it wasn’t cheap either, considering this would last for a while and it was taking a girl away from the brothel, so she couldn’t work multiple people in one night. He still felt a bit weird about that, the thought of her servicing many men every night. He would far from be her first. But she’d like to see him again and he had decided he’d like to see her too. So there it was. He showed up at Domus Venus just after sunset, telling the guard outside that he was waiting for Ione and he did bring the coin for her. While he was waiting, another girl came at him, trying to persuade him into letting her go down on him while he waited. But he pushed her away. He’d made his decision and it was final. Besides, he didn’t like doing it out in the open. Hopefully she’d be here soon. @Sara
  4. Early October, 75 AD Wulfric had agreed to meet again with the lovely Aglaea, who was slave to his uncle Secundus, whom he had not yet met. He hadn’t even met his father yet, but Aglaea knew him too and he found it very useful to have found someone, whom he was not related to, but who could provide him with useful information. On top of that, Aglaea was very sweet and friendly and he had enjoyed talking to her. Plus she seemed to need someone to talk to and she needed help with her situation. Wulfric had felt sympathy with her and he was more than ready to help her, whether she said she wanted his help or not. He would be the friend she needed. Really this was a win for both of them. So a week later, he found himself entering a place called the Gardens of Sullust for the first time. Aglaea had sent word to him via a messenger, where they were supposed to meet and he walked around, trying to find the right place. It was still somewhat warm, but some leaves had begun to change color and he found that he liked the gardens because of the amount of greenery here. Rome, to him, mostly consisted of stone, marble and people. There was not a lot of green and it was nothing like Germania in that sense, where the majority of the land was forests, fields and meadows. Rome had its own charm of course, if you looked at things individually. He tried that too, while searching for the right fountain Aglaea had said they’d meet by. He found a very pretty one, there were no other people near and he thought it was the right one. Then he leaned against the edge of the basin, enjoying the warmth of the sun and waited for Aglaea to show up as planned. @Echo
  5. November, 75 AD It had been weeks since he first met Aglaea, the nice and gentle slave to his uncle Secundus’ wife. Since hearing about her situation and getting to know her better, she was often on his mind. Wulfric knew he should make moves towards meeting his father, but for some reason, it was difficult to pull himself together to do it. Instead he decided he would meet this cruel uncle of his first, see if there was anything he find out or anything he could do about Aglaea’s situation. Both Tertius and Secundus did not sound like good men, but so far, Secundus seemed worse than Wulfric’s father at least. He had to be careful though. He did not wish to reveal to Secundus, that he was his father’s son – that he was Secundus’ nephew. So he had to find some other excuse to visit him. Working at the market was luckily helpful. He worked in a warehouse and he found out they made deliveries to certain households in Rome. And when he asked into it from his colleagues, he found out, that they delivered to a Quinctilius Varus household. One morning, Wulfric managed to follow the cart that went towards that part of the city. Since he’d been working well and hard for a few months now, his employer had already raised his payment and was giving him more responsibility. Wulfric was to check that everything went correctly at the house. And he would. And not just in the kitchen and with the goods. Since he was working, he wasn’t wearing his finest clothes. Just the simple daily clothes, more German than Roman in the style – he was not wearing the new and finer set that he bought recently. Anyone would be able to tell he didn’t come from here, although few might guess where he had his origins. He didn’t know the master of this house might. Once at the house, he let the others unload and stood by, looking at it all. There were mostly vegetables and grains and spices. Everything seemed to be in the correct amounts, but he still had a good excuse ready for meeting Secundus. He asked if the master of the house was home at this hour and if there was a chance to see him. The main kitchen slave said he was at home but wondered why Wulfric would meet him. She wasn’t sure Secundus would meet a foreigner though, but Wulfric said it was important and insisted. At long last, he was allowed inside, into the fancy looking household. Well somewhat fancy. He had been to a few other places already and he’d seen nicer. It didn’t look so well-kept to him. Quietly, he waited in the atrium for the master of the house to appear, curious to see his uncle in Rome for the first time. @Járnviðr
  6. Early September, 75 AD This place was… huge! Wulfric was barely even sure when he entered Rome, it seemed to go on forever and it felt like he’d been walking for days, when he reached this part of it. He had planned to make it to the center of Rome and people kept pointing him this way, towards the so-called Forum of Rome. He knew a forum was a marketplace of sorts, but when he entered this part of Rome, it seemed to be a marketplace for white marble rather than anything else. And painted statues and gold and people literally everywhere. Wulfric grew up in a town, it wasn’t small, it was large actually, for a Germanian town. He bet the Romans would not say it was even a town, they would call it a village. A gathering of houses, even. And the houses were barely houses, compared to what they lived in. And this place, Rome, was not even a town, it was a city or was it actually a country in its own? Of course he knew it was an Empire, but that word was almost beyond his understanding. He’d never seen so many people before in his entire life, nor had he seen so many buildings made out of brick and marble and he’d not seen… well any of this. The towns he passed through on the way here did not compare to Rome. He had been somewhat prepared, but he was still astonished by this. Some called it the eternal city, because it had already existed in centuries, and he’d believe it if it still stood when all men had gone. It was also a bit confusing, to be honest. Where did you go? Wulfric wore nothing but his travelling clothes, the more ordinary clothes, and on his back he had a sack with the rest of his clothes and other personal items. He should find a place to sleep, he’d been sleeping under the sky and with friendly people on the way here. He’d even stayed in a few places where you could buy a drink and pay for a bed, which he never tried before. Perhaps they had such places in Rome too? He should also find the palace though. He was a prince. And most importantly, he should find Varus! But where to begin? He stood staring up at a huge building of white marble, he understood it was a temple of sorts, to their gods, although it was nothing like the temples they had where he came from. It was as huge as everything else. Wulfric scratched the back of his head, he probably looked as disoriented and confused as he felt. @Chevi
  7. Late September, 75 AD Wulfric was still trying to get used to this huge city. He was quietly trying to figure out more about his father, but the people he encountered in the streets and taverns, that cared to talk to him, didn’t know the man. Apparently he must be wealthy, as Wulfric assumed, since people who were less wealthy didn’t know him. Some had given him a weird look though and then just went on their way. As if it made no sense that a man dressed like Wulfric should want to get in touch with a man named Varus. Today was just another of these days. Wulfric had managed to find some actual work, working in a warehouse mainly with moving sacks of grain and other things, from one place to another. Or onto carts. Something like that. He was strong, after all. And today he’d been doing just the same all morning and was paid in the shiny coins, that he added to his purse and then made his way out into the marketplace to find something to eat. A stall selling purses caught his attention though, his own was getting rather worn and those they sold here were very fine. Good quality leather, he could tell. Wulfric purchased a light brown leather purse and then moved away from the shop to attach it to his belt, a little bit away from where the crowds were, because he understood that you should watch your coins carefully and no one should know how much you had on you. With his back to the marketplace, he opened the belt and slipped the old purse off the belt and began moving things from the old to the new one. Unaware that from behind in the shade of a building, he might look like someone else entirely. @Echo
  8. WULFRIC of the CHATTI 23 | 21st of June, 52 AD | Foreigner | Prince | Heterosexual | Original | Joe Armstrong Personality. Wulfric is well-mannered, friendly, openminded and diplomatic – he is generally just a nice guy, who wants the best for those around him and of course especially for those, that are friendly towards him. While he is raised to be a warrior, he does prefer to work things out with words rather than fight. Wulfric has a lot of empathy and is good at reading other people's emotions and he's a problem-solver. He likes to discuss solutions and think them through, before reaching a decision about what to do. He is however also confident, so that when he decides on an opinion, it is the right one and he can be quite stubborn – demanding to be paid attention to, when he wants his opinion to be heard or there is something he desires. Maybe he inherited this trait from his father? Wulfric likes to be heard and believes that when (if) he returns to Germania, he will come closer to his grandfather and uncle there, because there is a possibility that he could become the next king of the Chatti, if anything should happen to them. He does not really have a mean streak though, he’s not out to kill them, but he is prepared to take over, if he must. In Rome, he hopes to find his father and hopes to be a bridge between the Chatti and the Romans. Wulfric is and wants to be a peacemaker of sorts, if that is at all possible. He is very curious to learn about his true origins and his family in Rome, although the Roman way of life is certain to be a surprise to him and may turn out to be quite different than what he thought. Appearance Standing just about 5’10” tall and with striking blue-green eyes, Wulfric has always been told he is as handsome as he is strong – and he is strong, a warrior and guard of his tribe. Much made sense to Wulfric, when his mother told him about his true father, because he never looked much like Wulfstan, his stepfather. He has some resemblance with a Roman man called Tertius – especially the nose and face shape, but also the shape of his body appears much like his. He has brown and slightly curly hair – and with a bit of facial hair, unlike most Romans. His clothes are native to his tribe of course – mostly made from wool and flax. He has two sets of clothes, a simple set that is brown and yellow/green and a finer set dyed with indigo. He always wears a light green long-sleeved tunica as an undershirt. On a daily basis, you’ll find him with a pair of light brown long trousers, a light green tunica and/or a leather vest for colder days. The tunica reaches his mid-thigh. For finer occasions, he has a pair of indigo trousers with an indigo vest to wear on top, closed with buckles. Add to this of course always a pair of good shoes and a belt with a purse and his trusted short sword. Family Stepfather: Wulfstan of the Chatti (deceased) Father: Tertius Quinctilius Varus Mother: Frieda of the Chatti Siblings: Hilda (21) and Signy (18) – half-sisters in Germania Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: Hrodulf, grandfather – Chieftain/King of the Chatti Hrolf, uncle - Frieda's brother and next in line to be king The Varus Clan in Rome Other: History Before Wulfric was born, there were Romans roaming just across the Rhine, on the other side of the border to the great Roman Empire. There were Legions waiting there, just in case anything should happen, since the Romans really wanted to expand their empire. They failed last time though, all thanks to a man named Varus. The stories still went in the tribe about that man and especially how the Germanic tribes worked together to defeat him. But that was all a long time ago and now, the Chatti mostly lived in peace with the Romans, trading with them when they had the chance – carefully, though. Hrodulf, the Chieftain of the Chatti, did really enjoy that Roman wine. Hrodulf had a son, Hrolf, and a daughter named Frieda. And in 51 AD, when Frieda was 18 years old, she travelled across the border to the Romans along with other women and men from her tribe, to entertain and please the Romans, to make sure they would stay friendly with the Chatti. Frieda was actually betrothed to be married when she returned from the Romans. But among the Romans, she met a charming young man – there were many, in fact – but she singled one out. His name was Tertius and in his name was also Varus, which she found remarkably interesting. She ended up spending a pleasurable night with the young and handsome man. So much that she returned every night the entire time she and her people were with the Romans. Then she went back home and married Wulfstan, one of her father’s best guards, as planned, although she was already pregnant with Tertiu's child. Nine months later, not long before she gave birth, she had a dream. Tertius, the Roman, was holding a boy-child in his arms and placing him on a throne. It was not a dream easily forgotten. A week later, on Midsummer's Day, Frieda gave birth to Wulfric. This also told her that this boy was special. Her husband thought it was his own son, but Frieda knew it was Tertius’ and the older the boy grew, the more obvious was the resemblance to her. With Wulfstan, Frieda also later had two daughters, that are Wulfric’s half-sisters. Wulfric grew up as any kid born to a princess in Germania would. He had everything he wanted to have, but he also learned how to fight and fend for himself and as he grew older, he knew that while he knew how to fight, he did prefer to settle things more peacefully. He was officially declared a prince to the Chatti tribe, when he reached puberty and went through the rites to become a man – his grandfather was the king and his uncle would be king too, after all. Wulfric became one of his grandfather’s guards when he was old enough, while his father was in the king’s council. When he was 18, 5 years ago, the Romans began to move more into Germania and made their own settlements. Wulfric was encouraged by his mother to get to know them, not yet knowing why. The Romans in Germania taught Wulfric a lot of Latin, as he spent time with them as a kind of ambassador for his grandfather. When Wulfric was 21 years old, Wulfstan, the only man he knew as a father, died from illness. After his death, Frieda told her son the truth about his real father – that she suspected it was a man by the name Tertius Varus and that man was in Rome. And this was why she wanted Wulfric to know the Romans and their language. She wanted Wulfric to go to Rome and find his father and seek further knowledge and perhaps glory - and then come back home. She had, after all, never forgotten the dream she once had. A year later, Wulfric was on his way to Rome and on the verge of fall after he turned 23 while travelling, he finally reached Rome. Timeline of Wulfric's life: 51 AD - Frieda sleeps with Tertius Quinctilius Varus. A month later, she marries Wulfstan, but is already pregnant. 52 AD - Wulfric of the Chatti is born, officially to Frieda and Wulfstan 54 AD - Wulfric's sister Hilda is born 57 AD - Wulfric's sister Signy is born 66 AD - Wulfric goes through the rites to become a man. Afterwards his grandfather officially declares him a prince. 69 AD - Wulfric is made official warrior and guard to his grandfather 70 AD - Roman settlements form beyond the Rhine. Jullus Flavius Alexander has encouraged traders and settlers to move into Germanian lands, initiating "the peaceful settlement of Germania." Wulfric befriends some of these Romans to learn the language and about the Roman way of life. 73 AD - Wulfstan dies and Frieda tells Wulfric whom his real father is. He soon begins the long travel towards Rome. 75 AD - Late in the summer, just before fall, Wulfric finally arrives in Rome. Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord #7964
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