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AGE: 46
EXPERIENCE: since 1996



NAME: Calvisia Sabina

DATE OF BIRTH: April 10, 44 AD (18 Years)

GENDER: female

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: straight,  Heterosexual, Sabina is pure and never has been touched.

-- Cives Romani, Nobilitas, Senatore Plebeianus

OCCUPATION: Just being a Lady of Rome

LIKES: she loves honey wine all forms of sweets and cakes, her brother, sunshine and the county side ripe and green, her blonde hair for it seems to stop men dead in the tracks just to have another look. It is very rare to have natural blonde hair and those women that wear wigs are very jealous of Sabina, she enjoys being a noble and the finer things in life that come with it. She loves jewelry and unique clothing.

DISLIKES:: All the men who actively seek to be betrothed to her. She is satisfied with her life and does not wish to be in a love-less marriage. she hates the taste of prunes for she just can't stand them. Rome for it brings out the worst of men to seek her out and not for her hand but rather for her body, wanting her to be their 'consort' that would ruin her as well as her family name. Men who think just because she is petite that she is a wilting flower and can't take care of herself.

FEARS: Drowning and so wishes to learn to swim. She hates closed in spaces though she trys to keep that fear hidden. Being suffocated.  

ASPIRATIONS: She wishes to escape a love-less marriage. She hopes to have children in her future, though none to soon for she worries it would ruin her figure.To be the perfect Lady of noble birth and gaining respect despite being a Woman.

GENERAL PERSONALITY:Sabina is a kind and loving person. With that being said there is another side to her as well. Though she wishes to make her parents and adopted Uncle proud, she has a very bad view of the opposite sex. So Sabina is very stubborn while usually she is rather obedient. She does not wish to have a man over her telling her what to do. She does not want a man that would only see her as a 'baby factory' or just a puppet on his arm to show off.

When it comes down to it, she has alot of secretes. She secretly longs for a man that would love her, understand her and care for her, hopefully in the future even love her. Another secret she has never told nor will she. She does not wish any man to know, but she is attracted to Dominant Men and she doesn't understand why. She does not believe in love at first sight, though that does not mean she isn't a romantic dreamer.

On the outside she appears to be: beautiful, obedient, respectable, doll'like
But what she keeps hidden: She is stubborn, willful, spirited, and quick tempered.
Good qualities: She is patient and kind and very loving, devoted to family and friends.
[Image: 2vci3a1.jpg]

CELEBRITY CLAIM: Holliday Grainger
HAIR: Curly golden blonde
EYES: turquois
BUILD: Dainty and petite

STYLE OF DRESS: Sabina loves the finer things in life such as jewelry and fancy clothing. She loves pastel colors but has been known to wear darker. It all depends on her mood. While most Ladies of noble birth and high station wear wigs, Sabina does not. For the rest of the women are jealous of her natural pale hair and skin.

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Sabina has beautiful blonde curly hair, fair skin and a petite little form and height, but she does have womanly curves because she has just reached adult hood at the age of 18. Her face is slightly rounded with high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes. The color of her eyes is rather turbulant, a mixture of blue and green, the color of the sea at times. Rose bud lips that are full on both the top and the bottom with perfect row of white teeth. When smiling she has a dimple in her right cheek which makes her appear rather mischievious.


--Father - GAIVS CALVISIVS SABINVS, 53 (Alive)

--Mother - VESPASIA POLLA, 49 (Alive)

SIBLINGS: If none, put "N/A"


SPOUSE(S): N/A (yet)


OTHER RELATIONS:  Adopted Uncle, Publius Calvisius Sabinus Pomponianus

Sabina was born with the fairest of heads and the fairest of skins, with eyes the colour of turqoise. She was born to --Father - GAIVS CALVISIVS SABINVS, and--Mother - VESPASIA POLLA The healer did not think the baby would survive the night. Had she been born to another mother more than likely they would just have allowed the child to die, though her parents wouldn't even consider such a thing. Befpre to long she began to grow, not as fast as the other children, but she was growing. She might be petite, rather small, but soon she was chasing after her older brother and climbing trees, though her mother and father tried to reign her in.

Her mother took over the raising of their daughter along with the best tutors Rome had to offer.From the moment she could walk and talk Sabina was raised in the manner in which all of Rome's noble children, in particular the females were raised. They were taught to be seen and not heard, they were taught to respect their elders and their station, but mostly their lives as was Sabina's life was governed by rules and regulations set for the females of Rome.

She was taught how to walk, how to talk, what to talk about and how to act. She was to act like the petite little doll she appeared to be.She was taught how to run a house hold, how to cook and sew.  She couldn't believe this was what most girls dreamed about. Who would wish for a man twice their age or a abusive husband? With her luck, it would be a man old enough to be her great grandpa and that didn't settle well with her at all. She was even taught how to be coy and how to flirt.  She was taught so very many things and most of those were to draw men to her, like bees to honey. She didn't want a Man, like the Masters she saw with their girls. her husband could treat her like one, dictate to her, and rule every part of her life.

To her horror she was betrothed at the age of ten to an older man. She met him only on two occasions but that was enough. She knew just from those two times that he was just the type of man she wished to avoid. She would be like a piece just like the soldiers beneath him, the ones he moved around on a map to the best of his knowledge. She would be just another piece of the puzzle and he would not ever be capable of love, not a harsh man like him. She was so very great- full when two years later he broke off the engagement. He didn't want to wait for her to grow up.

She continued her studies and grew both in grace and beauty. She saw her father and brother less and less and she spent more time with her friend Julia. She was also so very thankful she had not been betrothed again. She loved the parties but she didn't like to be shown off by her father as he did his best to seek some high ranking Man to marry his only daughter. To him this was a business arrangement.  There were times when she was allowed to visit her adopted Uncle. She really loved him  and it didn't matter one bit that they were not blood related. She was closer to him than most of her relatives. Besides he didn't seem to try and snag her a betrothal, so she could relax when she was a guest in his home.

One of the reasons Sabina was against men in general and marriage was to do with her best friend Julia. She had only been fifteen when she was married to an older man. He abused her and Sabina saw those bruises and her friend admitted it and cried on her shoulder and told Sabina all about it. Sabina went to her own father asking and pleading for help. He said there was nothing he  could do. So Sabina started plotting a way for Julia to get out of this marriage. Julia died before their plan could be acted upon. There was no clear cause of death and her husband was not charged, but there were so many bruises only a fool would think she died of natural causes.

After the death of her friend she fell into deep depression and even more bitter towards men that saw her as an object rather than a person. If she ever was to accept marriage, it would have to be to a man that wanted her because of her personality and looks, for she realized everyone had their own taste in looks, such as she liked tall, dark headed men. Since Julia's death she seemed to have lost her zest for life and so her parents sent her to visit her adopted uncle once more, hoping that would bring her to life once more.

44 AD -- Birth
49 AD -- Schooling begins.
54 AD -- By age 10 Sabina is betrothed to Gnaeus Nautius Malleolus.
56 AD -- Her engagement fell through. Betrothed decided he didn't wish to wait for her to grow up.
59 AD -- Had her first visit to the countryside in the summer and fell in love with the lush green hills and cooler air.
60 AD -- at the tender age of 16, she began to blossom into woman hood.
62 AD -- Turned 18 and told to be prepared for a new betrothal and marriage.
62 AD -- Her best friend Julia dies and in her grief she is sent to visit her adopted uncle,Publius Calvisius Sabinus Pomponianus once more. Her parents hoped that would bring her to life once more.

[Image: o5nvwp.jpg]

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